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    Puzzle Guide by Conquerer

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    1.  UPDATES
    2.  FAQS
    3.  PUZZLES
         - Letter From Silent Heaven
         - Born From A Wish
    4.  CREDITS
    1.                          U P D A T E S
    Most Recent Updates:
    [12/31/04] - New Year's Eve - 49 KB [Final]
    Created the FAQ from the puzzles from my Walkthrough. First and Final
    2.                             F A Q S
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Are all the solutions for every puzzle in this FAQ?
    A: Yes, every solution.
    Q: Even Extra Riddle Level?
    A: Yes.
    Q: How do you unlock Extra Riddle Level?
    A: Beat all the normal Riddle Levels and play on Hard Riddle Level. Even
       though you select Hard, it will be Extra. You can see "Extra" when you
       save or load your game.
    Q: Is that one puzzle from the Maria scenario in here?
    A: Yes, the Acacia Puzzle is in here.
    Q: I can't read the bloody wall code in the Special Treatment Room in the
       hospital. What do I do?
    A: Read that puzzle in the Puzzle section below. I guarantee it will help
    Q: How am I supposed to read the bloody wall code when the camera angle
       is so high and far away?
    A: Examine the wall where the code is and a close-up will be displayed.
       That's how you determine the code.
    Have any questions? E-mail me and I will answer it in the e-mail and
    maybe here as well.
    3.                           P U Z Z L E S
    Below are all the solutions for all the puzzles in both the Main and Sub
    Scenarios. Every Riddle Level solution is in here.
                        | LETTER FROM SILENT HEAVEN |
    c l o c k  p u z z l e
    There are some clues in this room on how to solve this puzzle but you can
    just read the solution at the bottom of this puzzle section below.
    First, there's a memo on the side of the clock that says:
         "The scars from the past shall
          remove the nail that stops Time."
    The idea is to move the clock out of the way but you can't so you have to
    do something. You'll need to find more clues. In the main section of this
    room, there's a memo by the phone on a small wall table. The memo is
    different depending on your riddle level:
         "Three different sizes,
          time on the run.
          Three young men circlin'
          round the sun.
          Henry is short and
          very, very slow,
          Scott can't stop,
          he's always on the go."
    The memo uses the names as the hands of the clock. So Henry would be the
    hour hand on the clock since he's "short and very, very slow" and Scott is
    obviously the second hand as "he's always on the go."
         "Three needles stand of
          three different heights.
          The fat, the tall and the thin.
          From slow to fast they
          move to the right.
          Scott rests not on three,
          but fifteen."
    The "Three needles" are easy to understand. They are simply the hands on
    the clock. "The fat, the tall and the thin" - Hour, minute and second
    hands. "From slow to fast they move to the right" describes the order of
    the hands: Hour, Minute, Second.
    There's also another way to tell the names of the hands and this is how
    you're sure who is the minute hand. Look at the first letter of each name:
    (H) Henry   - (H) Hours
    (M) Mildred - (M) Minutes
    (S) Scott   - (S) Seconds
    Go to the small room with the clock to find something written on the wall
    that the clock is facing. The memo has three names and directions for each
    of them. There's Henry and Scott from the other memo, and Mildred. Mildred
    would be the minute hand since that's the last one left, and you
    determined that with the first letters of each name and hand. The arrows
    for each name are as follows:
    Henry: 9 - (9 hours) - hour hand
    Mildred: 2 (10 minutes) - minute hand
    Scott: 3 (15 seconds) - second hand
    So that leaves you with 9:10 and 15 seconds. But if you check the clock,
    you'll notice that the second hand doesn't move and it's already on 15
    seconds, so don't worry about that one.
    You now have the solution so turn the clock hands to 9:10, and you should
    hear a clank. That would be the "nail that stops Time", from the memo,
    unlocking. You can now push the clock and move on. No matter what Riddle
    Level you're playing, the answer to this puzzle is always 9:10.
    s a f e  c o m b i n a t i o n  p u z z l e
    The point of this puzzle is to open the safe with the combination in the
    wallet. You don't have to open the safe; it's an optional puzzle. But
    there is plenty of ammo inside. The puzzle is a bit different on certain
    Riddle Levels; rather the combo. So use the solution that matches your
    Riddle Level to complete the puzzle. But first, you may need to know some
    basics on how to use the safe. You get a memo with the combination on it.
    There are arrows that indicate which direction to turn after moving to
    each number (except for the last, of course). So you would move to the
    first number in whichever direction. After the first number there are two
    right arrows. So that's the way you move the dial. But you must PRESS the
    direction it says, even though the dial will move the opposite way. You
    must do that to complete the puzzle.
