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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Slateman

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game:              Maximo: Ghosts to Glory
    Developer:         Capcom Digital Studios
    Publisher:         Capcom
    Details:           FAQ/Walkthrough/Japanese Guide
    Revision Date:     29th January, 2002
    Revision #:        2.0
    Author:            Slateman (slateman@planettonyhawk.com)
    FAQ Comments - PLEASE READ!!!
          This FAQ started out as simply a Japanese FAQ - to help w/ translations
          and whatnot.  However, it seems that most things are identical between
          the Japanese and English versions of the game.  This guide is still
          based on the Japanese version first and foremost - and therefore there
          is a possibility that things will differ.
          I have retained the Japanese translations and therefore some powerup
          titles may be different.  They all do the same thing, so it shouldn't
          really matter.
          For people still playing the Japanese version, knowing Katakana (a
          Japanese character set that can essentially spell things out in English)
          will help you out if you can't read Japanese, as many minor things can be
          figured out rather easily.  Things like Save Game are clearly written
          out.  Maybe take 5 minutes to check out/print the following chart.  I
          couldn't imagine playing ANY Japanese game without knowing Some!  :)
          Good luck playing...it's such a fun game, it hearkens back to playing
          Ghosts & Goblins in the arcades with bad cabinets and broken sticks.
          Such a great game!  Feel free to drop me a line with any questions, I'll
          do my best.
    Table of Contents
    Section A:     General FAQ
    Section B:     Item Pickups
    Section C:     Characters
    Section D:     Level Tips
    Section E:     Enemies
    Section F:     Form Changes
    Section G:     Codes & Cheats
    Section H:     Credits/Legal
    Version Notes
    Version 2.0
    	Small enemy updates
            Info about Mastery Level
            Brought up to date w/ US release.
    The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at the following address:
    General Commands:
    X              Jump
    *X, X          Double Jump
    *X, X, T       After a double jump, tap triangle to stab the ground.
                   This is how you pass checkpoints.
    Square         Horizontal attack
                   Do a 360 on the analog pad + square and you'll do a 360 spin
                   attack.  Good if surrounded.
                   This is also the main YES button in the game as well, use this
                   to navigate through menus etc.
    Triangle       Vertical Attack (downward stab after double jump)
    Circle         Toss shield (if you have the pickup, see below)
    R1             Free view, use the analog controller to look around.
    R2             Block using shield...obviously you need a shield first.
    L1             Reset camera.  Use this to move the camera behind you.
    L2             Crouch
    Select        Shows you your powerups, some details about them and commands.
    Start         Pauses the game.
                  1st option, continue game.
                  2nd option, quit game.
                  If you choose to quit, the left option is Yes, the right is No.
    ----  This section is mainly for the Japanese version and for players who can't
          read or speak Japanese.  It may still prove useful, so skim through if
          you're playing the US version.
    Getting Started - How do I start?
    From the title screen, hit square and then start.
    You'll be presented w/ Maximo in front of some tombstones.  The first choice
    you have is New Game.  Choose this.
    After you've played a while and saved (see below), you'll chose other options.
    Press right to scroll through your saved games.  If you named your saved game,
    you'll see this name.  Choose this to load.
    If you have beaten the first level, you'll have another option to the left.
    This is to watch the movies.
    How do I save?
    You will have to beat the first level first.
    Then, you will appear in a central area.  This is the the central level select
    area.  There are 4 different areas here where you can choose your levels.
    Walk around until you come across a pool of water (not the stream).  There is
    a set of stairs you can go up with a triangle on the ground.  Stand on this
    ledge and hit the square button.  This will cost you 100 gems by the way!
    You will get a menu w/ some Japanese words.  Press RIGHT and a big memory card
    will appear in the water.  Hit square to save.  You'll be asked to write a
    name in.
    If you choose the first option, you won't save and you won't lose 100 coins.
    In later levels, you can return to prior levels by using these pools.  Doing
    so does cost 100 coins.
    How do I pass checkpoints?
    Use the downward stab on top of the checkpoint.  It's easy to miss this.
    Double jump (x, x) then hit triangle to stab the ground.  Hit the checkpoint
    and you'll get the checkpoint.
    You'll know that you did it correctly b/c a sword will stay in the ground as
    you continue on.
    How do I continue?
    You will need red coins to continue, but these seem to be hard to come by.
    By smashing tombstones that have lights floating around them, you will
    release fairy looking creatures.  Pick up 50 of these and you will then
    get a red coin, which will give you a continue.  Once you hit 50, you will
    need to then find another tombstone.  Smash that and a red coin will appear.
