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"The best FPS out for PS2!"

Let me start this off by saying if you're a fan of Half-Life or any other FPS with a PS2, go pick this up! You'll love it, except the controls.

~Game Play~
Red Faction will let you do anything you want, pretty much. You can shoot anyone, except for a few ''key'' characters. You can blow most anything up, too, with the Geo-Mod function. It's very logical, because you can't blow up reinforced steel, but you can blow up rock. Any ways, this game is very flexible, and with the addition of 5 vehicles that you can control, which are very easy to use, it's great. Also, there are no save points, Volition has allowed you to save anytime you want. 9/10

The graphics are superb, with 30 fps throughout, except when you Geo-Mod a lot, which it slows down to about 25 or so. There is no jaggies to be spotted, and the colors are very good, except in a few areas. Some people say that you need an S-cable to fully enjoy the colors, but you don't. But it also doesn't hurt to have one. One minor gripe I have, is that light effects don't go away when you shoot lights out. 9/10

This worst part about ANY FPS without a keyboard/mouse. The aiming sucks with the two analog sticks, to be honest. But, to help with that, Volition included an Auto-Aim function, which you can turn on or off. It doesn't make this a ''run and shoot'' game, but it doesn't make you take time to have to aim and end up getting killed. But, it's easy to use the rest of the 7 pre-made set-ups, and Volition allows you to customize it, any ways. The only thing you might end up doing is holstering your gun when you try to center your aim with the nifty Down arrow. 7/10

WOAH! Volition went the extra mile in this department. They have everything covered, from when you change ammo on the Sub Machine gun to when you use the gigantic Fusion Rocket Launcher, you'll hear everything. Each and every person on the screen will have a voice, although most are repeated voices. But hey, what do you expect? 10/10

The only thing you might not like, like stated before, is the controls. But, if you play it long enough, which is about upward of 2 hours, you will learn that it isn't so bad, and fall in love with it. Well, maybe not, but you won't hate it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/26/01, Updated 05/26/01

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