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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Oreo

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    THIS DOCUMENT IS COPYRIGHT 2001 SHANE NOLAN                                                         
    Shadow of Memories Walkthrough by Oreo :
    6.Locations of E.U.s    
    7.Man & Woman           
    9.EX Mode
    11.Special Thanks
    Shadow of Memories and all of the characters,items,buildings and the 
    town of Lebensbraum.This walkthrough is copyright of me Oreo who you can 
    e-mail me at eikee2001@yahoo.co.uk. 
    I am doing this Walkthrough/FAQ with my own free will and no-one is 
    making me do it.I am not being paid to do this I am just doing it to 
    pass time.Also I got the information on the characters at 
    By the way there are two Ending sets:
    Ending Set 1: Endings A,B1,B2,C
    Ending Set 2: Endings D,E
    Ending Set 3: Endings EX 1,EX 2
    31/08/01 + 20:13:51=Finished parts 1,2,3 & 4!!!!
    02/09/01 + 15:28:06=Starting Prologue.
    06/10/01 + 11:53:08=After a LONG break I'm continuing.
    12/10/01 + 20:37:54=Done totally.
    19/10/01 + 23:06:39=FINAL VERSION
    D-pad                 = move
    L3                    = move
    X button              = action
    Triangle              = check map
    Square                = items 
    Circle                = cancel
    R1(inside a building) = first-person view
    R1(outside)           = change camera-view
    L1,L2,R2              = move camera left,right
    Shadow of Memories takes place in a small German town called Lebensbraum 
    during March of the year 2001.Here are some of the characters you will 
    Eike Kusch
    Eike Kusch is the character that we play in the game he is a intelligent 
    man who must use the DIGIPAD and some help from a mysterious being named 
    Homunculus.Although he trusts Homunculus he still thinks that there is 
    something evil about him.During his journey he will meet more strange 
    characters that will affect his fate.
    Dana is a shy and nieve waitress working at the Cafe Sonne in the small 
    town of Lebensbraum.She seems to have a crush on Eike and likes to talk 
    to new people.Although she is very mature for her age she cant seem to 
    help being self-centred sometimes.She has no friends or family and 
    thinks nobody would notice if she disappeared.She lives in a world that 
    she feels she does not belong in. 
    Very little is known about Homunculus other then that he is a mysterious 
    genie that has the power to defy time and gives a bit of that power to 
    Eike in the form of the DIGIPAD.Suggesting from his clothes and his 
    earring he probably originates from the Middle East.
    Although he may seem nice he is in fact evil seeming as he has no 
    The Fortune-teller
    Nothing is known about this mysterious being except that she resides in 
    the Former Alchemists House and helps Eike with his journey whenever she 
    Margarete Wagner 
    An intelligent daughter of a famous alchemists who lives in the town 
    during the 1500's.She is a nieve young woman who seems to have a crush 
    on Eike but has a hard time covering it up.When she learns about Eikes 
    world and what the people are like,she finds herself drawn towards 
    it.She wants to see it rather than staying in a world where she spends 
    her whole day doing chores and taking care of her mother.She often is 
    pestered by her little brother Hugo.
    Hugo Wagner
    Margaret's younger brother and the son of Helena and Wolfgang Wagner.
    He is a young mild-mannered boy who is very curious and is one of the 
    few people that believe Eike has a time machine.He loves his mother and 
    yet thinks that his father is concerned about his work more than them.He 
    dreams one day to build a time machine like Eike's.What did is the 
    saying:"Curiosity killed the cat".
    Dr. Wolfgang Wagner
    The well-renounced Dr.Wagner resides in the Alchemists House and spends 
    most of his time in the basement,working on top-secret potions in order 
    to prevent his wife Helena from dying.When this fails he decides to 
    start new a dangerous experiment which draws the attention of his son 
    Hugo and his daughter Margarete.
    Eckart Brum
    Eckart is the owner of the local museum which holds several pieces of 
    art belonging to some local artists and photographers.Although he is 
    alone(due to his wife's death twenty years ago),his cat has just had 
    many kittens which can be seen playing or lying down all over the 
    place.His daughter has gone missing(the same day his wife was killed)and 
    he still longs for her to come back.He seems to be hiding a dark secret 
    from Eike. 
