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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Miss Allie / Dark Schneider

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/25/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Silent Hill 2 FAQ / Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is a copyright of  Thomas and Cheryl Rosado 2001.
    Walkthrough by:  Miss_Allie and Dark Schneider
    Email:  miss_allie@hotmail.com, drksnider@hotmail.com
    MSN Messanger:  miss_allie@hotmail.com
    Date created: 9/29/01
    Version: 1.1
    1.   Introduction/Disclaimer
    2.   Revision History
    3.   Weapons and Important Items
    4.   Characters
    5.   Enemies
    6.   Tips
    7.   Walkthrough
    8.   Endings
    9.   Secrets
    10.   Credits
    1.  Introduction/Disclaimer
    Hi, I'm Miss_Allie!  You may remember me from other such FAQ/Walkthroughs such
    as Shadow of Destiny by Konami.  My husband is helping me this time with Silent
    Hill 2, well, frankly because I'm scared out of my mind by it!  So he's playing
    and I'm writing.  Now remember, this game and all of its rights belong to
    Konami.  We aren't affiliated with them in any way.  If you'd like to use our
    FAQ/walkthrough on your site, please send an email to miss_allie@hotmail.com or
    drksnider@hotmail.com.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or
    anything else, you can email us.  I know some people don't like emails, but to
    us, they are welcome.  Happy playing!
    2.  Revision History
    9/29/01:  This is our first update.  We just got the game yesterday, and this
    is how far we've gotten so far.  More to come tomorrow!
    10/2/01:  Ok, we're a little farther, so another update!
    10/7/01:  Alrighty then, here's a complete walkthrough...we just have to get
    all the rest of the secrets and endings and items and stuff!!  But at least
    this will get you through the whole game!!  Yay!!  Oh, and all Puzzle Solutions
    for Easy, Normal, and Hard too!!
    10/25/01:  Has it really been that long??  Well, we've got some new strategies
    for you guys!!  And how to get the last two endings too!
    3.  Weapons and Important Items
    Wooden Plank:  You start out with this thing and you have to go a ways before
    you get a handgun.  But it's not too bad.  It's a long wooden stick with nails
    sticking out of it.  Short range.
    Steel Pipe:  Long pipe that you can use to hit enemies.  Bigger range than
    Wooden Plank.
    Great Knife:  Large knife that can cut through anyone that tries to oppose you.
     Just watch out because it's really heavy and it can slow you down.  Short
    Chainsaw:  It's really great and powerful, but it's heavy and kinda hard to
    use.  Short range.
    Hyper Spray:  Stuns enemies, but be careful when you use it, because it's
    hazardous to your health if you use it too much!
    Handgun:  A regular handgun, loads with bullets.  Long range.
    Shotgun:  It's really cool against bosses and big enemies.  Long range.
    Hunting Rifle:  I'd try and save this weapon for the "big guys", since you
    don't get a whole lot of rifle shells, unfortunately.  But it's a really really
    cool weapon!!  Long range.
    First Aid Kit:  Use when your status is blinking, and if you don't have a
    health drink.
    Health Drink:  Not as powerful as the first aid kit, so use when your status is
    Mary's Letter:  A letter from Mary.
    Radio:  It doesn't work, but it gets loud when a monster is near.
    Flashlight:  First of all, it's great because it allows you to see in the dark
    and you can turn it on and off.  Second of all, it's not that great because
    monsters will see you better.
    4.  Characters
    James Sunderland:  Protagonist.  His wife became sick and died three years ago.
     Ever since this poor man has been living an empty life, mourning his beloved
    wife.  Somehow, he got a letter that claimed to be from her saying to come to
    Silent Hill to meet her.  I guess even a glimmer of hope is enough to get him
    Angela Orosco:  James meets her in the beginning in a cemetary.  There's
    something strange about her.  She ran away from home it seems and is lost in
    Silent Hill.
    Maria:  Apparantly an exact copy of James' late wife, except her hair and
    clothing.  She's very happy and energetic, which is also opposite of his late
    wife.  It almost seems like you've known each other for years.
    Laura:  A little brat!  She seemed to know Mary (James' late wife) and was at
    the same hospital as her.  They became very close and Laura was almost like
    Mary's daughter.
    Eddie Dombrowski:  This guy is crazy.  He keeps talking crazy stuff...
    5.  Enemies
    Patients:  Freaky looking things that look like they just came out of a mental
    hospital.  They spit out acid at you or run into you if they're on the ground. 
    Hit it a few times and then kick it to finish it off.
    Roaches:  Ewww...I hate bugs.  You can even step on these things...or kick
    them.  I wouldn't waste precious ammo on them.
    Mannequins:  They pretty much look like mannequins, you know those things at
    the store that shows off the clothes...except it doesn't have a head or
    anything.  Just beat them to death.
    Nurses:  They look like they're carrying huge pipes.  Yikes!  Shoot 'em up and
    kick 'em when they're down.
    Hangers:  These things scared the crap out of me!  They hang under the floor
    when you're on a grating.  They'll attack you when you walk over them.  Try to
    run by them without getting hit.
    Doormen:  They look like doors, but they'll attack you.  They literally suck
    the life right out of you.  I'd shoot them.
    6.  Tips
    There is a 2D and 3D way of moving around.  2D is default and it allows you to
    move in the direction in which you push on the D-pad.  3D is "Resident Evil
    style" in that when you push up on the D-pad, you move forward.  Choose which
    style your comfortable with before you start playing, so that you're not
    fumbling around with the controls.
    Try to run around with the camera behind you more often (when you can), because
    then you can see better when you're running ahead.
    Save whenever possible!!  Seriously!
    Try and find as much ammo as you can and make sure you try and conserve it too!
     I'll put in where to find it in the walkthrough, so it's easier.
    Subtitles are helpful sometimes.  You need to pay attention to conversations
    sometimes and it helps if you can read it too, in case you miss something.
    Remember codes and clues, in fact write them down.  Some puzzles are randomly
    generated, so you have to remember different clues.
    Make sure that you heal whenever you need it.  You don't want to neglect your
    health.  If you're blinking a bit, use a health drink.  If you're worse, use a
    first aid kit.
    James will turn his head if there's something on the ground near him to pick
    up, if an enemy is nearby, or if you went the wrong way.  This is very helpful
    in all of these situations!!
