"Kessen II = Great"

I was playing Dynasty Warriors 3 one day when I thought to my self, what other sweet games based in Imperial China/Japan are there? So I hopped on the internet and looked around and finally found Kessen II. I found it used for $10.00, and when I got it it was in still in original factory wrapping! I popped it in to my PS2 and started a campaign. The first mission is like a tutorial, it mainly helps you to learn the controls, which is needed. Then the real gameplay starts: I found myself getting more and more in to the story, I wanted to lead my army to victory, I wanted to recruit more officers, I wanted to research new technologies(you can research and build wooden oxen{like a flame tank}, flying machines, and all sorts of siege weapons)but most of all I wanted to play and play and play. I couldn't stop playing. It was all I thought about, and all I talked about.(In case you haven't noticed I get a little to into games, but that's ok, at least that's what I tell my self.) The game has missions that range from all out battle to castle sieges. All of which are driven by a very good story with very good voice acting and cinematic graphics. You start out unmercifully out numbered, but by winning peoples respect and loyalty you end up with a very size able army. You control every aspect of the army, form deciding what to focus on between missions(gaining fame, training troops, researching weapons, etc.), to what formations each unit uses or which spell a officer uses(yes, their is magic in the game). Their are betrayals, victories, losses, deaths, loves, mistakes, and surprises for the whole family.


Controls-(8/10)Takes a little getting used to, but after a couple of missions it's fine. Only problem is that it is to complex.

Gameplay-(10/10)If you like Dynasty warriors, but want more strategy, get Kessen 2. It's chock full 'o strategy, good voice acting, great stories, and battles on a very large scale(very big armies).

Graphics-(8/10)Very good graphics considering 500 soldiers on the screen at once. And the cinematics are amazing!

Overall-(9/10)If you want a good strategy/action game set in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms time period, get Kessen 2. Not to mention you can find it used for $10.00, I did!

Good luck gaming!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/20/03, Updated 04/20/03

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