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    FAQ by hailjh

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/25/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         """"""""#;""#;""""""""O;"OO ;""""";;"OO@"@""" @"O"""; ;O""""";#O"""@#""""
        ";;;;;;;O"";O,;;;;O,";O.;;;,;;;;,  ;,;;""";",;";;;";,#;";"";;;@;;;"O;;;;
               .   ,    "   ",   ;          O#@@O"O#O;. ; ; ;   ;;   ;   ,
          ;;;;";;;";;;O,;;;";;;;;;";;  ;@@@@####@O@@#@@@@@@";;;,.,;#";;;;;;,
         """""""""""O";"""@;""""""O" OOOO@####@#####@#@O@@OO"@OO""#"""@O""";
        "OOOO@OOOOO# "OOO@OOO@ OOO"O@OOOO@####@#@@#@#####OOOOO@O@#OOO@#OOOOOO"
        @@@O#@O@O@"  ;,            @#@##@#####@#@####@####@##
       OOOO OOOO     "" "" O "; "O#@#@#""############@#######;"O "O
                                 @@O@#; .##############@##@@@@;
                                  O@@@@" @#######@@@###@##@@@O"
                                       #@OOOO@@@" O###OOOOO;
                                       ,OOOOOO@,   O@O@OO@@"
                                      ;@@OOOO@;    .#@@@OOO@
                                      "@@@@@##      "###@@@@"
                                    ""#@@@@@"        ;#@@@@@O
                                     @O@####         ;######@
                                    O@OOOOO@          O@@OOOOO
                                    @OOOOO@           ,@@OOOOO
                                   "OO@@@@.            OOOOOO@"
                        ;;;;;;,    OOOOOO"              @O@@@@;
               ,;;;;;;;;;;""""""""""@@@@"""";,.          #@@#;
                        ,;""""""""""###"""""";,          ,##@"
                            ;"OOOOO#@@";;""OOOOOO";,.     "#@@"
                             "O@@@#@@O"      ,;"O@##@OO";,@@@@O@"
                               ;@@@OO#@              ;""O@O@###@O"O#
                               ##@@@#;                     ,;;;;;;;;
             * This ASCII Art was created by Nemesis <pimpmasterbrett@hotmail.com> *
            made by the company Koei for the N64
        This Winback FAQ/Walkthrough was created and            
                   authored by hailjh.
                    © 2000 by hailjh
                    ~ Version 1.0 ~
         This FAQ/Walkthrough is copywrited [©] by hailjh in 2000. The _legal_ 
    copies of this document can be found at www.gamefaqs.com and 
    vgstrategties.about.com I will not accept any chain letters or anything of that 
    type. I will accept honest, constructive criticism to better shape my 
                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
    [1]  Revision History
    [2]  Controls
    [3]  Modes of Play
    [4]  Characters
    [5]  Weapons and Items
    [6]  Walkthrough/by Stage # (1-20)
    [7]  Beat the Bosses a Complete Breakdown. How to, **IS NOW DONE**
    [8]  Tips from You and Me
    [9]  The Endings
    [10] Q & A Section
    [11] Epilogue (what happens after you beat Celcie)**LATER**
    [12] Credits and Copyright
                                 REVISION HISTORY
    FOURTH UPDATE= Happened on 1/17/2000. Yes two updates in one day. I only 
    added codes and gameshark codes along with a boss I forgot, who is Gunt, 
    also updated the Q & A section.
    THIRD-AND-ONE-HALF UPDATE= I only added that big thing just before hand. 
    Happened on 1/17/2000/
    THIRD UPDATE= Did up to stage 12. I also finished the chapter =  Beat the 
    Bosses, How to. Changed this from FAQ to FAQ/Walkthrough, because now I have 
    one going. Before it was just a FAQ. Now it has a walkthrough so it is now a 
    FAQ/Walkthrough. Also re-arranged the chapters a bit. Anything 
    wrong/missing/ with the FAQ/Walkthrough so far? a chapter you want added? 
    Happened on 1/10/2000.
    SECOND UPDATE= Added some tips, completed the Character Bios, allowed a new 
    site to show my FAQ, and started the walkthrough. Stage 1-4. 15-20 will be 
    finished over this weekend.(hopefully) Happened on 1/5/2000.
    FIRST UPDATE= Everything is new. Happened on 1/2/2000. Please send me some 
    info on the game at hailjh@hotmail.com………
                               CONTROLS OF WINBACK
    CONTROL STICK= Used to control your character, Jean-Luc Cougar, during game 
    play. Also used to navigate the menus.
    A BUTTON= This is your action button. It is used to fire your weapon, pick 
    up items, hand to hand combat, open doors, and other such things. Select 
    things in the menus.
    B BUTTON= Reload. Goes back in the menus.
    C UP= Switches through your weapons.
    C DOWN= Targets an enemy.
    C RIGHT & C LEFT= Changes camera view and switches targets when
    multiple enemies are on screen.
    R BUTTON= Locks on an enemy. Hold R button to raise your gun to shoot it.
    Z BUTTON= Used to crouch.
    D-PAD DOWN= Used to set C-4's and once set pressed again to detonate. Use to 
    take out guns. I don't know the name of them right now, but there like 
    turret guns but don't swish around.
                              MORE COMPLEX CONTROLS
    R + A= Gun shot. Enables you to shoot your gun you are carrying.
    A + R + A= Back against wall. While you are facing a wall press the A button 
    momentarily. Then lock on to an enemy character. Press and HOLD the R button 
    and this will cause you to swing out in the line of fire. Press the A button 
    as much as you desire and then let go of the R button. Careful about using 
    the shotgun on this one around more than one enemy because it is slow. You 
    shoot, reload, and then go back against the wall. A bullet can easily nick 
    you causing *gasp!* damage.
    Z + Forward + A= Forward roll. Press and hold the Z button and while walking 
    forward press the A button. Very Useful.
                                MODES OF PLAY
    STORY= This is the main way to play. You play in order of level and try to 
    figure out the story with many, many twists.
    TUTORIAL= Use this to learn the controls faster. Highly recommended.
    VERSUS= Multiplayer. Not to many characters now, but try to unlock more and 
    then come back. IMO (in my opinion) Gunt and Thunder are the best.