    Miriam Brum
    This is Eckarts deceased wife who was killed while walking down Haupstr 
    on a cold day in 1980,while carrying her new-born daughter home.In 
    chapter 6 you can prevent her from being killed yet still you cannot 
    save her child for some strange reason.When you do save her you will be 
    able to meet her again later in the game.Doing this will increase your 
    percentages in chapters 6&7.
    Albert Brum
    Albert is Eckarts great-grandfather who lives in the 1900s and lives in 
    the Mansion.With his wife recently deceased he can't decide what to do 
    with his house and wonders if he should sell it.He lives with his 
    daughter Sibylla who looks after his younger son.He is a gentleman who 
    is  a friend with everyone in the village.It is only through Eikes 
    actions that he thinks that turning it into a museum or library.
    Sibylla Brum
    Albert's youngest child who meets up with Eike during the game.She is 
    very mature for her age seeming as she has to mind her younger brother 
    due to the absence of her mother she is always bored and wants to play 
    and make the most of her childhood.She is very nice and helps out Eike 
    whenever she can.She seems to love kittens....
    Oleg Franssen
    A burnt-out film-maker who meets up with Eike that give him a little bit 
    of inspiration.He comes from the Franssen family who are known for there 
    creative talent which include painting,photography,watch-making etc.He 
    seems to be having a mid-life crisis which is preventing him from 
    reaching any goals.You will often find him brainstorming or drowning in 
    his own self-pity.
    I have here all the items in this game listed alphabetically.To make the 
    game more realistic,turn off both item and door indicator on the option 
    This is obtained after meeting Eckart in the Brum Museum in chapter 3.It 
    contains information about alchemy and people such as Dr.Wagner and 
    Homunculus.You'll will find it useful and informative.
    This precious item is given to you by Margarete in chapter 5 for talking 
    to her.It has some strange effects on Eckart and Miriam Brum
    These useless items are found in chapter 4 after talking to Sybilla.You 
    can use the beanbags if you plan to do ending 6 of chapter 4 in the 
    square.That suit reminds me of someone that I've seen.....
    This item doesn't have much use in the game but can come in handy 
    sometimes.Sometimes you'll receive phone-calls from some 
    friends.Although you cannot call anyone yourself you can use it to scare 
    anyone living in the 1580's.
    This is found in the Marie's Bakery in chapter 3.you can give to 
    Margarete in chapters 5-8 and then go to 1980 and get another one in 
    Marie's Bakery and give to her again except this time it will be called 
    a Margarete.The cut-scenes associated with this item give you absolutely 
    no percentages.
    The time-travelling device given to Eike from Homunculus.It can be used 
    in order to prevent Eikes death.You can only use the Digipad only on 
    three conditions
    1.If it starts blinking green
    2.If something has happened that is related to your death
    3.If you have energy units.
    These are found all over Lebensbraum and are needed to power your 
    Digipad.There are at least five energy units in each timelines.Every 
    time you use the Digipad one energy unit is used.Later on I will list 
    all of the energy units.Eike can hold up to 9 energy units at a time.
    This is found in Dr.Wagners Labratory in chapter 8 and can only be 
    obtained when doing Ending D,and even then you cant do much with it.
    This item may seem useless at first but it can save your life.You can 
    find it in chapters 1,3 and 4.Its very light and is thick and made of 
    iron.To get it you must first get hold of the Scribners Egg and then 
    give it to the bartender.
    This item is found in chapter 5,6,8.It is given to you by Eckart after 
    talking to Sibylla.Although it does not raise your percentages you can 
    give to Sibylla,so that it will have kittens and then they will have 
    kittens and all the way at the end of the repetition is the same cat 
    that Eckart gives you!
    This handy piece of equipment gives you access to Dr.Wagners basement 
    labratory.It is found inside the Alchemists House on the ground near the 
    basement floor.
    A ladder found in chapter 2 in order to reach the Medallion at the door 
    to the Lords Manor 
    A short memo to Dana from her boss.It is found at the door of the Cafe 
    Sonne in chapter 8 when doing Ending D.
    Contains vital information on poisons,especially the Sea Hare Poison.It 
    is found in the Brum Library in chapter 5.
    Another item that has no use.The only thing you can do with this is 
    scare the townspeople of 1580's.
    There are two maps of Lebensbraum in this game.The map you start out 
    with is a map of the town during the 20th and 21st century.The second 
    one is found inside(or outside)the City Hall.It is a map of the town 
    from 1500.