    Here, you get a simple combo with plain, old numbers. The code is random
    but here's an example of a code: 15 >>  8 << 12 >>  6. If this were your
    code, you would turn the dial in any direction to 15. Then you would press
    right to turn the dial until you reach 8. Now you would press left and
    stop at 12. And then finally, you would press right until you land at the
    final number, which is 6. But your code will most likely be something else,
    as it is random.
    Okay, now you get a code with some normal numbers and some roman numerals.
    Remember the code is random and the following is just an example of a code:
    11 >> X2 <<  7 >>  3. If this were your code, you would turn the dial to
    11. Then press right until you reach 12, which is X2 (X=10, +2=12). Now
    press left until 7. And finally, press right until you reach the final
    number, 3. There can be more than just the "X" roman numeral. There can
    also be "V", "VV", "XV", and "XX". And like above, there can also be roman
    numerals mixed with regular numbers such as  "X5", "VV2", etc. In these
    cases you would add them together. "XV"=15, "VV2"=12, etc. You should know
    roman numerals, but if not: V is 5, X is 10. XV is 15, and XX is 20.
    Here, it's very easy once you figure out what to do. In the memo there are
    now letters of the alphabet, as well as normal numbers. The code is still
    random but here is an example of a code:  3 >>  j <<  4 <<  b. If this
    were your code, you would turn the dial to the first number, 3. Then you
    would press right until you reach 19. Then press left until 4. And finally,
    press right until you reach the final number, which is 11. You're probably
    wondering where the numbers "19" and "11" came from. The numbers in the
    combination only go from 1-9. After that, letters take their place. The
    letters represent the number they are in the alphabet, plus 9. So a=10,
    b=11, c=12, and so on. So in the above example combination, "j" would be
    19 (9+10), and "b" would be 11 (9+2). The safe numbers go from 1-20 so
    there can only be 11 possible letters for the combination, along with the
    9 numbers. The number for each possible letter is below to save you some
    a  b  c  d  e  f  g  h  i  j  k
    10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
    o l d  c o i n  p u z z l e
    The solution to this puzzle is different based on which Riddle difficulty 
    you choose. When you examine the desk, it will tell you how the puzzle
    works. The solutions to this puzzle on each riddle level are listed below,
    as well as why they are the solution. But to understand the puzzle, you
    must know what is on each coin.
    If you examine each coin, you'll notice that each have a picture on them:
    Old Man - Picture of an old man; hence the name
    Snake - Picture of a snake; hence the name
    Prisoner - Picture of a lady
         "To the right is the lady.
          To the left is the old one.
          In the center drawls the other.
          Now just two spaces remain,
          But fear not for now,
          The puzzle is done.
          The puzzle is done."
    Old Man, Empty, Snake, Empty, Prisoner
    According to the memo, "To the right is the lady", which is the Prisoner.
    The "right" would be the slot at the right end. "To the left is the old
    one", which would be the Old Man in the left end slot. And "In the center
    drawls the other", which would be the Snake. The rest of the riddle just
    tells you the puzzle is done because you only need three coins. Now that
    you have the solution, put the COIN [OLD MAN] in the left slot, the COIN
    [SNAKE] in the middle, and the COIN [PRISONER] in the right slot.
         "Three bright coins in five holes be
          At one end sits
          the Seducer of she
          The wind from behind
          the woman doth play
          The Formless One,
          Null, lies furthest from they
          The Old One beside
          the Serpent sits not.
          Tis to the Prisoner's left
          that he doth rot"
    Empty, Old Man, Prisoner, Empty, Snake
    The first sentence "Three bright coins in five holes be" just means three
    coins fit into the 5 slots. "At one end sits the seducer of she" is saying
    the seducer sits at an end. The seducer, in this case would be the Snake,
    seducing Eve to eat the apple (Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden). The next
    line "the wind from behind, the woman doth play" describes which end the
    Snake sits at. Behind is the to left, so there is no behind if it's at the
    left end, which determines it's on the right. It also determines that the
    lady is in the middle spot, which is to the left of the "wind" (behind the
    wind) which is the empty slot beside the Snake. And the woman is the
    prisoner. The next line "the formless one, null, lies furthest from they"
    is saying there's an empty slot at the opposite end of the Snake, which is
    the left slot. "The old one beside the serpent sits not" is pretty
    self-explanatory. The Old Man doesn't sit next to the Snake and "'tis to
    the prisoner's left that he doth rot". So the old one sits to the left of
    the prisoner. Now you have the solution, so to complete the puzzle, place
    the COIN [OLD MAN] in the second slot, the COIN [PRISONER] in the middle,
    and the COIN [SNAKE] in the fifth slot.
