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    Item/Puzzle/Boss/Weapons FAQ by ORCA782

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/17/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SILENT HILL 2: Restless Dreams   version 2.0
    Item/Puzzle/Monster(Boss)/weapons/SPOILER FAQ 
    1.	Footnote
    2.	Abbreviations
    3.	Item guide 
    4.	Monster guide 
    5.	Puzzle guide (normal only)
    6.	Weapons
    7.	Conclusion
    8.	Acknowledgements
    1. Footnote:
    I have now beaten the game eight times.  Once on hard, once on 
    easy/easy, 5 on normal/normal, once on extra/hard.  This is my 
    walkthrough, so don't send me emails asking for one.  Get the items, 
    and you are going the right way.  This FAQ is complete.  Sadly enough, 
    there are only 2 bonus items, I have confirmed this.  E-mail me if you 
    have questions.  My address is vejiitassj4@hotmail.com.  I read an item 
    FAQ for Silent Hill, and it was quite useful, seeing as I couldn't find 
    them all myself.  Well, I've taken a lot of notes, and now I have an 
    item guide too, which is now fully complete with some 300+ items.  The 
    item guide will be primarily in order of appearance, but it may be off 
    in large areas, such as a health drink is available before some 
    bullets, but I've marked it the other way.  I've already found more 
    this next time through.  Hope this FAQ helps.  I have gotten gold 
    ratings on enemies shot, beaten, items, and endings.  The puzzles 
    sometimes have random number generators, but I will outline how to 
    solve them.  The puzzles in hard are harder than those on normal, and I 
    don't have the answers to them yet.  I will have locations of hints, 
    weapons, and items, but not save points.  They are far to obvious.  
    Lastly, Silent Hill forever!!!
    Legal stuff
    Of course there has to be legal stuff.  Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, and 
    all the logos involved are property of KCETokyo.  This FAQ is mine, I 
    did not use the guide to make it; I went through the game many many 
    times and took notes, thus there may be some slight mistakes.  Please 
    to not take portions of this unless I give the okay.  Credit for this 
    belongs to me, and to Gamefaqs if it gets up on their board.  Secondly, 
    some guys wanted a walkthrough, and I made a short one, only for 
    personal use.  Don't use it for commercial use, or claim that it is 
    yours, cuz I'll know.  Thank you.
    2. Abbreviations
    Fak:  First aid kit
    Hd:  Health drink
    Hb:  Handgun bullets
    Ss:  Shotgun shells
    Rs:  Rifle shells
    A:  Ampoule
    Rm:  Room
    Apt:  Apartment
    Ww:  West wing (apartments only)
    Dw: (Dark world, as opposed to Light world)
    3. Item guide
    3.1 Light World Silent Hill pre-apartments.
    Map of Silent Hill:  Your car.
    1 Fak:  Flower shop bench
    1 Fak: Happy Burger Parking
    2 Hd and Apt Key: Martin Alley
    2 Hd Save on Vachs Rd.
    6 notes: top of Nelly St.
    3 Hd: Lindsey St.
    Memo: mid way up Lindsey St.
    1 Hb, 1 Fak:  Lucky Jade Restaurant
    Note: Caravan
    2 Notes:  Neely's Bar
    Nail stick and radio: end of Vachs Rd.
    Spoiler: Chainsaw (after game is cleared, ending 1/4): end of hike to 
    3.2 Apartments
    1 Hd and Apt map: Apt reception
    Flashlight, clue (2nd time through only): Apt 205
    2 Hb: Apt 210
    Fire Escape Key: 3rd floor hall past bars (can't get until later, 
    because of child)
