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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Miss Allie

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 06/03/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Shadow of Destiny FAQ/Walkthrough
    Walkthrough by: Miss Allie
    Email: miss_allie@hotmail.com
    Website: http://www.soyokazedesigns.com/sod/index.html
    Forum: http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/index.php?fn=browse_forum&f=&d=2360
    AIM: ChibiAllie
    Date created: 3/14/01
    Version 2.1
    This document is Copyrighted 2001 Cheryl Rosado.
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Revision History
    3. Locations of Energy Units
    4. Items
    5. Characters
    6. Tips
    7. Prologue
    8. Chapter 1
    9. Chapter 2
    10. Chapter 3
    11. Chapter 4
    12. Chapter 5
    13. Chapter 6
    14. Chapter 7
    15. Chapter 8
    16. EX mode
    17. Locations of the Man and Woman looking for each other
    18. Credits
    1. Disclaimer:
    This game is a copyright of Konami. All aspects of this game (story,
    characters, etc.) are theirs. I have no affiliation with them, I'm not getting
    paid to do this, and I don't know anyone from there. However, I actually wrote
    this entire walkthrough. I did not rip off anyone else's. So please, don't rip
    off or steal anything from mine without my permission. If you have any comments
    or anything that I might have forgotten on this walkthrough, please go to the
    Shadow of Destiny forum at
    http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/index.php?fn=browse_forum&f=&d=2360 where I'm
    the moderator at. I'll credit you with many thanks!
    2. Revision History:
    3/14/01: Yay! I finally got this much of the walkthrough done! I still have to
    get the Extra endings, but I think I got all the basic endings. Also, I'm still
    looking for more Energy Units and side quests! I'll update more soon!
    3/17/01: Last night I beat the EX mode! Now I have gotten every ending (I
    think) so I'm going to be focusing on getting 100% results and finding anymore
    side quests or items. Also, I can now be found browsing the Shadow of Destiny
    message boards on www.gamefaqs.com and www.neoseeker.com. Thanks to all the
    email I've received since I put this walkthrough up! There is a new energy unit
    location, and some new things to do on side quests.
    3/19/01: I have all kinds of new things to put up! If there are only 5 Energy
    Units in each era, the I've found them all! I'm getting so damn close at 100%s
    in most Chapters, it's killing me! At the end of each chapter, I put in a
    little "To get higher %s in this section" thing to help people out with their
    %s. If I missed anything, please don't hesitate to tell me. A complete
    walkthrough is my ultimate goal! Thank you to everyone that's been helping me
    by sending in extra hints and tips and stuff. Thanks also for all of your kind
    words regarding my walkthrough. You guys are awesome!
    3/21/01: Another day, another update! I have some more stuff to put up.
    Something in Chapter 2 and something in Chapter 4! Also, by request, I now
    include my % completed for each chapter! I'm also just fixing some wording of
    other sections too!
    3/31/01: More updates! I've become a moderator, I'm so excited! Go to
    http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/index.php?fn=browse_forum&f=&d=2360 I'll be
    there to answer questions or to talk about the game and stuff! I've also
    included a new section for those people looking for each other that have been
    making some of us crazy! Well, on with the updating...
    4/11/01: Hello again! I finally got another 100%! Although my % in other
    Chapters went up too! I'm putting a few things into the walkthrough section and
    added to the Fortune Teller tip.
    4/20/01: I got some higher %s!! Yay! And I put my Shadow of Destiny website up
    finally! The address is "http://www.soyokazedesigns.com/sod/". Please visit!
    ^_^ I also fixed up the "saving Miriam" part, since a lot of people have had
    trouble with my explanation. Sorry!!
    4/23/01: Another 100%! And some more higher %s too! I also fixed my explanation
    of the alternate Chapter 1 ending. It was giving people problems. There's also
    another tip.
    5/23/01:  More %s and stuff.  A tip too.
    6/2/01:  A lot of little things.  Corrections and energy units and stuff.
    3. Locations of Energy Units:
    Now, Energy Units are VERY IMPORTANT! You cannot travel through time without
    them. This can be very bad, especially at times when you're in a serious hurry.
    I will try my best to tell you the positioning of these. You'll know when you
    see it, it's a blinking green dot (not on the map, in the game mode). Please
    make sure you keep yourself stockpiled with these!!!
    I'll keep my eye out for more and keep it updated. Just remember that every
    time you travel back and forth through time, Energy Units reappear. For
    example, if you are in the present and pick up the Energy Unit in front of the
    Former Alchemist House, then travel to the Middle Ages, then back to the
    present, there will be another Energy Unit there to pick up. Got it? If not, my
    email is at the top. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop
    me a line.
    -Present time:
    a. Right across from the Former Alchemist House door.
    b. In front of the South Gate.
    c. On a side street near the Photo Shop, in between the cars.
    d. South of square on Ruckgrat Str. under Covered Pass.
    e. In an alley between Neuwand Str. and Haupt Str.
