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    Secondary Character FAQ by J.Mason

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                   SECONDARY CHARACTERS IN SILENT HILL 2 Version: 5.0 
    			       BY JAMES MASON
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    01:         	Table of Contents. 
    02:         	Introduction.
    03:         	The Insane People.
    04:         	The Prison Folks.
    05:         	The Orosco Family.
    06:		The Others * . 			*(Not The Nicole Kidman Movie).
    07:		Frequently Asked Question.
    08:         	Legal Stuff * . 		*(ZzzzZzzZZZ Booring ZZzZZZZZ).
    09:		Updates.
    10:         	Contact Me / Thanks.
    02- *INTRODUCTION*                                        
    Welcome To My Secondary Character FAQ !
    This FAQ is based on what's in the game , so a character may have almost no 
    information on him while another has tons of details written , and don't expect 
    some weird theories about characters that has no evidence to back it up . I 
    didn't write stuff on most of the main characters since President Evil's Plot 
    Guide has excellent profiles of the main characters and I didn't want to compete 
    with him (PS : Read every word of his Faq before reading mine to know what's 
    going on). I finally played the Maria scenario , thanks to the brillant idea 
    Konami had to put the X-box extras on the Greatest Hits for Ps2.
    Now For The Profiles *SPOILERS* ...
    *Jack Davis :
    Mental Patient At Brookhaven Hospital , he attempted suicide 3 times in a short 
    period of time . While he is normally calm , he can becomes extremely violent 
    when attempting suicide. He is the one who wrote the suicidal journal on the 
    hospital roof , and is an early explanation to the player of the mental illness 
    Angela Suffers From (Split personality , she wants to commit Suicide).
    *Joshua Lewis :
    Mental Patient At Brookhaven Hospital , he can become really violent and 
    dangerous when angry . He has a strong persecution syndrome , which makes him 
    think everyone hates him . Like Jack Davis , he also is an early explanation to 
    the player of the mental illness Eddie suffers from , which is described as a 
    complex of persecution ("He was making fun of me with his eyes").
    *Joseph Barkin :
    Mental Patient At Brookhaven Hospital , he believes he caused the death of his 
    daughter . He feels immense guilt and suffers from a Psychotic breakdown and 
    Paranoid delusions. While normally calm , he can get violent when excited. 
    He cares about a piece of hair that belonged to his dead daughter (Louise) , 
    which he swore to protect . He is again an early explanation of the mental 
    problems of James , who also suffers from extreme guilt and delusions 
    (Don't remember he killed Mary ,  Not sure when Mary died , etc). He spells 
    like a four year old (Kinda like me , hehe) and was the one who stole the key
    from the prison director and buried it in the park.
    *The Hospital Director/Doctor :
    He was in charge of the mental patients and was mostly interested by Joseph 
    Barkin. He wrote an interesting memo about the "illness" that Barkin suffered 
    from and that these delusions were where he was happy . He also seemed to 
    suffer from some mental problems he could have inherited from the patients , 
    since in the letter he leaves near the wrench , he talks about an abyss in the 
    historical society and that he saw that "thing" (pyramid head?). He also seems 
    to know James and his fate , even if he had never met him in the game (demonic 
    influence ?). He is probably the "blood writing guy" described below , since 
    some blood writing appeared at the same time as a letter and wrench were 
    dropped near the restaurant.
    *Blood Writing Guy :
    Probably the hospital doctor mentioned before , seems like his style to write 
    these comments. He had to be alive at least till he wrote the "If you want to 
    see Mary" comment in the cafe at night , and both the writing in blood and the 
    letter has the same themes (the damnation of James and the abyss/hole).
    *Walter Sullivan :
    Killer Of Billy And Miriam Locane , which he killed and chopped into pieces 
    with an axe. He said to a friend that he saw the red devil (Pyramid Head) and 
    that he was going to punish him . He eventually got caught by the police , but 
    he killed himself in his cell , burying a spoon two inches deep in his neck. 
    His tombstone now lies in what I would call "The Catacombs Of The Damned" , 
    along with an unknown "Myriam K. - Traitor" , a drunken criminal , many 
    tombstones too scratched to read and three freshly digged graves (James, Eddie 
    and Angela Written on them).
