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"Red Faction is one of the best games on the PS2, and one of the best FPS out there." first PlayStation 2 review. Anyhow, Red Faction is one of the best games on the PS2, and one of the best FPS out there. I mean, TimeSplitters was crap, but, this is a Red Faction review, so here it is.

Gameplay- 10
Gameplay, the most important aspect of a FPS. RF has great gameplay. The game was made to entertain you the 90% of the time you play...alone. This has a truly great single player mode. The controls are a little awkward, as the Dual Shock controller isn’t the best for FPS. You use the left analog stick to move, and the right to aim. R1 shoots a weapon, R2 modifies it (i.e. with the pistol, R2 makes you put on the silencer). “O” scrolls through you weapons list, “/_” is an action buttons (i.e. opens doors, pushes buttons), and the rest of the buttons do other small things.

The Geo-Mod (Geometric Modification) technology is good, but not great. I mean, if you can’t find the key to a door, blow up the wall next to it. If you can’t beat the shuttle going across the bridge, destroy the bridge. This is very cool, but towards the end of the game, the levels don’t use it that much.

It is very fun controlling the different vehicles, shooting the Ultorian guards, and doing everything else this game offers.

Story- 10
While this may come as a surprise, this FPS has a awesome story! You see, the mining company, Ultor, promise the people of Earth that those who come to work for them on Mars will have a drastically increased lifestyle. But a plague sweeps across the miners, killing them left and right. The living quarters are terrible, with as much as 8 people stuffed into one small room. The guards harass the miners, beating them all the time. The miners are on the brink of rebellion.

You are Parker, a Ultor miner, who is thrust into the rebellion when going back to your quarters one day. You end up taking place in a group called the “Red Faction” (hence the name) to overthrow Ultor.

Graphics- 10
The graphics are great. They really use the PS2’s power. The environments, the weapons, and the characters all look top-notch.

Sound- 9
Sound is awesome. The guns sound very realistic, the rockets exploding, the bullets firing, the “whack” sound of the baton against guards, all is very good. The voices are also very good. The only down part is how the guards say things over and over (like how they constantly say “miner scum”). The music is top-notch though, really adding to walking down a corridor, not knowing how many guards await you.

Replayability- 8
The gameplay is very fun, guaranteeing you will play this at least a couple times, but the multiplayer is only O.K. Get Perfect Dark of Quake III Revolution for a multiplayer game.

Buy or Rent- BUY
Buy this if you love FPS. Buy this if you like FPS. Buy this if you have never played a FPS,but want to try one. Either way, buy this for a great single-player First Person Shooter, and O.K. multiplayer FPS. Red Faction is the best FPS on the PS2.

Overall- 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/22/01, Updated 06/22/01

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