    -Margarete's time (1500's or Middle Ages)
    a. In church, by alter. I only found one here once or twice?
    b. Stand in front of the church door with your back facing the door. Turn left
    and right in front of a tree is another Energy Unit.
    c. Go to where the Bar Zum Ei is. There's one on a bench on the side that faces
    Kirche St.
    d. In a stable by the East Gate.
    e. Across from West Gate, on side of the box-thingy that faces the West Gate on
    some pots. The box-thingy looks like a toll gate thing.
    f. In 1584, downstairs in the lab.
    g. Right across from energy unit d, there's a really narrow passageway between
    two buildings. Go through there and you'll find an energy unit between the
    wheels of a wheelbarrow.
    -Early 1900's (Black and White Era)
    a. Just inside the front door of the mansion, on the floor.
    b. At the West Gate in front of a staircase.
    c. By East Gate in a park-type place. It's on a lamppost.
    d. In front of the North Gate.
    e. Next to the Bar Zum Ei. If facing the bar from Kirche St., it's on the right
    side next to the tree.
    -1980's (Cold Day)
    a. Top/center of the map. Kinda between the bar and the church, but at the top.
    b. Okay, in between the North Gate, Bakery, and Photo Shop, there's an
    alley-type walkway. There's one around there.
    c. Near the benches in the middle of Haupt St.
    d. Near the East Gate, on the opposite side of the street, there are some
    stairs leading to a building on the corner. There's one at the top.
    e. Across from West Gate, on the side of that box-thingy again. (The toll gate
    looking thing)
    f.  When Miriam dies, and you're blamed, there's one next to you.
    4. Items:
    To access your items, press the square button. Sift through your items using
    the up and down directional buttons. Use an item by highlighting it and
    pressing the X button. Here is a list of some items:
    -Digipad: Your first item! Homunculus gives this to you the first time you die.
    With it, you can travel through the past and all it costs you is an Energy
    -Energy Unit: You need this to operate the Digipad. They are found as blinking
    green dots. Please refer to the above section on places to find these.
    -Map: There are 2 maps that I've found. The one you start with of your town in
    the present. There is also one of your town from the Middle Ages (1500s). You
    can find this in City Hall.
    -Red Stone: A mysterious stone. I wonder what it does? Looks like a giant ruby
    or something. Could this be the stone Dr. Wagner's looking for...?
    -Lighter: You get this from Dana because you apparently forgot it on your way
    out of the café. It may come in handy in a sticky situation.
    -Cell phone: You'll get a few calls in the game, even though you can't call
    anyone else. But there may be something else it does.
    -Notebook: A very useful item indeed! If you get stuck, just whip it out and
    read through the notes, it helps you a lot when you're in a jam!
    -Egg ornament: In Chapter 1, you can get this from the performer in the square.
    -Postcard: You start out with this. You can trade it with a certain boy outside
    the Lord's Manor House in Chapter 2 so he'll let you in.
    -Ladder: It's in front of the Butcher's shop in Chapter 2 in the Middle Ages.
    -Medallion: When you get in the Lord's Manor House in Chapter 2, use the ladder
    to climb up and grab it. Maybe you can get the guy to stop planting the tree
    with this.
    -Chocolate/Cake: You can get this in Chapter 3 at the Bakery. Girls like
    chocolate, right? Maybe you should give it to a girl...
    -Frying pan: This "iron plate" can be obtained by giving the egg ornament to
    the guy in the Bar Zum Ei in Chapter 3. Hey...didn't you need one of these?
    -Old Book: This a very important book that Mr. Eckart gives you in Chapter 3.
    -Black and White Photo: It's taken in Chapter 4 during a cut scene. You
    apparently get a copy of it.
    -Photo Shop Sign: Get this in Chapter 4 to act as an "iron plate" so you don't
    get stabbed in the back.
    -Kitten: You can get this in Chapter 5 if you go talk to Mr. Eckart.
    Hey...didn't someone tell you that she wanted a kitten?
    -Scrap meat: In Chapter 5, go to the Butcher and talk to the lady to get it.
    You can also get another piece later, but I don't know what to do with it then.
    -Lab Key: Get this in Chapter 5 after you enter Margarete's house.
    -Egg clock: In Chapter 6, the young film producer guy gives it to you.
    -Old Rope: It's a crappy rope that you find in Chapter 7. It's in the tower in
    the present.
    -New Rope: Go to the early 1900's (Museum or Library? Era) in Chapter 7 and
    you'll get the good sturdy rope in the tower. DO NOT tie it to the railing in
    this era, however!
    -Tower Key: In Chapter 7, take this from the living room where Sybilla usually
    5. Characters:
    -Eike Kusch: Main character of the story. He has a run of bad luck. Someone is
    trying to kill him, poor guy. He's a real nice guy, I wonder who would ever try
    to kill him...
    -Dana: Waitress at the café where Eike first wakes up. Poor girl has no family
    or parents. She seems very conservative for the time she's in...unlike most
    girls of today. She doesn't seem like she belongs...
    -Margarete Wagner: Considered a "hussy" in the time she comes from. She seems
    very interested in the time you're from, though. Also it seems she has a crush
    on someone...
    -Hugo Wagner: Strange boy. He's Margarete's brother and he's hell-bent on
    reviving his poor mother. He doesn't seem to want to follow in his father's
    -Dr. Wagner: Alchemist in the Middle Ages. He says that he needs the
    Philosopher's Stone to create Homunculus.
