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    Save Game FAQ by Tyr167

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    PURPOSE - Simply to help those having trouble saving the game.  I've 
    seen many posts regarding this topic.
    GAME         - MAXIMO: Ghosts to Glory
    Platform     - Playstation 2
    DEVELOPED BY - Capom Digital Studios
    FAQ AUTHOR   - T. J. Allison (TYR@Cisnet.Com) 
                   AKA Tyr167 on Game FAQ's message boards.
    FAQ VERSION  - 1.0   Written April 6th, 2002
         I'm writing this FAQ to give some aid to those having trouble 
    figuring out how to save.  Although there's instructions in the game 
    manual on page 20, which are partly flawed, there seems to be a 
    significant number of people having trouble with it.  Hopefully this FAQ 
    will be of some help.  In addition I'll also go over how to have more 
    than one save, and briefly go over the Checkpoints in the game.  In an 
    attempt to keep this FAQ spoiler free, all information is either in the 
    manual that came with the game, or provided from my own playing 
    experience.  I am only providing information I feel necessary for you to 
    understand when and where you can save.  If there's any confusion over 
    anything written here, please let me know.
         Ok, there's 2 option in this game to save.  To some extent you need 
    to be familiar with the level set up of the game to know where to save.  
    Maximo is divided up into worlds, and in an attempt to keep this spoiler 
    free I will not say how many.  When you begin the game, or anyother 
    world, you will be on the first level of that world.  You must Pass this 
    level in order to get to the second level of the world, also called the 
    HUB LEVEL.  The HUB LEVEL is the second level of every world in the 
    game.  From the HUB LEVEL you are able to accessall of the levels on 
    this world, save at the SAVE POOL, and transport to any world you've 
    already completed.  Each WORLD has a BOSS that needs to be defeated in 
    order to advance to the next WORLD.  In order to gain access to the 
    LEVEL BOSS you need to destroy all of the MASTER COLLECTORS (pictured on 
    page 15 of the manual) on the HUB LEVEL.  To destroy the MASTER 
    COLLECTORS you must strike them, which will transport you to the level 
    the MASTER COLLECTOR is drawing from.  Complete the level and smash the 
    SPIRIT COLLECTOR (also pictured on page 15) at the end of the level and 
    the MASTER COLLECTOR will be destroyed.
         When you defeat a WORLD BOSS you will be given a couple of things 
    to choose from, one of these choices is to save the game.  Press left or 
    right on the D pad to highlight the save icon and press the square 
    button.  Very briefly talked about on page 14 of the manual.
         This is the method you'll be using most.
         You must find a save pool, an octagonal shaped pool of water found 
    only on the hub levels.  At one end of the save pool is a triangle, 
    stand on it and if you have enough money a green exclamation mark will 
    appear over your head, press square. then you will see "return to game." 
    Pressing square now will make you jump into the pool and continue the 
    game without saving. Instead you must press left or righ on the D pad, 
    NOT left analog as it says in the book, untill you see a Memory card 
    icon, now press square and Maximo will jump into the pool,the game will 
    save, and you will lose 100 coins. And no, 100 coins to save is not a 
    rip off or a cheat, you can find more than enough coins in each and 
    every level to save. The first time you save you will be asked to name 
    the save file.  Each time you save after that, your previous game will 
    be overwritten by the new save game. 
          Yes, you can save more than one game.  You can save up to 3 on one 
    memory card.
          At the start of MAXIMO, when the GAME options screen first appears 
    (pictured on top of page 10 in the manual), Maximo will be standing 
    behind a headstone with the words "START NEW GAME" in front of it.  You 
    will notice that there also a headstone that has "OPTIONS" in front of 
    it.  In addition there's also 6 headstones that you can not yet access.  
    3 of these are for SAVED GAMES.  As I stated above, the first time you 
    save, you will be asked to name the save file.  Also I stated before 
    that whenever you save after the first time, your previous game will be 
    overwritten with the new data.  To save an additional game, you must 
    start a NEW GAME, again the first time you save you will be asked to 
    name the file.  Now you will have more than one "LOAD GAME" headstone.  
    To load a saved game, select a headstone with "LOAD GAME" in front of 
    it.  In addition, under "LOAD GAME" you will see the name you gave the 
    file and your mastery percentage for the game.  This is how you can tell 
    the files apart.  As for the other headstones, I'll leave that up to you 
    to find out what they do.  If you really want to know you could probably 
    find out on other FAQ's or on message boards.  As for this FAQ, I'm 
    trying to keep it spoiler free.
         Multiple CHECKPOINTS (pictured on page 14 of the manual)can be 
    found in every level of the game, except HUB LEVELS.  To activate the 
    CHECKPOINT you must DOWNWARD STRIKE it.  By double jumping and pressing 
    triangle in the air.  The CHECKPOINT DOES NOT save your game.  What does 
    it do?  Well, when Maximo dies in a level you will be returned to the 
    last CHECKPOINT that you activated, provided you have extra lives.  If 
    you dont activate any CHECKPOINTS you will be returned to the begining 
    of the level.

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