    Handgun: Apt 301
    202 Key and 2 hints: Apt 208
    Clock Key and 1 Hd: Apt 202
    1 Hd: Apt 209
    1 Hb: Stairs to 3rd floor
    Courtyard Key: Apt 307
    1 Fak, 1 Hd, 1 Hb: Apt 303
    1 Hb, Fire escape key (again): 3rd floor laundry rm.
    Snake coin: courtyard pool
    12 pack juice: end of 1st floor hall (right)
    1 Hb, brochure: Apt 104
    1 Hb: 101 
    Old Man coin and memo: Outside garbage chute (put soda in, at 2nd floor 
    1 Hb: 3rd floor rear stairs
    1 Hd, wallet, safe w/4 Hb: Apt 203 Ww (the wallet is the key to the 
    Ww Map: Ww stairs
    1 Fak: 1st floor Ww laundry
    1 Hb, prisoner coin, knife: Apt 109 Ww
    Memo: 2nd floor Ww hall
    Clue, White Chrism (2nd time gamers), Lyne Key: Apt 105 Ww (solve puzzle 
    to get key)
    1 Hb, Ww stair key: Apt 208 Ww (through Lyne apt)
    3.3 Silent Hill Light World (Rosewater Park)
    1 Fak: outside of apt
    1 Hd: Park Bench (right side)
    1 Hb: Park Bench (right side)
    2 Hb: Right park quad
    3 memos: One on each statue
    1 Hd: Park parking booth
    1 Hd: Park telescope
    1 Hd: Blue Creek Apt alley
    1 Hb: Right end of Nathan St.
    1 Fak: End of Katz St.
    Doghouse key: In doghouse in yard near Motel (special specifics needed 
    for this)