    *Guards And Executionners :
    The guards seemed to treat the prisoners like if there were scum , and seemed to
    think that they deserved to be killed for their crimes. A guard wrote about the 
    prisoners and how they always begged for mercy , even when they could not speak.
    The executioners were even worse , but , to their defense , they gave you the 
    choice between skewering and strangulation ! The scratched stone at the beginning 
    of the game tells you that the executioners used to wash their weapons in the 
    swamp , and that the swamp was nicknamed "Blood Swamp" due to all the blood in 
    the water. A painting in one of the prison's room talks about "The Crimson And 
    White Banquet For The Gods" . This means the prison staff were worshipping the 
    dark god Samael , and , knowing that detail , you can imagine what the prisoners 
    had to endure . The creature known as "Pyramid Head" is a representation of the 
    executioners , check out President Evil's SH2 plot guide for more details on PH.
    *The Prisoners :
    A Few prisonners still haunt the prison cells , groaning as James aproches . 
    Xander Aaxtious E-Mailed me an audio clip of the invisible prisoner's groans 
    playing backwards and , to my surprise , the monster says "Are You Sure ?". 
    Don't ask me why an invisible monster likes to shout "Are You Sure ?" backwards.
    There was a prisoner who used to practice black magic in his cell , another one 
    who painted three paintings (See the F.A.Q section below).
    *Angela Orosco : 
    Daughter of Thomas Orosco . Since when she was really young , her father molested 
    her , leaving her mentally scarred for life . When she got older , she tried 
    to run away from home , but her father managed to get her back , and continued 
    to rape her until the day she stabbed him with a knife . She feels guilty and 
    is considering killing herself with the same knife she used to kill her father.
    The developpers said in the "Making Of DVD" that Angela was supposed to be 18 
    years old , but that her traits and voice were specifically made to make her look 
    weird. For info on the painting in the stairs of fire room , check out the
    F.A.Q section below. 
    *Thomas Orosco : 
    Lumberjack , He was eventually killed by his daughter, who he raped and beat up
    during most of her childhood. The murder was called a "crime of passion" , and 
    no proof was found that could incriminate Angela. He probably lived in the Apt 
    building in Silent Hill. 
    *"Mama" Orosco : 
    The mother of Angela , loved by her daughter even if she said she deserved what
    happened to her. She probably lived in the Apt building in Silent Hill. 
    Vejiitassj4 sent me an E-mail explaining that she might have been the one who 
    killed Thomas, so I decided to add it here since Its an interesting theory , 
    but doesn't have much concrete proofs in-game.
    *"Brother" Orosco : 
    No Info Available , he can't even be identified on the Orosco family picture
    because a torn piece of the picture hides the spot where he probably was.
    06- *THE OTHERS*
    *Rachel The Nurse :
    She was the nurse in charge of Mary And Laura at the hospital. Mary had given 
    her two letters , one for James , one for Laura and asked her to give them to 
    both when she was going to die . However , Laura managed to take both letters 
    from Rachel , so James never received the letter. What he received was only a 
    part on the letter (that didn't exist , check the envelope after you meet 
    Laura in the hotel and the letter will be gone , which probably means Samael 
    tricked James into believing his wife was alive to make him visit Silent Hill).
    *Notebook Corpse and his Friend :
    He saw monsters , but his friend didn't. He wrote some useful details about 
    the monsters and advises in a notebook. He got killed and his body now rests 
    near the pet cemetery. Nothing More Known.
    *Guy That Lived In The Trailer and Map Guy :
    The guy in the trailer was invited by someone (Blood writing guy ?) to meet 
    him at Bar Neely's. In bar Neely's , a map that shows the exploration done by 
    somebody can be found . Another map can be found near a corpse when you try
    to reach the Lakeview hotel from the main road, which was surely made by the 
    same person who did the first one . But this corpse can't be the blood writing 
    guy since he later wrote another bloody comment in the bar , so , chances are 
    that he's the Trailer Guy , who failed to escape town.
    *Eddie's Kills :
    Eddie killed a dog , then shot someone he probably knew from his football years 
    in the apartment (football posters in the Apt. , "hard time playing football"
    comment) , then he stuffed him in a fridge. The rest of the corpses found in the
    streets may be linked to Eddie , while most of the corpses found that were shot 
    "execution style" have surely been killed by Eddie (You don't see allot of 
    monsters carrying guns , do you ?).
