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    FAQ/Walkthrough by i8urkids

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    ICO Demo Faq / Walkthrough Thingie
    by i8urkids at hotmail dot com <-- If you've got questions, I've got theories.
    Table of Contents
    I. Intro & Background
    II. Controls
    III. Walkthrough
    IV. Cool Crap
    V. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo & Credits
    I. Intro
    	I picked up the Summer 2001 Jampack today mainly for the purposes of giving
    of Kain 2 a whirl. Much to my surprise a little game called "Ico" grabbed my
    attention. It
    reminded me somewhat of Vagrant Story in atmosphere, with a lot of great fairy
    tale elements Interestingly enough, it sorta feels like Myst. Lack of other
    people, I suppose. Personally, I think the game will be pretty damn cool.
       Background (this is what I picked up from the intro and what I've read on
    the net)
    	The game Ico revolves around a small boy (Ico?) who is entombed in a castle by
    his fellow villagers for the misfortune of being born with horns. (Ed: He looks
    a Viking halloween prank gone horribly horribly wrong.) He manages to shake
    out of the tomb and is, in effect, stuck in a giant castle. The protagonist
    upon a wisp of a girl in a giant cage of pops her out. He takes it upon himself
    to get her
    (and his own sorry butt) out of the castle. Apparently there are shadow things
    that are trying
    to claim the girl (princess?) for their own. Somewhere along the line an evil
    queen is
    involved. So the adventure begins...
    II. Controls
    	D-pad		=	Move Ico about the screen
    	L. Analog	=	Move Ico about the screen
    	R. Analog	= 	Move the camera around
    	/\		=	Jump
    	Sq		= 	Attack (Bash them with your little sword!)
    	O		=	Action
    	X		=  	Release
    	R1		= 	Call Jorna / Hold Hands
    That's about it, so onward we go.....
    III. Walkthrough
    	Ico begins in a cathedral like space. Head down and to the right, where a
    will appear. Go to the top of said staricase and pull the lever. It will open
    the door directly
    below you. Enter and...
    	...appear in Room 2. Still going to the right, hop up the two platforms and
    head down a bit (when I say down, I mean toward the camera.) Jump up and grab
    the chain. Climb all the way to the top. Now, rotate Ico until his back is to
    the wall with the windows. then press /\. He should jump onto a ledge. Go ahead
    and hop out the window.
    	You'll have tumbled into a big room, which, creatively enough, I've titled
    Room 3. This is the one with the chick (Yeah!). Go up toward the ladder. Climb
    up said ladder and run around the ledge to the right. Go until you've reached
    the topmost part over the gate. Jump onto the cage. A short cutscene occurs in
    which our intrepid hero snaps the chain , busts her out, and STILL manages to
    fall on his butt. Geez... Anyway, beat the baddies with your little stick. Then
    head over to the funky looking statues guarding the gate. Call Jorna (the
    chick) using R1. Once you're holding hands with her, step up to the gate and
    she'll work some voodoo. All gates that look like this MUST be opened in the
    fashion. Still holding hands, hop up the first ledge and wait for her. You have
    to jump the next one, so immediately turn around and hit R1. This will make you
    stick out your hand to help her up. grab her hand (if you already haven't) and
    continue on through to the next...
    	....Room 4. Let her go and push the block over the edge (O). Now grab her and
    jump off. Tote Jorna to the far side of the pit to entice some shadow beasties.
    Beat them off again with the wooden sword. Push the block to the far side and
    help her to the door. On to the biggest, Room 5...
    	...This one took me about 15 mins to figure out. Anyway, Room 5 is a large
    courtyard. Release Jorna, run up the steps of the windmill (they're on the far
    side). make sure not to fall into the pond. grab a passing sail of a windmill
    by jumping in place. Wait until you're over the roof of the windmill and
    release. Go down the path, over the semi broken bridge until you're right by
    the castle wall. Head left down the terraces. See the door? Yes, you must get
    Jorna up here. Go left again at the corner until you get onto a ledge that has
    a control box looking thingy. Activate it and, lo and behold, 3/4ths of a
    bridge pop out. Go out onto the bridge, to the very edge and call her. She'll
    make the jump, fall short, and you'll grab her. Take her up to the gate, she'll
    open it, and....
    	...a mad dash for the gate ensues, then a game footage montage. Ver nice, I
    must say. I kinda dig the music. This game looks REALLY promising.
    IV. Cool Crap
    	Check out the water effects. INSANE.
    	Dropping Ico into the pond from a few stories is always fun.
    	Throw pots at Jorna in Room 4. They're high on the far wall, You need to climb
    the ladder 	on the back wall to get there. Throw the pots by pushing the analog
    stick and O.
    	Check out the view whilst on the windlmill.
    	E-mail me with more!
    V. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    	This is authorized to be on GameFaqs.com ONLY. Any violation should be
    reported immediately to the author ( i8urkids at hotmail dot com ). This cannot
    be sld or distrubted save through gamefaqs.com. If you do, I'll sic my wookie
    on you!
    	Um, me. Oh yeah, and Sony for making Ico. I hope it'll be as good as the demo
    promises it to be!

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