    -Helena Wagner: Mother of Margarete and Hugo, and married to Dr. Wagner. She's
    very sick and there's no remedy at the time.
    -Homunculus: He's the one that gives you the Digipad. He really wants you to
    survive for some reason. Well, at least he's helping you. (Note: I have found
    two definitions of this word in the dictionary...1. an artificially made dwarf,
    supposedly produced in a flask by an alchemist. and 2. a fully formed,
    miniature human body believed, according to some medical theories of the 16th
    and 17th centuries, to be contained in the spermatozoon.)
    -Oleg: Film producer that you help out. He's a little creepy. He actually
    thinks he called upon you to appear...well, at least he's nice and gives you an
    egg clock thing.
    -Karl Franssen: Artist in the Middle Ages. You can help him figure out what to
    -Mr. Eckart Brum: He's a kind-hearted man. Poor guy lost his entire family in
    one day. He runs the museum/library and has LOTS of cats.
    -Miriam Brum: Mr. Eckart's wife that died one cold day in 1980. Hmm...I wonder
    if there's a way to save her...
    -Fortune Teller: Mysterious woman in the Former Alchemist's House. She always
    tells you the time you're going to die and gives you hints.
    -Sybilla: Sweet young girl of the early 1900s. I feel sorry for her because she
    can't go out to play. But maybe you'll find her a nice little friend anyway.
    -Alfred Brum: He owns the mansion before it gets turned into a museum or
    library. Maybe you can help him with his decision?
    6. Tips
    Make sure you always have Energy Units! There's nothing worse than being stuck
    or dying because you don't have one. Especially in Chapter 3! For a list of the
    ones I have found in each era, please refer to "Locations of Energy Units"
    section 3. I will always be on the lookout for more, and I'll update that
    section as soon as I can.
    Talk to everyone you can find. Not only do you get more of the story, but
    sometimes they'll give you hints on where you should go. And don't just talk
    once and walk away, sometimes you need to talk to them 2 or 3 more times.
    Read Eike's memos as much as possible! These give you hints and information
    about stuff that you might have overlooked. They are very helpful if you get
    Do some traveling. If you don't know what to do, you might want to travel to a
    different time period. It could lead you to find out something you might have
    Go to the fortune teller in each chapter. Not only will you find out how much
    time you have left, but she might give you information. For higher %s, after
    she tells you the fated hour, talk to her again and she'll ask if you'd like
    anything else. Tell her to tell you the fated hour again. Then talk to her
    again and tell her nothing. Also, if you're not in your own time and you're
    able to talk to her, do so. This also will give you higher %s.
    Important tip if you want high %s: Do anything and everything in each chapter.
    This includes dying several times in the present and talking to everyone you
    find and making the wrong decisions sometimes. Even if I tell you not to do
    something, do it anyway.
    Another tip is if you have something to do, or your
    mom/dad/wife/husband/whoever decides they need to see you NOW, there's a way to
    save your specific place in a chapter. If you go to your Digipad screen and go
    to "End game" it'll let you save in the middle of a chapter. The only thing is,
    if you do continue from this place, the game deletes that save, I guess just so
    you can't cheat like this.
    Another tip for if you're low on Energy Units and you need some in a pinch. 
    Die in the present and get a free Energy Unit from Homunculus!
    7. Prologue: The Fated Hour is 2:30. 98% complete.
    When you gain control, pick up the Digipad. Tell Homunculus that you understand
    how to use it, then walk out the door when you get the chance. After you leave
    the café, go in City Hall and go into the door at the end of the hallway. Talk
    to the woman sitting behind the desk to get an old map of the town (you'll need
    it later). You can talk to other people if you want.
    Leave and run to the Former Alchemist House (Fortune Teller) and another cut
    scene will start. From here, you will notice that your Digipad is blinking.
    This means that you can use it to travel to the past. Press the square button
    and highlight the Digipad. Press X to use it and you will find yourself in the
    square not too far in the past.
    Now you need to find three people, a child, the child's mother, and an old
    woman. You can find the old woman walking near the square. The child is usually
    near the café. (Note: don't go into the café and talk to yourself, or the game
    will be over and you'll have to restart. You can still go into the café and
    talk to Dana, the old man behind the counter, the '...' man, and the
    spaghetti-eating piggy guy, though. Also, scare the hell out of piggy by
    showing him your cell phone.) The child's mother is usually near the bar.
    After you talk to each of them, your Digipad will start to blink again. Use it
    to travel back into the present. Now there should be an entertainer in the
    square performing for the 3 people you talked to. Go up to the entertainer and
    the cut scene will show you that you successfully dodged being killed...for
    To get higher % in this section: Die a few times, tell only 1 or 2 of the women
    to go to the square, then go to the present and talk to them individually. Talk
    to the Fortune Teller again after she tells you the fated hour and in the past.
    8. Chapter 1: The Fated Hour is 3:00. 100% complete!
    When you start out, go to the Bar Zum Ei. It's on fire! Talk to everyone there,
    especially the guy crouching and crying. He tells you that his grandfather is
    in there and asks you to save him. Tell him no, it's too dangerous. Run to the
    square and talk to the entertainer. He gives you a strange egg ornament. Run
    back to the bar and go in, only to die again. That's okay, it happens a lot in
    this game.
