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    Game Script by Shinmen Musashi

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/19/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |||||||||||||||||| MAXIMO: GHOSTS TO GLORY --> SCRIPTS FAQ|||||||||||||||||||||
    Table of Contents   \
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Story Sequences (Dialogue)
    4. Story Sequences (Scene)
    5. Sorceress Quotes
    6. Misc Quotes
    7. Contact
    8. Credits/Thanks
    9. Disclaimer
    1.Introduction      \
    This guide attempts to cover all that is said in the game (i.e language, not 
    grunts), as well as contextualized Story Sequence descriptions.
    -- Yokote's Note --This guide does have spoilers. I deeply dislike spoilers, so 
    remember: the game's plot is contained within this text. Please read with this 
    in mind. Ok then.
    2.Version History   \
    Version 1.00 (6/19/05) - All quotes, to my knowledge, are logged in.
    3.Story Sequences (Dialogue)\
    The full out scene description can be kind of disorienting, so if you just 
    wanted to read the dialogue, this section makes it more accessible. A little 
    of the scene outside of the speech is put into this section so that the quotes 
    aren't so ambiguous.
    Scene #1 - 
    Maximo kills skeleton, and then approaches Achille and Sophia.
    Maximo: "Sophia!"
    Sophia: "Maximo! Achille, you told me Maximo.."
    Achille smacks her onto the ground.
    Achille: "Silence!"
    Maximo: "That's enough Achille!"
    Achille readies his staff to unleash some energy.
    Achille: "You little fool, I control your kingdom now, as I control the power 
    of the underworld."
    He releases a purplish charge at Maximo, and hits him directly with it. 
    Maximo: "Soo..phiii..aaa..."
    Screen turns white
    Achille: "Behold, my, dark, power."
    Maximo, now in the underworld. The Grim Reaper approaches him.
    Grim: "Boo."
    Maximo does not respond
    Grim: "What, not afraid of death?"
    Maximo: "There are worse things than death."
    Grim: "True, true, things like that."
    Points upwards.
    Grim: "Huh, do ya?...do you know what that is?"
    Switches to large hole gathering spirits
    Grim: "Achille's drill made that hole. He frees MY spirits.."
    Camera returns to Grim and Maximo
    Grim: "He frees MY spirits, and he raises MY dead, for his army!"
    Maximo: "What's in it for me?"
    Grim: "Soo.."
    Brings scythe to Maximo's face
    Grim: "I'll return you to the mortal w-o-o-orld."
    Maximo: "How can I trust you?"
    Grim: "How can you not trust this face huh? Here,"
    Gives Maximo a death coin.
    Grim: "As proof of our contract, as long as you have this, I'll keep you alive.
    You must find the sorceresses council, they can help you."
    Maximo: "Why are you helping me?"
    Grim: "If there's no more dead, then I'm outta of a job. Now go!"
    Maximo rises out of the underworld.
    Grim: "Good luck Maximo!"
    Scene 2 -
    Achille: "General!"
    Skeleton General approaches.
    Achille: "Your orders were to kill Maximo," 
    The general, whimpering, begins to run away from Achille. Achille releases some 
    purple charge from his staff towards the general
    Achille: "So here is your reward."
    The General is hit by Achille's projectile, and this causes him to regain his 
    blood, muscles, and then flesh.
    General: "I'm alive!!"
    Achille: "Guards!"
    Two skeleton guards approach.
    Guards: "Yes my lord!"
    Achille: "Take the general away and torture him, until he dies."
    The two guards close in on the cowering General
    Achille: "Maximo! Your fate will not be so pleasant."
    Scene 3 -
    Maximo and three sorceresses are huddled together, talking.
    Aurora Lee: "We cannot defeat Achille without Sephonie."
    Achille appears.
    Achille: "Heh heh heh heh, looking for someone?"
    Sephonie is on the ground next to Achille.
    Sorceresses: "Sephonie!"
    Maximo: "Release her!"
    Achille: "And hand over the key to my own power?"
    Achille kills Sephonie with his staff.
