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    Enemy/Boss FAQ by SaintDarkSide

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    Silent Hill 2 Enemy and Boss FAQ.
    This FAQ is for all versions.
    Written by Michael Mattiocco A.K.A. TrueGamer104
    Copyright, 2006.
    This FAQ is written for all enemies and bosses encountered throughout Silent 
    Hill 2. I also included in-depth strategies for the best way in dealing with 
    them. This guide does contain some spoilers!! The spoilers are obviously what 
    monsters and bosses are in the game in order. And the best strategies I have 
    come up with in dealing with them. Other than that, this guide does not 
    contain endings and or locations for things, so in that sense it is spoiler 
    free. Also please keep in mind that this guide was strictly written for ALL 
    enemy and boss descriptions and strategies. This FAQ does not contain 
    information on items and or weapon locations or how to reach the enemies 
    or bosses. While looking through this guide you will find the name of 
    the enemy and/or boss, descriptions, how they attack, and how to deal with 
    them. Enjoy!
    This FAQ is written on Normal difficulty. If you play the game on an easier 
    or harder difficulty this FAQ won't help as much. It effects the amount of 
    damage you take and how much it takes to kill an enemy or a boss.
    My progress.
    Started on 4/26/06
    Ended on   4/30/06
    Section 1-................Controls
    Section 2-................Enemies encountered in the game and strategies
    Section 3-................Bosses and boss strategies
    Section 4-................Tips and strategies on combat and conservation
    Section 5-................Legal stuff and Thanks
    Section 1-................Controls.
    (This section covers all the basic controls)
    D-pad, Left Analog Stick......Movement
    Right Analog Stick............You can press this to use health items
    Start button..................Opens game menu, Skip scenes
    Select button.................Pauses the game
    X-button......................Search area, attack, stomp enemy and/or kick
    o-button......................Toggles the flashlight on and off, Cancel, exit
    Square-button.................Use this to block or run
    Triangle-button...............Use this to open the quick map
    R1............................Sidestep right
    L1............................Sidestep left
    R2............................Gets your weapon ready
    L2+Right Analog Stick.........Look in all directions (what you can see)
    L2............................Resets the camera behind James
    Section 2-...............Enemies and Strategies
    (In this section)
    Straight Jacket Monsters...2/A
    Big Roach Bugs.............2/B
    Leg Mannequins.............2/C
    The Evil Nurses............2/D
    Floor Clingers.............2/E
    The Door Monsters..........2/F
    2/A Straight Jacket Monsters
    This enemy is encountered first in the game. In my opinion this vile creature 
    is one of the freakiest looking creations I have ever seen in any game or movie
    . They don't move to fast, about an average walking pace. The make a 
    distinctive growl and are noisy when they walk. They look like deformed 
    human beings that were once in straight jackets and douced with acid which 
    melted them down. They have no arms but them compensate highly for it. 
    -How they attack-
    Although these creatures have no arms they are as dangerous as they look. 
    If you get to close but not close enough they release this brownish acid 
    that sprays in a clouded mist. It does considerable damage to you as well. 
    Also they don't always go down. If you do not kill them completely (seeing 
    blood or hearing no more music) they will attack from the ground. They can 
    scurry along at very fast speeds and damage you just by running into you. 
    They damage is mild but they are a handful if you get they to this point.
    -How to deal with them-
    First off if you do not want to deal with them at all your best bet is to 
    keep your distance and run as far away from them as possible. This is due 
    to the fact that they can spit an acid like substance if you get to close. 
    If you want to conserve your ammo then use a melee weapon, three hits 
    should be sufficient. After that you want to stomp on the creature to kill
     it off. If you do not do this it is like starting all over again, they 
    will just stand up and come back for more. If you use your handgun, two 
    to three shots should be sufficient and if you miss kicking it and it 
    moves on the ground, don't forget you can stop it with a bullet momentarily. 
    But you must be quick to stomp on it.
    2/B Big Roach Bugs
    These nasty critters can be found more frequently in areas of South Vale. 
    They look like over grown roaches and are quite a nuisance. On your broken 
    radio they create an annoying hissing and crackling sound which is very 
    distinctive. The only downside to fighting them is that sometimes they are 
    to small and you miss them. 