         "First lies the seat of
          He who is Peerless
          Silent and empty,
          heartless and fearless
          Beside him sits one who knows
          The place of the servant is
          next to throne
          Dozens of feet,
          yet not a single toe
          The One that is Hidden
          beside him doth go
          Seducer of dreams,
          creature of Hades
          Lying further from
          Man and closer to Lady
          Man and Woman seeing all
          Heedless to the Raven's call
          Silent and Hidden the two may be
          They be not there for you to see
          Return them to whence
          they would be
          And blessing shall
          descend on thee
          I speak thus with
          the North Star behind me
          The birth of the sun is
          the start of the story"
    Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner
    This one is a little harder, but makes a little more sense in my opinion.
    "First lies the seat of He who is Peerless; Silent and empty, heartless
    and fearless" describe the first slot, which is the left, and we do not
    know who or if someone goes there. "Beside him sits one who knows"
    determines someone is in the second slot. "Dozens of feet, yet not a
    single toe" means there is no human between the second slot and the fourth
    slot. "The One that is Hidden beside him doth go; Seducer of dreams,
    creature of Hades" is easy to understand. The Snake is both the seducer
    and creature of Hades. The meaning of "Lying further from  Man and closer
    to Lady" is quite obvious. So the Snake is closer to the lady, and further
    from the man. "Man and Woman seeing all Heedless to the Raven's call"
    tells you that between the man, which is the Old Man, and the woman, which
    is the Prisoner, they must see all five slots between them. If the Snake
    is placed in the fourth slot where it belongs, the woman in the fifth slot,
    and the man in the second slot, it all works out. The man and the woman
    can see all five slots and the Snake is closer to the lady and further
    from the man. But the riddle is not done yet. "Silent and Hidden the two
    may be, They be not there for you to see" determines that the first slot,
    which is "silent", and the middle slot, which is "hidden", are empty. This
    leaves you with the solution. So put the COIN [OLD MAN] in the second slot,
    the COIN [SNAKE] in the fourth slot, and the COIN [PRISONER] in the fifth
         "Like coins in the hazy
          aether tossed
          Our souls must by
          their sinful weight
          Descend to earth
          with lightness lost
          To "right" the sins
          that they hath laid
          When thrice in falling they intone
          The Happiness shall be thy own
          The first note be not by
          the Horned One rung
          Though it be there that
          all sins be sprung
          The Bringer of Life and
          the Bringer of Shame
          The sins of the latter be
          even more tame
          Though coming
          in the Aged One's wake
          The Formless One's soul
          in fear doth quake
          The Needless One, silent, 
          with hungers all sated
          Is least then in sin 
          with his lusts all abated
          For the gravest of sinners 
          His place be appointed 
          And if he be lucky 
          May his soul be anointed"
    Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner, Empty
    The sentence "Our souls must by their sinful weight; To 'right' the sins
    that they hath laid" means that the more sinful the person or thing is,
    the further to the right it belongs. "The first note be not by the Horned
    One rung; though it be there that all sins be sprung" determines that the
    Snake is not the biggest sinner, but is the cause of the sins, as it's
    represented as the Devil. "The Bringer of Life and the Bringer of Shame;
    the sins of the latter be even more tame" says that the woman, which is
    the bringer of life, is more sinful than the snake, which is the bringer
    of shame. The word "latter" means the second of two things mentioned, and
    the word "tame" determines that the "latter" (the snake) is less afraid,
    therefore less sinful. "Though coming in the Aged One's wake; the Formless
    One's soul in fear doth quake" mentions that the snake is afraid of the
    old man, thus they cannot be together. "The Needless One, silent, with
    hungers all sated; Is least then in sin with his lusts all abated" states
    that the old man has put an end to his eagerness, or if you will, craving
    for qualities such as power, life, etc. Thus, making him the least to sin.
    Now that you have the solution, put the COIN [OLD MAN] in the first slot,
    the COIN [SNAKE] in the middle, and the COIN [PRISONER] in the fourth
    " l o u i s e "  p u z z l e
    First, combine the "PURPLE BULL" KEY and the "LAPIS EYE" KEY and use them.
    You don't need to combine them, but it's faster if you do because you use
    them at the same time. On the push-button lock, enter the 4-digit code
    that you found on the carbon paper in the typewriter in Examining Room 3.
    If you forgot the code, go to the memo section in the menu and see what it
    was. On the turn combination lock, enter the code you got from the bloody
    wall in the Special Treatment Room, and the box will open. If you forget
    the codes, enter your inventory and go to the memo section.