    Maximo: "Achille!"
    Maximo attempts to attack Achille, but he teleports away.
    Grim: "Hey Maximo."
    Grim descends from above.
    Grim: "O-o-o-o-k, who died?"
    Grim comes to Maximo's side.
    Grim: "Your friend's soul has been sent to the underworld. You're going to have
    to find her.
    Grim jumps behind Maximo, and raises his scythe.
    Grim: "Huh? This may sting a bit."
    Maximo: "Let's do it."
    Grim hits ground with scythe, it opens up, and Maximo falls in.
    Grim: "Give 'em hell kid."
    Scene 4 -
    Achille faces an orb full of spirits, then turns to Maximo
    Achille: "Beautiful, isn't it? All those souls, all that power, It's all mine."
    Maximo: "I won't let that happen."
    Achille faces the orb again.
    Achille: "All I already have."
    Achille releases spirits, and laughs.
    Scene 5 -
    Maximo enters the castle's throne room.
    Sophia: "My dear Maximo."
    Maximo: "Sophia."
    The two approach each other, and hug when they meet.
    Sophia: "I feared you were dead. What happened to Achille?"
    Maximo: "Gone!"
    Sophia: "..Excellent."
    Sophia backs away.
    Sophia: "Ahahahahahaha..aghhhh."
    While transforming into a large, blue demon, sprawled on four legs with a red 
    gem dead center in its head:
    Demon Queen: "My plans, are nearly complete. Finally, his power, transfers to 
    me! And now, the only thing left, is to devour you!"
    Scene 6 - 
    Maximo, surrounded by the sorceresses, now sits in his throne. Grim appears.
    Grim: "Well buddy, I owe you one. You saved the day and won back both our 
    kingdoms!..What's the matter buddy, aren't you happy?"
    Maximo: "Why should I be?! My kingdom is in ruins, and Sophia..Dear god 
    Grim approaches the dead Demon Queen.
    Grim: "What this dead thing?"
    Maximo gets out of his throne.
    Maximo: "What's happened?"
    Grim: "This was just some demon who was manipulating Achille. Hey, I know when
    someone is dead, and Sophia's alive."
    Camera goes to all 4 of the sorceresses, while Aurora Lee says,
    Aurora Lee: "My king, we will rebuild your kingdom, and await your return."
    Maximo: "Grim..you'll search for her with me."
    Grim: "Whats?!"
    Maximo: "Hey, you did say you owe me one. Right buddy?"
    Grim turns his head to the side and then back.
    Grim: "Oooooookkk, Maximo!"
    The Maximo and Grim begin to leave the throne room.
    Lenore**: "Go after her Maximo."
    The two stop.
    Maximo: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
    They both approach the doors of the throne room, and the game ends.
    -- Yokote's note -- **Mamba Marie's mouth is the only one that really moves at 
    this line (although Lenore does open her mouth for a tiny bit at the start), 
    but the line is said without an accent. Since Lenore is the only sorceress 
    without an accent, I assume she says the ** marked line.
    4.Story Sequence (Scene)\
    This section may seem similar to the first, and it is; but it is not a copy or
    an attempt for my guide to take up more space. This explains the scenes in 
    much greater depth, with character movements and camera changes at many 
    points. The purpose of this section is to give the reader, if they want it, a 
    more precise picture of what transpires in the sequences. So, without further 
    explanations by me, here it is.
    Scene 1: 
    Large Castle doors open, dust clouds fly from the doors and the screen floods 
    with light, revealing a throne room. Three skeleton guards turn to face Maximo,
    and one approaches him. Maximo leaps into the air and downward strikes the 
    approaching skeleton, slicing it directly in half. The skeleton falls apart 
    and the game shows Maximo's face.
    He turns his head left and says, 
    Maximo: "Sophia!"
    Sophia then turns her head towards Maximo and says,
    Sophia: "Maximo!". 
    She then turns left to Achille, holds his arm and says, 
    Sophia: "Achille, you told me Maximo.." 