    Steel Pipe, 3 Hd, 2 Hb, Book of Lost Memories (2nd time only): Texxon 
    1 Hd: Outside Bowling Alley
    1 Fak: Heaven's Night
    3.4 Brookhaven Hospital
    Hospital Map: Entrance
    1 Hd, memo: Reception
    Bull key, memo: Document rm
    1 Hb: 2nd floor patient hall
    1 Fak, code: Examination room (main)
    1 Hd, 1Ss: M6
    1 Hb, 1 Hd: M3
    1 Ss, Lapis key: M2
    Shotgun, Needle: Women's Locker rm
    Exam rm key: Men's Locker
    1 Fak: 3rd floor common area
    1 Ss, code: Doctor's Lounge
    1 Hd: S11
    Roof key: S3
    Suicide diary: Roof
    Code, clue: Special Treatment
    Hair, clue: S14
    Elevator key: Shower room 
    1 Hb, 1 Ss: C3
    1 Ss: 1st floor hall Dw
    1 Hb, 1 Hd: C1 Dw
    1 Fak: C2 Dw
    1 Hb, 1 Fak, memo, battery, key: M6 Dw
    1 Ss, 1 Hd: M4 Dw
    1 A, 1 Hb, memo: S11 Dw
    1 Hb, 1 Fak, 1 Ss, Puzzle (containing 5 Ss, 2 A): 3rd floor storeroom Dw
    Memo:  Alternate Stairs
    1 Ss, Copper ring: Basement Dw
    Lead Ring: Day room Dw
    Memo, key: Director's room Dw
    3.5 Silent Hill Dark World
    1 A, 1 Hb, 1 Fak, 1 Hd: Left end of Rendell st.
    1 Hb: truck on Carroll st.
    2 Ss, 2 Rs, 1 Hb: Mid Rendell st.
    1 Hd, 1 Ss: Right end of Rendell st.
    2 Hb, 1 Ss: Flower Shop
    1 Fak, 2 Ss: Caravan
    2 Hb: Store next to Caravan
    2 Rs: Happy Burger
    1 Hb, memo (new): Nelly's Bar
    1 Fak: Bottom of Nelly st.
    1 Fak: Left end of Sanders st.
    2 Ss, 1 Hd: Mid Sanders st. (on either side of street)
    2 Hb, 2 Hd: end of Munson st.
    1 Hd, 1 Hb: Rendell and Munson corner.
    1 Hb: Cafe Texan:
    1 Hb, Wrench, memo: Mid Lindsey st.
    1 Rs, 1 Hd: Big Jay's
    3 Hd: Grand Market
    1 Hb, 1 Hd: Stairs on the corner of Katz st. and Munson st.
    2 Ss: Park Parking
    2 Ss: Right park quad
    2 Hb: Outer Apt stairway
    1 A, Bronze key: Left park quad (key behind statue)
    1 Rs, I Hb, memo: Far left end of Nathan st. 
    1 Fak: Outside of Historical Society
    3.6 Historical Society (Prison)
    1 Fak, memo: Front rm.
    Obsidian Chalice: (2nd time only) broken display
    1 Hb, memos: 1st cell
    2 Hd, Plate of Glutton: Room you fall into (Eddie)
    1 Hb, map: Left hall
    1 Hb: Lower cell
    1 Hb: Right hall
    1 Rs: Room off Right hall
    Wax doll: Lower cell
    3 memos: Upper cell
    Plate of Oppressor: Upper cell
    1 Hd, 1 A, 1 Fak, memo: Nice room (on the upper left)
    1 Hb, 1 Ss, 2 Rs, Rifle: Room off of nice room
    1 Fak, Lighter: Glass talking room (on either side)
    Plate of Seductress: Room off of left hall
    Horseshoe: Gallows (courtyard)
    Spiral Key: Bug room (below prison)
    1 Fak, 1 Ss, 1 Hb, 1 Rs: Elevator
    3.7 Labyrinth  (Note:  See puzzles section if you have trouble 
    navigating the labyrinth)
    2 Ss, Great Knife: Room off of the 2 ladders (pyramid head will be 
    walking around there too)
    Wire cutters: Maria's room, after conversation
    1 Hb: Mid-Labyrinth
    2 Hb: End of Labyrinth (off course a bit)
    Note: End of Labyrinth
    2 clues: Room with nooses
    Key of the Persecuted: Room with 6(5 really, one's innocent remember) 
    1 Fak: Ladder after Maria (when you get into the cell with her)
    3 Ss, 1 A: Cemetery
    1 Rs, 1 Ss: Eddie Room
    3.8 Lakeview Hotel
    Mermaid music box: Fountain at entrance
    Basic Map: Entrance
    Note, 312 key: Reception
    3 Hb, 1 Rs: Rm next to cafe
    Thinner: Basement Elevator
    1 Hd, 1 Rs: 2nd floor hallway (right)
    Fish key: Lakeshore Restaurant
    1 Fak, 2 Hb, 2 Ss, 204 key: Cloak room
    2 Hb: 2nd floor hallway (left)
    1 Hd, 2 Ss: Reading room
    Employee Elevator key: 204
    Memo, Cinderella music box: 205
    2 Hd: Employee Elevator
    Upgraded Map: Basement Employee Elevator
    2 Rs Employee Lounge
    Snow White music box: Pantry
    3 Hd, Light Bulb: Kitchen 
    Can Opener, Tape: Basement office
    1 Fak, Bar key: Boiler room
    Stairs key: Lobby (inside music box)
    2 Hb: 2nd floor hall (right) Dw
    2 A: 2nd floor S shaped hall
    Crimson Ceremony: Reading room (2nd time only)
    5 Hd: Bar Dw
    2 Rs, 1 Fak: Kitchen Dw
    2 A, 2 Rs: 1st floor Hall Dw
    Rust Egg, Scarlet Egg: Lobby (after combat)
    4. Monster Guide:
    Spitter: These are the first and most basic monsters you will see.  
    They inhabit the town, and the apartments.  They have no melee attacks, 
    so feel free to get as close as you want.  They will spit some sort of 
    stomach acid at you, so you have to time it, and go up to them right 
    after they spray, unless you are lucky enough to surprise them.  In any 
    case, they are less dangerous without the flashlight on.  The wooden 
    plank will work in a pinch.  Shooting them 6 times with the handgun (on 
    normal) will kill them right out.  Often enough when they go down, they 
    are still alive, and you have a second or two to hit them again until 
    they slither away.  They will bite you when on the ground, but only if 
    you are in the way.  You can hit them with a melee weapon while they 
    are down, but I've found that the best thing to do is kick them.  Where 
    in the first game the kick was somewhat of a novelty, it is a veritable 
    deathblow in this game.  You could hit a spitter with the pipe while he 
    was down 3 times, and maybe equal the power of a kick.  All in all, 
    three hits from a melee weapon (preferably the pipe) will put these 
    suckers down, and a swift kick will end their reign of terror.
    Mannequin:  These monsters do not appear until after the spitters, but 
    I find them to be weaker than the spitters.  The first one appears when 
    you get the flashlight, and then they just seem to inhabit the town.  
    They cannot do anything but hit you, so you can walk fairly close 
    without worry.  They do camouflage themselves a bit however.  They 
    won't move until you are right next to them, or you put a light on 
    them.  You can use this to your advantage, moving close without the 
    light on, and hitting them just as they come alive.  As with the 
    spitters, they should go down in 6 handgun shots, or 3 hits and a kick.  
    These will not attack you from the ground, but they will get up if you 
    don't put that 6th shot or that kick in fairly soon.  Overall I see 
    these as the lackey's of the game.
