Review by Hitman 49

"This game made me vomit."

This the worst game I have ever played.3DO made this game take it to whole ew world of worst games ever.Your just a super soldier to take down an army yeah a good plotj/k its a horrible plot I have ever heard and it is on a PS2 unbelivable.The graphics were horrible like an N64 game graphichs.Like any other Army Men game they suck thats the bottem line and the seris hasen't die yet but 3DO bankrupted because the games havent sold good.The camra forces you to move and if don't like a weapon that you pick up well too bad because your sticked with it.3DO what was the point of this game it didn't even sell good (jeez I wonder why)and the boss fights weren't even good there were too easy to beat.Only the games that are RTS are good to play not the 3D ones.I think I could of done a better job and belive me you don't want to get this game trust me unless you like to collect these kind of games.Sometimes you need two people to play this game and/or cheats to beat this game(you wont need them if you don't buy this game).
I can't even belive I bought this game its not worth it.

When I first played this game I thought it's going to be good I was mustken It made me vomit.I coudnt play this game for 2 miutes because it was bad.It would be better if you walk in your own and ride vechiles.The guy even has glowin eyes for a toy how is that even possible?This game is completly fake for toys fighting each other and guns that can kill.And the solders can even go through a portal to go to the ''real'' world (the worlld were living know).Please people don't get this game even I said this for a millionth time.If you buy this for a 6 year old its okay for them to play it because they cant even get bored with this kind of games.And if you don't belive me rent it first then folks because you will know that I am right.Plus you don't have to play bad games like this as long as you read the reviews for the game.

If you like Army men I suggest you rent this game and don't make the mistake like I did.I can't even belive this is part of my video game collection it sucks.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 12/06/03

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