    You'll end up in the same place you died in, just in time for your Digipad to
    start blinking again! Travel back in time and run around the back of the bar
    until you see a cut scene of a guy lighting the fire. You stomp it out and save
    the day! Travel back to the present.
    I was told there is another ending to this chapter! I've tried it and it works.
    After getting the egg ornament, go into the bar. Try to open the door and try
    to go down the stairs. Teleport to before the fire. Teleport back and forth a
    few times until you end up inside the bar before the fire. Try to open the
    door. Then run downstairs and tell the guy about the fire.
    If you do the 2nd ending where you're in the bar, you can do the egg thing here
    for more %s. Just go back down the stairs and you'll give him the egg ornament
    and get a frying pan in return. You can also give him the egg ornament later or
    not at all, if desired.
    You can also forget about the egg ornament for now and later on in Chapter 4, a
    special little surprise will happen!
    To get higher % in this section: Die a few times in the present, do this
    chapter twice and get both outcomes. Talk to the Fortune Teller again after she
    tells you the fated hour and in the past. Also, don't get the egg at least
    twice for Ch. 4...
    9. Chapter 2: The Fated Hour is 3:30. 100% complete.
    After watching yourself die again, you start out at the café. After talking to
    the guy that looks like he's fixing a sign outside, you find out that Dana, the
    waitress, is looking for you near the square. Walk to the square and you watch
    pretty much the same cut scene you just saw a minute ago. Don't worry, you
    don't die this time.
    Hey, your Digipad is blinking again! So, go back in time quickly and you find
    yourself dropping in just in time to save the beautiful Margarete. Now when you
    gain control, whip out your lighter or cell phone and use it to scare the pants
    off of the people standing there around you.
    Margarete takes you to her house, just follow her until she stops in front of
    the Alchemist house and walk right in. When the cut scene ends, go outside.
    Now, look at the old city map (I told you that you'd need it!) and find the
    Butcher's. You need to go there and find a ladder sitting out in front. (It's
    blinking so it shouldn't be too hard to find.)
    Go to the square and talk to the guy planting the tree. If you talk to him
    twice, you find out you need to be a squire in order to interrupt him. Also,
    show the egg ornament to the guy planting the tree! Go to the square and show
    the cell phone and lighter to the caged girl and the guy planting a tree. Also
    show the lighter and cell phone to the guy walking around Kirche St. Well, now
    go to the south gate and talk to the guy out in front. Show him the lighter and
    cell phone. Talk to him until he tells you that he'll let you in if you trade
    him something. Give him the postcard.
    Once in the door, use the ladder right under the medallion and you'll be able
    to take it. Show it to the guy that is planting the tree and you'll get the
    choice of him planting flowers or a statue instead. Either is fine, though the
    flowers are nicer I think. You can also show the medallion to the boy in front
    of the Lord's Manor, the caged girl, and the guy walking around. Travel back to
    the present.
    To get higher %s in this section: Die a few times in front of Dana. You'll come
    back and freak her out... Talk to the Fortune Teller again after she tells you
    the fated hour. Also, do this section twice and use both the lighter and cell
    phone to scare the people and choose the statue and flowers.
    10. Chapter 3: The Fated Hour is 5:50. 100% completed.
    Be careful of the time in this Chapter!! If you run out of time in the past,
    game over!
    So you die again...anyway, when you gain control, run to the Bar Zum Ei. Go
    downstairs and give the guy the egg ornament, if you didn't already. You get a
    frying pan. Hey...isn't that an IRON frying pan? (If you want, you can skip the
    Bar part if you did it in Ch.1 or if you want to do things with the egg
    ornament in the later chapters.)
    You can go to the Cafe and show the spaghetti-eating piggy guy the lighter and
    cell phone. So now run to the bakery and get a little cake thing from the woman
    behind the counter. Hmm...girls like chocolate cake thingies, don't they? (I
    do!) You can't do anything with it now...but later... If you want, you can go
    into the church here. It's really beautiful.
    If you had forgotten to get the map in the earlier chapters, the City Hall's
    closed. To the left of the door, there's a small bin where maps are stored
    after hours. Pick one up! If you have the time, go to the Antique Shop and look
    at the things in there. If you take too long getting to the museum, you'll get
    a phone call from Eckart. Also, you can talk to the film producer that's
    standing by a movie sign in front of the South Gate.
    Run to the museum now. If you try to leave, it won't let you. Go through the
    door across from where you came in. Turn to your left and run upstairs and into
    Mr. Eckert's office. He gives you a book with a pentagram on the cover. You can
    look around at the paintings in the rooms if you'd like. When you're done with
    that floor, go downstairs and you'll see Homunculus. Yes, he's the one that
    looks like a girl. At least I think he does.
    Choose the option that you want to see proof of his power. (Do not say "Excuse
    me." unless if you want to raise your %s by dying.) Uh oh! Your Digipad doesn't
    work! Well, now you have to find an Energy Unit in order to return to the
    present. (Reference to "Location of Energy Units.") IF YOU HAVE TIME, run
    around and collect additional Energy Units. The only thing I found to do in
    this time is talk to a runner dude that's running through the streets.