    -How they attack-
    They attack by biting you. This could cause James to keep getting hit in 
    the same spot which makes it hard for you to move. This also adds up to a 
    lot of damage for your character.
    -How to deal with them-
    Sometimes fortunately you can get your timing just right and squash them 
    underfoot. In order to do this you simply wait until they come along and 
    crush them. Sometimes you can run over them and crush them that way. If 
    they are becoming a serious problem then bust out the handgun and a single 
    bullet should take care of these little suckers.
    2/C Leg Mannequins
    They look just like their name implies, mannequins. Only they look like 
    deformed mannequins and they have legs for legs and arms for legs. They 
    are somewhat quiet and just stand there until you approach. In a dark room 
    it would be wise to proceed with caution, or use of your flashlight. They 
    sound similar to the straight jacket monsters and have a deep growl similar 
    to a wet gurgle.
    -How they attack-
    They attack very simply by battering you with a leg. If you are not careful 
    you will get hit for they attack pretty quickly. The attack is mild at best 
    but in a tight situation they can be pretty dangerous. They also move at 
    a walking pace. Remember with these monsters that you must kill them off 
    for good by stomping the sometimes, otherwise they gather themselves up 
    as if you did nothing to them at all.
    -How to deal with them-
    They are a bit easier to avoid than other monsters. You can usually keep 
    your distance unless you are forced to fight in a tight corner. Unless 
    you necessarily have to use ammunition, try the wood plank for it is 
    sufficient enough. The steel pipe works even better. Get your timing down 
    right and they will not be such an obstacle.
    2/D The Evil Nurses
    Well they look like nurses, ugly nurses. They are filthy and walk around 
    as if they have no hip bone, kind of hinging on their waist. They have 
    the typical nurse uniform but their faces look as if they were suffocated 
    in saran wrap and battered. They usually are noisy and twitch rapidly, 
    especially there heads. They carry long pipes which they drag on the ground.
    -How they attack-
    These are the most annoying creatures in the game. They are very 
    unpredictable and attack very very quickly with their weapon in hand. 
    Beware being caught in small rooms with these ones for they cause servere 
    damage! They walk a little faster than the previous creatures so watch your 
    -How to deal with them-
    Don't bother trying to find a pattern here, melee weapons in my opinion are
    pretty much useless. They attack with quickness and can not be read. Your 
    best bet would be the handgun and fire two or three shots to bring it down 
    and then while it is twitching, stomp on it. (otherwise yes it will rise 
    with full strength) Other "heavier" weapons are ever stronger but the handgun 
    is choice for it is the weakest and the next resort when it comes to failed 
    melee attacks.
    2/E Floor Clingers
    These creatures like to hang out underneath the wire mesh floors and they 
    make a tremendous amount of noise and always move. Their powerful arms on 
    which they hang shoot these tenticle like things out into your feet causing 
    extreme damage. They look like large bodies with huge arms on which they 
    hang from.
    -How they attack-
    They move super fast and do not take long to catch up with you. If you are 
    on solid ground you are safe. But if you walk on grated ground they climb 
    underneath where you are standing and try to pierce your feet causing extreme 
    damage and may temporarily stun you leaving an opening for a second attack.
    -How to deal with them-
    I wouldn't even bother trying to kill these things for it is tough for one 
    and time consuming for another. Just simply run and keep your distance. If 
    you manage to avoid them you will be fine, you can manuever around these 
    things without getting hurt.
    2/F The Door Monsters
    These monsters look like square doors and remind me of dogs. They are very 
    dark and have two portruding arms, two portruding legs and a head underneath.
    -How they attack-
    These monsters are one of the more aggresive in the game. They attack on site 
    and they will either hit you or jump up on you and suck the life out of you. 
    They are pretty slow but take up a lot of space and are hard to get around.
    -How to deal with them-
    Using any other gun other than the shotgun is a slower resort allowing them 
    to come in and get a chance to attack you. Usually two blasts from your shotgun
    will put them out of commision, although like the rest you must be quick and 
    stomp them flat...literally.
