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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by thewaynemanor

    Updated: 10/01/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By the waynemanor © 2012.
    This short Introductory Guide has been written to correct the
    mistakes in the Guide by Seorin and provide additional information
    to help new players avoid some of the early time-wasting mistakes. 
    Play tips
    X + Up/Down to move Forwards/Backwards quickly
    Remember if using any two-handed weapon to re-equip a Shield after
    Use of any Crystal for the first time will act as the equivalent 
    of fungus and usually fill the blue Magic Meter.
    Zone of Darkness
    NOTE - Avoid the two grey stone areas on the right of the cliff wall: this 
    is hidden lava and instant death. Always collect any plants seen on the 
    ground as these will assist in healing either damage or poison.
    Left through the doors to Town Square. 
    NOTE – avoid jumping down the open well at this stage as instant death.
    Town Square & Outer Temple
    Obtain and equip all the items mentioned in previous Guides (e.g. wooden 
    Club, Boots, Helmet) BEFORE engaging the Mantraps. When 
    confronting these and other early opponents, advance to draw the Mantraps 
    in, then retreat to force them to turn away and then attack (ARA = Advance, 
    Retreat, Attack). Collect all plants. SAVE.
    Move to the open Healing Temple area. Use L1 and R1 to rotate behind the 
    giant Molluscs and kill from behind. Collect all plants. Move up the tunnel 
    on the far left, using the ARA tactic against the Molluscs (3 blows to kill). 
    Collect all items. 
    Move down the far right path to the house, enter and accept the quest for 
    the Soul Stone and collect the shield. Move to the rear tunnels and kill 
    the Molluscs and collect plants. Return to the Town Square and purchase 
    multiple herbs/remedies for healing/antidotes at Ben Mason’s store. Travel 
    to the temple area and of the two entrances set into the rear wall, take 
    the right to the save point. SAVE.
    Mines & Craven Home
    Take the left entrance and run over the Red Slimes to the left passage. 
    Use a plant to cure poison and then take the left passage to the healing 
    fountain and use. Exit and continue on, taking the right passage and down 
    the ladder. Deal with all bats with ARA. Travel down the right passage and 
    collect the Earth Stone. Avoid the mushrooms and body (the yellow cloud 
    produced is poison) and return up the ladder.
    Continue down the passage and over the log bridge. Take the right passage. 
    Repeat ARA against the Zombies (4 blows to kill).
    NOTE – In this stage Zombies yield the highest gold return, so return 
    several times to build funds. 
    Collect the Pick, smash the barrels to collect items and continue (now able 
    to return to all areas with barrels and crates and smash to collect items).  
    Clear the bottom chamber of all Zombies and collect all plants. Use the Pick 
    to smash the “Keep Out” sign for easy access back to original crossroads 
    at the Mine entrance. Return up and take the left passage. Kill the Bats 
    with ARA and collect the item. Use the Pick to smash the barred doorway, 
    then return down the same passage and back up to the sign by the log bridge. 
    Take the left passage and kill the Red Slimes. 
    NOTE - When poisoned here, it is better to continue attacking and if 
    possible kill all opponents before using a remedy to cure, and so avoid 
    having to waste Items. Only use when absolutely necessary. 
    Heal and after exploring the area, use the lever to summon the lift. Ride 
    down. Stay on the shore and draw as many Zombies as possible up to a safe 
    area and kill. Facing the toxic water, walk along the plank row second from 
    the right to the end and collect an Earth Stone. 
    NOTE – Do not stop at any time on the planks as they will temporarily sink 
    and contact with the water will inflict poison.Then take the far left plank 
    row and collect the Soul Stone. Then climb over the rocks to the right and 
    back into the chamber with the mushroom and body. Return to the ladder and 
    climb up, and travel back to the first original crossroads and exit, using 
    a Plant to counteract the Red Slimes’ poison. Exit the Mines and SAVE. 
    Return to the house and deliver the Soul Stone, and collect the Fire Crystal 
    from the NPC. Use the Pick to access the cabin to the left and collect all 
    NOTE – When moving through the back door, stay as close as possible to the 
    back of the Reaper (carnivourous Tree) to prevent line of sight. Use ARA, 
    and if necessary use L1 to move to the other side of the Tree if it uses 
    ground attacks. Collect the item and use the Fire Crystal. 
