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Reviewed: 05/31/01 | Updated: 05/31/01

THQ has just released Violations’ new FPS, and in doing so raised the bar for the entire genre

THQ has just released Violations’ new FPS, and in doing so raised the bar for the entire genre

First off I never thought I would see the day (at least in 2001) when an FPS game would excel the standards that the breakthrough FPS game Deus Ex set. Although after I have played Red Faction the new FPS from Violation but published for the PS2 by THQ my thoughts have changed. You may know by now RF uses the new Geo Mod engine although before I talk about the joys of Geo Mod let me explain the history of Red Faction. RF was originally conceived as Descent 4, a said to be PC only game. Then the developers wanted to do more with their fancy new Geo Mod engine so they decided to do an FPS. That FPS became Red Faction. As for Geo Mod it stands for Geometry Modification. That’s right anything in the environment can be changed in real time. So you are missing the key to a door, blow a tunnel through the rock wall around it and run through. All this comes together to make the most innovative game on the PS2 yet.


Red Faction has some amazing visuals. Everything from weapons, to environments, to facial expressions is well rendered and looks great. The sense of scale that the developers included in Red Faction is just incredible. Huge rivers, deep canyons, and long shallow distances fill the Martian landscape and are all available to destroy.


Red Faction not only has the look but also has the sound. Great music, great background sounds, great dialogue. What more could a gamer want.


Just when you though with this good of graphics and sound how could Red Faction get any better, Gameplay. Instead of taking a nosedive like The Bouncer, Red Faction shoots up and keeps going. Here you will pilot subs, jeeps, shuttles and more as you use a variety of weapons on a variety of enemies, with so many various missions it never gets old. Man this game just keeps getting better. Throw in a muliplayer mode with many different customizable options and you have a game that will last. Red Faction joins the ranks of Shenmue, Deus Ex, and The Sims for its innovation, action, and fun.

Red Faction is a great game. Next to Onimusha Warlords there is no better PS2 game for your money. The only complaint I have with Red Faction is it is not an exclusive PS2 title since it is also available on the PC and Mac.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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