    Strangely enough there are two pieces of meat in the game although you 
    need only one.The first one is found in the Butcher's in 1902.The second 
    one is found in the Butcher's during the 1580's.
    This medallion has the Squire's Crest and will make anyone you want talk 
    to you and help you in your journey.
    This rope is very strong and firm and is found in the Mansion Tower in 
    1902.This can also get you more percentages in chapter 7.
    Eike carries this around and whenever something important or weird 
    happens he writes it down on his notebook.This is the best place to look 
    if you are stuck in the game.
    This very old photograph is found inside the Alchemy Book in chapter 
    4.It has Albert and Sibylla Brum with a strange looking man....
    A very firm rope that looks very old.Although it may seem useless it 
    gives you a lot of percentages in chapter 7.It is found in the Mansion 
    Tower in all timelines.
    The mysterious philosophers stone has some secret that involves 
    Homunculus and Dr.Wagner.It looks almost like ruby.During the Middle 
    Ages it was thought to have the power to change ordinary metals into 
    This old sign is found in chapter 4 hanging off its place at the Photo 
    Shop Franssen during 1902.It is very light and is made of iron surely it 
    could be a thick iron plate.Although it may seem useless it can actually 
    save your life,but you can only use it at a certain time. 
    This antique item is given to you by Oleg in chapter 6.To gain extra 
    percentages in chapters 7+8,heres what to do.In chptr.7 shoe it to the 
    bartender in the present.When you start chaptr.8 shoe to Eckart when 
    doing Ending set 1 and Ending set 2.Any other cut-scenes associated with 
    this item do not increase your percentage.
    You start the game with this item which has a painting by a local,famous 
    painter named Karl Franssen,who lived in the 1500's
    This item is found in chapter 1 and is given to you by the juggler.It 
    has a weird note inside:''To Eike.Please get something like a thick iron 
    plate.''Although mysterious it does come in handy.The bartender does 
    seem to collect egg-shaped things,and you can give it to him in chapters 
    1,3 and 4. 
    This is a lifesaving item tat will cure poison from the female se 
    hare.Its ingredients are derived from the male sea hare.It is found in 
    the Alchemists House in chapter 5 after some researching.
    This item will let you have unlimited access to the Mansion Tower,in all 
    timelines(except the 1580's).You can get it in the Mansion,1902 in 
    chapter 7.
      Building            Open                Found              
    ALCHEMISTS HOUSE      All the time        West
    BUTCHER               During the day      East
    ARTELIER              During the day      East
    BAKERY                During the day      East
    CHURCH                During the day      North
    CITY HALL             During the day      Centre
    Building                    Open                Found
    CAFE SONNE               1:00 - 6:00           West
    CHURCH                   5:00 - 8:00           North
    CITY HALL                1:00 - 4:00           Centre
    ANTIQUE SHOP EULE        5:00 - 8:00           East
    BAR ZUM EI               7:00 - 03:00          North-West
    BUTCHERS                  All day              West(1902)
    BRUM MUSEUM              5:00 - 10:30          South-East
    FORMER ALCHEMISTS HOUSE  2:00 - 06:00          West
    BAKERY                   5:00 - 7:00           West
    PHOTO SHOP FRANSSEN         Never              West
    5.Location of Energy Units:
              THE PRESENT DAY 2001
    1 - Opposite the Former Alchemists House.
    2 - In the Carpark opposite Photo Shop Franssen.
    3 - You'll find under the arch on Ruckagrastr.
    4 - In front of the South Gate near the Brum Museum/Libary.
    5 - In the intersection of a small,narrow alley at Newustandstr  leading 
    to Haupstr.
    BONUS:Inside the Bar Zum Ei in chapter 1
                THE MIDDLE AGES 1580-1584
    1 - Behind the well beside the Alchemists House.
    2 - Go to where the Bar Zum Ei is and look for the unit on a bench.
    3 - You'll find another one at the entrance to the Church.
    4 - Found in-between the wheels of a wheelbarrow,in a small alley to the 
    left of the Atelier.
    5 - At a small stable opposite the Atelier.
    BONUS:Inside the Church on an alter in chapters 6&7
    BONUS:Inside the Basement Labratrory.