    If you're having a hard time reading the bloody wall code, this may help
    The code is random each time so I can't tell you what it is. My best
    advice is to write the code down exactly how it is on a piece of paper and
    figure out possible combinations from there. If you have a Digital Camera
    or some way to send me a picture of the code, I can help you. If you have
    no way of showing me the picture and you have no luck with my first advice,
    then this may help you. The codes are random but some reappear. Codes 5757
    and 5752 may be hard to read and one of them may be the code in your
    situation. Some numbers may also look like other numbers. Fives can look
    like sixes, twos can look like sevens, and fives can look like random
    lines. The numbers can also be the other way around so sixes can look like
    fives and sevens can look like twos. And if you still can't get the code,
    open Paint on your computer and draw me exactly what the numbers look like
    and I'll try to help you. You can also send me a scan of what the code
    looks like on a piece of paper. I hope this has helped you because there's
    nothing else I can really do to help you.
    PLEASE DO NOT e-mail me if you don't have a picture of the code or a
    drawing of the numbers done by yourself, because I will tell you the exact
    same thing as above. If you haven't even seen the close-up of the numbers,
    examine the bloody wall -- that's how you determine the code.
    t r i c k  o r  t r e a t  b o x
    On the box is a panel with nine buttons and it looks like this:
        1 2 3
    Q1  o o o
    Q2  o o o
    Q3  o o o 
    In order to get your prize you have to answer the questions correctly. If
    you answer incorrectly, spray will come down on you from the roof which
    will lower your health into red. The questions were given to you when you
    went to 2F with Maria in the elevator. This puzzle always has the same
    questions and answers, no matter what Riddle Level you're on. Here are the
    1. Merry-Go-Round, haunted house, roller coaster, ferris wheel and tea
       cups. Silent Hill is home to a thrilling amusement park that both
       children and adults love. The question is: What is the name of this
       amusement park?
       One, Fantasy Land
       Two, Silent Hill Amusement Park
       Three, Lakeside Amusement Park
    2. Silent Hill witnessed a gruesome murder a few years back. A brother and
       sister were playing in the road when they were attacked and chopped
       into pieces with an axe. Torn flesh, smashed bones, splattered blood,
       and finally... What a terrible tragedy. What gruesome end to such
       innocent lives. What was the name of the murderer who committed this
       vile act?
       One, Walter Sullivan
       Two, Scott Fairbanks
       Three, Eric Gein
    3. South of the lake is a deserted old neighborhood called South Vale.
       From there to Paleville, the central resort area northwest of the lake,
       there's only one road you can take. Just one road, no more. The third
       and final question is: What is the name of that road?
       One, Bachman Road
       Two, Rendell Street
       Three, Nathan Avenue
    Now that you know the questions, let's figure out the answers:
    1. The name of Silent Hill's amusement park. Where could you find that?
       Check your map and find the map of Silent Hill. Look at the top to the
       right of Lake View Hotel to find the answer: Lakeside Amusement Park.
    2. The killer of the two kids. Do you remember reading an article about
       this? At the bottom of the Wood Side Apartments garbage shoot? Enter
       your inventory and go to the memo section. The name of the memo is
       "Article about murder incident". If you read the memo it gives you the
       answer, which is Walter Sullivan.
    3. The name of the road that goes from South Vale to Paleville. Check your
       map again for the answer. Look at the road to the west of the map that
       is in Paleville. It's called Sandford Street. But look where it
       connects as it moves south. It connects to Nathan Avenue and goes south
       all the way to South Vale and is your answer.
    Now that you have the answers, you can solve the puzzle. On the top row,
    press 3. On the middle row, press 1. And on the bottom row, press 3. The
    box will open. You should be happy with the contents in the box.
    r o a c h  t r a p
    Either 2 or 3 random numbers will be highlighted on the panel. All the
    numbers are illuminated, but only two or three have been used recently as
    they are brighter. The code to get out is with those numbers. You'll need
    to try different combinations with those numbers until the door is
    unlocked. But first, write down the possible combinations and cross them
    off as you try them. If you're numbers are 3, 6, 8, try 368, 386, 638, 683,
    836 and 863, and the door will unlock with one of those combinations. 
    If your numbers are 6 and 9, then try 669, 699, 696, 996, 966, 969, and
    the door will unlock with one of those. There are always only six possible
    combinations so find out what they are and write them down. Then try them
    one by one and the door will eventually unlock.
    t h e  b o x  o f  f a c e s
    This puzzle is very easy on Easy and Normal Riddle Difficulties. Keep in 
    mind that some faces are upside-down and some are right-side-up. 
