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"Extremely Disappointing........"

OK, First off, this game is WAAAYYY over hyped. I have played much more fun Atari games than this one. Granted, Maximo has great graphics, and is the sequel to the beloved Ghosts and Goblins, (or was it Ghouls and Ghosts), anyway those are the ONLY things going for it.

The first thing you will think when you first pop in Maximo is ''Wow, this game is beautiful.'' and it will spiral down from there.

First problem, the Camera: In a platform game, the one of the most dire things to have successfully tweaked is the camera. It should be your best friend and help/guide/do-what-I-want-you-to-do type thing, but in Maximo, the camera is your worst enemy. You will find yourself straight from the beginning in situtations where you must jump across lava and the camera seems to be of no help AT ALL, as Maximo can hardly jump an inche anyway, it even seems to be against you, making the game HARDER than it already is...

Second problem, the Difficulty: The enemies in Maximo are some of the most cheapest enemies I have ever fought. They tend to always be out of range of Maximo's midget sword and gang up on you when you are in no postion to fight. And there is a bird that steals your money that you DESPERATELY need ALL THE TIME, and the bird sometimes seems to come out of nowhere and sometimes from behind, and Maximo's midget sword ends up being no use as he, again, can't hardly jump and sword cannot reach the bird flying away. This game definitely needs a difficulty setting, because, obviously it doesn't... (but wait, theres more)

Third problem, in General: Another problem in Maximo is that in order to save, you need 100 coins, which is a daunting task granted that you have the ... bird I discussed earlier stealing your money all the time. Plus, you need the money to buy yourself armor which could be an arm and a leg at times because you will find yourself in a situation that you will need armor, but you just beat a level that was extremly difficult and need to really save, leaving you very frustrated. This problem seems to come up alot after boss fights because you have to choose one or the other. The boss may left you weak, but you want to save, or you have enough energy but will you make it through the next stage alive. You also need special coins called death coins to continue after game overs. Now this wouldn't be a problem, but you find death coins rarely or too far and between. On top of that, if you after you use a couple of continues, the Grim Reaper will begin to charge 2 death coins instead of 1.

There are more problems in here but I would probably go over the word limit. Take it from one of the most hardcore gamers, Maximo is horrible. It started off as a great idea and showed lots of promise but was poorly executed and missed by a long shot, a very long shot. The difficulty could have been better as it should be challenging, not unfair as this game will appeal to younger gamers who wont get past the first level. The camera is a gigantic problem and disappointment and Maximo should be better equipped and agile.

If your looking for a good platformer, Jak and Daxter is an excellent choice and wont disappoint.

But still, Maximo is still worth a rental, and a purchase if it was only [a few dollars] but dont say I didn't warn you.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 07/19/02, Updated 07/19/02

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