    Section-3 Bosses and Boss Strategies
    (In this section)
    Pyramid Head...............3/A
    The Hanging Creatures......3/B
    Door Monster...............3/C
    Two Pyramid Heads..........3/E
    Final Boss.................3/F
    3/A Pyramid Head
    The most wicked and coolest baddie in the game. He is pretty big and his head 
    is shaped like a HUGE pyramid of metal (pyramid head) He carries around "The 
    Great Knife" this time around which is an awesome weapon and can kill you in 
    an instant.
    -Strategy for staying alive-
    This is pretty much your first boss battle. Is it possible to win without 
    getting damaged at all? Yes it is as a matter of fact. You need to work on 
    timing and precision here. When you enter the room in the apartment complex 
    you want to instantly start shooting. Since your handgun fires ten rounds a 
    piece before reloading, you want to count ten shots a piece and stop. Every 
    time you do this you will go into your menu and reload that way saving you 
    time so you lessen your chances of getting hit. While you are firing, Pyramid 
    Head will draw nearer to you but he shows two signs of attack. First he will 
    stop and lean back to position himself to strike you with the great knife 
    (the weapon he drags on the floor) When he does this you want to either 
    strafe to the left or right (wherever you have room) or run around him and 
    start again at the other side of the room. Your best bet to reload is after 
    ten shots and wait until he gets ready to strike, then run to the other side 
    of the room and reload there. If you get to close to him he will sort of 
    shove you which can cause some pretty big damage. The mose important thing 
    is to watch out for his knife, if he manages to nick you even with it, you 
    will be down in the red with your health and need medicine. If he manages 
    to cleave you entirely, it's game over. He only needs one good down swipe to 
    kill you. However if you keep up this routine and after around 35 shots you 
    will defeat him (for now) Keep in mind as well that when he is off screen 
    that you can still shoot him by listening to the clunking sounds when you 
    hit him (almost sounds like you are shooting metal) After you finish with 
    him a siren will sound and he will make his way to the staires, don't follow 
    him because he will turn around quickly and try to kill you with the knife. 
    So in this case just let him go.
    3/B The Hanging Monsters
    Your second boss battle/s. And what a perfect place but the hospital? They 
    look slightly different here but are pretty much the same monsters as 
    described in the enemies section. And this time around they drop down from 
    the ceiling. They attack using their feet to strangle james and also slam 
    into you. If you are being pulled up an strangled you must hit every button 
    rapidly to break free.
    -How to stay alive-
    Can you get through this without loosing any health? Yes you can but it's a 
    little tighter here as with the Pyramid Head battle. When you anter the room 
    you are forced to fight these creatures. Two drop from the ceiling and move 
    around the room, preferably to where you are. The object is to stay away and 
    get a clear shot, even if you can manage one at a time before moving. Use the 
    shotgun and wait for James to aim it upward and then fire. You should be able 
    to take out the both of them within due time. After they are finished, a 
    third hanger drops down and you must do the same with it. Using the shotgun 
    is efficient and deadly, after about five six shots, that should do it. If 
    you must resort to the handgun, figure expending fifteen to twenty shots a 
    piece. Don't forget to reload. Since they are on the ceiling there is no 
    snuffing them out so they will eventually die off.
    3/C Door Monster
    This is the same as the monster as described above. This time since it is a 
    boss it is a little bit tougher. It's attack is also something that can cause 
    serious damage depending on what you do. Once this thing latches onto you, 
    your health will drain so you must move the analog sticks rapidly to break 
    -How to stay alive-
    This one is by chance and skill, you may sacrifice some health here. The room 
    is very small and strafing is just out of the question due to this things 
    range. Your best bet once again is the shotgun, two blasts will stun it 
    giving you time to run around to a larger part of the room. From here you 
    want to reload and start the same procedure to stop it. Depending on your 
    range, you will only have time to make one or two successful shots before 
    moving. And depending on where you are standing when you shoot it, it takes 
    about eight to ten shots to bring this baddie down!
    3/D Eddie
    Eddie Dombrowski is a strange fat man. You run into him several times in the 
    game and often wonder about him. This time around the "run-in" is not quite 
    pleasant and he kind of goes off the deep end. After the cut scene with him 
    you begin the battle.