    Rotate the box upward or downward until the right-side-up face with the
    red eyes is displayed. Now if you look behind James, the entrance to the
    empty room has completely vanished! Now with the red eyes right-side-up
    face displayed, rotate the box left or right so that one of the 3 upside-
    down faces are showing. As you can see, there is a staircase in the empty
    room now, so you are done with the box of faces.
    On Hard and Extra Riddle Levels, the solution is randomly selected each
    time so just keep trying it on different faces until it is correct. There
    are 6 faces and the two side faces can face upward, downward, right, and
    left. So that makes 12 possible combinations (4 normal faces + 4 left
    side faces + 4 right side faces). The possible solutions are below.
    [Note:] There are four different colours for the faces. Below are all the
    possible solutions. The direction listed is what side the top of the face
    is facing.
    Yellow - up, down, right, left
    Red - up, down
    Green - up, down, right, left
    Blue - up, down
    f r e e  t h e  i n n o c e n t  m a n
    The first thing you want to do is examine the two signs on the fence in
    the room with the six nooses in it. They should give you a clue of what
    you have to do. All of the Hanged Men are positioned in a randomly chosen 
    fashion. But on each Riddle Level, the solution will always be the same.
    The smaller sign on the right reads as the following:
         "Only the sinless one
          can help you here.
          Mistakenly pull on
          a criminal's rope and
          your reward will be returned
          to you in a shape most
          wondrously strange."
    The larger sign is different on each Riddle Level. The riddles are all
    below. In the room with the six corpses, you'll find inscriptions
    describing what they were hanged for. You'll come across six of the
    following eight men, depending on your riddle difficulty, in no
    particular order:
    Kidnapper - One who steals a human being
    Bodily Injurer - One who causes physical harm/hurts another
    Arsonist - One who illegally sets fire to property
    Counterfeiter - One who copies with intent for forgery (in this case money)
    Thief - One who steals, especially by stealth
    Swindler - One who cheats or defrauds money or property
    Embezzler - One who takes money, etc. for own use in violation of trust
    Murderer - One who kills another brutally
         "He committed an evil crime.
          He turned a happy home
          into a pile of ash. 
          For that, he should die.
          They also committed crimes.
          They tried to fraud
          and trick others.
          So their reward too is natural.
          Even he cannot be forgiven,
          My friend without his left hand.
          And so his death bothers me not.
          And what of him?
          He also is not sinless.
          There is only one here
          who is innocent.
          The missing child was
          nowhere to be found,
          And so there was
          no proof of his guilt.
          His death was a tragedy.
          That is all I wish to say. 
          It was neither justice
          nor retribution."
    "He turned a happy home into a pile of ash" is describing arson, so the
    arsonist is guilty. "They also committed crimes. They tried to fraud and
    trick others" describes three of the six accused men. We'll come back to
    that in a moment. "My friend without his hand. And so his death bothers me
    not" easily describes the bodily injurer.
    Back to the three accused men who "tried to fraud and trick others". That
    describes the counterfeiter, as he tries he trick people with fake money,
    the swindler, who defrauds money or property, and the thief, who is also
    considered a fraud.
    And then the final accused man, "There is only one here who is innocent.
    The missing child was nowhere to be found". The answer is basically given
    to you. The kidnapper is innocent because the missing child was never
    found, so there was no evidence of his guilt. 
         "Dead men, dead men
          swinging in a tree
          How many dead men
          do you see?
          Tongue turned blue and
          face gone grey
          Watch them as they
          twist and sway
          The first one killed
          the butcher man
          Then cooked him in
          the frying pan
          Served him to his hungry guests
          And gave them seconds on request
          The next one with his smile
          and sweets
          Stole poor children off the streets
          To men who dressed unsavory
          He sold them into slavery
          Breaking into home at night
          The thief he had a nasty fright
          Filled his foolish head with ale
          Woke in the morn
          in the county jail
          The artist with his daunting skill
          Tried his hand at painting bills
          But caught in rain he was undone
          When the ink he'd use did
          start to run
          With promises of great return
          Taking gold he did not earn
          Bundled it up out of sight
          Quietly slipped off into night
          Three houses into ashes burned
          The sheriff with no place to turn
          Did spy a stranger to his town
          Locked him up and beat him down
          Dead men, dead men
          swinging in a tree
          How many dead men
          do you see?
          Six feet long and
          six men wide
          Round their necks
          the noose be tied"
    Okay, this one is pretty obvious, but let's just go through the whole
    thing so it all makes sense. The first paragraph is just introductory.