    While she is speaking Achille backhands her and yells, 
    Achille: "Silence!" 
    Maximo, angered, throws his arm to the left and yells, 
    Maximo: "That's enough Achille!"
    The camera zooms from behind Maximo to Achille, where Achille says, with his 
    staff glowing purple, 
    Achille: "You little fool, I control your kingdom now," 
    (while putting his staff on the ground and letting out a stream of purple 
    Achille: "As I control the power of the underworld." 
    Maximo, hit by Achille's wave, falls back and cries, 
    Maximo: "Soph..iii..aaaa.." 
    The screen turns white and Achille can be heard saying, 
    Achille: "Behold, my, dark, power." 
    Maximo is now floating on his back in a dark area, and the camera slowly zooms
    to him while gradually showing something's cape approaching him. 
    ???: "Boo!," 
    Grim appears above Maximo, floating on its stomach. Grim then gestures with 
    his right arm and says, 
    Grim: "What? Not afraid of death?" 
    The camera zooms closer on Grim and Maximo and Maximo says, 
    Maximo: "There are worse things than death." 
    Camera then goes to Grim, who is pointing repeatedly with his forefinger. 
    Grim: "True, true...things like that." 
    Grim then swings his arm right behind himself, pointing upwards. The camera 
    then zooms away to a large hole with blue wisps flying towards it. Grim says,
    Grim: "Huh, do ya?, do you know what that is?"
    Camera goes back to Grim and Maximo. 
    Grim: "Achille's drill made that hole. He frees MY spirits." 
    Then, while panning away and then panning in and rotating on Maximo and Grim,
    Grim says,
    Grim: "He frees MY spirits, and he raises MY dead, for his army!" 
    Maximo now brings his head a bit closer to grim and says, 
    Maximo: "What's in it for me?" 
    Grim brings the tip of his scythe very close to Maximo's face and says,
    Grim: "Soo.." 
    Grim brings his face closer to Maximo.
    Grim: "I'll return you to the mortal wo-o-orld.." 
    Maximo shifting his head and eyes to left,
    Maximo: "How can I trust you?" 
    Grim grabs Maximo by his armor and brings him right next to his face, and 
    while clenching his right hand in a fist, 
    Grim: "How can you not trust this face huh? Here," 
    Grim reaches into his pocket and takes out a death coin.
    Grim: "as proof of our contract, as long as you have this, I'll keep you 
    Grim then surrounds Maximo in blue wisps and says,
    Grim: "You must find the sorceresses' council, they can help you." 
    Camera then zooms to Maximo's face. 
    Maximo: "Why are you helping me?" 
    Camera goes to Grim's face. 
    Grim: "If there's no more dead, than I'm outta of a job. Now go!" 
    While Maximo spins higher and higher upwards with wisps still surrounding him,
    Grim says,
    Grim: "Good luck Maximo!"
    Scene 2:
    Royal Hall/Throne Room. A skeleton runs forward with skeleton guards standing 
    at the side. 
    Achille: "General!"
    General skeleton starts to cower and whimper. 
    Achille: "Your orders were to kill Maximo, so here is your reward." 
    While this happens the camera zooms to the general's face which appears scared,
    who then covers his face with his arms, turns, and runs. The camera pans out 
    and Achille shoots a purple charge at the general hitting him in the back. 
    After being hit, the General's body slowly restores itself; first it regrows 
    his blood and muscle, and then his skin. The camera then goes to the general's 
    General: "I'm Alive!" 
    Then the camera goes to Achille's face. 
    Achille: "Guards!"
    The two guards turn to face Achille. 
    Guards: "Yes my lord!"
    Camera returns to Achille's face.
    Achille: "Take the general away and torture him..."
    Camera goes to two guards faces who turn to look at General and laugh. 
    Achille: "...until he dies." 
    Guards approach general, who has his teeth chattering. 
    Achille: "Maximo, your fate will not be so pleasant."