    TRIAL= Can only be unlocked through a code as far as I know. Lets you play 
    any level in any order.
                       **********THE "GOOD" GUYS**********
         Let me tell you now, one of these "Good" Guys is an traitor with a dark 
    JEAN-LUC COUGAR= Jean-Luc is a former member of a city SWAT team, 27 years 
    old and single. His ability to remain levelheaded in even the most harrowing 
    situations gained him a spot as the leader of the Advance Strike Team of 
    S.C.A.T. He is highly respected by the younger teammates, and finds it 
    easier to express his fighting spirit in actions rather than words. His 
    handgun is the last reminder he has of his older brother Alan, a member of 
    the Navy Special Forces who was lost in battle and is presumed dead.
    LISA ROBERTS= The only female member in S.C.A.T. Her grandmother was 
    Japanese, and Lisa claims to possess a strong fighting spirit. After acing 
    her courses on criminal psychology at the university, she went to join the 
    National Bureau of Investigation. She is also an excellent long-range sharp 
    shooter, and was once offered to test her skills in the Olympics. She was 
    offered a position in S.C.A.T. after Dan saw her in action during a training 
    session at the NBI academy.
    DANIEL STEWART= S.C.A.T.'s first and only commander. His experience and 
    leadership help hold together the various personalities that make up 
    S.C.A.T. He is also a former member of the Navy Special Forces and a trusted 
    friend of Jean-Luc's brother Alan.
    LAW BRUFORD= 6'6" 250lbs of pure fighting machine. He was transferred to 
    S.C.A.T. from the Navy on the recommendation of his commanding officer. He 
    is unmatched in hand to hand combat, and was Jean-Luc's toughest competition 
    for Leader of the Advance Strike Team.
    JAKE HUDSON= A former Army grunt, Jake joined S.C.A.T. at the same time as 
    Jean-Luc. He is somewhat of a prankster and loves to pick on Lisa whenever 
    he gets a chance. He is as brave as they come and his shooting ability is 
    questioned by none.
    MICHAEL HAWKINS= A demotions expert and former member of the National Drug 
    Enforcement Agency's bomb squad. His skills in defusing bombs and destroying 
    obstructions make him a key player in the fight against terrorism.
    THOMAS SMITH= He is in charge of all communications for the backup support 
    team. A former member of the computer crime division in the National Bureau 
    of Investigation, he is well versed in all facets of computers and other 
    high tech electronics.
    STEVEN LEGAL= As Lieutenant Commander or S.C.A.T. he received most of his 
    training in the British Secret Service. His information gathering an keen 
    analytical skills make him the top choice for any scouting mission.
    KEITH BIRDY= No team would be complete without a support member trained in 
    medicine. As the rookie of the team, Keith joined S.C.A.T. with the highest 
    recommendations from the President. The GULF mission is his first with the 
                   *********AVERAGE JOE BADDIES*********
         Most of these guys are "for hire" terrorists. Hired to do the 
    BADDIE= Regular bad guy. Carries a shotgun or machine gun. Usually in 
    groups. Wear FBI outfits and blue camouflage.
    SNIPER= Appear higher than you are. Travel solo mostly. Some take only one 
    hit before dying.
    ASSASSIN= Carries a pistol and a knife. Actively hunt you down. Most 
    dangerous. The knife can take 50-70% of your life. One hit. That is early 
    on…… later they also wear ninja outfits and carry a machine gun, a knife, 
    and take 3-4 hits with pistol. These you should take out with heavy 
    firepower and first. MOST DANGEROUS.
    LILA= Woman. Crazy. Used a .50 caliber gun. You use shotgun.
    LEON= Man. Thinks your his prey. Uses shotgun. You use Rocket Launcher. Only 
    takes three.
    RYAN= Man. Loyal to the job. Uses hand grenades and machine gun. You use 
    THUNDER= Man. Likes fire. Uses pistol/shotgun combo and flamethrower. You 
    use machine gun long range, Shotgun close.
    DUKE= Man. Thinks your Keith and will get rid of "you government scum." Uses 
    a BIG gun, which needs a sling. You use pistol.
    GUNT= Man. Is very fat. Just duck and once his firing slows shoot him and 
    then run the other way!! Use anything. If your good then well……then a 
    pistol. If you suck or anything else use your machine gun or shotgun.
    BANDEUS= Man. Likes to fire at nothing. Uses a machine gun per hand. You use 
    JIN= Freaky Man. Lila crazy?? HA! not compared to this midget. Uses 
    laughter(harmless but annoying), hand grenades, and pistol(powerful.) You 
    use shotgun. He's to fast for anything else.
    DEATHMASK= Man. Wears a mask. Uses a pistol. You use machine gun and 
    explosive barrels he passes.
    CELCIE= Woman looking Man. Wants only for himself. Uses pistol. Easiest 
    boss. Blow the laser traps and get behind the gun and he will be gone in 
    about thirty seconds.
    ???????= "The traitor." Uses a pistol and hand grenades. You use pistol and 
    the barrels behind "the traitor". When "the traitor" moves away from the 
    barrels get your shotgun and use it at close range.
            For complete boss breakdown read the chapter on it.
                              WEPONS AND ITEMS
    PISTOL= Standard weapon. Has unlimited bullets and is mid-range of all the 
    standard weapons. Carries 8 rounds per clip. Uses .45 caliber bullets.
    SHOTGUN= The ammo is limited to what you can find lying on the ground. You 
    can find it usually when you kill an enemy, but that rarely happens. Still 
    be on the look out! Covers a wide area ('bout three enemies side by side), 
    but lacks range. Is a 12-gauge shotgun and holds 8 bullets per clip.
    MACHINE GUN= Ohhh yea! This fires very fast and like the shotgun is limited 
    to what you can find. This has very long range. Try to conserve this gun for 
    the bosses or when your low on life and are facing multiple enemies. Fires 
    9mm bullets and each magazine carries 30 bullets.
    ROCKET LAUNCER= SWISH! SWISH! BOOM! BOOM! What else is there? Ohh…their kind 
    of slow and not good for fast targets. Homing though…you only get four 
    Rockets though…not enough
    HANDGUN W/ SILENCER= Same thing as your handgun, but probably a smaller 
    caliber. Kind of like the PP7 and Silenced PP7 in Goldeneye.