    The next one, "The first one killed the butcher man" is pretty clear.
    Killing someone is the crime of murder, so the murderer is guilty.
    "The next one with his smile and sweets; Stole poor children off the
    streets" is obviously the kidnapper, so he's guilty. 
    "Breaking into a home at night" is more obvious than Big Bird hiding
    against a black wall in broad daylight. It's the thief, so he's also
    "The artist with his daunting skill; Tried his hand at painting bills"
    explains that an artist made counterfeit money, making him the
    counterfeiter and being guilty.
    "Taking gold he did not earn" is clear, but not as simple as the previous
    criminals. Taking something you didn't earn is the crime of embezzlement,
    so the embezzler is guilty.
    All of the five previous hanged men were determined as guilty, so that
    leaves us with the arsonist. "Three houses into ashes burned; The sheriff
    with no place to turn; Did spy a stranger to his town; Locked him up and
    beat him down". There's no proof that he committed the crime; the sheriff
    just assumed he did.
         "I do not wish to die.
          But tomorrow I will climb
          the thirteen steps.
          Please someone - answer me,
          Why must I die come the morning?
          The man imprisoned beside me
          believed me. "Because they're
          all insane, that's why," he said
          Of course I know his opinion
          will change nothing. "Now you
          know why I struck out at them,"
          he muttered.
          The man who was executed
          yesterday, the one who had
          said his job was to sell dreams,
          said that was not true.
          But the man who is to be executed
          the day after tomorrow for stealing
          children shouted back that it was
          The man who was hung today
          did not answer. "They'll kill me
          either way," he said. He was
          caught embezzling public money,
          so he hasn't any hope for mercy.
          The man who is always quietly
          smiling to himself said "I am
          happy for I will soon be with her."
          I do not wish to die.
          I long only to return home.
          But I know it is not to be.
          Though I have done nothing, this
          crime has been thrust upon me.
          Someone save me. This is not
          judgement. They are bloodthirsty
          and I am their sacrificial lamb!"
    Half of this riddle is easy and half is not so easy. Let's do the obvious
    ones first.
    The paragraph about "stealing children" clearly describes the kidnapper,
    so we know he is guilty.
    "He was caught embezzling public money" literally tells you the answer, so
    the embezzler is guilty.
    Okay, now we'll move on to the not so obvious ones. They will require some
    thinking, and that's probably why you're here.
    The paragraph about the man who said "I am happy for I will soon be with
    her" is actually quite clear. If you think about it, he's fits a murderer
    the best out of the four left hanged men. He probably killed his wife or
    a woman close to him and he misses her. He wants to be with her so he's
    happy to die. So the murderer is guilty, although he'll probably go to
    hell. But he doesn't know that.
    The paragraph about "the one who had said his job was to sell dreams"
    isn't so clear. Just think about it though. He sold "dreams" to people so
    he stole their money. This is the crime of swindling. If this doesn't make
    much sense to you there's also another reason. He could've took away
    people's dreams by defrauding of their money or property, which is
    swindling. So the swindler is guilty.
    The paragraph about the person beside the author of the memo said "they're
    all insane; now you know why I struck out at them." This is pretty hard to
    understand, and that's why I left it for last. The word "struck" is how
    you determine the answer. The definition of struck is: To hit sharply, as
    with the hand, the fist, or a weapon; to thrust (a weapon, for example) in
    or into someone or something. This can easily be the crime of bodily
    injury. It clearly fits the description and the only other person left is
    the counterfeiter, which in this case, the description doesn't make sense.
    So we're left with the counterfeiter. The man is never mentioned, and it's
    not to hard to realize that he's the one speaking in the memo. We realize
    he is imprisoned with the other prisoners and he describes the other men's
         "We may visit death upon the head
          of the sinner but to what avail?
          In the name of retribution,
          we took part in a bitter
          comedy this day.
          You, hanging as you do,
          by your neck,
          Unforgiven and cursed by all.
          Five of them committed crimes,
          six went out for a drink and
          were captured there.
          Only one of them was innocent,
          but they knew not that.
          The bloodstains remaining
          are proof of their guilt.
          Trodden upon and thus created,
          they are paths to
          Hell or the Void.
          The white bandages stained
          with crimson,
          The remains upon the scorched
          black earth,
          The whispered cries of
          the maiden.
          They are but meaningless
          They are also signs of guilt.
          But one of them was
          done without reason.
          It was done out of fear
          and a ripe imagination.
          Sinning alone at the
          end of a rope,
          it is nothing less than
          a disgrace to us all."
