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"A good step in the direction toward the ole mighty Half Life. Single player gamers, enjoy!"

The miner has left the building!!!

In Volition’s last first-person frag fest, you take the role of an imprisoned miner/slave who performs ludicrous demands of the Ultor Corporation. Through tons of missions and inspired guidance, Red Faction upholds such an engrossing story line set through many obstacles and challenges. On the planet Mars, you and thousands of other captured miners are held through suffering abuse and vile actions from the Ultor guards. This sickening milestone has taken a tremendous toll on the unworthy miners. You can’t take it anymore. The revolution of justice is about to begin... The journey begins!

The smell of revenge is... ole so refreshing.

Through the perspective of a young man named Parker, you embrace the future for all enslaved miners on Mars. After the opening scene, you are basically on your own with a little pistol and miles to travel with what seems like an unlimited amount of problems you shall face and obstacles to take. In Red Faction, you are barely guided through the mission to freedom by a few more rebellious high-ranked individuals against the Corporation. The extra boost of knowledge and hints provide some a well need charm for the game. The basic premise of Red Faction is to shoot your way through enemies, courses, bosses, and whoever it takes to get to the free world!

Within the main objective is are smaller necessary objectives to read the main accomplishment. The road of freedom in Red Faction holds many nice touches and useful items. Such as the ability to drive five varied land, sea, and air vehicles for whatever destination. The controls of these vehicles are nothing to gloat about, but not bad never the less. They are a bit jumpy and kind of thrown together, however still very useful and navigate able. The range of vehicles goes from the usual military type automobile to the more enthusiastic underwater submarine.

What most people seem to look for the most in a first-person-shooter is the selection of weapons and gadgets. Red Faction nearly excels in this category. There are fifteen diverse weapons of your bizarre choice, ranging from the much destructible rocket launcher to the less common sniper rifle type weapon which can see infrared through walls, a very awesome device if used correctly. Most of the weapons have lock-on feature which is just about a necessary cause for any mission based first-person-shooter on a console. Without this device, the aiming scheme wouldn’t seem correct, Volition did a great job to include this. Through the new Geo-Mod Technology, as a player you can seriously create you own path with the ability to blow holes and such in walls, floors, etc. This is an awesome technique to be the first to grace a first-person-shooter, however it is more rarely used than what seems because most walls often do not lead to another room or level. The gameplay of Red Faction is entirely complex for a first-person-shooter and slightly resembles the master piece Half Life.

The prospect of multiplayer!

The single player mode of Red Faction is probably among one of the best of all console first-person-shooters (actually, not much to compete against). However Volition even went far and beyond the limits of a good game to throw in a much valuable multiplayer mode. The variety, selection, and diversity between the multiplayer levels are a bit average, but nothing to conflict about. The maximum amount of bots in the levels is only 4 also, which I do believe an increase is well needed and welcomed. Despite the flaws, the multiplayer mode of Red Faction is very entertaining and enjoyable!

I never chuckled over the appearance of destruction again.

The graphics of Red Faction are admirable in a sense of logic. Though an upheld observation on the game’s graphics you get a good sense of what the mighty PlayStation 2 can do. The real-time graphics are top notch for a first generation PS2 game. Just about everything in the game can be damaged with a weapon of choice. Observing a blazing rocket ramming into a wall and the wall basically falling to pieces gives me the prospect to say “woohoo” and jump in joy for the magnificence I have just seen. The damage factor of Red Faction is untouched by any other first-person-shooter and really stands out. The environments are highly detailed to the point where you can just about read bulletins on the walls and see the dry wall crumble after a huge blow. Even the weapons are pretty top notch in this category too. One complaint about the graphics is the lack of polishing the developers seems to have done in the characters of the game. Their faces of a bit flat which isn’t much of a pleasing sight for a next-generation video game. I assume Volition tried to detail the faces so much (which they accomplished), but forgot to pay attention it in a three-dimensional environment. Another complaint I have about the graphics of Red Faction is the little effect the full-motion-videos take on the game. They hardly look any better than a real time clip and we have easily seen better on a regular PlayStation One game. Don’t get me wrong, they do look nice, although just like in real gameplay, the faces look nothing more than a plastered face on a crumbled up canvas with real life detail. With the very few and minor flaws, just looking at Red Faction is awkward moments can be refreshing and relaxing.

What is that I hear? A miner in the distance?

The sound and audio section of Red Faction is nearly extraordinary. As the miner Parker, you are given voice commanded missions and hints by your allies on Mars. The voice acting of them and yourself is professional-like. Don’t expect much better in most other video games. The sound effects are superior in the category also. All the weapons, gadgets, and objects each have distinct elemental sound effects, in a good manner. Another good feature in the audio department takes place in all other aspects during the game. From the distinct walking sounds to the pleading guards screaming for mercy when you shoot at them. They even give humorous remarks such as “I am unarmed” or “I am on your side” and then turn around and shoot at you. Hmm, interesting indeed, but great in all sincerity.

The revolution of Red Faction begins and ends in an instant...

Playing Red Faction should be an exhilarating experience for all most first-person-shooter fans. With a holding story line, great gameplay, superior features, ace graphics, super sound, and many elements to succeed the joy for an average FPS fan, Red Faction should definitely be something for you to check out. Even if they single player mode is a bit short (approximately 10 hours if you don’t rush through it), gamers should gain quite a bit of play time from the engrossing multiplayer mode.

Check this game out and enjoy!

<< Wrap-up >>

.:. Scores .:.
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 8.9
Replay: 8.4
Control: 8.9
Gameplay: 9.0

Overall: 8.4

>.< / .. Conquer the Revolution! .. >.<

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/30/01, Updated 10/30/01

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