              THE COLD DAYS 1979-1980      
    1 - Behind the well inbetween the Cafe Sonne and the Former Alchemists 
    2 - In front of a small gate in-between the Church and Bar Zum Ei.
    3 - In a small alley to the right of Marie's Bakery.
    4 - When going down Rudolfstr you'll find this on a small set of steps 
    past Photo Shop Franssen.
    5 - You'll find this next a tree in the park at the bottom of Haupstr.
    1 - In the hallway of the Mansion
    2 - Beside an advertisment stand near the South Gate.
    3 - In front of the North Gate.
    4 - Next to a tree beside the bar Zum Ei.
    5 - You'll find this next to the staircase opposite the Cafe Sonne.
    7.Man & Woman:
    In every chapter there is a man and a woman both in coats(and are 
    holding a suitcase),are desperetly looking for each other(probly running 
    away to get married.who knows).Here I have listed their location.
    PROLOUGE & CHAPTER 1(In the past):
    Man:Oppisite the Bar Zum Ei,where Kinchenstr starts.
    Woman:In the Marketplatz,oppisite the teenage girl.
    CHAPTER 3:
    Man:Found to the left of the arch on Ruckagasterstr
    Woman:She is standing at the entrance of the Antique Shop Eule.
    CHAPTER 4:
    Man:Standing next to the arch on Haupstr,next to the small park.
    Woman:She is found at the flowerbed at the top of Haupstr,next to the 
    Church and Bar Zum Ei.
    CHAPTER 5:
    Man:He is found at the North Gate.
    Woman:She is found at the Alchemists House.
    CHAPTER 7:
    Man:He's standing at the gate in-between the Church and Bar Zum Ei.
    Woman:She's atanding at the clock near the South Gate. 
    In the Prologue and chapters 1,2,3,4,5,7&8 talk to the fortune-teller 
    twice after visiting her.Choose both 'No.Nothig' and 'What was the time 
    you predicted again' in order to get tons of percentages.Do what i tell 
    you about dying also to get percentages.Experiement.On chapter 1 two 
    major decisions effect your percentage on chptr.4.Save two games where 
    you dont get the egg and 4 where you do.Leave all 6 Epilogues on the 
    LOAD/SAVE screen so at the end you can view them easily.Pick up ENERGY 
    UNITS.during the game there are "diverting points".Basically this is a 
    point in the game that will effect later parts of the game.It may also 
    mean that it is something that will give you extra percentages and will 
    also be have to be done once(in some cases).Also if you look up at the 
    top-right side of the Digipad screen it will show the time,date and year 
    of the timezone you wish to go to.
    Chapter 1+5+6 have two endings.
    Chapter 4+8 have six endings.
    Chapter 7 has four endings.
    Prologue 2:30  98%
    After you are killed and brought back to life a cut-scene will introduce 
    you to Homunculus.When the DIGIPAD is thrown onto the ground,pick it up 
    and then first choose that you don't understand and then choose 
    'yes'.Then when you regain control go through the door.You'll then wake 
    up inside a Cafe.When you are outside try to open the door and then run 
    up to the dog.Now check your map and go to the Former Alchemists 
    House.Inside you'll meet the Fortune-teller who will tell you that the 
    fated hour is 2:30 and you have until then to try and deflect your 
    First of all stay in the presnt and keep talking to people until you 
    die.Two cut-scenes will follow.Then when you are brought back to life do 
    this again in order to get more percentages.Mainly because Eike will 
    awake in the Cafe while being more calmer.
    When your DIGIPAD starts glowing,use it.Go back about half an hour 
    ago.Now you need to get 3 people to meet you in the square.
    first visit the Fortune-teller for another cut-scene and look for an old 
    woman wearing an orange jumper who is walking near the Former Alchemists 
    House.Head towards the Cafe Sonne and talk to the little girl and go 
    inside the Cafe.Talk to the man eating spaghetti and show him your 
    CELLPHONE and your DIGIPAD.Talk to whoever you want to except the man 
    who is sleeping(Because it is you!!)or it is GAME OVER.Go outside and 
    look for the girls mother who can be found walking around the Bar Zum 
    Ei.Head into the City Hall and talk to the secretary to get the OLD 
    MAP.Return to the present and go to the square,talk to the three people 
    and run up to the Juggler.