    Nurses:  These first appear in the hospital, and later in the dark 
    world. They carry short-range pipes, and are fairly fast.  Using the 
    pipe is preferable, because it out-reaches them, especially if you do 
    the thrust.  Three hits with the pipe should down them.  Nurses take 15 
    bullets while inside the hospital, and 9 outside.  The shotgun will 
    down them in two shells, and sometimes a kick.  I know because they 
    often travel in packs, and in such an occasion I just bust out the 
    boom-stick.  Their hits do more damage than both the previous 
    offenders, enough to warrant a health drink per.  I shudder to think of 
    them on hard. 
    Cockroaches:  These small annoying critters appear first in the 
    streets, then in the apartments, and the sewers of the prison.  I hate 
    them, because melee attacks will not hit them.  A well-aimed kick will 
    hurt if not down them, but when I say well aimed I mean well aimed.  If 
    you miss, the get stuck between your feet and keep hitting you like 2 
    times a second until you run or die (yup, it's happened to me).  You 
    can shoot them with the handgun, but sometimes they take up to 5 shots 
    to stop.  Their size, speed, and damage make these an unseemly but 
    dangerous foe.  One thing you have going for you is darkness.  They 
    will not attack you in the dark.  There is one time when you will learn 
    to be very afraid of them, later on in the game.
    Hanging Walkers:  They hang and they walk, that's about it.  They also 
    attack through the steel grating that separates you from them.  They 
    take 10 shots with the pistol and they just kinda fall off.  They are 
    found in most places that there is grating on the floor, and can be 
    avoided easily by just running by.
    Table Monsters:  I lack a better name for these monsters, because 
    that's simply what they look like.  A guy with a table stuck through 
    his middle.  The first one you find is a boss, but they regularly 
    inhabit the hotel.  Normal ones will go down with 2 shotgun shells, but 
    the boss takes a full clip (not bad). I tried melee weapons once, but 
    it wasn't too effective.  The cleaver's not so bad if you can get a hit 
    off with it.  They attack by eating your head, and it does about as 
    much damage as a nurse, but if they get you in a corner, beware...
    Hanged Men:  These guys show up only in the form of a sub-boss.  They 
    ride around the ceiling and if they get above you, they strangle you 
    with their legs.  I took them out with the pistol.  It's easy to move 
    with the pistol, and you can fire fast.  I started with the pipe.  The 
    big slash hit he does with it works, but the firearms are much better.  
    The pistol is especially better because you can move with it while you 
    Pyramid Head:  Yes, it is he, the God among demons.  These guys 
    somewhat rival the Nemesis in Resident Evil 3.  They just don't go 
    down.  There are several times you confront them, but only 2 in which 
    you cannot retreat.  When they use the sword, just run around them.  
    They are so slow with it that they will rarely hit you.  The first 
    fight is in the apartments.  It is not a case of win loose.  You can 
    use every bullet you have on him and he won't drop.  They will slow 
    down depending on how much lead you put into their helmets.  But they 
    decide when they come and go.  In the apartments, he will leave you 
    eventually, without a shot being fired.  The second fight is (spoiler) 
    at the end of the game.  You have to fight two of them.  As far as I 
    know (I'm not 100% sure) I think you have to shoot them.  They will 
    slow down until they finally, well, I'll let you see for yourself.  But 
    they will stop attacking you after you put enough into them.  I 
    personally use the pistol, again because you can dodge fast with it.  
    The shotgun and rifle have long reload rates, so be far away if you 
    decide to fire.  On hard, I'd recommend the cleaver.  Back into a 
    corner and swing it back and forth.  After the 3rd hit, they will go 
    slow and not hit you anymore.  
    Eddie:  Yeah, this guy was just too out of place, don't you think?  
    He's a scared, pudgy individual in a town full of monsters, and 
    conveniently every time you see him there's a dead body near.  As the 
    time progresses, you realize that Eddie is disturbed, probably due to 
    people poking fun at his appearance, and that he has been gunning 
    people down.  At the end, he just says it right out.  "Killin' a person 
    ain't no big deal!"  Well, eventually it comes down to him or you.  And 
    at that point, you've gotta fight.  Eddie fights depending on how you 
    fight I've found.  If you fire a gun, he fires a gun.  If you attack 
    with melee weapons, he'll hit you.  His gun does more damage than he 
    does, so do yourself a favor and use melee weapons.  For those of you 
    with bonus weapons, go wild.  First timers, the giant knife the pyramid 
    head used to wield is useful for once.  Corner yourself, and Eddie will 
    come for you.  After two hits from the big sword, he'll run away.  