    MEDICAL KIT= This restores your life about 50% of the way. Try not to use it 
    unless you are under 60% life. Just remember where they are and then later 
    on run backwards and fetch them. (You may need to set up your own %, because 
    some are better than others. Start out with 75% and try to work your way 
    AMMO POUCH= Enables you to carry 8 more shells and one more magazine. I know 
    of two. One on the first Stage and one on the second(thanks to Lick 85 and 
    Togusa Kusanagi)
    C-4 DETECTOR= Lets you know when C-4's are near. Only used in one Stage and 
    given to you by Tom.
    SHELL CASE= Contains shot for your shotgun. _Does not_ increase your shot 
    carry, but replenishes what you have already shot.
    FLASHLIGHT= Lights up your way in dark areas. IMO this is useless. It just 
    takes the place of your laser in dark areas. It is cool to use though.
    C-4 EXPLOSIVES= Use these to take out guns that are manned. I don't know the 
    name though( so if you know e-mail me the name)
    MAGAZINES= Contains rounds for your machine gun. Just refills ammo. That is 
    LASER BOX= Source of a lasers power. Blow it up and then there is no laser
    unused and able to be used and green means used and unable to be used
    KEYBOARD= Used to do some activity. Same as a Control Panel pretty much, but 
    is on a desk, not a wall.
                  ***************STAGE ONE****************
         You see yourself in a chopper on the way to the mission. Dan is giving your 
    team instructions and suddenly a fire breaks out, you get out just in time 
    before the chopper blows up……with Dan still inside. Around the first corner is a 
    Baddie and an Assassin. Around the next corner is no one. The next corner is the 
    Baddie that ran away. After you see the white trailer go inside and there is a 
    magazine, shells, and a handgun w/ silencer. When you come out duck behind a 
    crate and face the two Baddies. If their both by a crate aim for that crate. Go 
    on ahead and duck behind the first blue crate. Take out the two Baddies and then 
    get out your Machine Gun for longer range and take out the Sniper. It will only 
    take one shot. Where the Sniper fell is a door. Go inside and duck behind a 
    crate. He will put a medkit on the table and after that you can pick up the 
    first ammo pack and the medkit. Exit the room and continue to the right. After 
    the movie if you whip out immediately you can kill the two Baddies without 
    searching for them. Continue until you come to a laser. Blow up the box and 
    continue until 
    you get to the wall. Pop up and kill the three Baddies. The three will run after 
    you shoot at them. If you kill them on the spot they'll leave behind 
    extras(medkit, shells, or magazines.) If you turn to the right _before_ you go 
    behind the wall you can find some shells. When you pass the wall you can get a 
    magazine in the wall's half-circle. Duck behind the first blue crate and wait 
    for two Baddies to pop out. After you kill them go around the wall behind the 
    crate. A Sniper and Baddie will be across the bridge. The Sniper takes one hit 
    and the other is a normal Baddie. The Baddie might lay in the dirt and try to 
    suprise you. If this happens get your shotgun. Behind the wall is a magazine. 
    Then down the ladder is your first CHECKPOINT.
         Now your down in a canal or channel whatever you think. To the 
    immediate left are some shells. You can find your way to another ladder 
    yourself, but I will tell you that there are three Baddies total. Once your up 
    the ladder run and get your back against the red crate. There are two Baddies 
    waiting for you. Use your Machine Gun to scope them out and then switch to the 
    pistol or just use the Machine Gun. Before you cross the bridge get the C-4 to 
    the left. In the middle of the U-turn are some shells and magazines. Duck behind 
    a box across the second bridge and kill the Baddie that appears. Then blow the 
    box for the laser in the canal. As you 
    head back to where the laser was there are two guys running across the very 
    first bridge and possibly a guy shooting from the canal. Get down in the canal 
    and if you didn't kill the guy shooting from the chanel there are two guys. Go 
    to where the laser was and get against the wall. There are three Baddies in the 
    front side-by-side. Another one will come up later. After you pass them hop on 
    up the ladder. Hide behind the crate. Kill the three Baddies and get the shells 
    to the right. When you cross the bridge a guy will appear and start shooting 
    you. Kill him and then go behind the wall, through the door in the fence. Get 
    the medkit and then do down the ladder. Here is laser trap. A laser moves at 
    head level and you need to dodge the laser and kill two Baddies. After you kill 
    them go up the ladder. Get your back against the wall and then kill one more 
    Baddie. Exit through the door and CONGRATS! You have beaten your first Stage.
                   ***************STAGE TWO***************
         Now your on your own on regular Baddies. I will tell you where 
    Assassins and snipers are. The FAQ will also become more vague.
         When you start out there is a handgun w/ silencer to the left and shells to 
    the right. Get your silenced handgun and then face the Baddies. 
    Wait for them to expose their back. That only takes one hit. Then make your 
    way through the field of boxes towards the laser. Before you get there turn 
    to the left and up a ramp. There is a truck with an ammo pack in it. Target 
    the box and then slip the laser down. When it shows the target thing, fire. 
    The box will lower and you can get your second ammo pack. THANK	YOU TO LICH 
    Snipers. Blow the laser box and go though. If you turn right just after the 
    laser there is a medkit over there. If you see a door, it is locked, so you 
    need to get the key. Go up the steps of the building and go in there. The 
    double doors are where you need to go, but the side doors are extras. The 
    one to the right contains shells and the left contains a medkit. Try to save 
    it for now. Go through the double doors and get to where the laser pops up. 
    Press the buttons on the blue control pad to make the conveyer belt move. 
    The closest belt to you contains the box for the laser. Go down the hall 
    through the door. The door to the right contains a medkit, but you might 
    want to save that one for about half a minute. Go out the door and after the 
    video go back inside and go to that door to the left now and get pre-pared 
    for a suprise. If you need it go get the medkit. Then go through the hole 
    and up the ladder. CHECKPOINT!!!
         Now you need to navigate yourself through the roof and one room until 
    you go down a ladder. Before you go around the corner blow up the big 
    explosive box. Then go around that corner. There is an Assassin with some 
    other Baddies. Then go through the door. Before you enter the house blow up 
    the barrels behind the !caution! type wall. Then enter the house and get the 
    KEY and medkit. As you go back towards the previously locked door you will 
    first meet an Assassin on the roof where you came down. Blow up the laser 
    box that killed that one guy. In that half-circle there is a medkit. 