    *Corpses At The Bottom Of The Lake :
    Tragedies happened in Toluca Lake , one where 14 people on a boat never returned 
    to shore. The local newspaper claimed they probably sinked , but none of these 
    corpses were ever recovered. The article about another incident is clipped out, 
    but it seems that the corpses under the lake tried to grab some sailors and drag
    them into the water . There is also a memorial for the victims of the plague that
    now lies beneath the lake (Victims Of A Plague In a Lake ?).
    *Myriam K. :
    "Traitor" , she was probably executed and now lies in the catacombs in the prison 
    labyrinth with other sinners . She is not the same as the Myriam chopped into 
    pieces with an axe by Walter Sullivan (Myriam Locane). Clueless about this one !
    *Felon That Drank His Last Bottle Of Ale :
    Buried in the Catacombs , don't ask , I have no idea who he is !! James liked to
    drink and Thomas Orosco was an alcoholic , but none of them fit the bill.
    *Statues In The Park :
    Jennifer Carroll was victim of persecution by the Christians , she is now buried
    in the park . The Statue also says "What happened here shall never be forgotten".
    The other statue is a memorial to Patrick Chester , Son Of Edward Chester , who 
    died for liberty and for the people. War Hero ? No clue why they are included in
    the game.
    *Tim , Lyne , Uncle David :
    Tim And Lyne lived together in room 209 of the Apt. Building while David lived
    in room 109 . Weird whispers can be heard sometimes in the room where Lyne lived ,
    nothing else I can add except that David liked coin so much he made a puzzle out 
    of it , which is a pain in the ass on Extra difficulty level.
    *Ernest Baldwin :
    Not to be confused with Alec , or any of the other Baldwin brothers. He lost 
    his daughter , who fell from his gigantic house's window in the attic. He is 
    now a ghost , trapped inside his mansion and waiting for someone to give him 
    the White Chrism , which he believes could revive his daughter. Some say he 
    might be the same as the Blood Writing guy , but I doubt it because he clearly 
    can't leave his home , thus he could not leave cryptic messages all arround 
    07- *Frequently Asked Questions*
    * What's the deal with Laura ?
    Well , there are two theories . One is that she is a pure little girl , and 
    that her purity the reason why she doesn't seem to see monsters. The other 
    theory is that , like Lisa in Silent Hill , she is dead and is used as a spirit 
    to make James question himself. Personally , she really seems like a 
    "Snotty Little Brat" , so I find it hard to believe she is a pure , 
    gentle little girl.
    * What's the meaning of the three paintings in the prison ?
    They are quite mysterious . The "Burning Man" painting is the only one that I'm 
    sure of . If you examine it closely , you will recognise the Lakeview 
    Hotel (Same Shape). During the last part of the game (After you play the tape) , 
    the hotel is all burned up and wet (probably from the fire dept flooded the 
    building with water). There's even a special camera angle where you see a switch 
    saying "Pull in case of fire" (In the burned corridor with yellow investigation
    tape everywhere). This means the hotel once burned , and that it is either 
    destroyed today (Freaky) or it has been reconstructed. One might wonder who 
    started the fire (Angela ?) .The other two paintings are still not understood.
    * What the hell is that weird thing in the burning hallway ?
    There are two weird-looking corpse paintings on both sides of the room , each 
    depicting someone trapped under a white cloth that seems to have been sewed to trap 
    the victim inside. It looks like a girl , and since it appears when we see Angela 
    for the last time , it probably has something to do with her hopeless situation.
    Someone E-mailed me saying it seemed like it showed someone being raped with 
    her sheets put on her face (sorry I forgot who it was) , and it would make 
    alot of sense.
    * How did Eddie managed to get a pizza ?
    He probably always has a pizza in his underpants , like James carries 600 
    pounds of weapons in his pocket.
    * Who are you ? Are you from the pentagon ?
    Classified information ! Many people died trying to uncover my identity , so I 
    highly suggest you STAY AWAY FROM ME , CAPPISH!
    * Is Silent Hill 3 Coming Out ?
    Yes , PS2 , same team developping it , YIPPIE !!!
    * What's the deal with the Greatest Hits version of Silent Hill 2.
    Well , it includes the xbox's version extras (Maria scenario and Ufo ending) 
    and has a few light fixes here and there (the box in the hotel is no longer 
    a carboard box).