    A *very* useful tip...do a downward stab on the tombstone and you'll release
    more souls.  Hit it normally and you'll get 2 souls, but do a downward stab
    and you'll get 5!  You *could*  stab it, get 2 and then do the downward stab
    and get 3 more, but that just takes up time.
    On each level these are different.  The first stage are just plain tombstones.
    The second they're some odd looking ghoulish lamps.  The third they're snowmen.
    As the levels progress (or you continue), it'll cost more to continue.
    Eventually you'll require 3 or 4 red coins in order to continue.
    What are the energy bars in the upper left hand corner?
    There are several energy levels in the upper left hand corner.  They are
    as follows:
    You have a big green circle.  This will change color when you have a
    sword power up.  When you do have a sword powered up, there should be a series
    of smaller circles outlining the big red one.  When these run out, you lose
    that powerup.
    To the right of that you have 2 different sets of bars.
    The top is broken up into 3 green bars.  These are your health bars.
    1 bar =  Boxer shorts
    2 bars = Basic armor
    3 bars = Full armor (w/ helmet)
    4 bars = Gold Armor (or w/ hammer & anvil powerup)
    Say you have 2 full bars...if your 2nd bar of energy drops, you'll lose that
    set of armor.  Obviously, lose it all and you die.
    If you have the Hammer & Anvil powerup and 3 bars of energy, then get another
    armor, you won't get the gold armor (which runs out of time after a few
    seconds).  Instead, you'll get a permanent 4th bar of energy.
    The final meter is a series of blue dots underneath the main green ones
    showing your health.  This displays your shield power.  If you keep using it
    to block attacks or throwing it, it'll slowly weaken and you'll eventually
    lose it.
    What do I do after I beat the game?
    There is a bonus if you achieve 100% on every level.  Please see section G
    for all those details.
                  B:   ITEM PICKUPS
    Ok - It looks like the biggest thing that needs describing is all the multiple
    levels of powerups.  Between your sword, shield, and all those little round
    icons you see at the bottom of your screen - this game is pretty big.  I'll
    try to document them all here.
    Item Pickups-
    Here's some descriptions about the general items you can pickup around the
    Red Heart--
       Red Hearts give you an extra life.  Quite nice.
       These are necessary to save (will cost you 100 on the first level), and
       it will also allow you to purchase items from the spinning globes.  These
       contraptions have an item inside and when you walk up to them, they will
       give you some Japanese text w/ a number that you should recognize
       (50, 100, 150...)  If you have enough coins, the globe will stop spinning
       and you can press square to purchase the item.
    Coin Bags--
       Simply bags filled with coins.  These are worth 5 coins.
       These are worth 10 coins.  Watch out for birds who steal these from you!
    Red Keys--
       Red keys attach to your belt and are used to open every door other than a
       major gate.  This includes silver chests, and some gates.
    Gold Keys--
       These are the special keys that you will need to pass to the next portion
       of a level.
    Green Potion--
       This will restore some of your life.  Note that if you are in boxers for
       instance and your life is almost maxed, you will not get a 2nd life bar.
    Red Potion--
       I think this gives you full life in the bar you're using.  Remember, you
       have several levels of health, this will only max out your current
       energy bar.
    Shield Powerup--
       You'll find a black shield w/ yellow circles on it.  This will add 5
       points to your shield power level.
    Items in Globes-
    There are several different 'globes' around the world where you need to spend
    gold to get the items inside.  Approach these and some Japanese text will
    appear on screen w/ a number. The number is how much it costs to purchase
    what's inside.  If you have enough gold, the globe will stop spinning.  If
    not, it won't.
    Here's some details on these:
       On the first level there is a globe to the left that costs 500.  You
       won't have enough money for this until after you play a few levels, so
       you'll have to go back for it.  You will rub the cheese on your feet after
       purchasing it and this will allow you to walk  on the grave areas (the ones
       where the hands come out of the ground) and not get hit.  I  don't know if
       it helps in any other way, but it seems a little much (500!) just to do
       this.  Perhaps it helps on later levels as well?
    Striped Sword--
       This is a yellow sword and costs about 150.  This elongates your sword and
       is the equivalent of the Great Sword powerup (listed below under Attack
    Striped Shield--
       This will add 5 points to your shield power level.
       These seem to be just for show, there's several different types of boxers
       you can get.  You'll start out w/ the boxers w/ the hearts on them, but
       can 'upgrade' to white boxers w/ a blue M, dark blue boxers, POW, or
       even a cow pattern.  Again, they seem to be just for style.