    Re-navigate through the conveyer belt and pick up that medkit you left 
    behind. As you approach the door two Assassin jump off the roof. Go through 
    the door and you have passed Stage 2.
                    ***************STAGE THREE***************
         Exit the room your in. Go to the truck and catch up with Matt(through a 
    video.) Don't think you have a partner to help you now. In this video you 
    see Celcie for the first time.
         Go toward Celcie was. A laser will pop up. Turn around and go up to the 
    wall and behind it. Navigate through the boxes until you come to another 
    laser. There is one Sniper on the way there. Once there blow the box for it. 
    Watch the complex windows though. Crouch under the laser and go to the 
    right. Blow up the first laser panel and then go back there. Go to the right 
    and then blow up the box in the wall. Follow the path until you get to a 
    clearing. Towards the end of the clearing is a medkit to the right. Watch 
    the movie. CHECKPOINT!!!!
         Then go to the parking lot(at least I think it is one) with the gun. 
    Get up to the gun and place your C-4 next to the wall(as close as you can) 
    and then back off and detonate it. If you hear a "UGHHghg" you did it right. 
    Then go strait from the GUNS point of view and get the shells to the left 
    and then a laser will pop up. Go back to the parking lot and through until 
    you see a ladder that is inaccessible. Go past it to get to the lasers box. 
    After you blow it go back to the laser.  After the laser a door is locked to 
    the right. Go to the left and to the left again. Now you see what the 
    ladders for?? Head towards the electric fence. The box is in plain sight. Go 
    through and the key is in this little pen. Go inside the hut and get the 
    magazine on the table and press the buttons on the blue box. The ladder will 
    now slide down. Go back to the ladder and up on the roof. There is the 
    ROCKET LAUNCER!!! YEA!!! Try to save it for a boss that doesn't move very 
    fast, but try one rocket out. Hey that group of guys is a good target!! 
    SssWWooshh!! BOOM! :p  Remember to blow the laser panel. It's hard to hit, 
    but its possible. Go to where the laser was and enter through the front 
    door. STAGE 3 COMPLETE!!
           ***************STAGE FOUR: FIGHT WITH LILA**************
         Check out beat the bosses, How to section. Try to start out with one 
    rocket and then switch to shotgun. Two medkits are in corners.
                   ***************STAGE FIVE***************
         You see a video where you reunite with Jake. You go on ahead while he 
    takes out some Snipers. He'll catch up later.
         As you go down the hall the door is locked. Continue going down the 
    hall. Watch for the Baddies laser sights. It's then a dead giveaway where 
    they are. When you go under the big door it rises up and an Assassin comes 
    out from where you started. Once you go down the flight of stairs there is a 
    medkit under the stairs. Go through the door you are now in the boiler room. 
    In this room is two doors. Go strait now because the other one is locked. In 
    front of you a laser pops up and this is your only way for now. I won't tell 
    you how to get past it, but sit there for a while until you get it(about 1-2 
    minutes.) Make sure to time your run right. Once you get past the laser go 
    around the corner to the blue control box. Once you press it a box floats 
    down the canal to make a bridge. There is a medkit to the left once you 
    cross the bridge. Once across work your way to the next blue control box and 
    when you press this one another bridge unfolds. After you cross the bridge 
    there is a door that you must enter. In this room is a locked door with a 
    keypad. When you come to a door with a yellow light over it go through it. 
    Get to the end of this room and the stage will be complete.
                     **************STAGE SIX***************
         You meet up with Jake at the express elevator. You to talk and then 
    Thomas shows up. Tom runs off to the control room on the third floor and you 
    chase after him.
         Now you have to re-navigate yourself through the Stage 5 level layout. 
    The keypadded door is _still_ locked. If you go through the door on the 
    right there are some shells, a magazine, and a C-4. YOU WILL NEED THE C-4 
    FOR A GUN!!!!!!! GET IT!!!! Then go back into the door to the right, the 
    boiler room, and the door behind it leads to some shells and a magazine. Go 
    back to the boiler room and in there is another door by the medkit. There is 
    another medkit under the stairs. When you go up the stairs there is a guy 
    there…………waiting…… The first door back up the stairs and down the hall is a 
    bathroom with a medkit in it. The second door leads you back to where you 
    fought Lila. A movie starts showing a gun and a hole blasted in a door. Use 
    the C-4 from the previous level to take out the gun. Then get behind the gun 
    and PRESS THE A BUTTON, when that blue icon appears. Then you can use, and 
    shoot, the gun. HOLD R AND PRESS THE A BUTTON TO SHOOT IT. Pretty cool huh? 
    :p Continue through the hole blasted in the door go through the EXIT door. 
         You are now outside in a courtyard. Get behind a crate or wall and take 
    out the Sniper and Baddies. At the end of the courtyard is a magazine on a 
    box and a medkit on the ground. Go through the door. In here is a laser that 
    you have to roll under. Go out the door on the other side and there are some 
    shells to the left. To the right is a blow-up-able box that you need to 
    shoot. When you do that some Baddies and a Sniper come out. Behind where the 
    box was blocking from view is a laser box for the laser leading to the 
    second floor. Once you blow it up head back to the courtyard and up the 
    ladder of stairs(where the first checkpoint was.) Enter the second level 
                  ***************STAGE SEVEN***************
         You see a video where you catch up to where Tom is. You and him 
    overhear Celcie and a Baddie are talking about bombs. Tom gives you some 
    plastic explosives and a bomb detector.