    9.Chapter 1  3:00  100%
    When you regain control go talk to the Fortune-teller and after a short 
    cut-scene talk to her two more times.Exit the building and walk up to 
    the dog beside the Cafe.Then talk to the teenage girl in the Square and 
    head towards the juggler.Go to the Bar Zum Ei.It seems the place is on 
    fire.Talk to everyone especially the young boy crying.Say that its too 
    To do endings 1-4 on chapter 4 run to the juggler to get the SCRIBNER 
    EGG and then talk to the boy again and say that you will go inside.To do 
    endings 5,6 forget about the egg and go inside the bar.
    Check chapter 4 for information.
    When you are inside you will die of suffication and will be brought back 
    to life.To do ending 1 try to open the door and also try to go 
    downstairs.Keep doing this until you die.When you regain control inside 
    the burning bar use the DIGIPAD straight away and when you appear 
    outside.Go around the Bar Zum Ei.Hey didn't I see him earlier 
    on...Return to the present.
    When you enter the bar wait until it is 2:45.Use the DIGIPAD and you 
    will end up inside the bar.Go outside,but Eike will remember that there 
    should be someone in here so go downstairs and you will meet the 
    bartender.After that cut-scene go back downstairs to give the SCRIBNERS 
    EGG to him and he will give you the FRYING PAN.Exit the building and 
    visit the Fortune-teller.Return to the present and the first matrix-
    esque scenes
    Chapter 2  3:30  100%
    When you start out you meet Dana from the Cafe.After a small chat Eike 
    will get stabbed in the back.When you regain control talk to the man 
    outside the Cafe twice.Run up to the nearby dog and visit the 
    fortunteller and wait till it is 2:30(Remember don't go near the 
    square).When you regain control again,go to the square.After the earlier 
    cut-scene repeats itself try to run away from Dana.Then wait a while for 
    her to talk some more.Now keep doing this until you die.Repeat this 
    process 3 or 4 times.Use the DIGIPAD and you'll find yourself in the 
    After a long cut-scene you will regain control.Try to run away from the 
    townspeople and take out the DIGIPAD.Then scare the people with your 
    CELLPHONE.Margarete will introduce herself to you.Return to the present 
    when you regain control and you will die.After talking to Dana go to the 
    1500's but this time use the LIGHTER to scare the townspeople away.After 
    being introduced to Margarete(again)follow her to the Alchemists 
    House.Inside a cut-scene will show Eike meeting both Hugo and 
    Helena.When this is over get the LADDER that is leaning on the Butchers 
    and go to the square to talk to the man planting the tree.Talk to him 
    twice and show him the SCRIBNERS EGG and the LIGHTER.Now go to the gate 
    in front of the Lords Manor and talk to the peasant boy twice.Give him 
    the POSTCARD and when inside use the LADDER to reach the MEDALLION.after 
    you have it go to the man planting the tree and show him the 
    MEDALLION.Now you are given the choice to put either a statue of Eike or 
    a flowerbed where the tree was.Return to the present to finish this 
    Chapter 3  5:50  100%
    After getting a phonecall from Mr.Eckart,visit the Fortunteller.After 
    that is done basically go talk everyone you can and die without going 
    near the Museum(by the way at 5:17 you should get another phonecall). 
    This can only be done if you have the egg.
    When you regain control give the SCRIBNERS EGG to the bartender.When he 
    has it visit him again.
    Go into the Musuem.When inside try to back outiside and go through the 
    double doors and go up the stairs.From here go into the door oppisite 
    the staircase and you'll meet Eckart.He'll give you the ALCHEMY BOOK.Try 
    to go back inside and then try to go down the stairs.Eike should say 
    that he might as well look at some paintings.Go into one of the doors in 
    the halway to look at least one painting,then go downstairs to meet 
    Homunculus.Seems he has been following you for a while.Next you'll come 
    to a point where you can choose either "Excuse me" or "show me proof".
    Choose both(on different files)and you will be transported to 1979.
    After meeting a young Mr.Eckart you will realise that there is no ENERGY 
    UNITS.Pick up all five and return to the present.
    Chapter 4  8:00  100%
    There are six endings to this chapter and they each have to do with your 
    decision in chapter 1.
    This can only be done after getting the FRYING PAN in chapter 1.