    Go back to the present and talk to Mr. Eckert again. Now that you've upset him,
    leave the museum.
    To get higher %s in this section: Die twice in the present and say "Excuse me."
    to Homunculus. Also you can be late arriving to the museum because you get some
    phone calls from Eckart. Talk to the Fortune Teller again after she tells you
    the fated hour.
    11. Chapter 4: The Fated Hour is 8:00. 97% completed.
    (Note: You can bypass this Chapter altogether! Don't believe me? Try using the
    frying pan right when the timer starts, before you die. There. You didn't have
    to do anything in that Chapter. Weird, huh? But you don't get a high
    percentage. If you don't want to bypass, or you don't have the frying pan, read
    Oh no! You'd better hurry up and do something! Uh oh...you died! Well, now that
    you're back to the present, you can go in the Antique Shop if you didn't have
    time last chapter. Go to the bar and you can scare the spaghetti-eating piggy
    guy again with your cell phone and lighter. Also, you can visit the church in
    the present here too.
    Now, if you want to rush through this chapter and you have the egg, go to the
    Bar Zum Ei. Run downstairs and give the guy the egg and he'll give you the
    frying pan. As soon as you leave though, you'll get that timer again. Use the
    pan quickly and...voila! Although, if you're looking for more %s (or don't have
    the egg ornament)...
    Use the Digipad to go back to the past. Do not attempt to adjust your TV, it
    really is supposed to be black and white. If you want, go to the Butcher's shop
    and get scrap meat. Also you can go to the Bar Zum Ei of this time and get
    coffee. So, what are you going to pay him with? Uh oh, out of money! That's ok,
    he's nice enough to give you a tab. You can repay him later... Also, go to the
    Photo Shop and talk to the Franssen guy of this era. Try to knock down the
    sign. Can't huh? Oh well, go to the mansion and talk to the guy out in front.
    You'll see a really long cut scene about the history of the place and you'll
    meet Sybilla and stuff. When you gain control again, a few things happen...
    If you didn't get the egg ornament in the first place, you'll be in the costume
    and you'll have juggling balls in your inventory. Pick up the egg on the chair
    (it's glowing blue) and you'll see a cut scene. You'll go back in time to the
    square at 2:00. Walk around and talk to the people walking the streets. Use
    your juggling balls in the square and you'll throw Eike the egg. You'll find
    that you have the frying pan in your inventory when you get back to Sybilla.
    If you didn't get the frying pan, go to the Photo Shop. Take the dangling sign.
    I think that if you have the frying pan, you can't get the sign. Go back to
    talk to Sybilla.
    If you had the frying pan in the first place, just go back to the present.
    Warp back to the present and immediately use the sign or frying pan (I think
    you have like 5 seconds). Then you don't die!
    To get higher %s in this section: Die a few times in the present, as always.
    Die even if you have the frying pan in present. Make sure you bypass this
    chapter once just to get the %s for doing it. Also make sure you get to use the
    Photo Shop sign at least once! Talk to the Fortune Teller again after she tells
    you the fated hour and in the past, if you do the juggler thing.
    12. Chapter 5: The Fated Hour is 10:30. 93% completed.
    (Note: The man and woman that are looking for each other are STILL looking for
    each other here. They're so upset, but I STILL can't figure out what to do! The
    man in near the North Gate and the woman is near the Old Alchemist's House.)
    You can chat with the townsfolk if you'd like, but ultimately go to the Bar Zum
    Ei. You need to eat. If you did the alternate Chapter 1 ending, you'll get a
    FREE MEAL! And another cut scene to add to your %s! Uh oh, what did that lady
    put in your food? Wait a minute...that was a WHITE sleeve that put the poison
    in your food, not a pink! Well, you eat it anyway and walk outside. You died
    again, didn't you?
    When you gain control again, go back into the bar a few times and talk to the
    guy. You'll actually see a cute picture of his grandkids! Go to the Museum and
    talk to Eckart. Library or Art Museum? Maybe that's what Homunculus meant! Go
    to the early 1900s (black and white). (If you didn't do Chapter 4, you'll see
    all the cut scenes from it when you talk to Alfred Brum.) Tell Alfred Brum that
    you think a library would be the better choice. Talk to Sybilla again. She
    wants a kitten? Hey, didn't someone offer you a kitten before?
    Do one of 2 things here. Either, you can travel to the present and go to the
    library/former museum to read the book, or you can skip it for now and travel
    to Margarete's time and follow from there. If you want to read the book, go
    into the room to the left of where you came in and read the book that's
    blinking blue. Ignore your Digipad for a second and run to Mr. Eckart's office
    upstairs. Ask for a kitten, talk to Eckart again, and return to Sybilla. Give
    her the kitten and she's so thankful. It's cute. (Note: If you want, hold off
    on giving the kitten to Sybilla until a later chapter to boost its %s.)
