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"Probably the best you can find for $20"

Intro to the game-

Your a miner (Parker) in mines of Mars, work is brutal and the guards are sadistic. Every day your miners die from either the plague or the Ultor guards. Your fellow miners and you are tired of this treatment, so you decide to make the Red Faction club. Nothing more than a sports team that represents your mine. You use this club as a cover for secret meetings to revolt and steal weapons from the coporation Ultor. Tensions are getting high the miners are getting sick of being pushed around, a revolution is on the brink.

Storyline 8/10

Ok the storyline is a little weak, your typical tyranny company has used propoganda to lure you and a lot of other people to a place where you can't be rescued, Mars. Your people are tired and now you get ready to revolt. But not only that you have to solve the puzzle of the ''Plague''. Interesting, huh? Well lets look at the backgrounds of the main characters.

Parker-A typical young adult. He lived in America on Earth and graduated from High School, and managed to get a full ride to Harvard. Still, though his parents weren't impressed enough. In an angry rage, he went to an Ultor mine recruiting office and signed up for a miner position. At the time he thought it was a good Idea but he will soon regret it.

Eos-The leader of the ''Club'' Red Faction, not much is known about her. Eos supports the revolution in every way and wants to solve the mystery of the plague badly for some reason. She is also notorius for giving out pamphelets for the revolution.

Capek-The man who supposedly a created the ''Plague''. He is known for being sick and twisted. He kills miners in twisted ways. You must find this man to solve the ''Plague'' mystery.

Hendrix-A tech monitor who has defected from Ultor and decides to help you. He will lead you all the way to finding Capek, and getting off Mars alive.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is great. Red Faction is a normal FPS but with a great twist. Red Faction is the first and only game with geo mod. For those who don't know geo mod is technology that lets destroy stuff, (I know your saying but in Perfect Dark you can destroy stuff, yeah but that was staged) this lets blow up things in real time. You can create doors to rooms, if you want. Geo mod is also used not only in story mode, but in multiplayer mode too! You can create a tunnel from a one place to another, or make a fox hole, it is limitless what you could in multiplayer. Even if you don't have friends you can play with up to 6 AI players, who are not dumb in the least bit. Only throw back is when you save it saves where you are, there is no mission select because there are aprox. 60 missions but there all short, like one objective or none.

Graphics 9/10

Graphics good, peoples mouths move and their movements look real. I love it when your find a miner who tells you ''I know way out of here'' who then turns a corner and gets shot, it is ashame that they can't fight with you. Overall I don't know a lot about graphics, it is not like Medal Honor: Frontline graphics, but it is not like PS one graphics.

Sound 10/10

Score! Good job THQ! THQ did a great job in making you feel like you in an alien planet. The music is great, you will actually turn up the volume, instead of muting it. The sound effects sound real too, the gunshots sound real, the doors sound air locked, and the men talk in a real voice. Another wonder is if you creep around and find two guards but keep out of sight you will hear a conversation between them.

This game is a pearl in any video game library for PS2 wouldn't be complete without Red Faction, what have you got to loose but $20. Good fun for $20. I forgot to mention you can pick up bodies and hide them, mount turret guns, and tons of guns ranging from a flame thrower, to a small nuclear bomb launcher. Only throw back is storyline, and saving methods. Replay value is a 10 out of 10, I just didn't feel like writing two paragraphs cause my eyes are getting cataracts from typing this long review. I gave it 10 out of 10 for a great multi action (about 6 arenas, 10 characters and every weapon depending where you play at), single player is always fun to play again. So do yourself a favor go to your local video game retailer and drop $20, and keep a look out for Red Faction 2, I know I will.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/11/02, Updated 08/11/02

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