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"A solid launch title for the Playstation 2."

Red Faction is the third game that I’ve purchased for my Playstation 2. At first sight, the whole package intrigued me. The story sounded solid and fun, the graphics looked crisp, and the fact that it is a first person shooter had me hooked. After playing the game through on single player and then fooling around in multi-player with some friends, I decided to write my third review for gamefaqs.

Gameplay:On single player mode, this game is a lot of fun. The single player campaign brings action very quickly and keeps delivering until the end. The single player campaign is also quite long, longer than most first person shooters on the market. On top of that, Red Faction contains several vehicles that can be found (although not too frequently). My favorite vehicle was the jeep with the machine gun on top. Mowing down enemies with a large machine gun is loads of fun. I rated the single player game with a nine. (9).
The multi-player mode is fun for a little while. It gets repetitive quite quickly. There aren’t any different modes of play; you’re stuck with Deathmatch. This is where the Geo-Mod technology comes into effect. It’s fun to throw rockets at a friend in multi-player mode and then sit back to inspect the damage that you’ve done. Bullet holes and explosions blowing off parts of walls looks nice after a hard fought battle. I gave multi-player a seven. (7).

Story:Enslaved miners on Mars decide to rise up against their corporate aggressors. The plot is thick enough to move the action but thin enough to not get in the way. While I am a fan of deep plots, this was nice. The story had a few plot twists that I found interesting. All things considered, I gave the story an eight. (8).

Audio/Video:Video comes to you in the form of in-game cutscenes. Some are not rendered all that great and visible polygons are abundant. Still, they only serve to advance the plot. So, they achieve their goal. Quasi-realistic sounding weaponry and screaming enemies brings out the audio portion well. The sound was pretty good; I gave it an eight. (8).

Replayability:I wasn’t driven to repeat the single player game. The only reason I’d try would be to see if I could beat it on a higher difficulty level. Although I certainly wouldn’t mind trying. For this, I gave Red Faction a seven. (7).

Buy or Rent:Normally, I’d recommend renting. Unless you’re not a fan of first person shooters, you should buy this game. It’s a solid title for the Playstation 2. Developers will be hard pressed to create a better single player game for this console.

Simply put, Red Faction was fun to play. I’d recommend it to just about anyone else.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/02/01, Updated 08/02/01

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