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"Pure, unadulterated Twisted Metal bliss."

It all started in January of 1996 with a game call Twisted Metal. About one year later, Simple Trac came out with the sequel to the already popular game. In Single Trac Fall of 1998, the third installment of this popular series was released. However, for some reason, Sony had decided to pull the TM (Twisted Metal, not Trade Mark, although, I guess both sound good) licenses from Single Trac and give it Sony’s own 989 Studios. Single Trac (almost complete with the game) decided to release it under a different name. Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012. Then 989 went on to make yet a fourth installment to the never-meat-the-popularity-of-the-first-two series. Finally, we come to the PS2. Sony had decides to wise up and give the license back to Single Trek. But anyway, on to the review.

Graphics – 10
These are some awesome graphics. The environments are great and huge and the cars, well, they actually look like real cars. The weapons, the explosions everything just looks real. And the visual effects, just plain eye candy. One of the cool things is, vehicle damage. As you get low on life, you’re vehicle, well, maintains damage. That’s awesome. I guess all Twisted Metal games had this, but before this game, I wasn’t too fond of Twisted Metal.

Sound – 8
I thought they could have done a better job on their sound selection. I mean, if they had licensed music like GT3, the would’ve been great. The sound effects are masterfully done. The roaring of the engines, that crashes, the machine gun fire, there are tons of great sounding things going on in this game.

Control – 10
OK, this is funky and yet cool. Square is the acceleration, R3 (press the analog button in) is the turbo, R1 & L1 select your specials, R2 fires your machine gun and L2 fires your special. Really easy controls to get down. And, like I said, these controls are cool. They may sound hard on paper (or you’re computer monitor), but, trust me, give it a try. It just feel natural after some time.

Replay – 10
Damn this is fun. My friend and I were both playing co-op and we played this game more then GT3! Three straight hours of unadulterated Twisted Metal bliss. Of course, both being the novices we are, we died all the time. But we had fun doing it and that’s all that counts.

Overall – 10
Great game, I’m actually considering buying it (my buddy just rented it). I never really liked the Twisted Metal series much, until now. Great job Single Trek!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/14/01, Updated 07/14/01

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