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    FAQ/Walkthrough by moses1162

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              Twisted Metal: Black FAQ
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ v1.2
    By: Eric Robertson
    Date: June 23, 2001
    System: PS2
    Developer: Incognito Studios
    --- Revision Notes ---
    v1.2   June 23, 2001   Added new secrets and endings.
    v1.1   June 22, 2001   Added new secrets, table of contents, and endings
    v1.0   June 21, 2001   First Issue.
              Table Of Contents:
      1. Intorduction
      2. Gameplay
      3. Characters
      4. Weapons/Powerups
      5. Levels/Arenas
      6. Hints/Codes
      7. Endings  *** SPOILERS ***
      8. Copywrite Info
    1         Introduction:
    The Twisted Metal series started on the origional playstation system and
    started the "car combat" genre.  Since that time, there have been three sequels
    on the playstation, with Twisted Metal:Black becoming the fifth installemnt in
    the series.  Many fans view TM2 as the best installment of the game with the
    sequels TM3 and TM4 falling short.  It is the fans viewpoint that the change in
    development teams were the reason the last few installemnts of the series were
    Good news for die hard fans, the origional developers of the Twisted Metal
    series have been brought back for TMB.  Even if you have never played the
    series before, you will find much enjoyment with this game.  The control scheme
    is unbelieveably precise, the characters have depth, and the storyline is
    great.  This version of the game not only has a single player story mode, but
    multiplayer co-op and deathmatch modes.  Hours of fun for all gamers.
    This FAQ, like my others, is going to be "quick and dirty".  I personally hate
    wading through pages and pages of information that has no purpose but to add
    length.  You won't find that here.  All information will be presented in a
    straightforeward manner and should be very easy to navigate.
    2         Gameplay:
    There are several different game modes for TMB.  You can either choose to play
    in a single player game, or with a few friends.
    The single player mode offers a few choices.  You can play through the story
    mode, which differs depending on the character you select.  Each character has
    a unique storyline and ending, so you must beat this mode with everyone to see
    everything.  The next mode is challeng mode, which is basically a one arena
    battle.  Choose your character and an arena, and then go at it.  The last mode,
    endourance, is basically a "kill as much as you can mode".
    Multiplayer modes are wonderfull as well.  You can choose the classic
    deathmatch seen commonly in most games with up to four players.  You can also
    choose a mode called Last Man Standing in which each player chooses a couple of
    vehicles and plays until all vehicles are destroyed.  The last mode is the
    co-op story mode.  This is the same as single player story mode, however your
    friend can help you out.  You do not get the character endings in the co-op
    3         Characters:
    This game wouldn't be any fun without all the unique characters.  Each
    character and their respective vehicle has their own unique stats and
    abilities, including their special attack.  Some vehicles will be very fast,
    but will have to sacrifice defence.  Others will be as slow as molasis, but
    will pack a wollop.  Try out each character to get a feel for what you like.  I
    suggest choosing a balanced character to start out with.  You will be able to
    unlock more characters as you progress through the game.  Check out how to
    unlock the characters in the hints/codes section.
    1.  Sweet Tooth
        Vehicle:  Icecream Truck
        Special:  Multiple Missle Attack
    2.  The Preacher
        Vehicle:  Brimstone
        Special:  Large Bolt
    3.  Billy Ray Stillwell
        Vehicle:  Junkyard Dog
        Special:  Wrecking Ball Attack
    4.  Agent Stone
        Vehicle:  Outlaw
        Special:  Powerfull Machine Gun
    5.  John Doe
        Vehicle:  Roadkill
        Special:  Multi Missle (Hold for more missles)
    6.  Mr. Grimm
        Vehicle:  Motorcycle
        Special:  Sycle
    7.  Bloody Mary
        Vehicle:  Spectre
        Special:  Large Missle
    8.  No-Face
        Vehicle:  Crazy8
    9.  Charlie Kane and Son
        Vehicle:  Yellow Jacket
    10. Axel
        Vehicle:  Big Wheel
    11. Cage
        Vehicle:  Warthog
    12. Raven
        Vehicle:  Shadow
    13. Black
        Vehicle:  Manslaughter
    14. Dollface
        Vehicle:  Darkside
    15. Minion
        Vehicle:  Big Ass Truck
    4         Weapons/Powerups:
    This is a car combat game, so of course we need the weapons.  This game has
    tons to utilize, just like the past versions.  Everything from your basic
    machine guns to some homing missles.  And of course, if you're going to be
    blowing each other up, you need some healing items as well.  This next section
    will go into some detail about the different weapons and powerups found in TMB.
    Basic Powerups:
      Health:  Fills up part of your health meter.
      Turbo:  Fills up part of your turbo meter.
      Repair Station:  Fully recovers your vehicles health.
      Machine Gun Upgrade:  Doubles speed and damage for a short time.
    Advanced Powerups:
      Skill Weapon:  A unique weapon that requires a button combo and timing to
      Black Cube:  Find these to unlock game secrets.
      Fire Missle:  Your basic missle with slight homing abilities.
      Homing Missle:  Great homing abilities, but low power.
      Power Missle:  Great power, but no homing ability.
      Ricochet:  A bouncing missle with a 5 second timer.
      Gas Can:  Works like a remote mine or a grenade.
      Reticle:  Multi-missle with lock on, longer lock for more missles.
      Satelite:  Multi-missle from the sky.
    There are also energy attacks that require special button combos.  Most of
    these are very usefull, but be carefull because your power is drained when
    using these.
      Jump: Press L1+R1.  No energy loss.