    Return to Ben Mason’s store and purchase at least 5 healing/antidote 
    plants and at least one fungus. Use the Pick to collect items from barrels 
    nearby. Ascend the stairs out in the Town Square and move to the very end, 
    where the rampart previously collapses. Turn left and look down to see a 
    fungus on a broken wall. Use Fireball to knock off the wall, and then 
    retrieve. SAVE. 
    Return to the Mines. If the right passage is clear of Red Slimes, travel 
    all the way down and up until at the log bridge. Cross over and take the 
    left passage down the ladder and across to the blocked doorway. If both 
    passages are blocked with Red Slimes, take the left, then heal, and take 
    the right passage to the ladder and down to the blocked doorway. Use the 
    Run straight over the Red Slimes down the right passage. Avoid all 
    the left and right passage and continue until reaching a grotto with 
    one huge Red Slime and two smaller Slimes in a pool of water. Cure poison 
    and heal. Use a Fireball to kill the huge Red Slime and run into the water 
    and collect the Soul Stone. 
    Run out and out of the area as quickly as possible, using plants when 
    necessary. Fireballs can also be used to destroy the poisonous mushrooms 
    and collect a fungus and gold. Try and avoid the Red Slimes on exiting 
    the Mines. SAVE.
    Caretaker’s House
    Visit Ben Mason if needed, then enter the double doors in the Temple area. 
    Kill the Gelatinous Slime (note these opponents will not use poison) in 
    the chamber with the items and collect. Ascend to the upper level, kill 
    the second G. Slime and speak with the NPC. Trade the second Soul Stone for 
    the Crystal Vial, and turn around and use a Fireball to knock the Dragon 
    Bloom off the stonework. Collect the Dragon Bloom, and return to Ben Mason 
    to sell this and any other extra equipment so as to be able to purchase the 
    Wind Crystal. SAVE. 
    Return to Ben Mason’s and walk through to the back room 
    and right through the ruined wall. Use ARA on the Skeleton and take the 
    right landing, killing the G. Slime and the Armoured Skeleton.
    Take the ascending passage and kill the Mantrap by the house. Enter the 
    back passage and use the Pick to smash the barrels for an item. Take the 
    ascending pathway, and quickly walk to the left behind the tree and into 
    the Chapel to avoid the Reapers. Speak with the NPC, then enter the 
    Graveyard via the rear door. Immediately move to the grilled gate at the 
    far right and travel through. Smash the crate with the Pick for the 
    Morningstar and equip. 
    This will be the principle weapon for now. Return to the graveyard and use 
    ARA against all Skeletons. The rear area covered in stone is safe to walk 
    across. Be sure to walk down the side of the house to collect the healing 
    plant. Return to the Chapel, kill the last Skeleton and take the key from 
    the NPC. 
    Exit and kill the Reapers, using the L1/R1 tactic to stay behind their 
    line of sight and avoid earth attacks. Unlock the front door of the house 
    and collect the items. Return to Ben Mason if needed and purchase several 
    fungi. SAVE.
    Inner Temple
    On the ground floor move to the open doorway on the left, and down the 
    stairs. Smash the barrels, and press X to open the secret door at the rear. 
    Kill the Skeleton with ARA. Open the chest but quickly retreat as an A. 
    Skeleton is inside. Use L1/R1 to outmaneuver, kill and collect item. Cross 
    the right doorway, and use ARA to kill the Spider. Use Fireball to burn 
    away the webs and enter the double doors.
    The Ruins
    Descend and continue to burn away webs but avoid touching as it induces 
    a Status state. Use ARA on remaining Spiders, watching for the last Spider 
    which will drop from the ceiling. Explore the two side rooms – speak with 
    NPC on right and then SAVE on left. Return to NPC – now a Zombie Knight - 
    and use ARA to kill and take Shrine key.
    Use key to open Shrine chamber – strafe the Giant Spider with Fireball 
    until dead, using the doors to avoid the web spit attacks. Collect the 
    Water Crystal and SAVE. 