    Follow him, and it's another fight.  Same deal here, but he will hide 
    for awhile.  Eventually he'll come for you, and hit him with the sword.  
    Two hits should do it.  So sad.
    Maria/Mary:  Yep, because of James' psyche you saw her as an ally all 
    the way up to the end.  She (in a particularly frightening cg) reveals 
    her true nature.  Don't even try melee weapons.  Due to the large 
    durability of her form, use either the shotgun or rifle.  She will 
    fly/swing around the room, and when close enough she will use a 
    tentacle to strangle you.  When you get far enough away she will shoot 
    shadow butterflies at you, which while they do not hurt you, do stop 
    you in place and stop you from attacking.  In case of either attack, 
    jam buttons and directions in order to escape.  Just run around and 
    take one or two shots here or there.  I don't know about you, but I had 
    10 ampoules and 10  first aid kits.  And I didn't even use them.  I had 
    even more health drinks.  Well, overall it was a sentimental/freaky 
    fight.  At the end she keeps repeating your name, and I got a little 
    worried.  I wasn't too happy about the strangulation, but I wasn't 
    about to put her down.  Well, you have to, so I did.  
    5. Puzzle Guide:
    I have all the answers for all the puzzles in the game, for each mode.  
    Even extra.  So email me if I'm missing something.  I think only the 
    safe and the coins are different.  Good Luck.
    The Bug Room:  Save the best for last.  This puzzle is the worst in the 
    game, in my opinion, cuz there are no clues.  The idea is to look at 
    the illuminated numbers, and put those 3 in some order.  Don't look for 
    clues, there are none.  You'll just get bitten.  Put on the flashlight 
    near the door and try the 6 possible combos.  One will work.  For 
    example, if 5, 3, and 6 are lit up, it could be 536, 563, 356, 365, 
    653, or 635.  Good luck.
    The coins:  How to get the coins is in the items guide, but the order 
    is not.  There is a desk in the west wing of the apartments, and it has 
    a riddle.  Overall, I found it average to hard.  This is a walkthrough 
    of the normal puzzle.  The easy puzzle is way too easy, and I don't 
    understand the hard puzzle, I just got it by luck.  The Extra hard 
    puzzle is also quite mind-boggling, and I can't put up the answer 
    without copy-writing endiveguel.  I did get it though, so if you need 
    it, then email me.  Null of course is nothing, while the wind as well 
    represents no coin.  The snake is a biblical reference.  The prisoner 
    looks to be female, so maybe she has to do with the idea of female 
    inferiority.  The old man is indeed a man, which's all I know.  For 
    normal, the wind is nothing, and null is nothing.  It tells you where 
    to put them. Nothing-Old one-Prisoner-Nothing-Snake (normal).  Nothing-
    Old one-nothing-snake-prisoner (hard).  Easy is too easy, so don't ask.  
    I recently figured out the Extra hard mode on my own, email me for my 
    version of how to do it, and the answer is Old man-nothing-Snake-
    Hospital 3rd floor hall:  The code is 7335 in easy and normal, found in 
    the doctor's lounge.  It is a riddle on hard, and I don't get it, but 
    by messing around I got 1382.  For hard and extra hard, the code is T, 
    which is the shape of the pad, thus 1382.  
    The Lock Box:  Due to the sheer number of locks on this box, I need put 
    it in.  There is one chain, which requires a key, the combined Bull 
    slip and Lapis Lazuli key.  The first lock requires a code from the 
    solitary room, which is written in the blood smear.  The second code is 
    on a carbon paper on a typewriter in one of the examination rooms on 
    the second floor.  Sadly enough, the reward is not worth it.
    The Safe:  The safe in the apartments took me awhile, but it is 
    supplementary, not required.  The wallet in the toilet (ewww) has the 
    code in it.  There are arrows between the numbers which show the way to 
    spin the dial to go to the next number.  Contrary to what I thought, 
    the double arrow only means one direction.  For hard, there are roman 
    numerals in the tens digit.  So for example, if you get X2, its ten 
    plus two, so twelve.  If it's VV2, it's still twelve, cuz V is five.  
    On extra hard, I'm not sure the answer.  I got 1-a-3-g.  The combo 
    turned out to be 1,10,3,16.  The only thing I can deduce from that is 
    that a somehow equals 10, and that it's numbered up from there (g is 
    16).  However, on extra hard, if they give you 2 numbers, it'll just 
    take a minute or two to try every combination, because the last number 
    clicks even if you try to spin past it.  It's a number, right, another 
    number, left, another number, right, and the final number.  