    Scene 3:
    In an icy/glacial backdrop. Camera zooms in on Maximo, Mamba Marie, Aurora Lee,
    and Lenore, while in the corner of the frame some little warp appears. Grouped
    together, Aurora Lee says, 
    Aurora Lee: "We can not defeat Achille without Sephonie."
    A thunder like noise.
    ???: "Heheheeh..."
    Camera zooms out from group and comes upon Achille, who has Sephonie with him.
    She is on the ground unconscious. 
    Achille: "Looking for someone?"
    Camera goes to Sephonie's face. 
    Sorceresses: "Sephonie!"
    Camera goes to Maximo's face. 
    Maximo: "Release her!"
    While charging his staff, he brings it to Sephonie's face. 
    Achille: "And hand over the key to my own power?"
    The staff comes to her face, she screams, and the other sorceresses look away 
    in pain. Camera goes to Maximo. 
    Maximo: "Achille!!"
    He charges towards him and slashes at him, but Achille teleports away. Maximo 
    looks around left and right. 
    Grim: "Hey Maximo,"
    Maximo looks up and sees grim coming down from above. While descending, Grim 
    Grim: "Oooookkk, who died?"
    Landing on Maximo's right side, and putting its right arm around him. 
    Grim: "Your friends soul has been sent to the underworld,"
    Grim goes to the left of Maximo. 
    Grim: "you're going to have to find her."
    Grim then jumps behind Maximo and camera zooms on his face, 
    Grim: "huh?"
    Zooms out, Grim lifts his scythe up. 
    Grim: "This may sting a bit."
    Camera goes to Maximo. While readying himself,
    Maximo: "Lets do it." 
    Grim hits the ground with his scythe. 
    Grim: "Hiyaa!"
    The ground breaks apart and below it is flames. Maximo falls in and while 
    zooming in on his face, 
    Grim: "Give em hell kid."
    Scene 4:
    Atop Achille's great drill. Achille, over a spirit orb (looks like a crystal 
    ball), turns his head right towards Maximo 
    Achille: "Beautiful, isn't it?"
    Maximo rears his body backwards. Achille turns more towards Maximo. 
    Achille: "All those souls,"
    Camera goes to orb, with Achille and Maximo's reflection in it. Achille turns 
    back to orb. 
    Achille: "All that power."
    Swings staff violently to his side, while again turning towards Maximo. Camera 
    goes to Achille's face. 
    Achille: "Its all mine."
    Camera is then on Maximo, who swings his sword to the left, than right, and 
    Maximo: "I won't let it happen!"
    Achille, while turning a little to orb, then swinging the other direction 
    Achille: "Ahahahahha, All I already have." 
    Achille swings his staff up, and souls leave from orb and travel upwards in a 
    stream. Camera goes to Achille's face laughing, then goes up to souls which 
    form a lasso like shape in the air. The camera then returns to Achille's face 
    Scene 5:
    In the royal chamber, Maximo is walking down the red carpet. Camera goes to 
    Sophia: "My dear Maiximo."
    Camera then goes to Maximo. 
    Maximo: "Sophia."
    Camera goes to Sophia and Maximo walking to each other in slow motion. Screen 
    becomes bright, both hug each other when they meet. Camera goes to both of 
    their faces, Sophia slowly lets go of Maximo. 
    Sophia: "I feared you were dead, what happened to Achille?"
    Maximo: "Gone!"
    Sophia's head turns to the side, smirks, eyes narrow, and voice gets a bit 
    Sophia: "Excellent." 
    Camera goes to chandelier, which is blown by wind and candles dim. While 
    raising her wrist to her mouth, 
    Sophia: "Hahahahahahahha,"
    Then stumbling, 
    Sophia: "Aghghhhh" 
    Her face then turns blue, her eyes orange. Camera goes to whole body from 
    behind which is a slimy blue. Large tail appears from behind. Camera goes to 
    her hand which expands and gains claws. 
    Demon Queen: "Finally..."
    Camera on her back again, then switching to Maximo's face in horror. 
    Demon Queen: "his power..."
    Camera then goes to her back yet again, she now fully transforms. 
    Demon Queen: "...transfers to me!"