    Return and move down the corridor past the Shrine chamber and take the 
    door on the right. Collect items from both chests and enter the grilled 
    gates. Carefully move to down the left side of the walkway and enter the 
    double doors on the left. Collect the plant from the rear right corner 
    but retreat quickly as two Skeletons will instantly appear. Kill and exit. 
    Turn left and move around and kill the Skeleton Archer (it is possible to 
    knock the Archer off the walkway, and if still alive, finish when ready to 
    descend). Enter the passage behind the Skeleton Archer’s original position.
    NOTE – the Skeleton in the far left cell CAN attack and damage from inside 
    the cell. Use ARA even when opening the cell.
    Open the cell on the far right and carefully drop down by the Skeleton 
    Archer and kill before it can attack. Open the chest and equip the item. 
    Drop down and ascend the staircase. Kill all Skeletons, then move to the 
    grilled gate on the right and collect the item. Unlock the gate, which 
    leads back to the rear of Ben Mason’s store. Visit if necessary and SAVE. 
    Return via the now open grilled gate. Take the stairs in the right corner, 
    and kill the Skeletons. Move carefully down into the chamber and try and 
    collect the fungi without being poisoned excessively. Exit and collect the 
    item on the ledge to the side of the staircase. Kill the A. Skeleton on the 
    other side of the staircase and the Skeleton at the far end of the chamber. 
    Enter the other chamber and kill the Skeletons. Collect the item and press 
    X against the rear wall to enter a secret passage. Kill the Skeleton and 
    collect and equip the item. Exit and ascend the stairs, taking the double 
    doors on the right of the room (by the hole in the floor). Kill the 
    Skeletons and pass through the two doors. 
    NOTE – Do not drink the water in the fountain as poisoned.
    Move the far end of the room and turn right. Carefully approach the hole 
    in the wall and kill the emerging Spider. Use Fireball to burn the web, 
    and free a Light Crystal. This can be collected from outside the chamber 
    with the SAVE option that faces the side of the Shrine chamber. 
    Speak with the NPC and then use the two Unsealing Rocks to open the double 
    doors. Use a combination of Fireball and blows to kill all Skeletons, 
    then collect all gold and the plant. Return to the NPC for an Unsealing 
    Rock and use and collect the Healing Statuette, killing any Skeletons. 
    Return to the Shrine chamber and use the Healing Statuette, then return to 
    the entrance to the Temple (watching for respawning spiders) and use the 
    Crystal Vial to fill with H20 from the healing spring.
    The Well
    It is now possible to survive the fall into the Well in the Town Square. 
    First purchase multiple healing herbs (at least 14) and fungi. Drop down, 
    and use H20 from the Crystal Vial to recover. Stay in the tunnel and use 
    Fireball and the AKA method to kill the Wasps. 
    Ignore the passage on the right. Carefully descend the stairs into the 
    water, and move around until over the main pool of water. Drop down 
    BACKWARDS to land in front of a sluice. Press X to close. QUICKLY (L3 + X) 
    move back up the stairs, using plants if drowning.
    NOTE – Drowning happens VERY quickly and several healing plants must be 
    used repeatedly.
    Climb back to very top of the landing where the Wasps were located and 
    stand at the middle of the mouth of the archway. Slowly walk BACKWARDS and 
    drop down into the water. Press X to open the sluice and QUICKLY move up 
    the stairs, using herbs to recover from the Piranha attacks. As the water 
    drains walk down the previously flooded passage, collecting the Water 
    Crystal and exiting at the rear of Ben Mason’s store.
    Restock on items – including H20 – and SAVE. Return down the well shaft 
    and restore health with H20. Kill the Wasps again and move down the stairs 
    into area with the sluices, which should now be free of Piranha. Move to 
    the wall opposite the stairs and in the middle press X to reveal a secret 
    Kill the Skeleton and claim the cursed item (Dark Hands) but DO NOT equip. 
    Return via the back passage to Ben Mason’s store. Restock.
    Return to the Temple and Ruins
    Refill H20 and SAVE. Pass down the corridor beyond the Shrine chamber. 
    Watch for Spiders emerging from walls or dropping from the ceiling and 
    also kill the Zombie Knight. Pass through the double doors to access the 
    next section of the Ruins…

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