    Question Marks--
       These are chance items.  I've gotten garbage from these, so be careful!
    Other typical pickups:
       Green Potion
       Red Potion
    Armor Descriptions-
    There are several armor pickups that will help protect Maximo.  Atop the
    screen there are several levels of health (the green bars).  Each section
    represents your current energy level w/ that armor.  The blue energy levels
    below that are for your shield.
    If you have one level of energy and get another armor suit, you'll hop
    to the next energy level.
    The different levels are:
       A general shoulder pad type armor.  Very useful
    Helmet & Armor--
       The highest protection generally.  This will give you 3 bars of life and a
       helmet for added protection.  Get the hammer & anvil attack powerup for a
       4th bar of life!
    Gold Armor--
       This only lasts for a short time (watch the counter) and your energy bars
       will glow gold.  Ultimate Protection!
       There are 3 shields in the game.  The regular you begin with (or revert to
       if you lose it), and there are 2 others you can puchase.  The 2nd has
       flowers on it and the 3rd is a golden shield.
       You start with 2 levels of shield blocking power, but with each power up,
       get another.  Having 4 levels of power is useful, especially when you toss
       your shield or block multiple attacks.
       Press the R2 to block attacks, but make certain you're facing them.  You can
       still get hit if you're not blocking in the right direction.  You will lose
       one point in your shield power bar each time your shield gets hit.
       Additionally, if you have the Shield Shot powerup (read below) you will lose
    one point of energy every time you throw your shield and have it hit an
       Note that you can have a shield and no armor, or armor with no shield.
       Plain boxers, no armor at all.  Lose all your energy here and you're dead.
       There are different types of boxers around as well.  There's several
       different styles, but they do not assist you, they're just visual.
    Sword Powerups-
    You can power up your sword in the game, each of which gives different effects.
    Flame Tongue--
       Very common during the first world.  This is a more powerful sword that
       looks fantastic!  Highly useful on the 3rd (ice) world.
    Pure Blade--
       This makes your sword glow gold, and kills most of the normal enemies with
       one attack.  Very powerful.
       You get this on level 3.  It turns the enemies to ice!  It's almost annoying
       sometimes, as it freezes virtually everything.  You'll need to do a vertical
       attack (triangle) which will smash the ice and kill anyone while frozen.
       Otherwise, they'll just keep coming back to life.
       Level 4 gives you this sword.  It glows purple and is the most powerful
       sword you can get.
    Attack Powerups-
    There are a number of items that you can pick up randomly which power up
    your character.  Since virtually everything is in Japanese, if you don't know
    your Katakana (shame!), then it may be difficult understanding which is which.
    You can press select to see which you have.
    You can save 4 of these when you die (more as you progress through the game).
    Press select to bring up the menu w/ the descriptions.  Then, by hitting square,
    you can rearrange which you want in the first slots.  If you were to die, you'd
    lose all but the first 4 (the ones w/ green text on the bottom of the screen -
    again, you can save more as you progress).  Make sure you rearrange these so
    that you keep the ones you find most useful - so that if you die, you don't
    lose it.  Things like the Sword Stab are useful throughout the game, and might
    be one powerup you should decide to keep.
    These are coded by color, which makes things easier.
    Green Powerups    General Attack
    Red Powerups      Sword powerup
    Blue Powerups     Shield powerup
    Yellow Powerups   Armor powerup
    Here's a rundown of most of the powerups.
    Green - General Attack Powerups-
    Double Attack:
       ** Green circle - With two arrows curving from the bottom to the top.
       Hit the square button 2x to do a double attack.  You'll use this often
       w/out realizing.
    Sword Stab (Kuriteikare?)
       ** Green Circle - With a circle inside.
       Press up and triangle for a forward thrust.  Excellent against the guards
       w/ long axes.
    Wide Spinning Attack (Wairudo Subiningu Ataku)(Kuirudo?)
       ** Green Circle - With two arrows, one facing up, another down, (Yin-Yang)
       Do a spinning attack (360 on the analog pad + square).  You will do 2 spins
       instead of 1 and the second is a wider attack than the first.  Very helpful!
    Red - Sword Powerups-
    Magic Shot (Majiku Shyoto)
       ** Red Circle - With a hand looking fireball type image.
       Double tap the triangle button (have to have a powered up sword first) to
       toss a fireball (or iceball or whatever kind of sword you have).  Watch your
       meter, this will run out.