    7.  Walkthrough
    Exit the bathroom and you'll get a cut scene to find out what's going on.  Run
    to the driver's side of the car and get the Map of Silent Hill on the seat.  Go
    west to the stone steps that lead to the lake.  Go down the path.  Keep going! 
    It's pretty long.  Then you'll get to a well.  Look inside the well to find a
    red paper.  These red papers are save points.  So save your game.
    Continue west along the path until you reach a graveyard.  Walk up to the
    tombstones and you'll meet Angela.  After the conversation, you can talk to her
    again by walking up to her, if you want.  Exit to the west.  Continue on the
    path to a building with dumpsters, enter the opening and go through the gates
    with the danger sign to Wiltse Road.  Go down to the Sanders Street
    intersection and to the Flower Shop right across from you.  To the east side is
    a workbench with a watering can on it.  There you will find a First Aid Kit.
    Go west on Sanders Street to Linsey Street intersection.  You'll see blood
    marks on the road and a creature walking in the distance to the north.  Go
    north.  Right before you get to Vachss Road, there will be a metal garage door
    on the corner on the east side.  You will find a Health Drink there.  To the
    north is an impassable chasm, and on the east side of the street, right south
    of the chasm, will be another metal garage door with a Health Drink.  Across
    from the entrance to Vachss Road (to the west in front of some houses) will be
    a large stone monument with writing on it.  Read it:
    "Remains of ___ swamp
    The ____ers of land surround___
    __ is monument was originally
    swamp, but later fil___
    Fr___ing ago, t___s
    nicknamed Blood Swamp because
    the _____ers poured the wat__
    _sed to wash the ex___ols
    in here
    Perhaps it's fo___hat
    Many pe___m to have s___
    __n the area"
    Whatever that means...Anyway, follow Vachss Road to the east.  A gate-enclosed
    patio on the right has 2 Health Drinks and a Save Point.  Continue east. 
    You'll reach a construction zone after walking through a gate.  Press "X" at
    the barricade to enter the tunnel.  It appears that static noise you were
    hearing was the radio!  An enemy!  Kill it with your newly acquired wooden
    plank.  Then you'll have a cut scene with him playing with the radio.
    Go back out to Lindsey Street.  Beware of the new enemies around now.  Go south
    on Lindsey Street to Katz Street to Martin Street and turn right.  There's a
    Health Drink by the fence between the buildings.  Go south on Martin Street
    until you get to a metal garage on the (Martin Street) side of the Mexican
    Restaurant.  There will be a Health Drink.  Go to the intersection of Lindsey
    Street and Sanders Street.  Turn right and find a Health Drink on the west side
    of the street by the first building.  There's also a Health Drink in front of
    Neely's Bar on the Sanders Street side on the steps in front of a door.  Go
    across the street to Happy Burger and in the parking lot next to a trash can
    will be a First Aid Kit.
    Go to Neely Street and right in front of you should be a First Aid Kit in front
    of an Injury Center.  Go to the Lucky Jade Restaurant.  You'll find handgun
    bullets and First Aid Kit under the roofed area.
    Go to Saul Street.  On the south side, you'll come to a motorhome, it's down a
    ways to the west.  Go inside the motorhome and you'll find a note on the sofa. 
    There will be a point marked on your map.  Save the game here.
    Now go to Neely's Bar.  There is a brown door on Neely Street side that you can
    enter.  Get the Map in here and you'll copy the markings onto your map.  Look
    at the message on the window.  A hole?  Exit back out and go to the north end
    of Neely Street to find six memos around a dead man.  Read them all, but beware
    of getting attacked while you're reading them!
    Go to the question mark at the top of Martin Street.  Search the dead corpse
    for the Apartment Gate Key.  Go to Katz Street to the west toward Wood Side
    Apartments.  There will be a gate, follow it until you get to the entrance
    (it'll zoom in on it when you get there) and use the Apartment Gate Key on it. 
    Enter the double doors just inside the gate.
    In the Lobby, turn left and get the Apartment Map.  There's a Health Drink on
    the brick table thing by the stairs and a Save Point on the wall across from
    Go up the stairs to the second floor, since the door here is locked.  Go to
    apartment 205 (look at your map from the lobby, since you won't be able to see
    it when your in the corridor until you get the flashlight).  On the clothes
    dummy, is a flashlight!!  And what's that behind there...uh oh, a mannequin! 
    Beat it to death and you can examine the clothes dummy.
    Run to apartment 210 to find 2 boxes of handgun bullets, one when you first
    walk in on the table and the other in a separate room on a nighttable with a
    lamp.  Go now to apartment 208 and get a message on a table with a phone on it,
    near where you enter.  On the wall, 3 names are scratched it.  This is a clue
    for later.  On the clock, there is something written and you can try to push
    it, but it won't even budge.
    Now go to the 3rd Floor and there will be bars blocking the corridor.  Try to
    reach through the bars to get that key.  What a brat!!  Enter apartment 301 to
    find your handgun!  Finally!  It's in the shopping cart.  Don't use it yet,
    though.  I'd still use the plank just so you can save your ammo.
    Go back down to apartment 208.  You'll hear a strange noise.  Run north and
    into 208.  There's a dead guy in here in a chair and there's now a key on a
    bookshelf.  Go to Room 202 and in the kitchen is a Health Drink.  Enter the
    bedroom and you'll see a nasty hole with moths buzzing around with green crap
    all over.  You stick your hand in for a Clock Key.
    Now go back to 208 and use the Clock Key on the front of the clock.  Use the
    clues on the wall and in that note that you found to solve it.  The answer is
    9:10.  (It's worded differently on other difficulties, but the answer is always
    9:10, mimicing the marks on the wall)  Something should click, when it does,
    push the clock to reveal a hole in the wall.  Go through and you'll end up in
    apartment 209.  There's a Health Drink in the kitchen.
    Exit 209 out the door and go up the stairs.  At the top of the stairs is
    handgun bullets.  Go to apartment 307 and see a...strange cut scene.  What are
    those monsters doing to each other...?  Whew, close call there!  Go back in the
    closet and get the Courtyard Key.  Go to where there is a "key mark" on the map
    and pick up the Fire Escape Key you couldn't get before.  Now go to apartment
    303 and find a First Aid Kit on a desk, a Health Drink in the kitchen, and
    handgun bullets on a caved in table.  Go to the laundry room next to 303 and
    get some handgun bullets.
