"Half-Life with some different things"

Well awhile back a game was made called Red Faction. It gives u the ability to drive, shoot, and blow a hole in the wall, which was allowed by the technology called Geo-Mod

First off this game starts on Mars and goes through many different environment changes. You are one of the main helps for the group Red Faction in a revolution against Ultor.
You will be able to drive vehicles and change the environment around you by blowing it up. You can command over 5 vehicles some defiantly underused like the APC and the Driller which are only seen once in the game. But others like the All-terran vehicle, submarine, and Fighter Jet are really fun to use.
Now as for Geo-Mod (Geographically Modification) it is somewhat underused too but it still a jam to use it. Geo-mod is what let lets you blow a hole in the wall at any spot not just where they tells you to, like see a spray paint on a wall, boom you are likely to find some goodies inside.

Story9/10 As I said before you are one of the main sources for a revolution on mars against Ultor. It’s really fun to fight for your right.

Gameplay8/10 Well as in the topic it is a copy of half-life’s style of play as there r no levels but instead one big connected one. You will also get to drive vehicles as said before. One disappointment is the fact there r no allies fighting with u. You just see them die

Graphics7/10 Now the Graphics really got to me because there were so many problems I saw with guns that showed the developers did a half fast job on detail which really got me mad. And the animation for charters is awkward, I liked Half-life’s a lot better. But one thing to look out for is the glass affects, which make u want to break glass through out the whole game

audio8/10 I like the music in this because it builds suspense and when u walk in it will stop and you will be freaked out sometimes because you think something big will happen. But other sounds like gunfire are nothing special.

Relibailty There is some replay value because when you play it again u should go everywhere and I mean everywhere and check new ways to go and new strategies.
A huge help is Mutiplayer with a friend that features the Geo-Mod in the game. Man this is fun and in one level you can just take your friends base and destroy the entire front of it by killing the supports and then you can see inside the base and kill your friend. Also try to set traps by blowing the floor for the bots that come by.

Buy/Rent I say buy it since this is greatest hits and it cost only $20 bucks which well worth it

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/11/02, Updated 08/11/02

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