    Congratulations, you get ammo.  The directions it states are the 
    directions on the controller, not the way it spins. 
    The Game Show:  Too many people have had problems with this easy 
    puzzle.  I pride myself in knowing a lot about Silent Hill, and thus I 
    knew two of the three questions without even looking.  But hey, you 
    don't even need to know them.  Two answers are on the map, and one in 
    the memo.  The rewards are worth it, but not required.  When you are 
    sure about it, go to the hospital storeroom.  The jeweled box is it.  
    It has a grid, somewhat like the one below:
         1     2     3
    Q1 *     *     *
    Q2 *     *     *
    Q3 *     *     *
    Anyway, Q refers to question, and the numbers up top refer to the 
    answer you choose.  It may be random, but mine was 3-1-3, from top to 
    The Ring Puzzle:  Easy enough.  Find the two rings in the hospital and 
    put them on the 3-d hand in the picture on the stairway door.  Alla-
    The Prison Courtyard Puzzle:  Too easy to even right about.  Order 
    doesn't matter, just find and put the three plates in.  They say they 
    are THE three sins, but as I remember it there were seven.
    The Hole Puzzle:  Fairly basic, when you fall down the hole in the 
    prison, check the wall until you find a different spot, and hit it with 
    a melee weapon.  Voici.
    The Moveable Room:  When you ride the elevator down into the labyrinth, 
    there are a couple sets of ladders, and one leads to a room with a 
    movable Face Cube.  It corresponds to the room in front of it.  In 
    order to get through the room, you must rotate it until there are doors 
    on either side, the side you enter the room and the side you exit.  
    When you enter, rotate the face up twice, so the face on the bottom is 
    now on the top, then rotate it 90 degrees to the left.  That should do 
    it.  Also, the head facing you should be yellow-eyed and upside down.
    Labyrinth:  Somewhat of a living puzzle, this area seems unmanageable 
    at best.  However, on my second time through, determined to find all 
    the items, I mapped it by hand.  The entire labyrinth is actually a one 
    way road.  So as long as you go up and down the ladders and never back 
    track, you will reach your destination.  For items in the labyrinth, 
    one item is directly in your path, and the others are at a fork at the 
    end of the labyrinth.  You'll know you're going the right way when you 
    see pyramid head down in the water with you.  Happy trails!!
    The Hanged Man Puzzle:  This is another biggie for gamers.  The one 
    room in the prison basement has 6 dead men in it.  Read and remember 
    their crimes.  Then go to the next room, and there will be 6 nooses.  
    Read the two clues, pull the rope of the man you decide is guiltless.  
    Go back to the room with the dead men in it, and a key will replace the 
    guiltless man.  On easy it is the kidnapper, on normal it is the 
    arsonist, and on hard it is the counterfeiter, while on extra it is the 
    Boat Ride (somewhat of a puzzle):  I consider this a puzzle because 
    it's not at all obvious what to do.  First of all, clear all those 
    ideas about getting to the island out of your head.  As far as I've 
    tried (and I've been out on that water for more than an hour looking) 
    that island doesn't exist.  Once you've rowed away from the dock, the 
    convenient lighthouse in the distance disappears.  Rotate the boat 
    until you see it again, and row for it.  You can't be attacked, but for 
    some reason this section of the game is documented at the end of the 
    game, so try to do this quickly and efficiently.  Apparently a minute 
    is good time, but I've never done it.
    Music Box Puzzle:  The real trick here I found was to try each side of 
    the music box.  Each side has a slot.  Find the three music boxes that 
    represent fairy tales, and put them into the correct slots.  I don't 
    know, but personally I thought the princess that awoke from death would 
    be Sleeping  
    Beauty.  The tune it plays when done right is quite nice too.  
    Hotel Elevator Puzzle:  Not much of a puzzle, but I know gamers are 
    like me, and loathe to part with their weapons and flashlight.  Yep, 
    it's not that there is an invisible monster on the elevator with you (I 
    know you're all thinking of that part in Metal Gear Solid now, or else 
    you should be).  They just want you to drop every item you hold onto 
    the shelf next to the elevator and go down defenseless.  No, don't 
    worry, there are not huge monsters to worry about.  