    Run down the east stairs to the 1st Floor.  In front of apartment 107 is Canned
    Juice.  Yes, canned juice...I thought I read it wrong...canned juice...  Return
    to the Lobby, you can come back the way you came, or you can go down the stairs
    you are at to get to the 1st floor and exit and run to the west to where you
    first came into the apartments.  Go to the 2nd floor laundry room and use the
    Canned Juice to knock the garbage out of the chute.  Now go outside to the east
    of the front door and get the Coin [Old Man] and a gossip magazine.  Make sure
    you read and remember this article for later...
    Go back in the lobby and use the Courtyard Key on the door.  Go to the pool and
    make sure you have your gun ready.  Kill the monsters in the pool and jump in. 
    Examine the stroller/carraige thing to get Coil [Snake].  Use the steps to get
    Go through the east door and to apartment 101.  There's a dead guy in the
    kitchen and handgun bullets in a corner.  Who is gagging and vomiing like that?
     Go in the bathroom to find out.  Talk to Eddie and you'll be kinda...grossed
    out.  Go to apartment 104 for handgun bullets on a table and a brochure on a
    Go to the 2nd floor and use the Fire Escape Key to open the blue door on the
    west end of the 2nd floor, all the way to the end in front of you.
    In this apartment (we're in the Blue Creek Apartments now, so you don't have a
    map) there is a Health Drink in the kitchen.  Go to the bathroom and stick your
    hand in the toilet to get a wallet with a memo.  This is a combination to the
    safe in the other room.  It's different each playthrough, so write it down.  Go
    to the safe in this apartement and use the combination.  Start out on the first
    number, then go right or left to the second number, depending on which
    direction the arrows are facing.  (On Hard Puzzle Mode:  Add the roman numerals
    together...for example "XX" means "20" and if there's any regular numbers next
    to roman numerals, example "XX2" means "22" as in you just put the regular
    number on the end of it.)  Once you do all of the numbers, it will open to
    reveal 4...count 'em 4 boxes of handgun bullets!!!  Leave this room and go down
    the hallway.
    When you reach the "Exit" sign, go a little further to the next door on the
    left.  Read the note taped to the locked door, and then head back to the "Exit"
    door.  Turn to your left and there will be a Map of Blue Creek Apartments on
    the floor here!  That's better!  Head down to the 1st floor and into the
    Laundry Room for a First Aid Kit.  Go to apartment 105 and there is a puzzle
    box here.  You need 3 coins to open it.  We need to get the last one, but
    first, Save Point in the closet!
    Go to apartment 109.  There are handgun bullets on the couch.  Now enter the
    bedroom and you find Angela there.  She'll give you her knife.  She's kinda
    strange.  Search the nightstand for Coin [Prisoner].  In the middle of the
    floor is a torn picture.  Go back to room 105 and save if needed.  Now to solve
    that puzzle box.
    The solution for Easy Puzzle mode is:  [Old Man], Empty Space, [Snake], Empty
    Space, [Prisoner]
    Normal Puzzle Mode:  Empty Space, [Old Man], [Prisoner], Empty Space, [Snake]
    Hard Puzzle Mode:  Empty Space, [Old Man], Empty Space, [Snake], [Prisoner]
    You get the Lyne House Key for this.  Go back to the 2nd Floor and use the Lyne
    House Key on apartment 209.  Exit on the balcony to room 208.  In here you will
    find handgun bullets on a chair, Apartment Stairway Key on the bed, and a Save
    Point.  BOSS FIGHT AHEAD!!  Go back to apartment 209 and to the corridor.  Head
    north to the blue door on the right.  Unlock it with the Apartment Stairway
    As soon as you enter the room and get control of James, just start shooting.  I
    suggest using your menu to reload.  Be careful of his attacks, though.  If he
    nicks you, it'll damage you severely and if he full-force swings at you, you
    die.  In one hit.  I hope you saved it.  After shooting off a couple of rounds,
    Pyramid Head will just start walking down the stairs and into the water below. 
    DO NOT FOLLOW HIM!!!  If you do, he'll attack you and kill you.  Once he's gone
    and the water is all drained, you can go down the stairs and leave the Blue
    Creek Apartment Building.
    There is a First Aid Kit by the gate with street cones right near where you
    exit.  Now go north up the alley and There's the brat!!  Continue north to the
    arch and go up the stairs on the left side for 2 boxes of handgun bullets. 
    Continue north to Rosewater Park.  Go north a little and to the left up the
    stairs for 2 boxes of handgun bullets.  Go back to the path and north a little
    more and to the right by a gazebo is another box of handgun bullets.  Go to the
    other side (left side of the road when you're going north) and find a Health
    Drink up the stairs under the covered pass.  Go back to the path again and
    north and to the right to find another Health Drink by a telescope.
    Now head west to find...Maria!  Ok, now she's going to follow you for a little
    while.  Maybe even a long while.  You must protect her and guard her with your
    life.  Don't let her get hit, even a little, and don't let her even get killed
    because then your game is over if she dies.  Just try and protect her as best
    as you can.
    Go west and then south on the path toward the Parking Lot.  On the west side of
    the street, across from the Parking Lot will be a mannequin, but behind him is
    a Health Drink.  Go down toward Jack's Inn and in the parking lot of the inn is
    a Save Point on the trunk of a blue car.  Now go down Munson Street to Katz
    Street.  Go west on Katz Street all the way down until the end.  In an alcove
    on the left side will be a First Aid Kit and right across from it by a fire
    hydrant will be another First Aid Kit.
    Go to the Texxon Gas Station.  There will be a steel pipe sticking out of a
    hood of a car sitting in front of gas pumps.  Go in front of the big white
    truck for 2 Health Drinks and a box of handgun bullets.  In front of a painted
    garage is a Health Drink and a box of handgun bullets.  Now go to the front of
    Pete's Bowl-A-Rama and right across from the door by the little garden patch is
    another Health Drink.
    Now run northwest on Nathan Avenue.  When you come to the Historical Society,
    there will be a wooden fence with lifesavers along it (to your left).  There's
    a First Aid Kit in front of the wooden fence.  Continue NW on Nathan Avenue. 
    The road is blocked off, but you'll find a corpse with a map next to him and a
    box of handgun bullets near his head.
    Return to Pete's Bowl-A-Rama, where it's now marked on your map.  Go inside and
    in the door on your left.  You'll see a cut scene between the brat and Eddie. 