      Freeze: Press D,U,D.  You can freeze your opponent.
      Invisible: Press L,L,D,D.  You are temporarily invisible.
      Shield: Press R,R,D,D.  No damage for a short time.
      Rear-Fire: Press L,R,D+Fire.  Shoot behind vehicle.
      Mine: Press R,L,D.  Drop a mine behind your vehicle.
      Charged-Mine: Press R,L,D for 1 sec.  More powerful, explodes after a short
    5         Levels/Arenas:
    You have to have a backdrop for the mayhem.  This game has everything including
    a few special areas you need to unlock.  I've listed whether they are available
    in single or multiplayer, and how to unlock them if they are hidden.
    Level                    Single  Multi  Unlock
    1.  Junkyard             X
    2.  Suburbs              X       X
    3.  Freeway              X
    4.  Downtown             X       X
    5.  Highway Loop         X
    6.  Minion's Stadium     X
    7.  Prison passage       X       X
    8.  Snowy Roads          X
    9.  Drive-In Movie       X
    10. Skyscrapers          X       X
    11. Warhawk's Rooftop    X
    Arena Only
    1.  Asylum Halls                 X
    2.  Elevators                    X
    3.  Power Plant                  X
    4.  Dog Pound                    X
    5.  Sewers                       X
    6         Hints / Codes:
    Invincibility Code - During gameplay, hold L1,L2,R1,R2 and press
    Unlock Warhawk Arena - Found in the Junkyard.  Jump on top of the large yellow
    press on the side of the arena.  When it rises up, drive on top of the
    platform.  To your left is a spinning cube with a secret.  Drive off the
    platform to grab the cube and unlock the secret.
    Unlock Yellow Jacket - Found in the Junkyard.  Shoot down the plane circling
    the arena with a few homing missles.  You will see the plane go down.  Now near
    the center of the arena, you will see some wreckage and an opening.  Inside is
    a long tunnel with a lot of powerups.  At the end is a computer monitor in
    front of a column.  SHoot it to unlock the car.
    Unlock Manslaughter - Found on prison ship.  Wait for the ship to dock.  Exit
    the ship and turn right.  Follow the road around until you see the side of the
    ship and some boxes.  Shoot the boxes to form a ramp.  Now drive up the ramp
    and shoot the side of the boat.  A door will open and you can drive inside. 
    You will find another computer console and unlock a new vehicle.
    Unlock Axel - Found on the Freeway.  Find the area with the two cranes.  One of
    the cranes is holding a crate in the air.  Position your vehicle on a nearby
    hill so that your missles point up towards the control cockpit.  Fire at the
    cockpit to drop the crate.  Shoot the crate and inside is the vehicle.
    7       Endings:
    Billy Ray Stillwell:  Calypso comes through on his bargain and delivers the
    pilot to Billy Ray.  The pilot is tied up on the fence and gagged so he can't
    move or talk.  Billy Ray jumps in the plane and drives the propellors straight
    into the pilot.  The very end only shows a pair of goggles the pilot was
    wearing covered in blood
    Sweet Tooth:  After winning the competition, Sweet Tooth is given the cure to
    his burning, a vile of the preachers blood.  If he drinks the blood of the man
    who cursed him, then he will be cured.  But, if he kills again then the curse
    will return.  After 10 seconds of thought, Sweet Tooth crushes the vile of
    blood and kills Calypso in a flash.  He can't give up what he loves.
    Preacher:  At the end of the competition, the preacher finially realizes that
    the infant he was baptising was not posessed, it was just him.  He was the one
    who destroyed the church and killed athe the people.  He decides to end it all
    by jumping off the roof of warhawk's arena.
    Mr. Grimm:  As promised, the man who forced Mr. Grimm to his canabalistic ways
    is delivered.  Mr. Grimm doesn't wait, and kills him immediately.  Although his
    revenge is satisfied, he will never loose his taste for flesh.
    Bloody mary:  For winning the competition, Calypso delivers Spectre the husband
    she has been looking for.  With his head sown back together after some "minor"
    adjustments, he looks like he's the one for Spectre.  He strains and wispers in
    her ear, I will never love you.  Enraged, she beats him to death with a sledge
    hammer (nasty).  SHe vows to find a husband, or kill every man in her way.
    Agent Stone:  This cop is given his chance to go back in time to prevent the
    tragedy from occuring.  This time he makes precise shots, only hitting the
    terrorist.  In the end, everyone looks safe, and the terrorist is down.  Now he
    can rest assured that he prevented the tragedy, except...the terrorist is still
    alive.  Just as the cop turns his head to look, the terrorist pulls his gun and
    shoots him in the head.  All this effort to save a life and he looses his own.
    John Doe:  John slowly realizes in the end who he was.  He was an FBI agent,
    deep undercover in a skinhead gang.  They were going to bomb a building, and he
    ran back in at the last minute to throw the bomb out the window.  John realizes
    he has a family and a good life, except Calypso tells him he is now #2 on teh
    FBI's most wanted list.  Calypso turns a gun on John Doe, and kills him on the
    8         Copyrite Information:
    Twisted Metal: Black and all characters are (c) Copyrite Sony Computer
    Entertainment of America, and Incognito Studios.  All information located
    within this FAQ has been written by myself and is protected under international
    copyrite law.
    This document may not be reproduced without the consent of the author, Eric
    Robertson.  Please email the author at moses1162@yahoo.com if you wish to host
    this document on your site.
    Currently only www.gamefaqs.com has permission to view/use this document.

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