    08- *LEGAL STUFF*
    This Document Was Made Entirely By "JAMES MASON" , So You Can't Make Profit 
    Selling It ! Feel Free To Print This Document For You Personal Use Or For A 
    Friend . Stealing The Content Of This File Is Illegal Due To Copyright Laws , 
    But Feel Free To Use Parts Of This Text If Need Arise , Just Remember
    To Write Who Wrote This Piece Of Junk.
    SILENT HILL and SILENT HILL 2 are copyright 1998, 2001 Konami Computer 
    Entertainment Company of Tokyo. All of the characters , situations and events 
    described in this text are property of Konami . I Love You Konami !!!
    09- *Updates*
    **Current Version**
    5.0	Added some info on Ernest from the Maria scenario.
    	Fixed a few little things.
    	Added IGN to the Sites that hosts this faq (* Cough * Free Insider).
    4.0 	Fixed Some Small Mistakes And Changed A Few Phrases That Looked Stupid.
    	Added The Prison Folks Section (Thanks To Xander Aaxtious).
    	Added The Frequently Asked Questions Section.
    	Changed Allot Of Stuff In Many Profiles (Added Stuff).
    3.0	Fixed Some Small Mistakes.
    	Changed A Few Phrases That Looked Stupid.
    	Added Info On The Invisible Prisonners (Thanks Wirewyrm).
    2.5	Added Info On The Second Statue In The Park.
    	Changed The Info On Angela's Brother Since He Is On The Photo (Hidden).
    	Added Some Info About The Blood Writing Guy (Corpse In Front Of Cafe).
    2.0 :	Added Info For Webmasters Wanting To Post This Faq On Their Sites.
    	Added A Theory About Angela's Mama (Thanks Vejiitassj4).
    	Fixed A Few Mistakes (Thanks Mincer).
    	Fixed Many Spelling Mistakes (Thanks Office 95 TM).
    	Added This Update Section.
    	Added Some Thanks At The End Of The Faq.
    1.1 : 	Fixed A Few Mistakes (Thanks Brace).
    1.0 : 	First Version Of This Document.
    10- *CONTACT ME*
    My E-mail Is: James_Mason_SH@Hotmail.com
    My GameFaqs Board ID: James Mason
    Contact me if you find out any of the stuff written in this FAQ is wrong , or 
    if you find out something I forgotten about a character that is really important
    and you have proofs of what you are saying . Don't expect any updates unless I 
    find out more interesting stuff about the characters or have things that need to
    be fixed .
    ***What I Want To Get In A E-mail:
    Interesting Information Missing In A Character Profile (You Must Have Proofs).
    Big Error In The Text (You can't even understand what I meant).
    Big Error In Profile (Something Like If I Wrote Angela Was A Guy).
    Why I Still Can't Read The Blanks In Texts After Having A Save With All Endings.
    Pictures Of Ferrets Dressed As Famous Celebrities .
    ***What I Don't Want To Read:
    Farfetched Theories That Has No Proofs (Cybill Is Laura?).
    Common Spelling Mistakes I Made (English in not my Language , so don't complain).
    Requests For Things Not In The FAQ (If It Isn't There , I Wont Add It).
    Questions About The Game (Get A Walktrough Or Stick To The GameFaqs Board).
    Thing That Has No Link To This FAQ (Porn , Politics , You Get The Point).
    Praises Or Hate Mail (Don't Care About Either Of Them .... Well Praises Are Ok).
    Webmaster Asking Me If They Can Post It (Read Under The Title).
    My Thanks To : 	Konami 	       	(Silent Hill , Metal Gear , Castlevania)
    		MenomaMinx 	(Telling Me I Should Submit This Faq)
    	       	Brace And Mincer(Pointed Out Some Corrections)
                   	Vejiitassj4     (Theory About Angela's Mama Killing Her Husband)
    		Wirewyrm	(Theory About The Groaning Prisoners)
    	       	Doudou Camara	(Teacher With A Funny Name , HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE)
    		Xander Aaxtious (MP3 Of The Prisoner Groaning "Are You Sure ?")
    	       	P. Lapointe	(Because He Kick Ass At Counter-Strike)
    And That Special Someone That Changed My Diapers And Spoon-Fed Me For Years ! 
    Fabio , I'll Never Thank You Enough !

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