    Go in the door on the other side of the room you're in and you'll find out the
    little girl's name.  Go back outside and Maria will come running up, since she
    was chasing Laura.  Run to the gate behind the bowling alley and head south
    until Maria shows you where Laura ran to.  Go through the gray door, Maria will
    unlock it for you.  Go up the stairs and through the green door.  On a chair in
    the nightclub is a First Aid Kit.  Exit out the door on the other side of the
    room from where you came in and run south on Carroll Street until you see
    Laura.  Follow her into Brookhaven Hospital.
    Turn to the left and get the Map of the Hospital off the bulletin board.  Go to
    the Reception Office.  There's a Health Drink on a desk and a save point on
    another desk and next to it is a memo about some patients.  Enter the Document
    Room.  Next to the typewriter is a Doctor's Journal and you'll pick up a
    "Purple Bull" key.  Now save your game if you didn't already.
    The Examination Room should be locked.  Go up to the 2nd Floor and to the Men's
    Locker Room.  In the pocket of the lab jacket hanging next to the lockers is
    the Examination Room Key.  Go to the Women's Locker Room and you'll find the
    shotgun in a locker and look at the Teddy Bear next to the shotgun.  You'll
    prick yourself on a Bent Needle and you'll pick it up.  Leave and go down and
    enter the hallway with the "M rooms".  In front of the restroom is a box of
    handgun bullets.
    In Examination Room 3 is a First Aid Kit on the table.  Check the typewriter
    for a code.  Write this number down and label it "typewriter code".  Go to room
    M2 for "Lapis Eye" key and shotgun shells on top of the nightstand table.  In
    Room M3, watch out for the monster, and get the handgun bullets and Health
    Drink on the floor.  Go to Room M6 (monsters!!) for shotgun shells on a box and
    a Health Drink on the opposite side of the room on another box.
    Go back to the 1st Floor and unlock the Examination Room.  Go through to
    Doctor's Lounge for shotgun shells in the sink.  Also, check the bulletin board
    for "3rd Floor Patient Wing Hall - 7335" (On Easy and Normal).  You'll need
    this code for later.
    Go up to the 3rd Floor and beware of monsters!  There's a First Aid Kit on the
    floor across from the Elevator.  Go to the double doors leading to the
    S-hallway.  Enter the code from the Doctor's Lounge.  Go to Room S3 and Maria
    will decide that she's tired.  Let her rest a bit, but I kept checking on her
    every now and then (I just didn't want her to die!!).  Get the Roof Key on the
    table next to the bed.  Now go to the Shower Room and there's a drain on the
    floor with something in it.  You can't get it yet so go back out and to room
    S11.  There's a Save Point on the wall and a Health Drink on the bed.
    Go to Room S14 and read the writing on the wall.  There's a box that was
    seriously locked up!!  Go back to the stairs and up to the Roof.  There's a
    diary on the floor.  I stood by it for a second and then tried to open all the
    doors.  Uh oh, Pyramid Head!  You don't fight him though.  He knocks you over
    the side.  When you gain control, HEAL YOURSELF!!  You're now on the 3rd Floor
    in the Special Treatment Room.  Go into the second room from the left in this
    place and you'll find some numbers on the wall.  Write these numbers down and
    label them "Special Treatment Room".  Go back out and there's a note near the
    door you can read.
    Go back to Room S14 and now you can open the box!!  Use the "Purple Bull" key
    and the "Lapis Eye" key on the box.  Now the Push Button lock, enter the
    "Typewriter Code".  And now the turn lock, enter the "Special Treatment Room"
    code.  And now claim your prize!!!  All that for...a damn hair...
    Go back to the Shower Room.  Combine the hair and the bent nail to get the
    Elevator Key from the drain.  Save your game in S11, if you wish.  Go to the
    3rd Floor elevator across from S8, and ride it down to the 1st Floor.  Go to
    room C3 for shotgun shells on a crate by the door.  Handgun bullets are on the
    floor next to the fallen door.  Go to C2 to find...Laura!
    Follow her and she'll lock you in a room...equip your shotgun right away and
    you'll have to shoot the crap out of the Hangers!!  Strategy:  Try not to get
    too close to them, as they will grab you!  If one happens to grab you, start
    pressing some buttons to get out of their grasp.  As for the shotgun, remember
    that it's slower to ready than the handgun.  Try to focus on one at a time and
    kill one before you start shooting the other.
    Now you're in the Garden Area.  Go out the door and down the hall.  There's a
    Save Point on a gate to your right and shells under it.  Exit through the
    double doors and go to room C2.  Kill the nurse and get the First Aid Kit next
    to where she was.  Now you'll hear a crash (if you don't hear it, move around a
    bit.)  Go to C1 and get a Health Drink across from the door on a crate box, and
    handgun bullets on the bed.
    Go to the elevator to the 2nd Floor.  Go to room M4 and get the Health Drink on
    a green crate and shotgun shells to the left of it.  Go to M6 for handgun
    bullets on the bed by the door and the First Aid Kit in the corner.  On the
    wall where the clawing hands are, is a Dry Cell Battery and Basement Storeroom
    Key.  There's a piece of paper on the bed next to where you get these.  Read it
    to find out there's a precious ring in the basement's basement.  What's a
    basement's basement?  Go to the Day Room.  There's a refrigerator in the center
    of the room, but you can't open it right now.
    Go up to the 3rd Floor.  To the right of the elevator door (when you're looking
    at the door) is a picture of a woman and it looks like she's reaching for
    something.  Go to Room S3 and...wait, no Maria..?  Where'd she go?  There's
    pill bottles on the nightstand.  What was she taking?  Go to S11 and on a crate
    by the bed are an ampoule and handgun bullets.  Look on the bed for a paper
    about that woman on the door that leads to the stairs.
    Go to the Store Room and check out the shelves at the back of the room for a
    First Aid Kit, handgun bullets, and shotgun shells.  Now go to the stairs near
    this room for a Save Point!  Go down the stairs to the Basement Level.  Search
    by the rubble for shells.  Move the shelf (go to the left side of it) and
    search the hole to see...Maria!!  But she's not very happy...
    Go down the ladder and find the copper ring.  Turn on your subtitles, if you
    don't have them on already...Now go back up to the 3rd Floor and use the
    Elevator to go to the 2nd floor.  You'll hear the "Trick or Treat" game show. 