    Doom Strike (Duumo Sutoraiku)
       ** Red Circle - With skull face
       You will need a powered up sword to use this.  With each sword you will get
       a different  result.  With the fire sword it will make a red ring will
       appear around Maximo, while the Pure Blade  will make bombs will fly off of
       the character.   This will run out though, so look at the circle in the
       upper lefthand corner to see the level.
    Great Sword (Gureeto Soodo)
       ** Red Circle - With a sword and a ^ on top.
       This elongates your sword.
    Wide Shock Wave (Waido Shyokku Ueibu)
       ** Red Circle with a bull's eye type layout.  3 circles inside.
       This makes your downward stab's range larger when you double jump and hit
    ??? (Shiihuai)
       ** Red Circle w/ lines along the outside. Almost like an asterisk *.
       This gives you a green circle outside of a downward stab (double jump,
       triangle).  If the green circle hits any secrets, like a hidden chest,
       it'll reveal them.
    Shock Wave Attack (Shoku Waibu Ataku)
       ** 2 Red pentagons (6 sides).
       Do a downward stab and knives will come out of the ground surrounding you.
    Blue - Shield Powerups-
    Shield Shot (Shiredo Shyoto)
       ** Blue Circle - With a curved arrow, making an upside down U.
       Press the circle button to toss your shield.  Good against the ghosts, but
       watch your shield meter, it will eventually break.
       The Shield Shot will change depending on whether you have other power ups
       as well.  See the 3 listed below.
    Snatch Shield (Sunachi Shirudo)
       ** Blue Circle - Pinwheel image
       With this you can hold R2 to put up your shield and it will act as a
       magnet and pull all items (coins, keys - but not potions) to you.  If you
       have the Shield Shot, you can throw the shield and have it pick up items
       as it flies back!
    Storm Shield (Sutoomu Shirudo)
       ** Blue Circle - No clue how to describe this - a 7 and backwards 7 w/
       a circle on top?  Hit R2 and you'll shoot out a small mist of ice.
    Lightning Attack (Raitoningu Ataku)***
       ** Blue Circle - Lightning image
       Block an attack from any enemy and they'll get hit!  Highly useful when
       you're surrounded.
    Note:  You can only hold one of the prior 3 shield powerups.
           By getting one you'll lose the other.
    Special Shot? (Suubaashiiru Shyoto)
       ** Blue Circle - 3 ^s on top of each other.
       This will let you throw your shield further.
    Hovering Shield (Hobaringu Shiredo)***
       ** Blue Circle - Angelic wings
       Press circle to toss your shield (you'll need the Shield Shot first
       naturally) and hold the circle button down to make it hover.  Useful to
       grab coins from a distance.
    Super Shield Shot (Suupaa Shiredo Shyoto)
       ** Blue Circle - With 3 ^ icons stacked on top of each other.
       Unsure what this one does.  I think you need the Shield Shot first.
    Yellow - Armor Powerups-
    ??? (Burote Kushyon)
       ** Yellow Circle - Hammer & Anvil
       This will give you a 4th bar of energy without having the gold armor.  You
       will need to get an armor pickup while already having 3 bars of energy.
       Instead of getting the gold armor (which only lasts a short while) you'll
       get a permanent 4th power meter.  It's only permanent until you lose that
       energy bar of course.
       ** Yellow Circle - Mask face
       The mask will only take effect if you already have the Hammer & Anvil
       power-up above, and 4 full bars of health.  Once you get that, the mask
       will float up, and attach itself to your face.  You will now turn into a
       skeleton demon type guy, w/ 4 max energy bars and you're invincible.  Just
       run through your enemies (like a Mario star).  This only lasts for a
       short while.
    At the end of each stage you have an option from the princess that you save,
    to either save your game or get a kiss from her.  If you choose the kiss option,
    it doesn't help you at all in fighting, but if you can collect all 4 kisses
    (and beat the game retaining them) you'll unlock an art gallery from the main
                  C: Characters
    IMO, the storyline in Maximo isn't really an overly exciting reason to play the
    game.  Man goes off to save the day and in the process, he saves some hot
    princesses who give him a kiss for his effort.  Not quite the most intriguing
    storyline, but it works.  There are several characters in the game.
    Major Characters
    Maximo                This is you - King Maximo.
    Grim Reaper           Saves you from death and allows you to embark on
                          this journey.
    Queen Sophia          Your queen, the woman who you're after to save from
                          Evil King Achille!
    Evil King Achille     Upon returning from war, he's taken over your castle
                          and stolen your chick.
