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    Gallery Guide by Shinmen Musashi

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/19/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    /////////////////// MAXIMO: GHOSTS TO GLORY, GALLERY GUIDE ////////////////////
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    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Gallery 
    4. About Yokote/Contact
    5. Credits
    6. Disclaimer
    7. Conclusion
    1. Introduction
    The gallery is one of the few secrets this game has to offer. In order to 
    unlock it, you must make sure to acquire all four of the sorceresses' kisses.
    You can do this after you beat each of the end-of-level bosses (excluding the 
    final world/area's bosses). When a sorceress gives you a choice of save, armor,
    or kiss, choose kiss if you want the gallery and KEEP THEM ALL LOCKED! You can 
    play the bosses in Maximo as many times as you want, but you can only meet 
    with the sorceresses once throughout the entire course of the game.
    Ok, now the purpose of my guide is to describe each and every one of the 
    images that can be seen in the gallery, where there are 45 images total. This 
    guide is primarily for those who are unable/unwilling to get the gallery, but
    those who have it already but want to read this anyway, knock yourselves out.
    2. Version History
    Version 1.00 {6/19/05} - All Gallery Entries Explained.
    3. Gallery
    Here are the 45 images of enemies and characters in this game. I simply 
    identify the subject of each picture, and then go about describing them.
    --Yokote's Note-- All images (excluding #45) have the same Maximo logo in the 
    background (usually top and center) so I will omit it in my descriptions. 
    It basically says MAXIMO with his sword and shield behind the center of the 
    text, and it says something below it in undecipherable letters (maybe if you 
    had a big screen TV you could make them out). I assume they say Ghosts to 
    Glory. There also is some white, what seems to be, writing at the bottom of 
    each picture, each seeming to be different for every image. But (a) I cannot 
    make it out, and (b) the irremovable "Press directional button to select: 
    (triangle symbol) to exit" blocks it as well. There are also a lot of front, 
    back, and side shot images in the gallery. I usually don't say much about them 
    because I described the same enemy in the image before it, and the pictures of
    them are usually very similar.
    1. Standard Skeleton -
    Partially hunched over with a brown colored cloth over its pelvic area.
    2. Standard Zombie -
    Poised to grab someone, with tattered clothing and decaying flesh, as well as 
    some gray hair on its head. Flies are fluttering about above it. Skin is a pale
    gray. Clothing is blue-green and black
    3. Shield Skelton -
    Same skeleton type as #1, but holding a shield in its left hand, and a sword in
    its right. It is standing erect.
    4. Soldier Skeleton -
    Wearing boots, body armor, gloves, shoulder guards, and a helmet with two 
    spikes on it. It is standing erect and is holding a plain spear with both its 
    5. Zombie Variant - 
    It is leaning forward with its arms forward as well. It has a tattered shirt, 
    shoes, and pants. Hair is a faint brown color. Skin is a pale gray.
    6. Wizard - 
    Wearing a wizard's cap and robe, which are light blue colored and adorned with 
    suns and crescent moons. Left hand is on a staff; right arm is outstretched and
    is pointing forward. The wizard has a long white beard and a mouth that is 
    angrily gaping open.
    7. Ghastly Gus, Area 1 Boss - 
    Think Frankenstein and this boss resembles him, just a lot bigger. It has plain 
    brown shoes and blue pants, and has a large wooly vest over a long white shirt.
    Its skin is pale gray and it has yellow eyes and red hair. It also holds a 
    shovel in its left hand.
    8. Zombie Variant #2 - 
    Paleish green zombie, hunched over. Hair is light gray and parted at the 
    middle. Arms are out at sides and it is wearing green clothing and black shoes.
    9. Front, back, and side views of Picture #8 zombie -
    Front similar, but back has many holes in clothing revealing decaying flesh and
    bones. Side view reveals half of its head is bald.
    10. Zombie Crocodile - 
    Standing on two legs is a crocodile. Its standing position resembles that of 
    how a bear gets up on its legs and spreads its arms out (ever seen those 
    pictures......yea...going on). Its eyes are yellow and its mouth is slightly 
    opened. Its right hindleg has no flesh, revealing its bones.
    11. Front, back, and side views of picture #10 -
    The front view this time shows bones in both hindlegs, as well as a missing 
    left eye. The back view reveals some exposed bones on its back, and the side 
    view further emphasizes the lost eye.
    12. Plant Monster -
    It resembles a large rose, with spikes stemming from its base vine (that one 
    being like the torso, and the little ones being like tentacles). The rose 
    (resembling a head) stems from a lighter green bud and the plant has leaves 
    for arms. In the bright red rose head is a salivating mouth with rows of sharp 
    13. The Boss of Area 2, Bokor Labas -
    Think of a stereotypical voodoo witch doctor, and you roughly get the picture. 
