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Reviewed: 06/23/01 | Updated: 06/23/01

This is the best of the best

The game is very well made with tons of visiual effects. It has the new geo-mod technology. This means geography modifcation. Basically you can destory anything in site. You make tunnels with a rocket launcher (wasting ammo but its cool) or shoot down a bridge to destory the APC. Very cool.

The game is very well laid out. It combines Time Splitters fast pace and awesome effects with Unreal Tournament's gore, action, and cool pulse pounding weapons. The AI is very good too. They will run around in circles to kill you. They won't keep running straight when you shoot them. They turn around to try to kill you. They also shoot at the cloest threat. If your close than the other enemy and shooting at them, they will shoot at you first.

The player assumes the role of Parker, a worker toiling in mines run by the Ultor Corporation far beneath the surface of Mars. The miners are suffering from inhuman living conditions and a strange, deadly disease called the Plague that is suddenly sweeping through their ranks. The miners' anger and resentment are ready to boil over, and the player provides the spark that starts a rebellion against Ultor. The player's goal is to stay alive long enough to bring down Ultor and solve the mystery of the Plague. This journey takes him from gritty subterranean mines to Ultor's pristine science and nanotech labs to the surface of Mars and even onto satellites orbiting high above the planet.

The Audio is very cool. The gun sounds and bullet sounds are very realistic. The other sounds are very well devolped. The Video effects are cool as I said with the geo-mod technology. I think the experiance of the game is very good. Gets you in the mood.

I think what makes the game the best FPS (First Person Shooter) is that once you beat the game you'll wanna play it again with another difficulity level to see the AI improve. Also the multi-player games are the coolest. You can play bots like other FPS out there but this is just cool!

To rent or to buy? That is the question:
BUY BUY BUY BUY! It takes a while to beat the story mode, more than you can do in one renteal period. Maybe 2. Plus the multi-player will keep you begging for more! The 50 dollars is well spend when you buy this game. Just make sure you order online or something becuase I'm 14 and my sister had to get it for me at an un-named store becuase I wasne't 17. Lol. Have fun! And join the revolution!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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