    Sorceresses - Each stage has one that you must save.  Collect their kisses!
    Lenore                The Graveyard Sorceress      Level 1
    Mamba Marie           The Swamp Sorceress          Level 2
    Aurora Lee            The Ice Sorceress            Level 3
    Sephonie              The Underworld Princess      Level 4
    Note - Collect all 4 kisses and retain them when you beat the game and you'll
           unlock an Art Gallery from the main menu.
                  D:  LEVEL HELP
    The story behind Maximo is as follows: (from Capcom's site)
       Can't a noble knight go away to war without having all heck breakloose back
       home? Not this time. You control the fate of the gallant Maximo, who returns
       home to find his kingdom in shambles. Your once trusted advisor, Achille has
       wrought evil on the land.  Not only is the countryside filled with hoards of
       the roaming undead, but the four wise Sorceresses have been imprisoned at
       the four corners of the Kingdom, and to make matters worse, your girlfriend,
       Princess Sophia has been forced to marry the scoundrel Achille.  Talk about
       your bad days! Help Maximo rescue the Sorceresses, restore good to the
       kingdom, whup Achille's butt, and while you're at it...get your girl back!
    Again, this isn't going to be a full fledged FAQ here - so I'm just going to
    toss in some little things that might assist you in the journey.
    Level 1:  The Boneyard
    Level 2:  The Great Dank
    Level 3:  Graveyard of Ships
    Level 4:  Realm of Spirits
    Level 5:  Castle Maximo
                Basic Walkthroughs
    These are going to be basic, nothing major.  I'll try to list some of the
    secret areas particularly as well as any difficult portions.
             Level 1: The Boneyard
    The first stage in the game is perfect for beginners.  It also is *very*
    reminiscent of the classic Ghosts & Goblins first stage.  It eases you into the
    controls, has some hidden areas and introduces the gamer to the cast of enemies
    you'll face.
    The first stage you begin at has a small secret area.  At one point during the
    level you'll find a gate on the right portion of the level that you cannot
    enter.  Just beyond this game is an incline which leads you back towards the
    beginning of the level and up to a higher level.  You'll go into a tunnel with
    a casket on it.  You can smash the casket forever and it won't break.   You
    have to jump on top of it, then do a downward thrust (double jump -> Triangle).
    This will drop you down and you'll be on the other side of
    that gate you couldn't open.
    The Main Area:
    After successfully beating the first stage you are dumped out into the level
    select.  The area here is a large circle.  There are 5 different portals here,
    plus the pool of water and at the center is where the boss lies.  I suggest
    saving after you beat the first stage and enter this level select area.  Head
    towards the pool of water and follow the instructions
    in section A if you don't know how to save.
    Then, go to each warp zone, smash the monolith and warp to the appropriate
    level.  Beat all of these levels and the gate to the boss will lower.
    Hop on and fight the first boss!
    Ghastly Gus - The Gravedigger
    1st Level Boss-
    This is the Frankenstein looking guy you see on many of the windows
    around the level.  At first he seems invulnerable, but he has a weak spot.
    If you pay attention, you'll notice that there's a hole in his shoes,
    exposing his big toes.  Kinda nasty...
    Avoid his attacks and run up to him, and do a downward stab on his feet.
    He'll hop on one foot in pain.  Downward stab the other foot and he'll fall
    on his bum.  Then go up to him and hit him with your sword.  It'll only take
    4-5 attacks to get him.  Just make sure to avoid all of his attacks and you
    shouldn't have a problem.
             Level 2: The Great Dank
    This level is a generic swamp, pretty nasty too.  You'll find many familiar
    foes, including my favorite, the Zombie covered in Pirahnas!  Watch out, if you
    get too close he'll shake off the aquatic beasts and you'll get hit!
    There's 3 different types of water on this stage, the green yet clear water
    which you can wade through.  There's also dark green muck which will kill you
    if you enter.  Just watch out for that.  Finally, there is a type of quicksand
    you'll find on a level or two.  This is difficult b/c you can't jump.  Find
    some area to walk up, but if you keep jumping, you might get swallowed up by
    the quicksand.
    There's also many jumping areas in the Great Dank...definitely reminds me of
    2D classics.
    Bokor Labas - The Witch Doctor
    2nd Level Boss-
    This voodoo guy follows a very basic pattern.
    1- He'll turn you small...run along the outside of the stage (w/ the
       yellowish floor).  Just avoid from getting stepped on.  He'll eventually
       step on something that makes him hop on one foot.
    2- He'll split into 3 (then 4) different guys.  Just hit each of them.