    She takes a step forward, and Maximo takes one backward. Then while continually
    approaching Maximo, 
    Demon Queen: "And now, the only thing left, is to devour you!!"
    Goes to her face oversalivating, then to candles blowing out in chandelier. 
    Scene 6:
    Maximo, approaches his throne downtroddenly. Aurora Lee and Mamba Marie sadly 
    shake their heads. Camera then goes to Maximo sitting in his throne, slouching.
    It then changes to the carcass of the Demon Queen, and then switches back to 
    Maximo. On his face, tears run down it. Grim's hand appears out of the
    ground, grabs the base of the throne and pulls him up. He then moves 
    behind the throne.
    Grim: "Well buddy I owe you one."
    Grim moves to the other side of throne while holding a death coin. 
    Grim: "You saved the day, and won back both our kingdoms."
    Concerned, Grim says, 
    Grim: "Whats a matter buddy,"
    Camera is now on everyone from above. 
    Grim: "aren't you happy?"
    Camera goes to Grim and Maximo's faces. Angrily, Maximo says, 
    Maximo: "Why should I be?! My kingdom is in ruins, and Sophia,"
    He looks forward and then looks down.
    Maximo: "Dear god Sophia.."
    Camera pans out, now including carcass, and grim flies over to the Demon 
    Queen's body. Grim scratches his head, then turns around to face Maximo and 
    points backwards to the body. 
    Grim: "What this dead thing?"
    Maximo gets out of his throne and stands. 
    Maximo: "What's happened?"
    Camera returns to Grim. 
    Grim: "This was just some demon who was manipulating Achille,"
    Grim flies back to Maximo, and puts its arm around him. 
    Grim: "Hey, I know when someone is dead, and Sophia's alive."
    Aurora Lee: "My king,"
    Camera goes to Lenore who is smiling and Sephonie's spirit who nods, then to 
    Aurora Lee and Mamba Marie (who shakes her head and gives a thumbs up) while 
    Aurora Lee says,
    Aurora Lee: "We will rebuild your kingdom, and await your return."
    Camera returns to Maximo and Grim. 
    Maximo: "Grim.."
    Camera goes above their heads, then back to the Grim and Maximo, where Maximo 
    grabs Grim's death coin. 
    Maximo: "You'll search for her with me."
    Grim, flustered, looks in various direction and jostles about. 
    Grim: "Whats?!"
    Maximo: "Hey, you did say you owe me one."
    Grim turns his head to the side, and Maximo smiles. 
    Maximo: "Right buddy?"
    Grim: "Ooookkk, Maximo!" 
    Camera goes to four sorceresses waving goodbye. 
    Lenore**: "Go after her Maximo."
    Grim scratches its face and Maximo waves. Maximo turns to Grim and says, 
    Maximo: "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."
    Camera goes to back to sorceresses waving, and then it returns to Grim and 
    Maximo who walk towards the chamber's doors while the screen turns white.
    Game ends.
    -- Yokote's Note -- For Lenore in this scene, see ** explanation in the 
    previous section.
    5.Sorceress Quotes  \
    After you beat the boss of every area/world/level/whichever you call it, 
    including all but the final one, one of the four sorceresses will say something
    to Maximo before offering a kiss, armor, or save. Nothing happens in the 
    background, it is just the sorceress standing in front of you and talking 
    Ok then:
    Lenore (Graveyard, Area 1): "Maximo, thank the goddess you are alive. Achille 
    is drilling into the underworld, and you must stop him. Here this will help 
    you, choose one of these items. You will need all the help you can get against
    Achille's army. Now hurry, the other sorceresses are still in terrible danger.
    Please help them."
    Mamba Marie (Swamp, Area 2): "King Maximo, thanks for killing that little toad; 
    however, it is not over yet. This magic should help you. Go on, take one of 
    these items. They be of use to you against the dark Achille. The others are 
    still imprisoned, you must free them. You better get going."
    -- Yokote's Note -- "They be of use", according to Lonewolf182, is what she she 
    says (because of her Jamaican accent). So it is not a typo.