    The first six paragraphs stand for themselves and tell us not much more
    than the known.
    The seventh paragraph, "The white bandages stained with crimson" brings
    two crimes to mind: Bodily injury and murder. But bandages don't belong on
    a dead person as they will do nothing, so it has to be bodily injury.
    "The remains upon the scorched black earth" is a simple, obvious phrase.
    What does fire do? It burns, yes - but also turns things black. And the
    word "scorched" really gives it away. The answer is arson.
    The next phrase, "The whispered cries of the maiden" describes a maiden,
    a not yet married woman, trying to scream, really. But all that comes out
    is a whisper because she's terrified. So this describes kidnapping.
    "They are but meaningless contract" is bare sentence and its meaning is
    deep inside, so you have to think about it. A contract is an agreement,
    but it is meaningless if you're not going to follow it. And the answers
    left are thievery, swindling, and murder. Think of swindling (which only
    really makes sense here) - to cheat or defraud of money or property. So
    the phrase describes defrauding the contract, which is an agreement. So
    the answer is swindling. 
    The second last paragraph isn't as simple as the other ones, but not as
    difficult as the previous one. "But one of them was done without reason.
    It was done out of fear and a ripe imagination." Without reason, eh? We
    only have thievery and murder left, so lets see if the thief fits. Can you
    steal something out of fear and a ripe imagination? No, it just doesn't
    make sense. So move on to murder - Does killing someone out of fear make
    sense? Definitely. So that's your answer: murder.
    Only five out of the six men have been mentioned in this riddle, so what's
    this all about? What about the other guy? Well, we've determined which
    five people are guilty, and the last hanged man, the thief, is never
    mentioned, so he's the innocent one.
    Once you determine the Innocent Man and where he is located in the corpse
    room, head to the room with the six empty nooses inside. Once inside, find
    the noose that is in the same spot of the Innocent Man in the other room.
    Once it's found, Press X to pull it down. Don't pull any other nooses down
    or it will reset. Exit this room and head back to the other room. If you
    have pulled down the correct noose, you'll notice that the Innocent Man is
    gone and there is something where he was. Go over to his former location 
    and pick up the KEY OF THE PERSECUTED. 
    If you don't do this puzzle correctly each time, there will be two Patient 
    Demons in the corridor. If you don't kill them and get the answer wrong
    again, there will be one more Patient Demon in the corridor. The maximum
    number of Patient Demons in the corridor is three. Make sure you do the
    puzzle correctly so you won't have to deal with them.
    t h e  l o c k e d  b r i e f c a s e
    As you can see, this briefcase is locked. You need to enter a combination 
    of 4 letters, which make up and actually word. No, it is not Mary. Go to
    the bed and investigate it. James will notice that one picture is of the
    case and the combination, but it is crossed out in black ink. Now is the
    time to use the THINNER. Go in the menu and use it. If you don't have it,
    it's in the B1F elevator.
    Now the combination will be revealed. Go back to the case and enter the 
    same combination as in the picture, and the case will open. Inside is the 
    m u s i c  b o x  p u z z l e
    In each slot the same thing is written:
         "When the Lost One is returned
          the sour note shall turn sweet"
    No real puzzle here; just put the 3 MUSIC BOXES in random slots. The
    quote from above just tells you what will happen after you insert the
    three music boxes.
    Here, you will have to put the boxes in specific places. When you examine
    the empty slots, you'll find readings that describe which Music Box goes
    in which slot, and the order below is from left to right.
         "Seat of the Princess
          who fled at midnight."
         "Seat of the Princess
          who awoke from death."
         "Seat of the Princess
          who spoke no words."
    This is a rather easy puzzle, especially if you have basic knowledge of
    Cinderella, Snow White, and the Little Mermaid. Cinderella was the one
    who fled at midnight, and she also left a shoe. So the "CINDERELLA" MUSIC
    BOX goes in the left slot. Who awoke from death? That would be Snow White.
    After she ate the poisoned apple from the Queen, she died, and the Prince
    resurrected her. So the "SNOW WHITE" MUSIC BOX goes in the front slot.
    And lastly, we have the Little Mermaid. But to make sure she belongs in
    the last spot, does the sentence match her? Yes, she gave up her voice so
    she could marry the Prince. So put the "LITTLE MERMIAD" MUSIC BOX in the
    right slot.
    On Hard it's a little different. The rectangular identification slots
    have more detail, but at the same time are harder to recognize the
    character. The order is from left to right below.
         "Twas shameful greed did stain
          her shoe with blood."
         "Even so, I still want to believe
          that she was happy."
         "Beauty - Both a blessing
          and a curse thou be."