    -How to stay alive-
    This is another tough one to avoid, you may or may not sacrifice health. Ha, 
    the rooms are getting smaller and smaller I tell you! There is basically no 
    strategy here what so ever. You two guys are just at such a range, it wouldn't 
    be wise to move anywhere. Just continuously exchange gunfire and you can tell 
    by the vibration of the analog stick if James needs health. Eddie's gun has 
    six shots in it so he will pause to reload which may give you two free clean 
    shots. After he can't take anymore he runs into the next room, follow him. 
    You find yourself in a room with hanging meats. What you want to do is either 
    hide behind them and wait for him to come to you. Or you could strafe around 
    and wait for him to become confused and then blast him. If you follow him to 
    much he will shoot you. Otherwise he will come after you and punch you, which 
    is a lot better than taking a bullet. Once you manage to cap him run and hide 
    again and repeat the process. After about nine gunshots, he should be down 
    for the count.
    3/E Two Pyramid Heads
    Yup, that is correct. And you thought one Pyramid Head was bad! This time 
    they have spears. They attack either together or one by one but either way 
    if you let them both catch up to you, your finished.
    -How to stay alive-
    Believe it or not this battle isn't so bad. You can actually manage with a 
    clean bill of health. The room you battle them in is HUGE. I wouldn't count 
    on strafing but running as far as you possibly can into a corner of the room 
    and using the rifle to hit them. It doesn't matter which one you hit, they 
    have almost like a combined health (you can't see it obviously) Once you run 
    to a corner of the room, you will only manage to fire about two shots from 
    the rifle if you are lucky, then escape to another far corner. Repeat until 
    you triumph over the dangerous duo. Should be about elevin shots from the 
    rifle to finish them.
    3/F Final Battle
    Well, it's kind of like a mixture of his wife and a hanging monster. This 
    monster has two forms of attack. The first attack is a swarm of bugs summoned 
    to fly after you and attack you slowly draining your health. The second attack 
    is nothing to be reckoned with, when the monster draws in closer it will lift 
    you up and choke you causing ultimate damage!
    -How to stay alive-
    Well this is pretty much it. You definitily want to keep your distance. Just 
    keep running and firing with the rifle/shotgun. When she summons the killer 
    bugs to come after you, just run and hope they dissipate. Try not to let her 
    get a hold of you to choke you because her attack is lightening fast! Other 
    wise just keep running and gunning and don't forget to keep your health at 
    max. I feel at this point you should have plenty of ammo and health to finish 
    the job. When she falls, deliver one last shot to the head when it is down 
    and presto! you did it. Congratulations!
    Section-4 Tips and Strategies
    1. Be sure to save often, especially before a boss battle so you don't have 
    to start to far back
    2. Conserve as much ammo as you could. Try to avoid enemies and use your 
    melee weapons. 
    3. Use weapons in this order, Melee, handgun, and so on. In this order you 
    go from the weakest to the strongest to save you on using heavy weaponry
    4. Use your flashlight!
    5. Check your map often!
    6. Explore as much as you could, you never know what you may find. You also 
    could find guns and ammo and health.
    7. Use your health sparingly, this is also something to conserve.
    8. Get to know your enemies. Most enemies have weak spots and patters. Often 
    times you can pick up a pattern which makes enemies more easily defeated.
    10. Take your time. There is no rush, so take your time and explore, if you 
    rush you will screw up.
    11. Don't worry about restarting your game to do a better job the next time, 
    this can save you a few extra bullets or health drinks and kits.
    12. Don't forget to check your inventory often because you may have items 
    or clues that can help you along your way.
    13. Check your files often as well. Pay close attention to what you are 
    reading because you never know when it will come in handy.
    14. Asides from conservation, you don't have to kill everything. Try running 
    because it could save your life.
    Section 5-............Legal stuff and Thanks
    Legal Stuff and Thanks
    This FAQ is not to be reproduced/altered in any way. If you want to copy it 
    out please include the credit and author of this FAQ otherwise it is forbidden.
    And I also forbid the use of this FAQ on any other website other than my second 
    home, GamefaQs.
    Also I would like to thank everyone at GamefaQs for making this possible. 
    Your site makes me feel like I am apart of something great! And come to think 
    about it...I am. And thank you guys at Konami for making such a wonderful 
    game, one of my absolute favorites!
    The End. Happy Gaming!

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