    3- Then, run as far away as possible.  He'll create some little guys and shoot
       red fireballs at you. You can block these with your shield, but if you stay
       far enough away it's just as easy to jump out of the way.
    4- Repeat.
    Not very difficult.
             Level 3: Graveyard of Ships
    This ice world is exactly what you'd expect.  You slide all over the place,
    can see your breath when you run around and Maximo will even hold himself and
    shake.  Running around in bare feet with no armor does not look fun.
    The game gets a little difficult here, with a larger assortment of enemies,
    some of which do more damage.  Be careful of the bombers, as they can cause
    some major damage.  For these guys, crouch and do a horizontal attack.  You'll
    chop off their feet!  Run away though, as their bombs will detonate shortly
    after.  Also watch out for the dead pirates.  The best way to get by these guys
    is to jump over them and then watch them get confused.  You can hit them from
    behind and have them fall on their faces.  Then, do a downward stab.  If you
    knock them on their backs and try a downward stab, the sword hanging out of
    their chest will hurt you.  Watch out for these guys!
    There are also a large number of secret caves on these levels.  Pay attention
    to the walls.  There will be some off colored walls that don't look right.
    Smash these for hidden areas.
    Also be careful of the water as falling in will kill you.  It's a cool
    little animation, watching Maximo turn to ice, but after you've done it
    once, try to avoid it.  Oddly enough, you can jump into the pool where you
    save...that water won't freeze you.
    Captain Cadaver - The Pirate
    3rd Level Boss -
    As with the rest of the bosses, figure out their pattern and weak spot,
    and it's smooth sailing from there.
    Your goal is to knock his peg leg into one of the grates on the floor.
    He'll get stuck for a moment.
    Now, crouch (L2) and hit the peg leg.  He'll fall back and repeat.
    Useful tips: Use your shield.  His attacks aren't too bad, so just
    stand right up against him and block when he attacks.  If you've got the
    Storm Shield powerup (where the shield blows mist out the front), it's even
    easier...Just keep hitting him until he falls into the grate.
             Level 4: Realm of Spirits
    This is a difficult stage.  Enemies everywhere, areas to fall to your death
    and more.  It's definitely got an old school feel to it, with some tricky
    jumps and timing.
    Lord Glutterscum - The Demon
    4th Level Boss -
    As always, figure out his pattern and you'll be fine.  I end up just running
    in circles.
    It seems that you can only hit him when he's spitting fire out.  When he does
    so, run behind him and hit him in the arse.  That's how you kill him.
    After, he'll do a jump and when he hits the ground, he'll release a shockwave.
    Jump over this.  After a few hits, the level will drop down. Just be careful
    you don't leap into the lava.
    He's got 2 other attacks, his spinning one (you can just jump) and his
    regurgitating attack.  Kinda nasty, just run around him in a circle and
    you'll avoid these attacks.
    As with the other bosses, just figure out the pattern and he's easy.
             Level 5: Castle Maximo
    A difficult stage, one that you'll need to be fully powered up for.  Prior to
    playing, make sure you've got all your powerups that you like.  By now you can
    store 6 different powerups, so ensure that these work the best for you.  I
    would suggest making sure that you keep the Hammer & Anvil one, as having a
    4th power bar (when you can) is highly useful.  The rest are all your
    preference, but keeping the green (attack) powerups is a good idea.  Finally,
    the Shiihuai icon is great, as it helps locate the hidden treasure chests,
    something you'll likely need while running around almost nekkid w/ no
    energy and no shield!
    The world is laid out differently from the first ones, as it's linear and
    you will have to follow the levels as they're presented to you rather than
    in whichever order you'd prefer.
    You'll encounter several large guards standing in front of purple walls of
    energy.  These guys can be killed easily.  Do 2 downward stabs until they're
    dizzy, then hit the head w/ your sword. Do this twice and they're gone.
    If you've got the shockwave powerups, you can probably score 2 hits w/
    one attack!
    Muscle your way through the levels, knocking down hidden walls in the
    later levels, and you'll find yourself at the end of the game.
    For some fun, try the following:
     *In the Castle Dungeon area - try jumping in front of the first globe for
      a little surprise.
     *Also in the dungeon - run in the piles of straw in the prison cells.
    Evil King Achille
    Final Boss -
    While not particularly difficult, Achille can definitely be a pain in
    the neck to beat.  He's got several attacks, most with a wide range and
    you'll likely get knocked back a time or two.  However, he's not altogether
    too hard to beat, especially if you know where to start.  The biggest problem
    is that he's slightly 'cheap' and can regain his energy.