    You can visit the Bar Zum Ei of this time and talk to the guy, if you haven't
    already. He'll give you coffee, as long as you pay him...What, forgot your
    wallet? Oh well, he's nice enough to start a tab for you. Let's see if we can
    find something else to pay him with. (Note: You can either do this now, or in a
    later chapter. Just in the later chapter, if you already have the egg clock,
    you give it to him right then instead of running a tab.)
    Travel to Margarete's time now. Go to the Butcher's Shop and get some scrap
    meat, if you don't have it already. Go in City Hall and show the lighter and
    cell phone to the guy in the back room. Now run to Margarete's house and give
    the dog the meat. Enter. What happened here? Just grab the lab key and go back
    to earlier in the week.
    Go to the middle of the square and see a cut scene of 2 kids making fun of
    Hugo.  You can also go in City Hall and talk to the mean guy in there.  Show
    him the lighter and cell phone. You can also go to the Alelier and talk to Karl
    Franssen. He'll ask you what to paint. Go back to Margarete's house and down to
    the lab. Speak with Dr. Wagner. When you go to leave, you'll find a very long
    cut scene where you get the antidote and a long walk with Margarete. Now, if
    you didn't read the book yet, you'll get control of Eike just as he sees Dana.
    Go to the Alchemist's House and talk to Dr. Wagner twice.  Then go back to
    Margarete in front of the Lord's Manor. Afterwards, you'll have to make your
    first important choice of the game.
    If you tell her you think she's your ancestress, you'll be able to get endings
    A, B, C.
    If you say nothing, you can get endings D, E.
    When you leave the house, go back in. Give Margarete the chocolate/cake thingy.
    Didn't I tell you to give it to a girl? (You can get more meat here if you
    want...I don't know what it does.) Now go back to the present and if you didn't
    read the book, do it now. Then travel back to Margarete and get the antidote.
    Go back to the present again and use the antidote before the timer runs out.
    To get higher %s in this section: Make sure you skip Chapter 4 once to get all
    those cut scenes with Alfred Brum and Sybilla. Also, make sure you run a tab in
    this era once. Get the meat in this era once. Die in the present a few times,
    even with the antidote. Talk to the Fortune Teller again after she tells you
    the fated hour. I think it raises %s if, when you get the choice of what to say
    to Margarete, and it gives you 2 chances, (A=you think she's your ancestress,
    N=say nothing) you say A/A, A/N, N/A, N/N.
    13. Chapter 6: The Fated Hour is 11:30? 97% completed.
    When you gain control, quickly run to the South Gate (right in front of you) to
    get the Energy Unit before you die. Go back to the Cold Day (1980) when you
    come back to life. Oleg will ask you for a movie idea. Here are the choices:
    First: Should it be a movie about Time Travel or Meditating Man? (Choose Time
    Travel to live!)
    Next: Should the plot be about Finding the Cause of Death or World Domination?
    (Choose cause of death to live!)
    Last: Should it be a Love Story or a Thriller? (It doesn't matter which you
    choose!) Then he'll give you an egg clock thing.
    Go to the Bakery and talk to the lady behind the counter. What was that she
    gave you? A "Margarete"! She figured out how to make them after all! You can
    travel to the Middle Ages if you want to give it to her. Also if you want to
    talk to Karl Franssen in 1584, you can try to give him another idea to paint
    about, then go to 1902 and tell Alfred to turn it back into a museum so you can
    see Karl's work later or to give Sybilla the kitten if you haven't already, but
    then go back to the Cold Day (1980).
    Run to the covered pass near the library/museum or you can go down Haupt Str.
    toward the south gate and see a cut scene of Homuculus with a baby? After gun
    shots, go towards the South Gate. A cut scene should come up. Go back before
    the shooting on the Digipad. It doesn't matter what you say to her, she'll
    still go the way it takes her to get shot. Run forward to her, and you'll be
    blamed for her death. Geez, some thanks, huh? Talk to everyone at the scene.
    Now, travel to the present and you have 2 choices. You can immediately travel
    back to before the shooting and save Miriam or you can run around and just
    live. If you want to save her travel back to 1980 and you'll see another cut
    scene. Afterwards, you'll see her running. Just run after her and make sure you
    don't lose her. You should push her out of the way just in time. Run back and
    talk to Eckart and Miriam and the fat guy. Go back to the present and live!
    To get higher %s in this section: Make sure you do every single movie poster
    possible. Die in the present, like in every chapter. Save Miriam at least once.
    To get a higher % in Chapter 7, save her twice (once tell Margarete about being
    ancestor, once say nothing to her) and don't save her twice (again once telling
    Margarete about being ancestor, once saying nothing).
    14. Chapter 7: The Fated Hour is 1:30. 91% completed.
    You'll get a phone call from Eckart telling you to come to the tower. Go up the
    stairs and you can just ignore the rope for now (if you picked it up already,
    don't worry). Go up the ladder and...well...what goes up, must come down,
    When you're back alive, go to the night before. Try to open the door to the
    tower. Darn, locked. Run to the Bar Zum Ei and talk to Oleg, the "...." guy,
    and the owner. Now go to the "Museum or library?" era (early 1900s). Run to the
    living room and grab the Tower Key. You'll end up in a small garden area with
    doors and stairs, so you don't run into yourself. Try to go in the other doors
    and up the stairs. Now go back through the double doors and give the kitten to
    Sybilla, if you haven't already. Now leave the house.