         Go through the hole caused by the explosives and go to the right down 
    the hall. Go to the other side of the theater and through a door is the 
    laser box hidden by some boxes. If you want to get the medkit you will 
    trigger the alarm and some Baddies will enter the theater. Go back to where 
    the laser was and down the hall. To the right is a laser that if your not 
    careful you'll run into. Head off to the left. The door strait ahead leads 
    to an electric fence that isn't passable. Take the other door. In this room 
    is the box for the laser in the hall. Look on the wall where the door you 
    came in is and blow it up. Since you cannot head back go forward. In the 
    room after the laser panel one your bomb detector goes off. The bomb is to 
    the left if you face the door you came in. Work your way to the other door, 
    but don't leave. In that little cell is a bomb. There is an explosive crate 
    and when you hit it takes out the box. Go back to the other door and enter 
    the little cell. Go near the bomb. Jean-Luc says "one down four to go." You 
    only need to find two because Tom picks up the other three. Go out the door 
    to get back into the hall. Go back through the hole made by the explosives 
    and through the first door. You are now back on the stairs by the courtyard. 
    Go through the first floor door. CHECKPOINT!!!!!!!!!!
         There is another hole blowed out by explosives, but is blocked by a 
    laser. Go through the real door. In here is a little hole that you need to 
    craw through. If you cannot see it you should fiddle with your tv(contrast, 
    black, color.) On the other side there is a medkit to the left. When you 
    exit the room a laser will pop up. Kill the guys on the second floor by 
    blowing up the boxes that they pass as you continue on a big metal door 
    shuts and a laser pops up. Where the laser goes through a pole get where you 
    can shoot the side of it. It's control panel is on the second floor. Once 
    you blow that go through the door closest to the medkit. In here will be an 
    Assassin. Continue on. There will be another hole to crouch through. You 
    will end up back in the bathroom. A laser is blocking off part of the room 
    the second, and final bomb you need to find is over there. You come out into 
    a hall towards the stairs is a medkit under them and the other door leads to 
    the bathroom laser switch. Blow up the box and then the bathroom laser box. 
    Go back to the bathroom and in the last stall is the second bomb that you 
    have to find. After you get the bomb head down the stairs and into the 
    boiler room. CHECKPOINT!!!!!!
         The door strait ahead is blocked off by a laser. Go through the door on 
    the right. This room is _VERY_ dangerous!! There are explosive boxes all 
    over. One wrong shot will probably mean death. Try to use silence on the 
    first guy and then use your machine gun to take out the other two. As you 
    head for the door with the yellow light over it some Baddies will come. The 
    blue control box will trigger the boxes. Then go through the door. Complete!
                    ***************STAGE EIGHT***************
         You see a video where you meet up with Jake and Lisa. Then your off 
         As you start the keypad door is FINALLY opened. Inside is a blue 
    control box that lowers the water level. Now you are able to walkthrough it. 
    There is also a medkit here in the room. Go out the door and then take the 
    one to the right. Go around and then down the ladder into the canal. Go to 
    the right and through a hole where a grate was. The laser panel is just 
    ahead and to the left a bit. Ahead a bridge blocks your way. When you go 
    through the door go up the two ladders. In this room is a handgun w/ 
    silencer hidden in a crate. Outside there is a ladder leading down into the 
    canal. Guys will fire from above you. There are some shells to the right of 
    the first ladder. When you get to the next ladder run to the other leading 
    back down into the canal. Or else the gun will shred you to pieces. In this 
    ditch there are Snipers and Baddies on your level. There is a medkit near 
    the ladder you need to get up. Once your up there and you walk towards the 
    gun and the guy manning it will come after you. Then you need to go into the 
    hut behind the gun. In here is a keyboard that rises the water level. See 
    that laser? Go past it and then you can see a way you can go around it 
    without rolling under the laser. Go out and back to where the gun is. Cross 
    the bridge. Then cross the bridge over the canal and enter the door there. 
    In here you have to roll under the laser. Once back in the courtyard go to 
    the second floor door. CHECKPOINT!!!!!
         When you go the right after the hole blown out by explosives you need 
    to go down the hall into the theater. In the little room behind it there is 
    a hole hidden by an explosive box. Go through. When you go down the hall and 
    to the right you will come to a door. Here is where the first bomb was. When 
    you get back to hall go to the electric fence room. A Baddie will turn it 
    off. Go through the fence and there is a medkit after the fence. The door to 
    the left is a _HARD_ room. Once you go in a Baddie locks the door and you 
    cannot go back. You have to kill the Baddies without blowing up the boxes or 
    they will release toxic fumes. Use your machine gun for fast killing, but 
    NOT the pistol or shotgun because they are to weak or part of a shell might 
    hit the boxes. If you hit it a laser will pop up and start to move. Also 
    some guys with gas masks will come in and put more pressure on you. You are 
    fighting three things at all the same time!! There is a medkit up the ramp 
    to the left, but before the stairs. After you come out there will be some 
    Baddies and an Assassin. In here is a medkit and a magazine. Go up the 
    ladder and Stage Eight is complete.
             ***************STAGE NINE: FIGHT WITH LEON***************
         You are now on the roof. There is a medkit hidden in a box, after you 
    get it go through the door below where the Sniper was. In here after a while 
    you meet up with Tom in the computer room. He hasn't cracked the code yet so 
    he tells you to get going. So you leave and a door opens up for you. A laser 
    blocks your way. In the door here is a big metal window and tot the left is 
    a 'lectrified fence. The fence blue control box it right next to it. When 
    you press it a Baddie sees you and the big metal window opens up. After you 
    kill the guys go through the fence. The laser in the hall has a control box 
    blocked by some shelves. It is possible to shoot it from ground level, but 
    extremely hard. You can go through the once electrified fence and up the 
    ramp to get a better view. There are also some shells up here. Once you blow 
    up the laser trap go back to it. Down the hall is a door and behind the 
    boxes is a medkit and Rocket Launcher. Now go through the door. 
         Now in here is Leon, the third boss, and two Baddies. Take the Baddies 
    out with the machine gun or the shotgun. Since Leon doesn't move you can use 
    the Rocket Launcher. It only takes three. After you defeat Leon you find a 
    third bomb. Jake calls you and you converse and find that you two together 
    find all five bombs.
                     ***************STAGE TEN***************
         You get to the end of the hall and you see a guy walk through the 
    door………looks like Tom………go into the control room and you find Tom DEAD!!!!!! 
    Ohhh-no—sob-sob……………then who was that through the hall. Was it the traitor?? 
    Is he killing off your men?? NOOOOOO!!!!!
         There is a C-4 and magazine on the desk. Blow up the explosive box and 
    then crawl through the hole and then up the ladder.