    Pay attention to his attacks.  You'll be evading a lot of the time, and
    running in when you can.
    Achille will throw fireballs.  This is your main chance...as he tosses a
    fireball, dodge it and run in to attack him.  Once you've hit him a time or
    two, a large purple face will start to float around the stage, spitting out
    small bombs.  Avoid all of these of course, but the main thing to notice is
    that Achille will produce a large barrier around himself.  It will have an
    attack icon on it.  If it's the green star, you'll need to use your Sword
    Stab attack to break the shield, then hit him.  There's a few different
    icons that will appear.  If you do not have this powerup, you will have to
    Once you do hit him, he'll probably produce a large purple barrier which will
    hit you, so get away quickly.
    After several hits, small antennae will appear from the ground and Achille
    will become a large hulking beast.  Smash all of these transmitters, and
    quickly, as Achille will regain his health the longer you wait.  Once you've
    done so, he'll reduce to his normal size and contine with your attack.
    At one point, he stopped his typical attacks, I suppose this is when his
    energy level weakens.  What I did here was to just run around him in a tight
    circle, hitting him every few seconds.  He didn't fight back very hard, and
    I killed him rather quickly.
    Sophia - Demon Form
    What would a game be without more than one ending boss?  After a cinematic
    showing the long awaited reunion between Maximo and Sophia, she changes into
    an enormous beast.
    Next, you're thrust into a black room, no lights and this huge demon
    chasing you.  Your only source of light are the lightning streaks every so
    often, but you can see through the windows, so check for the silhouette of the
    demon in front of the windows...and look for her eyes.
    This beast is *very* easy to defeat, and you can probably do it w/out getting
    hit.  All you need to do is run around, jumping and swinging your sword.  Do
    this constantly: Jump, Attack, Jump, Attack...Eventually the demon will come
    up to you and you must hit it in the face, or probably more specifically, the
    eye(s).  If you keep jumping and attacking, the demon won't be able to sneak
    up on you.  About 5 swift attacks and the demon will fall, and Maximo
    will be victorious.
                  E: Enemies
    Most enemies are basic, hit 'em and they die.  Here's some tips etc.
       Birds are a pain...they'll steal your coins.  Kill them beforehand or
       they'll swipe a diamond.  You can get these back if they succeed in
       stealing from you.
       These steal the souls that you pickup, or at least knock them out of you.
       Watch out for these guys!  A very easy way to kill them is to toss your
       shield just when you see them coming.  Watch out for the green ghosts,
       they'll turn you into a zombie!
       There's like 500 different types of skeletons.  If you encounter a
       skeleton that you knock down, but who still gets back up, then do a downward
       thrust when they're down.  You'll get more coins/treasure this way and you
       won't have to wait for them to get up to kill them.
    Long Axe Helmetman-
       This guy has a very long axe and if you don't block properly he'll hit
       you for big damage.  Do the forward thrust move if you have it just a
       vertical attack.  Hitting them with horizontal attacks is difficult, but
       possible.  You'll need to hit them with a vertical attack or downward
       thrust to kill them.
    Dead Pirate-
       On the ice stage there's a pirate w/ a sword in his chest.  Watch out w/
       this guy.  You can knock him down but if he's on his back his sword will
       stab you when you do the Downward Stab.  Try to get behind him and knock
       him down on his face.
    Ice Zombie-
       These are the baddies in level 3 with the harpoon.  The only way to
       defeat them is to use the overhead (vertical) attack.  Downward thrusts will
       just make them skate away.
       These appear on the 2nd level.  Use a vertical attack as soon as you see
       them.  The longer you wait, the less chance you have to get them.  Bubbles
       should appear in front of you before they attack.  If you don't kill them
       the first time, they'll likely go behind you for their second attack.
    Evil Magicians-
       The magicians pop out of treasure chests and throw magic balls at you
       which will transform you into an old man or a baby.  See the Form Changes
       section below for more.  Do your best not to get hit, use your shield to
       block if you need to.  He usually spits 3 magic balls out in a row, then
       takes a break.  Hit him before he hits you and you'll get an extra life!
       Watch your shield meter if you're going to block too.
       These pirate guys appear on the 3rd level (the ice world).  They're a real
       pain b/c if you hit them, they'll blow up and you'll take on damage.  If you
       have the ice sword, hit them to freeze them and then just leave them alone.
       They'll blow themselves up.  Another way is to toss your shield if you have
       the powerup.  The easiest way is to crouch and do a horizontal attack.