    Go in the tower and get the new rope. It's much sturdier than the old rope in
    the present. Whatever you do, DO NOT TIE THE ROPE IN THIS ERA. I've done that
    before...it snaps. If you'd like, show the egg watch, if you still have it, to
    the "Franssen" of this time. There are 2 things you can do with the egg clock
    at this point. You can either keep it until Chapter 8 and talk about it with
    Mr. Eckart. He'll tell you about how he used to go to school with Oleg. Or you
    can go right now to the Bar Zum Ei and talk to the guy behind the counter.
    Seems he likes collecting eggs also! I just think if you do them both in
    different playthroughs, it just gives you a higher %. Then travel back to the
    night before and tie the rope to the railing on top of the tower.
    Now you're ready! Go to the present. If you'd like, you can actually go out the
    door, but the only thing I could find open at this time of night was the
    Fortune Teller and the Bar Zum Ei. If you don't have the egg clock, you can go
    to the movie sign and talk to Oleg. Run up the stairs in the tower again. Go up
    the ladder and you'll have a few seconds to get to the rope. The rope is on the
    left and press X when you get to it. You should still fall, but you shouldn't
    have died. Now talk to Mr. Eckart. This scene changes depending on whether you
    told Margarete about being your ancestor and whether you saved Miriam last
    To get higher %s in this section: Make sure you did what I told you in Chapter
    6 about saving/not saving Miriam. Try tying the old and new ropes in other eras
    and grab the rope. It'll snap, but you'll get more %s. Also, die a few times in
    the present. Die without grabbing the rope. Regarding the egg thing, give it to
    the Bar guy at least once and keep it at least once.
    15. Chapter 8: The Fated Hour is 4:30. 97% completed.
    Go back into Mr. Eckart's office and talk to him a bit.  If you still have the
    egg clock, talk about it with him.  You can also look around at the museum and
    see all of the pictures you told Karl to paint for you.  The only other thing
    you can do in the present at this time is either collect more Energy Units or
    talk to the Fortune Teller or talk to the drunks next to the cars outside the
    Photo Shop.  Go to the early 1900s and give the egg clock to the Bar guy if you
    haven't already.
    Now you really need that Philosopher's Stone, don't you?  You can go to
    Margarete's house first and talk to Dr. Wagner or go to the Alelier first.  Go
    to the Alelier and...there's Dana!
    Here's another important part of the story:
    If you told Margarete that you think she's your ancestress, you can't ask Dana
    if she wants to come back with you.  Get ending A.
    If you told Margarete nothing, you'll get a choice.  If you tell Dana to stay,
    you'll get ending D.  However, if you tell her to come back with you, you can
    get ending E.
    If told to _come back only_, return immediately to present and run to the café.
     There will be a note under the door.  After obtaining the note, travel to
    Middle Ages and look at the front door of City Hall.  Run around to the left
    side of the building and Dana will be there.  Give her the note and you can toy
    with her and try to go to a different era if you want (higher %s!)  Then talk
    to her and return to the present.  She'll come back with you!  Return to 1500s.
    You can go into the Alelier and talk to Karl Franssen about another painting if
    you'd like.
    Go to the Alchemist's house and give the stone to Dr. Wagner.  He'll tell you
    to come back later that week.  Go upstairs and he'll tell Margie and Hugo to go
    away for a few days.  So go to later in the week and to the Alchemist's house
    to the basement.  Now, if you told Dana to _stay_ or if you told Margarete
    about being your ancestress, no one should be there.  If you told Dana to _come
    back with you_, Margarete will be there and she asks you to look for Hugo.
    Anyways, go back to the present and you'll get a call. Such a familiar voice.
    After it's over, go to the square. Hugo tells you to get Homunculus. You have
    20 minutes! (Also, I am told that you can give the old book back to Eckart by
    talking to him after Hugo takes Margarete hostage.)
    There are a few things you can do:
    If you told Margarete about her being your ancestress:
    To get ending A: Go to 1980 (Cold day) and find Homunculus. Go to the stairs
    south of the square and around the building. He's sitting next to a tree. After
    the cut scene, go to the present and talk to the fortune teller. Watch your
    To get ending B: There are actually 2 B endings that I got. In one of them,
    I'll call "B1", you go to the Former Alchemist's House and talk to the Fortune
    Teller. Then go to the square and talk to Hugo. The End. In the other one, I'll
    call "B2", you travel to the cold day to find Homunculus as described in ending
    A. Go back to the present and immediately to the square to talk to Hugo. DO NOT
    go to the Fortune Teller.
    To get ending C: Travel to the Middle Ages to the Alchemist's house. Go to the
    basement and I think that was all you had to do.
    If you told Margarete nothing:
    To get ending D: Go to the Middle Ages and to the Alchemist's house. Go to the
    basement and burn the notes. Then go back to the present and to the square.
    (Note: You can't have brought Dana back to get this ending.)