         Here is a __loonnngg__ laser that you have to cross four times. You 
    also have to face Baddies and Snipers every time after you roll under once. 
    There are some shells in a box before the first cross. The blue control 
    panel turns off a laser that gives you some more room. This area is really 
    hard. My first time took mw twenty five plus. Second time through was only 
    one death. Even to this point I have only died twice total while righting 
    this FAQ/Walkthrough. After the last cross is a medkit and a door. After 
    this room you are back on the roof. Go down the ladder here and COMPLETE!!!
                   ***************STAGE ELEVEN***************
         Get the shells and then get behind the gun to the right. If you kill 
    the six guys who charge you with the gun almost all of them leave stuff 
    behind. There are two medkits, one by the gun and one by the start. When you 
    cross the bridge and then the box bridge to the left an Assassin comes out 
    and tries to make _another_ box bridge to you. Stop him. Go through the door 
    to the right. Once in the courtyard go through the first floor door. Go 
    through the hole blasted out. Cross the room and then to the farthest left 
    door. Blow up the laser and down the stairs. CHECKPOINT!!!!!
         You are now in the boiler room. Blow up the box there to shut off the 
    laser. The door strait ahead contains a handgun w/ silencer. The other door 
    has shells and a magazine. Here is a blinking laser. Ignore for now. Go 
    through the door to the left. A Baddie retracts the bridge, but on your side 
    of the canal is a laser box. Once you blow up that you must go back to the 
    blinking laser. Once past that is a moving laser. It moves back and forth 
    and you need to blow up the laser box while dodging it. Here is a diagram. I 
    just hope it isn't messy and is legible. :p
    |*= your trail   |
    ||= wall         |
    |O= laser trap   |
    |x= laser path   |
    | (where it      |
    | can move)      |
    |X= actual laser |
    |     x
    |*    x
    |*    x
    |*    x
    |*    x
    |*    x
    |*    x
    You walk up. From the bottom of this to the top of it. Follow the laser and 
    use the camera manipulation buttons so you can swing the camera towards the 
    wall and then you can see the laser sooner. Walk up slowly after the laser 
    and then once you see the laser box blow it up. Once you go through the door 
    with the yellow light.
         You meet up with Jake and Lisa. You tell them about Tom and then you go 
    down the elevator………alone………
           ***************STAGE TWELVE: FIGHT WITH RYAN***************
         Use your pistol the _whole_ way. Read Beat the Bosses, How To. Very 
    easy. If you do it right you can get a no medkit bonus, perfect life bonus, 
    and pistol only bonus. Together this equals an extra 300 pts. On top of that 
    you can get almost 800 pts. Fighting a boss!!! Reasonable range is 600-700 
                  ***************STAGE THIRTEEN***************
         You come back up discouraged. Also there is Keith and Mike. You tell 
    them about the elevator and you five head off to a door that Mike is gonna 
    try to blow. That leaves Law, Steve, and Dan left missing with Tom and Matt 
    You could go strait ahead to get some shells. Or if not turn left imediatly to 
    go through a door. Go through. Cross the bridge and press the blue control 
    panel. Then go down the ladder into a ditch. Once down here there will be some 
    Baddies acompanied by Snipers. After you kill them go through to the left of the 
    ladder and throght the ditch door. Once in here get to the left of the crates 
    and face the three Snipers. This is a really challenging part. Follow the boxes 
    and take out the Baddies on all sides. And the Snipers too. Their above you, to 
    the left, right, and dead ahead. About 6 total. Then when the boxes stop go to 
    the right to get around them. Then go through the door. One guy will turn and 
    run, make sure to kill him. Then climb the ladder and extend the brige. Cross it 
    and then blow up the box and climb the big ladder. You are located behind two 
    lasers. Their box is to the right. Watch out for the Baddies they act kinda like 
    Assasins, but aren't. They might leave behind ammo too. Then go into the 
    courtyard and watch out for the Sniper on the second story stairs. There is also 
    a carefully gaurded medkit in the far right hand corner from here. Go up to the 
    second story. CHECKPOINT!!!!!!!
    There's another medkit at the end of this hall and a mag too. there's a video 
    and some Baddies come out and push an explosive crate toward you. Blow it up. 
    Then go down the hall where a crate was pushed out of the way. Go inside the 
    theater. In the room behind it is a medkit. Go back out into the hall. Then go 
    to the other side of the room. There will be Baddies on the first floor shooting 
    up. When you get to a certain place down the hall a Baddie and Sniper come after 
    you. Make sure to kill them. The Baddies you killed eariler might leave behind 
    items. Then go into the door near here and kill the Baddies and then go to the 
    next room. This room is hard because there's a lot of Baddies here. After this 
    room you'll get two  mags and then go through the next door. Shoot the guys and 
    then go down the hall. You'll meet up with Lisa, Jake, Keith, and Mike who will 
    blow open a door. Some Baddies are coming and you stay to take them on yourself. 
    Lisa wants to stay, but they go on. To kill all of these Baddies use one full 
    mag non-stop-no-aiming. Then go through the door Mike blew out. Then get the 
    shells in the corner and then go through the next double doors. I reached 2 
    hours of game time here. Try and get that here.
                **************STAGE FOURTEEN**************
    There will be a Sniper on a high catwalk. Use short machine gun burst to kill 
    him effectivly. Then two more Snipers below him. In this little lot by a locked 
    door is a mag. Around the corner is some far off Snipers. One requires manual 
    targeting. There is a medkit around near. Then go up the stairs. One is locked 
    and so go in the other. In here, in the bottom of a ditch is a key. Look to the 
    far side and blow up that box that locks the door. (it's above a door) Then go 
    back to the once locked door. Press the keyboard to lower the water level. Then 
    blow up the laser box. Then go back to the stairs and enter the ditch and get 
    the key. Then go through the other door in this hut. CHECKPOINT!!!!!!!
    There's a flashlight on a table. Then go through the doors. In here you can turn 
    your flashlight on if you want, but it bothers me. There are some shells before 
    the stairs downward.  Now your in the comlpex's sewers. Tere's a medkit down 
    here. At a dead end there is a ladder leading up. Your now back above ground. 
    Once around the corner and throught a door and your done!