    Listen very carefully to the questions and answers.  Now go to the 2nd Floor
    Day Room and open the fridge, you can do it now that you have Maria.  You'll
    get the Lead Ring.
    Go upstairs into the Store Room of the 3rd Floor to open the "Trick or Treat"
    Box.  (You can save first if you wish)  No matter what puzzle mode you're on,
    it's the same code.  The code is:  First row - 3, Second row - 1, Third Row -
    3.  You get five boxes of shotgun shells and two ampoules!!!!  Now that's worth
    it!  Now go to the door next to the elevator on the same floor (the one with
    the woman painted on it) and put both rings on the woman's hand.  Go in and
    down the stairs.  You'll find a blue memo a little ways down, read it and
    continue down.
    WARNING!!!  When you get to the bottom, Pyramid Head will be following you, so
    you have to be really quick down here.  There will be bends.  I will tell you
    which way to turn so that you don't get hit as much, so Maria doesn't take too
    much damage, and you don't die.  Turn right, right, left, left, right, right,
    left, right, then straight to the elevator!!  If you or Maria take too much
    damage, I suggest loading your game.
    When you get in the elevator...damn, it looks like Maria didn't make it!!  Go
    to the Director's Room.  You'll find a map and Hospital Lobby Key on the desk. 
    You have all kinds of places on your map highlighted now!  You'll catch a
    glimpse of Laura out the window, so let's go!  When you go to exit the
    hospital, there's a Save Point near the doors.  Now leave.
    Go north and in front of a truck on the right side of the street are shotgun
    shells.  Go south now on Carroll St. and west on Rendell St. for a tresure
    trove!  A First Aid Kit and Health Drink in front of a car.  An ampoule and
    handgun bullets by a construction cone.  Go east now and on the left side of
    the street are 2 rifle shells next to a destroyed gate.  A little further east
    are more rifle shells and handgun bullets by a tree.  Even further east to the
    corner are a Health Drink and Shotgun shells in front of a tarp thing.
    Go to Saul St. and on the south corner in front of a purple door are 2 Heath
    Drinks and 2 handgun bullets are next to the gate at the end of Munson St.  Go
    to Saul St. again and find the gate on the extreme east end of the street.  Go
    inside and cross over the gated floor and run away from those enemies hanging
    under the floor.  When you get to the other side, exit through the door.  You
    can save your game inside the trailor, and next to the trailor is a First Aid
    Kit and next to the car are 2 shotgun shells.
    Continue east down the street and on the right side of the road, next to
    newspaper vendor machines are 2 handgun bullets.  Go north on Neely St. across
    from Happy Burger (left side of street) for a First Aid Kit.  In front of the
    menu and trash cans at Happy Burger are a Health Drink and rifle shells.  More
    rifle shells are in the parking lot of Happy Burger next to a trash can.  Now
    go to Neely's Bar.  There are handgun bullets on the corner in front of the
    door.  Go inside and look at the new writing on the wall.  Oh my!  Who would
    write this??
    Go east on Sanders St. and on the south corner are 2 boxes of shotgun shells on
    the stairs.  Go to the Flower Shop parking lot for shotgun shells and 2 handgun
    bullets.  Now go to Gonzales Mexican Restaurant.  On the porch of a house next
    to the restaurant (Lindsey St. side) are the wrench and a letter.  Now you have
    to find some key, but first...more stuff!!  On the north corner of Lindsey and
    Katz are some handgun bullets.  On the corner of Lindsey and Vachss Rd., in
    front of the garage are handgun bullets.  Go in front of Big Jays (corner of
    Katz and Neely) for rifle shells and Health Drink (on Neely St. side).  On
    Neely St side of Grand Markey is handgun bullets.  A little south is a Health
    Drink, and a little more south is another Health Drink.
    Go west on Katz St. all the way to the end.  There's a door there, so go
    inside.  Go west on Katz St. to the end for an ampoule inside the gate.  Go to
    Rosewater Park (you'll have to enter the left side by the Parking Lot).  Across
    from the Parking Lot are 2 boxes of shotgun shells.  Go north and to the west
    on that little strip for an ampoule (west of the circle on the map).  Go east
    from here to the little square on the map to a statue.  Search around it for a
    small mound of dirt for a bolted box.  Use the wrench on it for the Old Bronze
    Key.  Go over to the east side of Rosewater Park, on the eastern part of the
    first strip of east-west land for 2 shotgun shells.  Go back out (you have to
    leave the left side also) and go west on Nathan Ave all the way to the end for
    rifle shells.
    Use the Old Bronze Key to get inside the Silent Hill Society Museum.  There's
    no map for this section, so bear with me here.  When you get in, to your left
    is a Save Point.  Now look around the room at the paintings and notes and stuff
    before you go on.  Go into the room on the right side of the front door.  Look
    around and then enter the hole in the wall.  Run down until you reach a door. 
    I swear there's an end here...
    Go through the door and there's a note and a First Aid Kit on the desk.  Go
    through the next door.  Go past the gate and turn left.  Go straight until you
    get to the intersection and go right and there's a room on the right side of
    the wall.  Go in for some handgun bullets on the table in the corner.  Now go
    back out, turn right and into the "well room".  Jump!!!!
    Equip your steel pipe and attack the wall until you find a weak spot that
    reveals a door.  Go through.  You'll find a door on the right, go through here.
     Go through the other door in this room and pick up the key.  Your flashlight
    will go out so use your Dry Cell battery on it.  Uh oh!  Roaches!  Go to the
    control panel by the door.
    Roach Trap Solution:
    There's no set code for this part.  No matter what puzzle difficulty.  There
    will be 2 or 3 numbers lit up on the control panel.  You have to find a
    combination of three numbers that will open the door.  It might take a few
    tries, but you'll get it.  Now run out of the door quickly before those roaches
    get you.
    Go back out and into the next area of the room you're in.  Use the Spiral
    Writing Key on the gate on the floor.  Go down here.
    There's Eddie!  He's really sick, isn't he?  In this room are 2 Health Drinks
    and a Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig".  There's also a Save Point in here too.  Now
    exit out the door that Eddie left out of.  Go into the corridor and you'll find
    bullets as you walk down.  Further down the corridor is a Map of the Prison on
    the right side!  Finally a map!
