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"Poor, but I can't think of a better pool sim!"

International Cue Club is not the greatest game. But I can only think of one other pool sim for the PS2, that being Poolmaster, and that is terrible!


There really isn't much to say about the gameplay. You have a shot, if you miss, the computer or other player has a shot, if you get one of yours in, you have another shot. There are however, several different game modes. For example the quite addictive Bowliards, which is like bowling only with pool balls and a few different rules. What makes me laugh though is that the 'puzzle tables' are supposed to be their star feature, and all it is is you having to pot 4 or 5 balls within a certain amount of shots on a funny shaped table, boring! There is also a short arcade mode where you take on a series of opponents that get harder and harder, but it is easily completed. I give the gameplay a 5/10.


They are not bad by any means, but just nothing spectacular. What annoys me though is that you can only play at one venue. What I mean by that is that in World Championship Snooker you can play in The Crucible and many other venues. In International Cue Club there is only 1 room. Also, it would be nice to be able to design your own player instead of playing with the 'invisible man' all the time! But otherwise, the graphics of the actual balls and table are fine. I give the graphics 3/10 based on the fact that there is no variety.


You will get bored within days if you are playing on your own, there are just not enough game modes and you will have the actual 'story mode' completed within hours. With a friend it can be great fun but it still gets boring easily.
I give the replayability 3/10.

Buy or Rent?

Definitely rent. Believe me, rent it for 3 nights and by the time you have to give it back you will have completed everything and had enough of it.


I think that nowhere near enough effort was put into this game. You leave yourself asking these questions: Why can't you see someone actually holding the cue and playing in this game? Why isn't there a selection of venues. Why does the 'story mode' only last a couple of hours (not even that)? Mind you, I can't think of a pool sim that actually does a better job than this, except for the pool mode on World Championship Snooker 2003.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/22/03

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