       You'll chop off their legs.  Then runaway before their bombs explode.
    Abominable Snow Monster-
       On the 3rd level, you'll encounter big snow monsters.  Hit them with a
       vertical attack (triangle) once or twice to kill them.  Not very difficult.
       If they block after the first hit, wait a second before attacking again,
       otherwise they'll block and then hit you.
       These pig guys are on level 4 (lava).  They are a real pain b/c if they
       hit the ground w/ their hammer, it leaves a shockwave which will hurt you.
       I try to avoid them in most cases, but if you can get behind them, you can
       hit them.  Not from the front though.
       Lava level exclusive, these witches will grab you and carry you.  Mash the
       buttons and D-pad to get out of her grasp.  A swing or two of your sword
       will kill her.  She can be a nuisance.
    Black Knight-
       These only appear on the final level and are always guarding a purple
       forcefield.  Avoid their attacks of course, then do 2 downward stabs.
       After the 2nd one, the head will float there.  Hit it, then do 2 more
       downward stabs, hit the head a 2nd time and he's done for.  Alternately,
       if you have the wider shockwave and damage shockwave, you can hit them 2x
       with one attack!
                  F: Form Changes
    There are several different forms you can change to.  These are all from some
    enemy that, when you get hit, you change.  In most cases it seems that you need
    to jump around and, in true Capcom fashion, mash the buttons to change back.
       There is a magician who shoots fireballs at you.  If you get hit, you'll be
       turned into a baby. Hit square or triangle to shake your rattle.
    Old Man:
       Same as above, a magician will shoot a fireball which changes you into an
       old man.  Hit square or triangle to do a handstand on your sword!  Hit
       circle and he'll hold his back and complain!
       The Yellow Ghosts will do this to you.  Get hit and Maximo didn't change
       forms, but he walked around like a zombie for a short while.  Your
       directionals are backwards as well, left becomes right, up becomes down,
    Note that if you hit the magician/wizard before he hits you, you'll get a red
    heart (extra life).  If he hits you first, then you kill him, you'll only get
    a coin.  Whenever you see him (or his fireballs coming at you), put up your
    shield and block.  If you get transformed, you will likely get beat on
    pretty badly, so do your best to avoid this!
                  G: Codes & Cheats
    There are no known manual cheats (where you enter button presses to unlock
    things).  For now, these are the only known cheats/codes.
    Unlock Art Gallery
        Beat the game w/ 4 kisses to unlock the Art Gallery
        You must beat each level, accept the kiss from the woman, and make sure
        you assign it to one of the green slots in your powerup menu.  They will
        not help you throughout the game, but if you lose any of these, you won't
        receive the Art Gallery.
    Unlock Mastery Mode
        For this you will need to 100% every stage on every level.  In return you
        will receive the Mastery Level.  The Mastery level is the opening stage
        from the game, but you must play it backwards - from the end to the
        beginning.  Item and enemy placement has changed and you'll notice that
        there are a LOT more enemies this time around.  Good luck!
        In order to 100% every stage you will need to do the following:
        You need to collect every treasure (placed in the level), kill every enemy,
        uncover and open every hidden chest, open every door (locked and unlocked)
        and completely break every spirit container.  You don't have to collect
        all the spirits or money/health/abilities that falls from enemies.  You
        must kill all enemies though, and if one falls in lava or off a cliff, it
        will NOT count toward mastery.  However, if you re-enter a level that you
        have cleared, you only need to do the things that you missed.  So the %
        for each world can only be increased if you re-enter a level.  Once that
        has been accomplished, the extra tombstone will rise on the title screen.
                  F: Credits/Legal
    Most help came from the GameFAQs message board, especially the following:
       Helped w/ all sorts of details from boxers to the kisses.  Thanks a lot!
       Lots of info about the enemies was posted by him.  Many thanks.
    Reggie Schreiber
       Filled in many blanks and offered very useful tips!  Gracias!
    Capcom has done a fine job w/ this game.  There really ought to be more like it!
    Capcom's official site address for Maximo is:
    Legal Stuff--
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2001-2005, Trevor Esposito (slateman@godflesh.com)
    Maximo is copyright (c) 2001-2002, Capcom, Capcom Digital Studios, Capcom Japan
    Maximo is trademark of Capcom Co., Ltd.
    You may not distribute this for profit.  You may not edit or alter the contents
    herein without the permission of the author.
    Currently, this FAQ may only be posted at GameFAQs.com
    The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at the following address:
    Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.
    Good luck and have fun!

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