Review by kepano

"Same old shooting game? I don't think so."

Red Faction is in my opinion one of my favorite game for PS2. I know what your thinking ''I bet this is like any other shooting game nothing new or different about it.'' Well you wrong! Sure I found a few bad things in this game not much but a few. And another thing is if your not sure of this game you should rent it. I would tell you to buy it but some people might get mad and say ''I WASTED MONEY ON A GAME BECAUSE OF YOU...''

Gameplay 8/10

This game took me awhile to beat it because i had trouble at a few parts and put the game away for a few hours or days but other then those parts i liked the game play. The major flaw of the game is the ENDING. I will not tell you the ending, ain't i mean, if you want to know then go rent or buy the game. But one of the best parts of the game is.......the game engine. It is totally different from other games. As the back of the box says ''Don't have the key to the door. Then make your own door!'' Well of course you cannot blow up the door but you can as i say dig. Meaning you can blow a hole in the wall, not all though. I love to build a tunnel in multiplayer and hide in there until my friend passes by and then I run out an shoot him.

Control at first 4/10 then 7/10

The most confusing part of the game when you start off. Because you use the ENTIRE controller, and yes the even the analog sticks. I recommend keeping the default controls. Sure you will be waling sideways but you will have less trouble aiming.

Rent of Buy

I my self just walked into a store with out wanting any game happened to look at this and bought it and that was stupid of me because if I would of not liked the game I would of been screwed and wasted 60 bucks. But I LOVE the game so I am glad I bought it. Now remember this is all in my opinion so I would recommend renting it first to see if you like it.

I hope you do like this game and that you will buy it oh ya the multiplayer option is VERY HARD to get bore of.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/17/01, Updated 07/17/01

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