    To get ending E: Go to the Middle Ages and to the Alchemist's house. Go down to
    the basement and talk to Margarete. She wants you to take her with you. You can
    toy with her too, and try to take her to a different time and she'll get
    confused. Talk to her again and take her to the present.
    To get higher %s in this section: Make sure you do EVERY ending possible. Do
    every scenerio possible with the egg clock and stuff.
    FOR THE EPILOGUE: 100% completed.
    FOR THE TOTAL: 97% completed.
    16. EX Mode: The Fated Hour is 2:30! 98% completed.
    After beating all 5 endings (only 1 of "B" is needed for this), restart the
    game from your completed save. You'll die, just as in the regular game, but
    when you go to Homunculus, you'll have an option. You can either say "Am I
    dead?" or "Am I dead again?" And also "Oh, Homunculus." or "Who's there?"
    Here are your choices to play the game:
    Say "Am I dead?" and "Oh, Homunculus." OR "Am I dead again?" and "Oh,
    Homunculus." for EX.
    Say "Am I dead?" and "Who's there?" OR "Am I dead again?" and "Who's there?"
    for regular.
    Now, same as the regular game, you pick up the digipad and say you understand,
    then run out the door. Now, when you get back, there's a cut scene. At first it
    seems the same, but...hey! It's different than the first time! Run to the
    Fortune Teller. She doesn't seem to remember you. And after all the times you
    visited her in the past!
    Now leave and go to the square. Talk to the performer and anyone else you'd
    like to talk to. You can also get your city map from the City Hall. After
    you're done, run to the Bar Zum Ei. It's on fire again?! Talk to everyone
    there, especially "You-know-who" crouching there.
    Tell him it's too dangerous and go back to the square. Talk to the performer.
    He'll give you another egg. It says something different this time! Go to the
    café and get your lost items, the stone and lighter. (I'm not sure if you can
    show the lighter and cell phone to the spaghetti eating piggy guy here yet.)
    Go in the bar and...you DON'T die! But you can't go back to the same time as
    before. Before going to Margarete's time, you can try opening the door and try
    going down the stairs. So now, go to Margarete's time. When you get there, it's
    pretty much the same cut scene as before. Try and leave, and they won't let
    you. Use the lighter or cell phone to scare them again.
    NOW, here's where you have a choice! I have gotten 2 endings from EX mode:
    "EX1" - Go back to Margarete's house with her. A cut scene will take place and
    it is a wonderful ending, in my opinion.
    "EX2" - Instead of traveling to Middle Ages, just die in the fire with the
    stone. Or instead of following Margarete, immediately travel back to the
    present and watch your ending. I don't think it's as good as "EX1", but it's
    worth watching.
    To get higher %s in this section: Make sure you do every option possible
    (including saying each choice to Homunculus in the beginning, showing both the
    lighter and cell phone to the townsfolk, etc.)
    17. Locations of the Man and Woman looking for each other:
    I know that this has been bugging a lot of people...including me! Here's
    everywhere I've seen them...
    Prologue and Chapter 1: In the past
    Man: Across from the bar, in front of the building on the corner.
    Woman: In the square, to the right of where you start out.
    Chapter 2: Haven't seen them.
    Chapter 3:
    Man: Near the cars, by the covered pass.
    Woman: Out front of the antique shop.
    Chapter 4:
    Man: Southwest of the square on Haupt Str.
    Woman: Near red flowers by the bar.
    Chapter 5:
    Man: Near the church and the North Gate.
    Woman: In an alley by the Former Alchemist's House.
    Chapter 6: Haven't seen them.
    Chapter 7:
    Man: Top of the town between the church and bar.
    Woman: By the clock sign in front of the street leading to the library/museum.
    Chapter 8: Haven't seen them.
    18. Credits:
    Thanks to Konami for bringing out a really awesome game to which I hope there's
    a sequel to... And for not dumbing it down for us Americans.
    Thank you to Mr. Brandow (I know you said I didn't need to give you credit, but
    thanks anyway!) for bringing things to my attention including an Energy Unit, a
    strategy, and a cut scene!
    Thanks lots to John Garza for a cut scene I missed and to Ally_Katz (No
    relation...) for lots of info I missed!! Thanks to Kenny Liu for telling me
    about the Chapter 4 thing!
    Thank you FujMunkee for telling me about the Chapter 5 stuff! Thank you Rui for
    the tip about saving in the middle of the chapter!
    Thanks to James(Ensignkim) for the tip and some helpful info!!
    Thank you PierceP525!  If it weren't for you, my Chapter 8 would be even more
    confusing! ^_^
    Thanks Sophie for telling me all of those things I previously overlooked.
    Big thanks also to my husband, Tommy and my baby daughter, Alexandria (Allie)
    for letting me play so much!!
    Thank you to gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com, gameshark.com, gamingplanet.com,
    insideps2games.com and psxcodes.com for posting this walkthrough for me! And to
    Neoseeker for making me a moderator! You guys are so great!
    Thanks to all of you out there for reading this walkthrough and for sending me
    all the positive response. This was my first walkthrough ever and since it's
    gotten so much positive feedback so far, be on the lookout for more
    walkthroughs by "Miss Allie" including one for Silent Hill 2 when it comes out!

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