    It is adorned in a black suit and shoes, and also wears a black top hat. It has
    decayed brown hands and holds a dead chicken in its right hand. It has loads 
    of beads around its neck, and its face is white, with yellow eyes. It's 
    14. Front, back, and side view of Bokor Labas - 
    Back view reveals some long hair, and the side view reveals a long nose with a 
    large rounded end.
    15. Frozen Mariner Zombie - 
    This zombie is wearing brown shoes, navy blue pants, a light blue vest, and a 
    darker blue bandana. Its torso and legs are encapsulated within a large block 
    of ice, and in its right hand it holds a large harpoon.
    16. Pirate Skeleton - 
    It is wearing some buckled shoes, blue pants with stockings, a cloth around its
    waist, a dirty brown long-sleeved shirt, and a black bandana with red dots on 
    it. It holds a cutlass in both its right and left hands, and has a third larger
    one protruding from its chest.
    17. Yeti -
    Think..Yeti, and umm, you're close. Its big, covered in white fur, and has 
    pinkish red hands and feet. Its mouth is gaping, and it has yellow eyes. It 
    also seems like it has a Mohawk of white hair on its head, heh.
    18. Captain Cadaver, Boss of Area 3 -
    This is one big skeleton pirate, with a blue and gold trimmed pirate's cap and 
    coat. Its got a purple shirt under its coat and standard light blue pants. Its 
    left leg is normal, with a brown shoe, but its right one is a pegleg. Its left 
    arm has just an anchor protruding out of its coat, and the right arm holds a 
    cutlass. On its left shoulder, is its loyal skeleton parrot.
    19. Spirit - 
    It wears a tattered, dull blue cloak, and its skin is a pale white/gray. It 
    has no legs and is hovering in the air. It has long white hair, and its face is 
    very long with an opened mouth with dark sockets where eyes should be.
    20. Front, back, and side views of Spirit -
    Back view shows some black holes in the cloak, which reveals that there is 
    nothing under it; it's just empty inside.
    21. Goatman -
    The goat version of a Minotaur. Human torso and arms, goat head and legs. Feet 
    are hoofed, and its legs and little tail are covered in black fur. There are 
    also bracelets on both of its wrists. Its goat head has white fur and yellow 
    eyes, with two curved brown horns on top. Its right eye is covered with an eye
    22. Front, back, and side views of Goatman -
    Back view reveals there is some white hair growing on its upper back.
    23. Little Hammer Pig -
    This is a chunky little pig that walks on two legs and has its waist covered 
    with a cloth. Its tail has the little devil point (like a triangle), and its 
    muscular arms have studded bracelets on its wrists. Its head has a white horn 
    in the center, with orangish-yellow eyes and a group of little pointed teeth. 
    It holds a hammer bigger than itself behind its body.
    24. Front, back, and side views of the Hammer Pig -
    Side view demonstrates how long the hammer really is.
    25. Lord Glutterscum, Boss of Area 4 -
    This is a really obese demon with little arms, little wings, and little legs. 
    Its skin is a sickly blue color, and its chest and legs have many red dots. 
    There is a white cloth tied around its waist, with a little triangle tipped 
    tail coming out of it. It has some type of dark blue bumps on its upper body, 
    and a blubbery head. One of its two horns is broken, and it has yellow eyes 
    with an open mouth.
    26. Front and side views only of Lord Glutterscum -
    They reveal more rings of blubber, as well as a large, sagging potbelly.
    27. Prisoner -
    A light brownish person positioned on all fours. It has a weathered black robe 
    and glowing yellow eyes. It has a large white beard and moustache. Its mouth 
    appears to be growling. The top of its head is bald.
    28. Front, back, and side views of Prisoner -
    Mouth gaping and tongue out in front view.
    29. Raven -
    A black (of course) bird with yellow eyes perched on a twig.
    30. Dark Knight -
    Think of a living armor, adorned with chest armor, gauntlets, boots, waist 
    armor, and a helmet, and you've got a Dark Knight. The only thing inside this 
    knight is a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the helmet. Its helmet has two 
    horns jutting out from the sides, and it is wielding a ball and chain in its 
    right arm.
    31. Front, side, and back views of Dark Knight -
    The ball and chain rests on the ground in these versions.
    32. Achille -
    Achille has a black robe, and black shoes, as well as a gold and black belt 
    around his waist. A red cape is connected at his shoulders and falls to his 
    feet, and his shoulders and neck are covered in armor. He is an old man, with 
    a large golden crown with 3-4 prongs and a red gem in the center. He has a 
    large staff, which rests in his right hand. His large white beard sticks out 
    on all sides.
    33. Sophia -
    She wears a large elaborate blue dress, with a slit going up to her pelvis on 
    her right leg. Her arms are covered with evening gloves, which is basically a 
    shirtless sleeve (think about it, princesses/queens wear those things). 