    Go south a bit and enter the eastern door in the middle of the hallway.  In an
    open shower room is a Tablet of "Seductress".  Now go back out and into the
    corridor south of this one.  In the fifth cell from the left is a box of
    handgun bullets and in the ninth cell from the left is a wax doll.  Go out on
    the other side of the hallway (the east corridor).
    Go north in the corridor.  In the hallway are some handgun bullets and there's
    a room on the west side where you'll find rifle shells.  Go north and into the
    left corridor.  In a cell(6th from the right) you'll find a Tablet of
    "Oppressor".  Keep trying to open the door and you'll manage to force it open. 
    Now go back to the east corridor and enter the large room across from where you
    got the rifle shells.
    Put the 3 tablets in the large stone scaffold and you'll hear a scream.  Now go
    back to the door you came in through and you'll find a horseshoe!!  Go back to
    the west corridor(the corridor from where you got the map) and we're going to
    search the west side now.  Go inside the 3rd room from the top for a First Aid
    Kit.  You'll be able to see a lighter, but it's on the other side.  So go back
    out and into the 2nd room from the top to go through to the other side.  Now go
    back inside the room below it for the lighter.
    Go in the door south and to the left.  In here you'll find a First Aid Kit,
    ampoule, and Health Drink.  Now go into the north door and you'll finally get
    the Hunting Rifle!!!  Along with 2 boxes of rifle shells, shotgun shells, and
    handgun bullets.  Now go back out and into the door right across from where you
    are for a Save Point!
    Exit from this room and go through the gate to the south.  Go to the hatch on
    the floor and combine the wax doll, lighter, and horseshoe and use them on the
    hatch to make a handle.  Now go down and walk down the corridor through 2 sets
    of double doors.  Check out all the rotting corpses and holes all over.  Go
    through until you get to another hole and jump.  Go through the door and jump
    yet again.  Get into the elevator and pick up the First Aid Kit, rifle shells,
    hand bullets, and shotgun shells.  When you finally get to the bottom, get out
    and there's a Save Point next to the door.  Go through the door.
    The interesting thing about this area is that you don't have a map...at first. 
    James will draw the map as you go in this place, which is still better than no
    map at all!!  And this place can get a little tricky, as there's so many
    ladders and stuff.  Good luck!
    You can't get past the wired door yet.  Continue down the corridor until you
    get to 2 ladders on each side of a fork.  Go down one of them and around the
    circular room until you find a branch that leads to the center of the room.  Go
    inside the door and you'll find the Great Knife and 2 boxes of shotgun shells. 
    Now go back up the ladder.  Head south on the map and go to the ladder where
    the floor ripped out.  Go down and find another ladder leading up.  Go up.
    Rotating Face and Rotating Room Puzzle:
    You have to get the entrance and exit open at the same time for this to work. 
    The face on the cube will rotate the way you press the D-pad or analog stick. 
    Turn the face to the red eyes, facing right side up.  Now turn the face to the
    left.  Now you'll be able to leave the room.  This works on Easy and Normal
    Puzzle Modes.
    Hard Puzzle Mode:  The puzzle is always randomized.  Go inside and look around
    and try to find the 2 doorways that are directly across from each other
    (entrance and exit doors) and try to figure out which way to rotate the face so
    that the doors line up.
    Go into the next room that opens up.  Oh my!  It's Maria!  She doesn't seem to
    remember what happened.  What's this videotape?  Go back to the room with the
    rotating face room and there's a wire cutter that's stuck in the circuit
    breaker.  Go back to the beginning of the labyrinth (you can save here if you
    want) and to the wired door.  Cut the wires with the wire cutter and go down
    the ladder.
    Go through until you reach a ladder and climb it (Note: Only go up the first
    ladder, the other one doesn't lead anywhere special) then go to the south end
    and climb down the ladder.  Go around until you get to another ladder leading
    up.  Climb up and go south and around to the east to another ladder leading
    down.  Climb down that ladder and go around to the south leading up.  There are
    handgun bullets next to the ladder.  Go down the corridor to the ladder leading
    down.  Go to the western ladder and climb up to get 2 boxes of handgun bullets.
     Go back down and to the eastern stairs leading up to a Save Point.  Go out the
    door and run a bit until James goes off on his own.
    Equip your shotgun and blast him away!  Try to stay away from him, because if
    you get too close, he'll grab you.  If he does grab you, hit your shoulder
    buttons and the D-pad until he lets you go.  You might want to use your menu to
    reload, it's much better than having James do it himself, as that would leave
    him vulnerable.  It should only take 10 or less shotgun hits to finish him
    off...well, Angela totally finishes him off...
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY:  Another way you could do this is a great little hint I
    got:  "You have to do this quickly. Turn right and get your butt facing the
    wall and pull out your GREAT KNIFE.  Slap him with it once and then get out
    your shotgun, run to the other side of the room, and shoot him twice.  Then run
    around him again to the other side and blast him twice more and he's DONE!  Its
    great to save ammo!"
    Angela doesn't sound too good...and she's not very greatful, is she?  Well,
    leave the room and go down the corridor until and go through the north door. 
    Go through the left door and go up to the hanged men and press "X" on each of
    them to find out their crimes.  Now go out and into the door on the left side
    of the hallway (a little further north).  Check out the empty nooses and read
    the signs next to the door.
    Hang Man:
    You have to find the innocent man.  Reading the sign is a clue to who is the
    innocent man.  When you figure out who it is, you go into the room with the
    hanging men, look at where he is positioned in the room, and then go back to
    the room with the empty nooses and pull the corresponding rope.  On Easy:  The
    Kidnapper    On Normal:  The Arsonist   On Hard:  The Counterfeiter
    Go back to the room with the hanged men and in place of the innocent man will
    be a Key of the Persecuted.  Now go out to the corridor and out the door to the
    north.  Go around to the gate that's locked with handcuffs and use the Key of
    the Persecuted to unlock the handcuffs.  Now go all the way to the end of the
    hall and through the door to Maria's cell.  What happened...?
    Head back out and to the hall that branches off from the main corridor and
    through the gate, then up the stairs.  Pick up the First Aid Kit here and go
    around to the treasure trove up here in the cemetary!  You'll find an ampoule,
    3 shotgun shells and a Save Point.  Read the tombstones and jump into your
    grave.  Equip your shotgun!!  Run down the long corridor until you run into
    Eddie in the room.