    6. Weapons
    There are 2 bonus weapons.  So sad, but it's true.
    Board w/nails:  The first melee weapon.  It has good speed, average 
    range, and fair damage.  Good against beginning monsters.  Spitters or 
    mannequins will fall, even nurses.  I don't suggest using it on 
    anything else.  The soft attack is a sweep hit, or backhanded smack.  
    The hard (jam the button) is an overhead smash.  Both are useful.  
    Overhead will hit grounded enemies.
    Steel Pipe:  Found in a car, this pipe has quite a range.  The soft hit 
    is a lunge, like one might do with a  pool cue.  The hard hit is 
    another overhead.  It's effective against the monsters the board is, 
    but it's better.  Enough said.  (Also my favorite basic weapon).
    Cleaver:  Yes, it is his sword.  Similar to that of Cloud (FF7), this 
    sword is massive.  I'm betting the edge is dull do to the dragging it's 
    suffered.  But the sheer weight of the think makes it insane.  The soft 
    hit is a sort of half-a$$ed attempt at a cross cut.  It does more 
    damage than any other basic melee weapon even so.  The hard hit is an 
    extremely slow overhead swing.  If, however, you manage to hit your 
    target, he or she will be feeling it for some time.  The weapon is 
    stronger than any other weapon, no matter which hit you use.  It is 
    useful against Eddie and Pyramid Head himself.  Other monsters are 
    often too fast, but be my guest and try it.  
    Pistol:  Looks like a .45, but it's not.  The damage, sound, and heft 
    of the gun assure you it's not the fabled hand-cannon.  The major pro 
    of this gun is the ability to move while you fire and even reload.  
    It's also easy access, seeing as James brings it up in the flash of an 
    eye.  The clip size is small, but it will do against nearly anything.  
    Nurses, spitters, mannequins, cockroaches, feet and Pyramid heads, this 
    gun has it all.
    Shotgun:  My favorite gun.  Not as cool looking as the sawed off in the 
    original, this piece still packs a major punch.  I favor it over the 
    rifle because it's faster, and it does comparable damage.  You can move 
    while holding it, but not while firing or reloading.  It holds six 
    shells, and has a small reload time before shots.  Use it against any 
    monster in the game.  ANY.  But you could be wasting ammo if you use it 
    on a cockroach or something.  
    Rifle:  The rumored strongest gun in the game.  I don't believe it.  
    Either way, the ammo's hard to find, and the gun is coveted, so use it 
    wisely.  Because of the length of the gun, it is best to use it at some 
    range.  I used it only on the final boss, and I had very little ammo to 
    start off with.  With four ammo per clip, and a large reload time, this 
    gun had best make up for it in damage.  Use it as you see fit.
    Bonus Weapons:
    Chainsaw:  For the "Leave" ending, 1/4, you get the chainsaw.  It's found 
    at the end of the hike into town, in a log.  It's running when you find 
    it.  It does massive damage either way you use it.  It can be used in a 
    decapitating stroke, which is fairly slow, or a jab, which has some 
    range, and is fast.  The hard hit is the jab, which is far more 
    effective.  It will put down mannequins and spitters one hit.  It does 
    nurses in 2.  I haven't tried it on table monsters.  It is slightly 
    less damaging than the cleaver, so it is effective against Eddie.
    Spray Can:  Not sure what the significance of this weapon is.  I got it 
    after the Rebirth ending, in the caravan.  I was glad that I'd found 
    it, but I didn't expect a spray can.  Now you can fight enemies and 
    mess up the ozone layer.  Anyway, it stuns enemies with it's contents.  
    It will stop spitters and mannequins in their tracks if it's the white 
    spray.  It will stop other enemies the better it gets, but I have the 
    green spray and it won't stop doormen or Eddie.  It will wear off, and 
    the spray does get shorter and shorter.  But after it gets to nothing, 
    he shakes the can and it's as good as new.  I have gotten the white 
    spray, which is for an average (3-7 star) rating, and the green spray 
    for a good (8-9.8 star) rating.  You need a perfect ending for the best 
    spray (see endeviguels faq).  