    She has a three-pronged tiara, with a large red gem in the center. 
    She has short blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and, like all of the sorceresses 
    (meaning I am not writing this again for any of them), she is very thin and 
    rather buxom.
    34. Demon Queen Sophia -
    A large dark blue creature, on all fours. Her legs all have large claws, spikes
    run down her back, and she has a large tail as well. Three large spikes rest 
    on her neck, and another on her head. Her mouth is full of large pointy teeth, 
    and she has a stream of saliva running from her mouth. Her eyes are yellow, and
    a red gem remains fixed in the center of her head.
    35. Lenore -
    She has a large blue cloak, with the hood of it over her head. She also wears 
    a small blue dress over her torso and pelvis, as well as blue boots on her feet.
    Her face is shaded by the hood, and her skin is a pale white. She has a red 
    gem centered at the top of her dress.
    36. Sephonie and Spirit Sephonie -
    Sephonie has tannish white skin, with anklets near her feet, and bracelets on 
    her wrists. She has small pieces of olive colored cloth over her pelvic area 
    and upper chest. She has long brown hair, and her spirit form is simply a copy
    of her image dimmed and surrounded in a whitish green aura. 
    37. Aurora Lee -
    She has a light blue dress with frilled trimmings. She wears light blue 
    slippers, and has semi-long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a necklace 
    and a head ornament. She has white (like Caucasian skin white, not sheet white)
    38. Mamba Marie -
    She has dark brown skin with a series of gold bracelets on her shoulders, 
    wrists, and ankles. She has cheetah colored cloth over her pelvis and upper 
    chest, and also has a cheetah colored strip tied around her left leg. She also 
    has a cheetah tail protruding from her behind. She has a collection of bones 
    tied across her neck and forehead, as well as two horns placed atop her head. 
    She has long black hair.
    39. Baby Maximo -
    A baby sized Maximo wearing only a diaper. He clenches an infant sized version 
    of his sword with both hands. He has blue eyes, a few teeth, and short brown 
    hair parted in the center.
    40. Maximo -
    He is wearing brown boots and green stockings. He has a red scarf tied around 
    his neck, and is wearing a large body armor. Muscular, his skin is a tannish 
    white. He wears brown gloves and holds his sword in his right hand. He has 
    long brown hair and blue eyes. The tip of his sword is covered in some green 
    fluid, and the hilt of his sword branches off into four parts with a green gem 
    centered in the middle.
    41. Maximo (extended version) -
    Same as before but with a couple of items added. He now, instead of having the 
    red scarf around his neck, has a large red cape draped around his shoulders 
    and falling to his feet. His sword is clean and is held upright instead of 
    downwards. He also now carries a light brown shield on his left hand.
    42. Golden Maximo -
    Same Maximo as #40, but his clothing is now gold in color. He is facing more 
    directly forward in this picture, and his sword is clean and held sticking out 
    43. Old Maximo -
    An aged Maximo with tattered light brown clothing. He is using his sword as a 
    cane to support himself, and the sword itself has a dilapidated hilt and 
    battered blade. Maximo's hair is now white, accompanied with a white beard and 
    moustache. He is hunched over and has droopy eyes.
    44. Grim Reaper (Grim) -
    A skeleton who is draped in an extremely large black cloak. His feet are 
    covered with black boots, and a large hood is covering his head. His left arm 
    is outstretched, with his hand curled. His right hand is holding onto a large 
    curved scythe. He has a large red pendent about his neck. 
    45. The cover of Maximo: Ghosts to Glory game case -
    The Maximo logo is different, this time the shield and sword are behind the 
    text to the left side, not the center. It features Maximo and two soldier 
    skeletons. One soldier skeleton is slightly in the picture at the bottom left, 
    the other is fully in it on the right, standing below Maximo and wielding a 
    sword and shield. Maximo is in the air above them, with sword and cape. His 
    hands are both placed on his raised sword, which is surging some type of 
    whitish-green energy. He is about to strike one of the skeletons.
    4. About Yokote/Contact 
    Yokote, or more formally Yokote of the Blade, is also known as Shinmen Musashi 
    on Gamefaqs. This is Yokote's first FAQ, and it was created to see what the 
    whole process is like.
    For Email: Try Yoktae@aol.com, that should work.
    5. Credits/Thanks 
    Hmmm, since I didn't have any assistance from anyone on this Gallery Guide, 
    might as well thank something/someone to take up some space. Its kind of weird
    when you have a thanks section, and no one is being thanked...
    So then, thanks Gamefaqs, for accepting this gallery guide.
    6. Disclaimer
    I have allowed Gamefaqs to place this on their website. If others desire this 
    for some odd reason, please contact me and acquire my permission. Thanks.
    7. Conclusion
    It's nice to have actually done an FAQ. I may do other ones later, maybe. Hope 
    this information proved to be entertaining/useful to you.

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