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Reviewed: 07/05/01 | Updated: 07/05/01

Half, what? Joanna, who?

I had planned on getting this game weeks before I even bought my Playstation 2. I just had the feeling that this was a game that I would not be disappointed with. I was right in every way. This game is pure enjoyment and simply amazing. First-Person Shooters do not get any better than this. The graphics are stunning, the detail is incredible, and the sound will bring you right into the middle of the action.

Visuals: 10
What can I say? This game looks great. The level of detail in even minute aspects of the environment is just astounding. Even the clocks on the wall tick. Perhaps the best feature of this game is the new Geo-Mod Technology. Raising the bar for video game realism even further, Geo-Mod Technology is the innovation that allows you to destroy the environment around you. Don't like that poster on the wall? Shoot a rocket at it and watch the entire wall crumble down leaving a giant crater in its place.

Sound: 10
The sound is excellent. The guns sound very realistic, as do the ricochets, explosions, and other miscellaneous sounds. Guards, yes guards, and civilians scream in terror when faced with a weapon. The speech sounds crisp and clear, so you don't have to worry about missing an important bit of information. The most stunning sound is the seemingly omniscient PA system that prattles on throughout the game. Whether it is commanding backup to arrive, or alerting already present guards, it is hard to ignore the thing. The PA system is by far the loudest thing in the game and it really brings you into the action.

Ingenuity: 8
Why not a 10? Why not even a 9? What about this great Geo-Mod Technology that got such high praises? Yes, the Geo-Mod Technology is the best thing in a First-Person Shooter since the shotgun, but even that won't save it from its paltry multi player options. The multi player mode is almost completely un-customizable. You can play against either humans or bots, you can set the time limit or kill limit, and you can pick the level. That's it for multi player customizing. Sad, yes, but most of the guns in the solo player game appear in multi player so it is not as bad as it seems. The training mode is fun and gets you well acquainted with the controls and such before you undertake the real game, and the story line is decent, also.

Replay: 9
Although the solo player is in depth and can keep you busy for long periods of time, it is the multi player that drags this game down a bit. The un-customizable multi player gets old after a few rounds of the same old stuff, but the solo almost never gets old. Who could get sick of blasting open multiple guards at a time and now, blow large chunks of cement out the buildings for absolutely no good reason whatsoever? I do not think that you are human if you can get sick of that.

A very old-school style of play with a very new technology twist to it, and you got yourself a game that you will not be disappointed with. If you like First-Person Shooters, don't even rent this, just buy it immediately.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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