    7. Conclusion
    This is version 2.4 of this FAQ, and I will upgrade it every time I 
    beat the game again.  I do not plan on putting up a real walkthrough 
    sort of thing in here, seeing as the items are in order, and thus if 
    you get the items in order of appearance, you will be walked through 
    the game, and you will find all the answers for puzzles and locks.  The 
    only difference between this and a walkthrough is that this does not 
    contain my personal feelings on each emotional moment in the game.  I 
    found the game immensely enjoyable, largely because it concerns real as 
    well as fantastical problems.  Unlike Resident Evil, which squares can 
    justifiably call a pointless game (though quite fun), this game has 
    underlying messages.  I hope this gets up soon, because I know there 
    must be a load of dudes like me putting faqs and walkthroughs up.  I 
    re-iterate, email me if you need help.  VejiitaSSJ4@hotmail.com.  Good 
    8.	Endings (spoilers)
    Yes, you'll find them in every other faq, but here they are.
    Water:  This is the depressing one.  James commits a mortal sin, and 
    drives into the lake.  To get it you must walk around hurt often, 
    examine Angela's knife, and listen to both the full conversation at the 
    end and the headphones in the reading room.  
    Maria:  I thought this was even more depressing than the Water ending.  
    You forget about your wife and go off with Maria.  Nice tune though.  
    To get it, you must protect Maria (obviously), don't examine your 
    wife's photo, and visit Maria often if you leave her somewhere.  Listen 
    to as little of the conversation as you can at the end.
    Leave:  And they lived happily ever after...(make the "they" a "he").  
    Mary dies, but your soul is at rest.  You did a mercy killing, and it 
    was out of love.  To get this good ending, look at Mary's photo and 
    letter often, and don't protect Maria too well.  Listen to the full 
    conversation at the end.  Don't let yourself get hurt too often.  
    Rebirth: (bonus)  To get this lame ending, you must gather the 4 
    special items.  They are all listed in my faq.  The white chrism, the 
    book at the gas station, the chalice, and the Crimson Ceremony.  The 
    ending has no cgs, nor even much of a story.  The only thing this is 
    good for is ratings, and the dog ending.
    Dog:  (Super bonus)  This is the funniest ending.  Though not as funny 
    as the comedy at the end of the first silent hill, nor as light-
    hearted, it is worth the work.  After either seeing all 3 normal 
    endings, or the Rebirth ending, you gain access to the Doghouse key 
    near the hotel, in a doghouse.  Use it at the observation room in the 
    Dark world hotel.  Enjoy.  This will also shave off from 10-30 minutes 
    off of your time, depending on how fast you beat bosses.  
    Ratings: (epilogue)  I know how to access most of the gold ratings.  
    Distance, I do not.  I know that I have gotten the running one once.  
    The items require more than 100, and getting all the extra items is 
    bonus.  You need more than 70 kills of both types.  You need below a 
    minute and 15 seconds on the boat (hard).  You need the hard/hard 
    level, but I think extra adds points.  Either dog or rebirth ending.  
    Get less than 300 damage (to self).  You can have 2 saves or less and 
    get gold.  Less than 3:00 hours time.  You get points for having all 
    endings already also.  I hear that if you get all of these, you get the 
    best rating, thus the Super Ultra Mega Power Hyper Spray.  Apparently 
    it will kill anything one hit.  (Don't take my word for it).  
    Xbox:  Man, I was hoping the day would never come when Bill Gates would 
    take over my favorite game.  But it has.  Whether you like or dislike 
    the Xbox, Silent Hill 2 is now coming out for Xbox in December, with 
    the PS2 version (Letter from Heaven) and an extra mode where you ARE 
    Maria (strange, seeing as she is a phantom, a figment of James' 
    imagination).  The extra mode is called Born from a Wish, which does 
    coincide with the fact that James creates her in his mind, and the town 
    makes her real, then she dies.  This is not a spoiler, except for the 
    dying part, because they never outright say any of this in the game, 
    it's all logical conclusions.  
    Konami, Akihiro Immamura, Takayoshi Sato, and the crew of Silent Hill 
    and Silent Hill 2: for putting out quality horror games.  I hope they 
    keep making them, but not to the point that it's a franchise (make them 
    crappy, and fast in order to sell more).  
    Gilmorne:  For his technical aid, and staying up while I was playing 
    into the early morning hours.  Also for his help on the riddles.  
    Endiveguel:  For helping me via the message board through the hardest 
    puzzles ever; a.k.a. the Extra Hard mode coin puzzle.  
    Oiboy:  For his comment on the rotating head puzzle.
    Gamefaqs:  For putting up a quality, no nonsense site on games and 
    Gamespot:  For giving me RELIABLE information and release dates.

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