"FPS's Just Reached A New Level."

Intro: So...It was June 22, on a Friday, in the year 2001. I saw Red Faction at Media Play, and It's charismatic charm intrigued me. So i bought it. Does it stack up to Goldeneye? Yes. Is it better than the other FPS out, Z.O.E, which you probably just bought for the MGS2: Sons Of Liberty demo? Yes!

Story:9: This game's story is very unique. You are Parker, a miner working for Ultor. When you first heard of the job of mine working, it sounded great...but it's reality is hell. Ultor's guards beat the miners, give you poor living conditions, and make you eat nasty food. So, you hear of Eos. Eos is rallying up miners to strike back at Ultor, and their group is called the ''Red Faction''...

Sound:10: Now, this would not be a proper part of my review for sound if i didn't emphasize a certain legendary phrase: Miner Scum! Don't you love it when the guards say that? The explosions in this game are very neat, and will make you say a bit of ''ooh's'' and ''ah's''. The sound of a fresh rocket from a rocket launcher nailing a guards head is just what you need to get you going in the day. Aside from that, Eos and Hendrix (a guard for Ultor who is secretly helping you) talk to you.

Graphics:10: All of the weapons are highly detailed. The faces are too, you can also swear the faces are real. Explosions don't just sound cool, they look cool. The graphics are a good example of what PS2 can do, and yes, they are in 3D (every graphic in a game is now!). This is a piece of eye candy, much like ''The Bouncer'', and the graphics, once more, are very cool.

Gameplay:8: The gameplay is fun. You basically run through the mines and shoot guards. There is also something i didn't mention: this game includes new technology called Georama, which allows you to, by shooting a gun, to physically break down the walls, make bullet holes in the ground, and bust lights...but it will not become dark. The enemies AI is smart, but not smart like MGS's AI. Overall, fun gameplay.

Multiplayer:10: Just like it says on the case, the multiplayer in this game is ''unbelievable''. You can fight ''bots'', which is the computer, and you can fight up to six. Or you can fight with a friend, one on one. You can choose the environment you play in in multiplayer mode, my fav. being the Underwater Research Lab. There are also tons of guns to fight with in multiplayer mode, and secret areas like in one player mode to hide in.

Rent/buy: I recommend buying this game next time you get fifty bucks. If you are unsure (or only have about 3 bucks) rent the game. But if you have the money, buy it now. It's an excellent addition to any PS2 game library.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/04/01, Updated 07/04/01

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