    At the start of this chapter don't use the FRYING PAN.Instead die and 
    when you regain control travel to a different timeline and return to the 
    present.Die again but when you regain control go visit the fortunteller 
    and the bartender.Then go to a different timeline again and return to 
    the present but this time use the FRYING PAN.
    This can only be done if you got the FRING PAN in chapter 3.
    Like the earlier one die at the start of this chapter,but when you 
    regain control go to 1902.When you arrive here go straight to the Brum 
    Museum to Alfred.Talk to him and a long cut-scene will follow.After a 
    LONG chat with Sibylla and when you take part in a photo shot,you'll 
    regain control.When you do try to open the door and return to the 
    present.Use the FRYING PAN and Eike will notice something very strange 
    in the photo.
    To do this you must keep the egg till this chapter.
    After dying go to the Bar Zum Ei.Talk to the man eatting spaghetti.
    As before show him your DIGIPAD and CELLPHONE.Go downstairs and give the 
    bartender the egg.Go back down to him again and exit the building.Don't 
    use the FRYING PAN,die instead.
    When you regain control go to 1902 talk to Alfred.After the cut-scenes 
    go to the Photo Shop Franssen and pick up the PHOTO SHOP SIGN.Go back to 
    the Museum and talk Sibylla.Return to the present and use the PHOTO SHOP 
    To do this you must also keep the egg until this chapter.
    When regaining control after you die go straight to 1902 and talk to 
    Alfred.When you regain control get the PHOTO SHOP SIGN and return to the 
    present.Use the sign.Doing this will get you 8% in this chapter and 5% in 
    the next.
    To do this don't bother getting the egg at all.
    When you regain control after dying go straight to the Bar Zum Ei and 
    talk to the bartender.Go to 1902 and talk to Alfred.When you regain 
    control get the PHOTO SHOP SIGN from the shop and go back and talk to 
    Sibylla.Return to the present and use the sign.
    Repeat the last ending but when you regain control after talking to 
    Sibylla pick up the SCRIBNERS EGG on the chair.Eike will then be 
    transported to earlier in the square.First run up to one of the 
    dogs,visit the fortunteller and try to enter the Cafe Sonne.Go to the 
    square and use the BEANBAGS.After another scene you will back in 1902,so 
    when you regain control return to the present and use the FRYINGPAN.
    Chapter 5  10:30 100%
    There are two endings to this chapter.Half-way through you will come to 
    an important decision.(I)=after doing ending 1 in chaptr.4(II)=any other 
    You start out the chapter hungry and decide to get something to eat in the 
    bar.First head towards the Former Alchemists House and visit the 
    fortunteller.Go into the bar and the bartender will remind you about his 
    offer of a free meal.After a quick read through the ALCHEMY BOOK your food 
    is tainted and you go on and eat.After meeting Homunculus you die.When you 
    regain control go back into the bar 3 times.Go to 1902 and talk to 
    Alfred.After the long cut-scenes talk to him again and tell him to change 
    the house into a library.Go to 1584 to find yourself in front of 
    Margarete's house which has now exploded."Talk"to the dog and get the MEAT 
    from the Butchers.Give it to the dog and enter the house.Try to open the 
    door to the basement and pick up the LABORATORY KEY.Go to the present and 
    enter the Brum Library.Enter the white double doors and pick up the LIBRARY 
    BOOK on the shelf.Then travel to 1582 and go inside Margarete's house.Go 
    downstairs to meet Dr.Wagner.Then go upstairs and you'll meet Margarete 
    again.After a long chat you are given a decision.
    Choose "I think your my ancestor" twice:Endings A,B1,B2 or C
    Choose "No..nothing" twice:Endings D or E
    When you have the ANTIQUE COMB and the SEA HARE ANTIDOTE return to the 
    present and use the antidote.
    After dying go to 1902.Talk to Alfred and first tell him to make the 
    house a museum and then a library.Talk to the photographer and then go 
    to 1584.Do the same as before here but when you get the key go to 
    1582.When you get there go to the square to see Hugo being bullied.Go to 
    Margarete's house and after talking to her father,talk to him 3 more 
    times.Go upstairs and a new cut-scene will follow.After you are given a 
    choice.Return to the present and go to the library and get pick up the 
    book.Go back to Margarete and she'll give the antidote.Return to the 
    present but don't use the antidote,die instead.Then do it all over 
    Chapter 6  11:30  100%
    Remember!Do part(II)while doing ending set 1 or ending B1. 