    Let's look at the first one. The word "shoe" sort of gives it away. But
    the part about the blood refers to the original "Cinderella". You may or
    may not remember about the blood because there are apparently over 3000
    versions of "Cinderella". Anyway, in the original, Cinderella ultimately
    goes to the party with the curfew and loses her shoe. The Prince then
    sets out to find out whose it was by making women try the shoe on to see
    if it fits. When he comes to the home where Cinderella is, with her
    stepmother and her two daughters, the stepmother hacks the first sister's
    big toe off for the slipper to fit. It does and she leaves with the
    prince, but some birds cry out: "Look! Look! There's blood in the shoe!
    The shoe's too small! The right bride is still at home." So the prince
    goes back and the stepmother hacks off the heel of the second sister to
    make the slipper fit, but the birds warn the prince again. So he goes
    back and Cinderella tries on the slipper and it fits, since it's hers. So
    what the sentence means is: "Twas shameful the stepmother's greed for the
    prince's riches did stain Cinderella's shoe with the sisters' blood."
    Pretty long sentence but that's what it means. So place the "CINDERELLA"
    MUSIC BOX in the left slot.
    The second sentence refers to the Little Mermaid. She had the finest
    voice of all mermaids and better than all humans. But once she saw the
    prince she fell in love. She gave her voice away so she could at least
    have a chance of being with the prince, becoming a mute. She ultimately
    did and that's what the sentence is referring to. "Even though she's a
    mute, I still want to believe that she was happy." So put the "LITTLE
    MERMAID" MUSIC BOX in the front slot.
    The last sentence refers to Snow White and how beautiful she was. She was
    so beautiful that she was the "fairest of them all" so the Queen tried
    various attempts to kill her. For one attempt, she gave Snow White a
    poisoned apple, which she ate and died from. A prince came along and took
    her corpse, then later he resurrected her. Thus being so, the Queen
    ultimately did kill her so she could be the "fairest of them all".
    "Beauty - A blessing to everyone around her yet a curse to her as the
    Queen wanted to kill her." So put the "SNOW WHITE" MUSIC BOX in the right
    Once the music boxes are in their correct locations, play the music box
    and it will play correctly. The music boxes will turn to the inside of
    the large music box on a turntable and three more music boxes will be
    revealed, with a key on the one in the middle. If the music boxes aren't
    in their correct spots, the music will play unpleasantly.
    p y r a m i d  h e a d  e g g s  p u z z l e
    Examine the Pyramid Heads' standing corpses to find a RUST-COLORED EGG and
    a SCARLET EGG in both Pyramid Heads' hands. Use them to open the two
    exiting doors by inserting them into either door. It doesn't matter which
    one goes in which door; as long as they're both in a door. So go to the
    doors and use the RUST-COLORED EGG and the SCARLET EGG and they will both
    be unlocked.
                             | BORN FROM A WISH |
    a c a c i a  k e y  p u z z l e
    If you read the epitaph on the grave, it reads:
         "Along with you died joy.
          All that remains is despair and a
          future of meaningless tomorrows.
          But I will never give up.
          One, to see your
          beautiful smile again.
          One, to beg the
          blessings of the Gods.
          I wait for that day.
          When the boards cover all
          All sadness too will be covered
          But until my dreams
          return to reality
          I will have to swallow
          all the pain."
    The idea of this puzzle is to place the three boards you have in the grave.
    But the boards have square holes in them so you'll have to put them in so
    that you can't see the blue background on the grave. This puzzle may seem
    hard at first, but it actually isn't. There is a solution where you can
    figure the puzzle out without my help. Just copy the squares on the boards
    to three small pieces of paper equally sized, and label them appropriately.
    Then cut out the squares and try to find a way that you can put all three
    pieces of paper on each other so that all holes are blocked. Then do what
    you did to insert the boards. There is more than one solution for this
    puzzle but the following will work and it's the easiest solution:
    1. Put in the WHITE BOARD as is
    2. Put in the BLACK BOARD as is
    3. Put in the RED BOARD 90 degrees to the left
    You may be wondering if the order matters. For this solution, the red
    board can't be put in first, as the first board will be as is. It needs to
    be 90 degrees to the left. So the white or black boards can be put in
    whenever, and the red board must be second or third. But for another
    solution you can put the red board in first (as is) and the white and
    black boards 180 degrees to the right.
    4.                           C R E D I T S
     - Thanks to Konami and Konami TYO for developing and publishing SH2.
     - Thanks to CJayC for posting this FAQ on GameFAQs.
     - Thanks to Stephen NG for posting this FAQ on IGN.
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