    As soon as that cut scene is over, raise your shotgun and blast the crap outta
    him!  Think of it as kinda an old-fashioned western!  Eddie's gun has only 6
    shots, so when he has to reload, take this opportunity to blast him away.  When
    he's sustained too much damage, he'll run off.  Pick up the rifle shells and
    shotgun shells.  Reload your weapon and heal if needed, because Round 2 is just
    about to begin!  Follow him to a meat freezer type place.  After that cut
    scene, shoot him!!  I'd fight him close up, because all he'll do is try to
    punch you and not really shoot you.  You can usually knock him back with your
    shotgun blasts before he even gets a hit off.  After all this, he'll finally
    keel over.
    Go out the door to the outside.  Turn to your right and there's a Save Point on
    the barrel.  Continue down the pier to the rowboat.  How to maneuver the
    rowboat:  Press the D-pad up to go up, down to go down, right to turn right,
    and left to turn left.  On Hard Puzzle Mode, though, you have to row the boat
    using the analog sticks, which is a serious pain... When you get in, turn right
    until you see a light shining in the distance.  Now row toward that light. 
    You'll dock at the Lakeview Hotel.  Run up and go to the left of the stairs. 
    Go up to one of the fountains for "Little Mermaid" Music Box.  Now go back to
    the stairs and go inside.
    There's a Map of the Hotel to the left of the entrance with a point on it
    marked "Waiting for you".  Go to Restaurant "Lake Shore" and examine one of the
    tables for Fish Key.  Now check out the piano and see Laura again!  You'll
    finally be able to read Laura's letter too.  Go back out and west down the
    corridor to the last door on the south side (the area is grayed on the map). 
    Go into the open door for 3 boxes of handgun bullets and rifle shells.
    Go to the stairs and go down to level B1F.  Go past the Venus Tears Bar and
    into the elevator for paint thinner.  Go back up and into the Lobby.  Check the
    front desk for a note and behind the counter, in the mail slot, is a key to
    room 312.  There's a giant music box in the center of the room.  You can place
    the "Little Mermaid" Music Box inside.  There's also a Save Point in this room.
    Head up the Lobby stairs to 2F.  Enter the door to the west.  Go into the Cloak
    Room for a First Aid Kit, 2 boxes of shotgun shells, and two boxes of handgun
    bullets!  Unlock the bag here with the Fish Key for Key to the Hotel Room 204. 
    Go into the Reading Room for a Health Drink and 2 boxes of shotgun shells and
    right outside the room to the south are 2 boxes of handgun bullets.  Go to Room
    204.  On the desk is an Employee Elevator Key.  There's a hole in the wall to
    Room 202.  Look at the photos on the bed.  Use the paint thinner on the photo
    with an "X" on it so you can find out the combination to unlock the briefcase
    lock.  You'll get the "Cinderella" Music Box.
    Just outside the Elevator is a Health Drink and rifle shells.  Go to the greyed
    area and use the Employee Elevator Key to go inside.  There's 2 Health Drinks
    on a table and a Save Point on the wall here.  Try to go into the open elevator
    in this room and an alarm will sound.  Read the weight limit on the elevator
    buttons.  Put all of your items and weapons on the shelf just outside the
    elevator.  Ride the elevator down to 1F and get the Map for Employees on the
    bulletin board.  Go down to the Pantry for a "Snow White" Music Box on the
    shelf.  Go into Office for a videotape and can opener.  Go in the Employee
    Lounge for 2 boxes of rifle shells on top of the fridge.  Go through the blue
    door in front of the office and head downstairs to the basement.  Dodge past
    the mannequins (since you don't have any damn weapons) and enter the Boiler
    Room.  Get the Bar Key and First Aid Kit.  Now go in the kitchen for 3 Health
    Drinks.  Use the can opener on the large can in the middle of the counter.  Get
    the light bulb.  Ever hear of a can of light bulbs??
    Now go into the bar.  Try to unlock the door.  Use the light bulb on the lamp
    on the counter of the bar across from the door.  Now unlock the door and go
    back up to 2F by the Lobby stairs and then go in the Employee Elevator Room. 
    Retrieve all of your much needed stuff and save if you wish.  Go back to the
    lobby and put the remaining 2 music boxes in and turn it on.  Get the Hotel
    Stairway key from the music box.
    Go back up to 2F and up the stairs across from the Cloak Room and use the key
    on the gate there.  Go to Room 312 and play the videotape on the VCR (next to
    the TV).  You'll find out some disturbing information...
    Go back outside and there's now a Save Point on the door of Room 313.  Go back
    down to 2F.  ((Ending alert!!  If you want the "Water" ending, go to the
    Reading Room and listen to the headphones on the desk.  If not, don't even
    bother!))  Go to Room 202 and you'll end up in Room 219.  Go outside and get
    the 2 boxes of handgun bullets.  Go to the elevator, just outside on a table
    are 2 ampoules.  Ride the elevator to basement.
    Go in Venus Tears Bar (kill demons in water) and behind the counter are 5
    Health Drinks!!!  Now go to the kitchen and get the 2 boxes of shotgun shells,
    2 boxes of rifle shells, and a First Aid Kit!!  Is that all??  Now go to the
    stairs next to the Store Room.  You'll see Angela again!!  Now she thanks you,
    huh?  Go back out the door and for some reason, you'll end up in the stairs
    again...huh?  Oh well...
    Go up the steps to 1F.  Go to the Women's Room and outside there's 2 ampoules. 
    Go to the Managers Office for 2 boxes of rifle shells.  Go out the east door
    next to Security Office.  Go through the corridor, run the whole length past
    the underhangers and through the door to the Wall of Nine Save Points.  I
    think...now maybe this is just me...but maybe we should save?  Are they trying
    to tell us something?  Now you're right next door to the Hotel Lobby...so go
    Ok, yeah, you have to fight two of these guys...yuck.  Equip your much needed
    Rifle, I hope you've been saving it for these last two boss fights!!  Now a
    good way to do this part is to stand in a corner and blast the hell out of
    these guys until they get close, then run around to another corner and blast
    them again.  It doesn't matter which one you hit, because I guess they both
    take damage with each hit.  After a few hits, they'll walk into the center of
    the room.  Do not follow them.  They will impale themselves with their spears.
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY(godzilla.ji@caramail.com):  Probably an easier strategy. 