            *************STAGE FIFTEEN*************
    Your in a room full of explosive boxes. The best choice is to wait for the 
    Baddie to round the corner, kill him, turn and kill the oncoming Assassin, and 
    then the other Baddie. Use short bursts. One bullet is all it takes!! Then run 
    really fast to the other side of the room and out the doors!! CHECKPOINT!!!!!!!
    First thing outside duck, shoot the explosive crate then take out the two 
    Snipers. Then get the shells and medkit. Then continue on and a video will come 
    up. Run to the first box and kill the two closest Baddies. Then run, NO ROLLING 
    OR CROUCHING AT ALL, to the next box and kill the third Baddie. Then run to the 
    next box and you'll avoid the guns
    Stage 16: Fight with Thunder
    Fight with Thunder.
    He has a flamethrower. First take out the guys on cargo boxes with a machine 
    gun. Then get up close with a shotgun. His fire flickers and it can't hurt you. 
    Just keep on doing this.
    Stage 17
    You hop right into this level. Watch out for the snipers. Then go around and try 
    to blow up the box to kill the Baddies. Around here are 3 Snipers at once. There 
    is some shells behind the Snipers and blow up a box to get to them then go past 
    the white crate bins. If you go to the dead end there is a medkit. Then go up 
    the ladder. Up on the roof you have to watch out for Snipers on the other side 
    of the roof. Then go through the little gate and shoot the laser box. then run 
    back behind the boxes and shoot the Baddies. Then go near the ladder and turn 
    left. Theres and entrance to the next building. The laser trap was blocking 
    itWhen you go across the walk blow up the explosive box to kill the baddies. 
    There is a medkit to the left. Blow up the explosive box and then go through the 
    door and down the stairs. There is a medkit where the boxes were. Then, go 
    through the hut door. There's a medkit, mag and keyboard. It turns the power 
    back on. Go back up the stairs and CHECKPOINT!!!!
    Turn on the blue pannel and shoot the guys while dodging lazers. Now you get to 
    snipe! It's fun. At the other side get in the other box. You go across 
    again.There are two mags on the boxes before hand. This part is harder. Towards 
    the end there are two lasers blocking your path and two Baddies shooting you at 
    the same time. Kill the Baddies with a shotgun and the laser boxes with the 
    machine gun. Then get the medkit then the key in the electric cell. Then you 
    have toc ross the room again... to the locked door, get out and through the 
    Stage 18
    Go to the left, kill the Sniper and then up the ladder. Follow the conveyer 
    belts, Turn right and duck to avoid the Baddie fire. Listen for footsteps and 
    doors. Then go down the ladder after you get the shotgun shells. Duck behind a 
    box and kill the baddies. Then get the C-4!! YAY!! lol.... To the left is a 
    ladder behind some crates. There is a keyboard moves some boxes and some 
    explosive crates might kill some baddies! Next go up the ladder. At the far end 
    is a medkit then the door is locked so go down the stairs. Two Snipers will come 
    you can hit one in the back and then the other. When you go around the corner 
    you meet up with Steve. Who has been killed. **sob** Then you continue on....
    You're now on the roof. Just press the keyboard. It will kill some Baddies but 
    there is four total. Then go down the ladder to the CHECKPOINT!!!
    At the far end is a ladder. There is a mag on the box. A keyboard move a crate. 
    Then get behind the gun imediatly. Then go forward. Get out of the guns range 
    and kill them. Then another keyboard moves boxes. Then go back to where you 
    first came up the ladder go on the convayer belt and up a ladder and down 
    another onto the roof. Then go around corners and then up a ladder and take out 
    the Snipers. Then go left down a ladder. Then go up the big ladder in the guns 
    range. Then go through the once electrified fence.
    Stage 19
    You start on the fences other side. Go across the catwalk and turn left. then go 
    through another door. Blow up the line of barrels and between the two corridors 
    of "things" is a medkit. Go through the doors. Two Snipers will be on the roofs 
    and go over there and continue through the roof. Then you'll have to take out 
    the three Baddies. Then go up the ladder.... CHECKPOINT!!!
    You can get one guy in the back. There will be a exploding box. Shoot it to kill 
    a Sniper. Get the mag. Then get the far off Sniper. Watch out for the Asassin. 
    Then blow up a bot and go through the door. There is a mag hidden in a box. Then 
    kill the two Snipers.
    Stage 20
    You start right off..(again) You can get a flashlight. Then go down the stairs. 
    Then go up the ladder, then pick off the three Baddies and contine on. Then get 
    the medkit if needed. The a video will come up. Kill the guy and un-lock the 
    door. Then go to the door. Watch out for Baddies. In here is a keyboard and 
    mag... the keyboard turns on the power. It also moves blue crates for floor 
    level to the exit. Leave the room... CHECKPOINT!!!!
    Go face the blue box and kill the guys there. You face a lot of Baddies and 
    Snipers, but cross the room, there's two shell boxes. The last parts are the 
                            BEAT THE BOSSES, HOW TO
    LILA= Start out with a rocket from your Rocket Launcher and then when she 
    charges at you run to the other side of the room. Stop and crouch out of her 
    fire by the box with the Baddie by it. Use a strong gun (preferably the 
    shotgun) at close range then after you kill him run behind a pole ON THE 
    OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM and get against it. Get a lock on her and when her 
    fire passes get out and let loose a shell. Also pump her full when she is 
    laughing and shooting around. Once you kill her she yells "KKAaaa…Celcie" 
    Try not to switch guns because when you pass the Rocket Launcher you get off 
    LEON= Simple. Just get the Rocket Launcher right before you fight him and 
    once you take out the two Baddies with a strong gun and then use your Rocket 
    Launcher. It only takes three. You have one left over.
    RYAN= Use your pistol the whole way through. Use the machine gun to get a 
    lock and then let off a few rounds close together and you might be able to 
    hit him two or three times in a row. When he throws a grenade get as far 
    away from him as you can WITHOUT leaving that post.
    THUNDER= First get out your machine gun. Shoot Thunder a few times and then 
    turn around and shoot the Sniper/Baddie in the crane type thing. Go around 
    and shoot the other. Then get up close to Thunder and use your shotgun at 
    close range. OR you can stay FAR away and use your machine gun. The shotgun 
    thing is easier.
