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"The Defintative PS2 Shooter..."

Red faction is perhaps one of the most hyped and anticipated games to be released on the ps2. After extensive playing, I tend to agree with the general consensus of the people, that this game is pure brilliance.
Of course, that isn't to say this game isn't without its flaws, it just so happens its strengths seem to far outweigh its weaknesses.
Lets get started :D

Gameplay: 9
Definitely a strong point, it is always involving and fun to play. It has reasonably good controls, credible enemy A.I and plenty of little goodies that keep you returning.
It has variable difficulty to accommodate everyone from the FPS rookie, to the seasoned vet, therefore I doubt anyone will not find a challenge to suit his or her ability.
There are a good variety of devastating weapons (although you will not find yourself using a few of them much in single player mode), most have primary and secondary fire. There are devastating vehicles, capable of running down enemies and most have some form of weaponry as well, and they are a welcome change from running round the gloomy setting of Red Faction.
Geomod Technology is truly a marvel to behold, blowing basically anything up is something that has to be seen and experienced to truly believe, one can literally blast their own bunker to fight out of. My only problem is that there seems to be a lack of things to destroy in the middle portion of the games single player mode.
The Multiplayer mode adds to the strong roster of features. Its pretty basic, yet can be really fun. However the games framerate really takes a dive during portions, especially when you have 4 bots and numerous explosions are occurring.

Story 7.5
A very decent and involving plot, multiple characters and developments..It has no levels as such, just loading times between portions ala Half-life.
It's quite breathtaking when you see miners engaged in fighting with Ultor guards as you go about your missions.
It doesn't in my opinion rival half-life but its decent enough to call this title more than just a shoot em up.

Graphics 8
Impressive textures and gloomy lighting are a strongpoint, good character animations and solid frame rate.
The models are not the best i've seen, but the sheer size of the levels compensate, they really dwarf the player into feeling somewhat insignificant, even if they are driving an APC.
There are some nice cut scenes and generally good expressions on the characters faces.
Some blood is visible, although in my experience it generally only rears its head when you get a headshot to a enemy backed up against a wall, despite being a rare occurrence, it is detailed and no longer just a red patch on the all :D

Sound 8.5
Impressive all around.
Superb music that is ambient and creates real atmosphere, almost like a mix of Halflife and Goldeneye on N64.
There are a vast quantity of weapon effects and plenty of enemy screams to keep the sick and twisted individuals smiling as they dispatch their victims.
Generally excellent voice acting, and how often can we say that these days?
Overall impressive effort for the Audio Visual portion.

Replayability 6.5
The only disappointment for me was the shortness of the single player mode. It's not that short but I just wanted more.
There is plenty of incentive to return, since there are multiple paths.
I, for instance, missed almost half of the available vehicles on my first time played through so that gives you an idea of the possibilities.
Multiplayer is pretty fun, and even after you have played the hell out of single player mode you will enjoy blasting your mates silly.

Buy or Rent?
Well the game is $150 in my country, expensive but well worth it.
I say if you are a fan of Halflife or first person shooters definitely purchase this game. Despite its minor flaws it is a masterpiece, the guys at Volition have made (in my opinion) the first game worth buying a ps2 for.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/21/01, Updated 09/21/01

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