    After you are run over by a car you will find yourself in the place that 
    you got killed,warp to 1980.You will be given a series of choices while 
    talking to Oleg.
    1.What type of film it should be:"Meditating Man"or"Science Fiction"   
    2.What should the plot be:"Solve a murder" or "Take over the world"
    3.What else:"Love Story" or "Thriller spin".
    First choose "Meditating Man" and return to the present.You'll die but 
    you will get more percentages.Then choose "Science Fiction" and "Take 
    over the world" for even more percentages.There are two movies that you 
    can finish with and they both give you more percentages.
    They are "Science Fiction" + "Solve a murder" + "Love Story"
    And      "Science Fiction" + "Solve a murder" + "Thriller spin" 
    Oleg will now give you the POCKET WATCH.Keep this for %'s in later 
    Also you can save Mr.Eckarts wife by doing this.After talking to Oleg 
    walk down Haupstr.After hearing a gunshot you should see Miriam on the 
    ground.When you regain control go to before the incident and you are 
    given two choices.Choose both of them on different files(Because you 
    need to do this twice to get 100% on chapter 7)for extra %'s.
    Run down the streets again for another cut-scene.This time you are 
    blamed for her death.When you regain control try to run away and return 
    to the present before it is GAME OVER.You will meet Homunculus while in 
    the wormhole.
    In the present return straight away to 1980.When you regain control 
    after another cut-scene run after Miriam and stay behind her or else 
    you'll have to start all over again.First she takes a turn up 
    Neuwstanderstr.and takes another turn before the Cafe Sonne,before 
    running down Haupstr.again.When you have saved return to the present. 
    Chapter 7  1:30  100%
    When inside the Tower go up the flight of stairs past the rope and walk 
    to the edge to be killed again.There are many cut-scenes to follow.If 
    you don't want percentages go to number .
    1.When you regain control go to the night before and try to open the 
    door into the Tower.Then travel to 1902 and you will appear inside the 
    house when the old picture was taken go into the sitting room and pick 
    up the TOWER KEY and then travel to the night before.Go inside the Tower 
    and go up the stairs avoiding the rope.Press X at the railing and Eike 
    will decide to get a rope.Go downstairs and pick up the OLD ROPE and use 
    it in the railing.Go to 1902 and go into the tower in this timeline.Get 
    the NEW ROPE and go back to the night before.Use the rope on the railing 
    at the top of the Tower and return to the present.Go to the top of the 
    Tower and DON'T go near the rope or touch the X button.
    2.Repeat part 1 but after getting the key go to 1980.Take the OLD ROPE 
    inside the Tower and use it on the railing.Go back to 1902 get the rope 
    in this timezone and go back to 1980.Use the NEW ROPE on the railing and 
    return to the present.Go quickly to the Bar Zum Ei and after two cut-
    scenes there(involving the POCKET WATCH)go outside and then back 
    inside.Visit the fortuneteller and run back to the tower and hold on to 
    the OLD ROPE.
    3.Repeat part 1 but when you have the key go the night before and get 
    the rope there.Go back to 1902 and use the OLD ROPE on the railing.Then 
    use the NEW ROPE on the railing and return to the present,go to the top 
    of the Tower but this time don't touch either the rope or the railing.
    4.Repeat number 1 except when you have the key wait about 5 minutes and 
    go outside into the Tower.Get the rope,go to the night before and  tie 
    the rope to the railing.Then return to the present go upststairs and 
    hold onto the rope.
    There are four endings
    1.Tell Margarete your suspicions in chapter.5
    2.Don't tell her anything in chapter.5
    3.Tell her your suspicionds in chptr.5 and save Miriam in chaptr.6
    4.Say nothing in chptr.5 and save Miriam in chptr.6
    Chapter 8  4:30  100%
    The last chapter has about 6 endings.To do A,B1,B2,C you must tell 
    Margarete that you think your her descendant.
    NB:To get 100% straight away when the chapter starts go in to        
    Mr.Eckart show him the POCKET WATCH and talk to him when doing both    
    ending sets.
