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"A great game, with very little to complain about."

Graphics 8/10- They aren't the best they could be for PS2, but THQ makes up for this with originality. Very little blockiness, as it should be, but still enough to make it look a bit bad. You cant lack in graphics these days. Graphics in a FPS is just as important as the weaponry, they have to look very good, especially on PS2 as well.

Controls 6/10- I'm not much of a person with the analog sticks for the controller, but for a newbie who is playing their first psx/ps2 FPS game, these controls can be a bit tricky. But the upside to this is that they can be learned quickly, which balances out it's score.

Weaponry 8/10- Even though the weapons really have been used so many times before in other FPS games, blowing up the levels with these same weapons over and over is just too fun. And nothing is scarier than a weirdo AI opponent with a fully-automatic shotgun. Such a small amount of good, destructive weapons, but the weapons are still fun as hell to kill someone with.

Single Player 8/10- Woo, getting the job done is almost not as fun as killing innocent people who beg for mercy. Great single player mode though. I wont give any of the game away, but if you like killing people in some odd situations at times, you'll love this mode so much. If killing is your business, your back in business bucko with this game.

Multiplayer 7/10- All really great FPS games these days have a just as good multiplayer game part almost. This game has a fairly decent multiplayer since its fun blowing holes in the level and making camps here and there. In comparison to the best multiplayer FPS game I've played, perfect dark, this is no match to it, it got a 7 because its a PS2 game, and they have so many more options unlike the makers had for perfect dark. It could have been much more better and fun.

Re-playability 8/10 The single player mode can be so much for if you make it fun. I love killing innocent people, heh. It also takes a long time for killing to get boring in my mind. Nothing like killing a bunch of people to get ya started in the mornin', eh?

Overall 8/10- Great game lacking very few things. Some are important, but the other stuff covers those missing elements up. Good work THQ!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/26/01, Updated 06/26/01

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