    Aurora Lee (Shipyard, Area 3): "Well fought my lord. Now that that scurvy 
    phantom has been vanquished, I can give you this. Any one of these items will 
    aid you against Achille. Choose wisely. I gather you have been informed about 
    Achille and the Great Drill? The horde of undead? Then off with you. And 
    Maximo, good luck."
    Sephonie (Spirit Realm, Area 4): "You rescued me from an eternity with that 
    disgusting pig. I knew our faith in you was not misguided. Here, the council's
    circle is now complete. Maximo, take one last gift before we return to the 
    mortal realm. You now have everything you need. The sorceresses council cannot 
    aid you further. It is up to you alone to defeat Achille."
    6.Misc. Quotes      /
    There are a few lines said outside of the cutscenes and the sorceress 
    exchanges, but not many. As an extra touch, I just thought I would add them 
    here. I realize many enemies grunt and make noises, but with my poor 
    descriptive skills, which would make everything just seem like "Ughh", or 
    "Arghhh" or something like that, along with the fact that it isn't that 
    interesting anyway, I will not place any here. In short, all speech found 
    outside the other two sections is here. Ok then.
    Skeleton Soldier - (the ones with the spears): "Hup, two, three." along with 
    the occasional: "Hup!"
    ...fascinating. Next
    Lord Glutterscum: "Come get some!"
    Dark Knight: "No man shall pass!"
    Achille - At battle start: "Little fool, you cannot win."
    When releasing his purple or technique barriers: "Back off!"
    When summoning the purple head: "Destroy Maximo."
    When the purple head is chasing you and firing lasers out of its eyes: "Run 
    coward, run."
    -- Yokote's note -- I had never continued in this game until I decided I wanted 
    these quotes. I had to kill myself 40+ times because I had 30 something lives 
    at the time, and I needed to kill myself eight more times in order to get the 
    price increase quote. So remember, I died a lot for these (of course I didn't 
    save afterwards...that would have been a big mistake).
    The Grim Reaper (Grim) - When you lose all your lives and go to the continue 
    screen: "What, back so soon?"
    When you pay him a coin before he decides to increase the price: "Hmmm, 
    When he decides to up the coin price for next time: "Next time the price 
    When you refuse to pay: "Ah, ah, ahh...hheheheheeeheeheheheHEHEAHEHE", which 
    he follows with a strike from his scythe.
    7. About Yokote/Contact/  
    Yokote, or more formally Yokote of the Blade, is also known as Shinmen Musashi 
    on gamefaqs. This FAQ was created to see what the submission process is like. 
    For Email: Try Yoktae@aol.com, that should work.
    8.Credits/Thanks / 
    Lonewolf182 - The one and only. My gratitude to Lonewolf182, a user of Gamefaqs
    who gave me an astounding 3 out of the 4 sorceress quotes, and helped me out 
    with an understanding error with the 4th one (those accents can sometimes 
    deceive you). If you are reading this than Thanks a lot!, your help was 
    greatly appreciated. Oh yes I almost forgot to mention:
    If you need any help with the game, check out the Gamefaqs board. Lonewolf182 
    and Miss LadyHawke2 will try their best to help you out (at least I think they
    9.Disclaimer     /
    I have allowed Gamefaqs to place this on their website. If others desire this 
    for some odd reason, please contact me and try to acquire my permission. 
    Thanks. And um, don't distribute this document for monetary gain (who would 
    want to do that with this?...bahh quit you're yapping inner voice), its here 
    so it can be accessible for free. 
    Maximo: Ghosts to Glory is made and owned by Capcom. I have no link to Capcom 
    (sniffle), and write this unofficially. Yea, I don't really like this legal 
    stuff nor am I any good at writing it heh.
    10.Conclusion    /
    It's nice to have actually done another FAQ, granted I did these (both my 
    Maximo FAQs) at about the same time. I am thinking about continuing FAQ 
    writing, but at present remain undecided.
    ................Thanks again to:
    ..I just wanted to do that heheh.

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