    Go into Mr.Eckarts office a cut-scene will show him talking about 
    Oleg.Talk to him again and the visit the fortunteller.Go to 1584 and 
    walk straight to the Artelier to find Dana to get the PHILOSOPHERS 
    STONE.She has decided to stay here so go to Margaretes house.Go to the 
    basement and you will give the PHILOSOPHERS STONE to him.Go outside and 
    try to go back inside.Warp ten days into the future.Go down into the 
    basement.After finding the time machine.Return to the present to get a 
    phonecall.Go to the square and after talking to the killer go 1980 and 
    walk down Haupstr.Go to the small park and you will meet Homunculus to 
    find out the truth behind Dana and Margarete.No go to the present and 
    visit the fortunteller.Enjoy the Epilouge.
    When the chapter starts go to 1584 and instead of going to Dana visit 
    Dr.Wagner first and then Dana for more %'s.Follow everything that you 
    did in ending A,but when you regain control after talking to Hugo in the 
    square go find Homunculus in 1980.After those cut-scenes are over return 
    to the present but go back to Hugo.
    After talking to Hugo in the square visit the fortunteller and then 
    return to Hugo.
    After talking to Hugo in the square go to 1584(Something is happening to 
    Hugo in this time)Go down into the basement.After two cut-scenes return 
    to the present.
    Similer to A,B,C.When you meet Dana you will be given a choice.Tell her 
    to stay in that time.After talking to Hugo in the square,go to 1584 and 
    in the basement burn the LABORTORY NOTES.Return to the present.
    When you reach Dana in 1584 tell her to come back with you.At first she 
    won't go so go to the Cafe Sonne in the present and pick up the LETTER 
    on the ground.Return to 1584 and talk to her(she's at the left side of 
    the City Hall).When she says that she'll go play with her mind a 
    little.First press the O button.The talk to her and try to bring her to 
    the wrong timeline eg.1902.Bring her to the present and then return to 
    1584 and do everything as you did for the other endings.After meeting 
    Hugo in the square go to 1584 and talk to Margarete who is in the 
    basement.Play with her mind also and then bring her to the present.Now 
    watch the ending.
    9.EX Mode  100%
    Because I have not finished EX Mode totally I will write it when I do.
    Ex Mode is basically a special prolouge.When you have endings A,C,D,E 
    and one of the B endings done it is accesible.When you wake up in the 
    dark room at the start choose "Am I dead again" and "Oh,Homunculus".
    Choose "Am I dead" and "Who's there" to have a normal game.There are two 
    EX 1:
    When you wake a new cut-scene will show Eike inside the Cafe,searching 
    for the PHILOSOPHERS STONE.When you regain control visit the Fortune-
    teller and she tells you to find the stone and use it in your own way.Go 
    outside and go visit the juggler in the square.Head to the Bar Zum 
    Ei.Talk to Hugo and choose not to go inside.Visit the juggler again and 
    return to the bar,talk to Hugo and go inside.Eike will remember that he 
    forgot the PHILOSOPHERS STONE and will die.When you wake up the Cafe go 
    straight to the fortune-teller and then to the bar.Talk to Hugo and 
    choose not to go inside.Then go back to the Cafe to get the PHILOSOPHERS 
    STONE.Wait till 2:30 and die for another cut-scene 
    When you regain control visit the Fortune-teller and then go straight to 
    the bar.Talk to Hugo again,choose not to go inside and visit Dana in the 
    Cafe.She will give you the LIGHTER and the PHILOSOPHERS STONE.Go back to 
    the bar and go inside.When you regain control press the O button and try 
    to open the door and also try to go downstairs.Use the DIGIPAD to travel 
    to 1580.You will meet Margarete once again being given out to as 
    before.Try to run away and take out the DIGIPAD.Next take out your 
    CELLPHONE to scare them away.When you regain control go into Margaretes 
    house for a long ending.
    EX 2:
    The same as before but when you reach 1580 use the LIGHTER instead and 
    when you regain control return to the present and wait till you die for 
    a different ending.
    To get the first Movie get one ending.Get three endings for the second 
    Movie.When you get 100% in all chapters I heard that at the start screen 
    it shows a picture of Dana and Margarete.When you finish the extra 
    ending you will get the third Movie. 
    11.Special Thanks:
    I'd first of all would like to thank my mom who bought this.
    Also Curty for giving me information(when I was previously known as 
    Homer the Great)
    I'd like to thank Konami for making the game.
    Neoseekers     www.neoseeker.com
    Gamefaq's      www.gamefaqs.com
    playstation.net www.psxcodez.com

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