    Run between the two monsters, wait a second and then run away! They will hurt
    themselves, and their attacks are more powerful than James', so they are
    seriously damaged after a few hits, do this about 10 times and give just one
    shotgun shot, and that's it!
    Save again if you wish, and then go up to the Pyramid Heads and get the
    Rust-Colored Egg and the Scarlet Egg.  Put one egg in the left Lobby door and
    the other in the right Lobby door on the south end of the room.  It doesn't
    matter which egg you put in which slot.  Now leave the Lobby and leave the
    Hotel altogether.
    ((Ending alert!!  If you stick around and listen to the goings on, you're
    likely to get the "Water" or "Leave" endings.  If you don't and run as fast as
    you can to the door on the other side, you're more likely to get the "Maria"
    I'm not telling you any secrets, just strategy.  Now, this boss flys and will
    shoot moths at you.  You have to run around the room and shoot it with your
    rifle and dodge the moths.  That's it.  Until it falls to the ground, then
    deliver the final blow...
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY (brhinescot@yahoo.com):  The final boss only releases the
    moths when you look at her. If you don't turn to where she is in the camera she
    want release them. Also, I like to get up close once the moths have been
    released and they head across the room. I take out the great knife and after a
    couple slices she is a goner. She may grab me once or twice but I don't die.
    ANOTHER ALTERNATE STRATEGY (necroticdesire@aol.com):  Right after the fmv of
    the monster, run under her to far corner just stand and unload rifle on her,
    all you need to do is hold the fire button, even though it takes longer for
    James to reload the rifle himself it makes no difference, just keep firing til
    she nears, run to another corner and repeat once more and she'll die, with this
    method she never even realeses any moths so as long as you don't just stand
    under her and wait for the tail thing to hit you, you shouldn't get hit at all.
    8.  Endings
    These are all the endings we've gotten thus far and though following the
    details will get you more likely to get these endings, we've found out that
    there will be an occasion where you'll get a totally different ending than what
    you've previously hoped...
    -Always go where Maria tells you to go, don't make her repeat herself, please!
    -Try to be around her a lot in the town before you get to the Hospital and
    inside the Hospital before you get to room S3.
    -When she's accompanying you, make sure she suffers as little as
    possible...don't let her get hit.
    -In the last corridor right before the Final Boss, run as fast as you can,
    don't listen to the talking.
    -When Maria has to "Lie Down", check on her a lot!!!
    -After leaving her cell in the Labyrinth, reenter the room.
    "In Water"
    -Don't heal yourself right away, try to stay low in health a little while
    before healing.
    -Examine Angela's knife in your inventory when you recieve it.
    -Listen to the whole message in the last corridor before the Final Boss Fight.
    -Listen to the headphones in the Reading Room in Dark Side Hotel
    -Read the diary on the Hospital roof top.
    -Try to stay at full life as much as possible and try not to fight a lot or get
    hit a lot.
    -Try to avoid the "Maria" ending with all your strength!!
    -Listen to the whole message in the last corridor before the Final Boss Fight.
    -Meet Maria in the Park, don't make her remind you how to get to the hotel.
    "Dog Ending"
    After you've beaten the game three times and have the "Leave", "Maria", and "In
    Water" endings, play until you've found Maria in the park, then go towards the
    gas station. In between the gas station and the bowling alley will be a
    chainlink fence with an open section, then go inside and you will find a
    doghouse. Search in front of the doghouse, and you will find a "Dog Key"(the
    doghouse may be to the left of the gas station, I'm not sure. It is close by,
    Now, play the game until you've finished listening to Mary's voice after
    watching the videotape. Go out of the doors, turn right, and go to the
    Observation Room. The Dog Key will fit its set of doors, and inside you will
    see a cute/funny ending with a dog. I won't give anything away after that.
    "Rebirth Ending"
    If you're trying to get this ending, DO NOT get the Dog Key in addition to the
    White Chrism, Obsidian Chalice, "Lost Memories" book, and Angela's knife. 
    (Find out how to get these items in the secrets section)
    9.  Secrets
    In the options menu, if you press R1/L1, you can uncover more options!  And
    after you beat the game, more options open up still.  You'll find information
    on saved games, game time, and you'll even be able to modify how many bullets
    you pick up in each pick up!!
    Extra Puzzle Mode:  On your 4th time through (after completed Easy, Normal, and
    Hard Puzzle modes), there's a 4th difficulty level!!!  Choose Hard Puzzle Mode
    again, but the puzzle solutions will be much different and much much more
    challanging...we haven't really gotten far on this puzzle mode yet...
    Not exactly a secret, but if you wait a few seconds at the title screen, you'll
    see a little intro movie.
    Hyper Spray is available after you've beaten the game twice.  It can be found
    in the motorhome on Saul street.
    Chainsaw is available after you've beaten the game once.  In the beginning, as
    you're running down that really long path through the woods, you'll hear it
    along the path.
    White Chrism is in the Blue Creek Apartments in room 105 on the kitchen counter
    after you've beaten the game.
    "Lost Memories" book is in the newsstand right outside of the Texxon Gas
    Station after you've beaten the game.
    Obsidian Chalice is inside of the Silen Hill Historical Society, in a display
    case thing after you've beaten the game.
    More to come later!
    10.  Credits
    Thank you to my husband for playing for me so I wasn't too scared.  Thanks to
    my daughter Allie for watching DVDs on the computer so we could play on the
    Thank you to Pamela.Siler@ey.com for the tip about James's head turning!!  And
    thank you to garza@cjas.com for the "Option Menu" Secret!!  Thank you to
    godzilla.ji@caramail.com for the Pyramid Head Duo alternate fight strategy! 
    And to brhinescot@yahoo.com for the Final Boss alternate strategy!
    Thanks to bogges13@msn.com for the alternate Door Man strategy!!  And to
    ZackBelmari@hotmail.com for the intro movie (he sent it in first).  Thanks
    necroticdesire@aol.com for the other alternate end boss strategy.
    Special thanks to desert_father@hotmail.com for helping me get the last two
    Thank you for everyone who posted this walkthrough on their site.  And thank
    you for the readers of it!  :)
    If you have something to offer, send an email to miss_allie@hotmail.com or
    drksnider@hotmail.com and we'll give you full credit!  Thank you for using our
    walkthrough and don't miss our Shadow of Destiny walkthrough if you haven't
    played the game yet.

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