    DUKE= Uses a bigger gun than Lila. He uses a sling to keep it steady. Get 
    back from the pole where you start out and then blow up the boxes by it. 
    Then get against the pole. This level layout is similar to the one against 
    Ryan. Then swing out from the pole and the next one down has explosive 
    barrels by it. Once you blow up those boxes run down to that pole. Use your 
    pistol and once his life gets low he will charge you. Switch to your shotgun 
    or machine gun.
    GUNT= Uses a Rocket Launcher. Luckily for you he stops once in a while. Use 
    your pistol if your good and well………if you are no good at all use a stronger 
    gun. Keep moving and stay low[that means duck!] Stay away from boxes or 
    walls because when the Rockets hit them the explosion will hit you too.
    BANDEUS= After you blow up the laser get against the wall where Bandeus is 
    and then use your gun and then shoot at him. When he is at 75%-50% life some 
    Baddies and Assassins come out. Get off the wall, but don't move. If you do 
    you will give Bandeus your back and the Baddies and Assassins your front. I 
    SMELL DEATH. Once their gone get back against the wall and finish him off.
    JIN= Man this guy freaked me out when I first saw him. Get up on the stairs, 
    but once halfway up the stairs stop and shoot him. You are now on the second 
    floor and he is below. You HAVE TO USE THE SHOTGUN. Or else be in for a 
    loooooooooonnnnnggg fight. He moves to fast for anything else. When you hear 
    him laugh move away from him. When he laughs he sends a grenade towards you. 
    It will explode underneath you. Try to keep a lock on him at all times. It 
    is hard though. Top two hardest in my opinion. The other hardest is the 
    DEATHMASK/ASH= Is called Ash in Multiplayer. By now you know who the traitor 
    is too. Or is that after you beat Deathmask?? Is hard, but very easy after 
    your third death at his hands. You kill the Baddies in this room. Then when 
    he goes in his little fort of sorts you blow up the barrels behind him. It 
    is hard to get a lock on them because he is shooting you. BUT once you do 
    that he will be reduced to nothing.
    THE TRAITOR= If you REALLY want to know who this is you can e-mail me and 
    ask "Who is the traitor, please tell me" and I'll tell you. You are left 
    almost unprotected. Just stay put for now. When he ducks down get a lock on 
    the barrel(s) behind him. Once you blow them up he will move to the left and 
    then to the right. If he throws gernades get away from the wall. Once you 
    use the barrel trick three time he will move to the direct right of you. You 
    have to cross the sensor that will start laser traps. DON'T pick up the 
    medkit. It should only take five or less shells to kill him. Then he will 
    tell you (finally) why he did it. Tied for hardest.
    CELCIE= Yes you fight him. You need to get on the ramp with your back to it. 
    Carefully climb up it slowly. There are two laser trap boxes to blow. Once 
    you blow them up run and get behind the gun. This will cause a direct kill 
    in 30 seconds flat. Easiest.
                         TIPS AND SUCH FROM YOU AND ME
    send me an e-mail with a tip and sign it how you want it to appear.
         While your playing and you get a lock on an enemy when you target him 
    with your gun you aim at his chest. Well this may take more than two 
    hits. So when you aim at him press down lightly on the control stick (while 
    holding R) and that will make the laser raise up about a foot. This will 
    cause you to get a head shot on the enemy. You know it is one because there 
    will be a red flash of light. These count as lethal hits on the score 
         When you have some enemies far away you can pull out your machine gun 
    and lock on them and then switch back to your pistol and kill the man 
    without wasting any ammo. ( I _know_ that someone put this on gamesages.com, 
    but I've been using this technique myself)
         I found a second ammo pack.(The one I knew of was in the building of 
    the first stage.) It is on Stage 2 in the truck. (Look at walkthrough.)
                                             Lich 85 & Togusa Kusanagi
         Trial Mode can also be opened up by beating the game on easy, normal 
    gets you infinite ammo.
                                             Lich 85
                                  THE ENDINGS
         If the satellite fires on Stage 23 _and_ 27 you have the worst. If it 
    fires on 23 _or_ 27 you have the middle ending. If you never see the 
    satellite fire you have the best ending. (I haven't _really_ beaten the game 
    I'm stuck on stage 31) All I know as of now is that you, Keith, and Lisa 
    make it. BUT I _HAVE_ beaten all of the bosses.(through trial mode)
                          QUESTION AND ANSWER SECTION
    Q:  How often are you going to update?
    A:  I'll try to update every day for the next week (until the             
    Seventh or Eighth of January. Well… maybe, but not on the web.
    Q: I need help with Stage 5 & 7. Can you help?
    A: I will tell you personally about a stage if it isn't in my next few 
    updates.(one or two days)  REMEMBER TO TELL ME THE STAGE NUMBER. OR ELSE I 
    Q: Who is the "traitor?"
    A: Hey, _ALL_ of my mail is on this question. You know I'm tired of sending 
    out e-mail that says "Dan." and that is the only word I'm sending out. Come 
    on people! If you e-mail me this question again I won't answer it. You can 
    figure out for yourself!!! Especially now!!
                            CREDITS and COPYRIGHTS
         Koei for making an amazing game. Even if a lot of people ignored it. 
    HEY!! If you don't have it go buy it!!
         CJayC for posting my FAQ on his great website(www.gamefaqs.com) and Al 
    Amaloo for posting my FAQ too on his well done site. 
    (vqstrategies.about.com) If you find it anywhere else e-mail me about it! No 
    where! No matter what the website says!! It is ILLEGAL as in against the 
          Nemesis for the cool ASCII art above
         Lich 85 and Togusa Kusanagi for some gaming tips.
         NOA for letting Koei make such a good game for the Nintendo 64.
         and finally myself, hailjh, for putting the time and energy into this 
    #1 Requested N64 FAQ.
         The legal copies, and newest, of this FAQ can be found at 
    www.gamefaqs.com and vgstrategies.about.com. If you spot is somewhere else 
    please e-mail me at hailjh@hotmail.com. You _CANNOT_ link to this document 
    directly, print it for sale, or for re-printing somewhere else, but you CAN 
    read it and use it to help you through the game of Winback:  Covert 
    Operations. What else is if for??

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