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"A jaw-dropping, eye-popping masterpiece."

It's every gamer's dream to destroy a herd of skeletons with a grenade launcher from fifty feet in the air. With Devil May Cry, these types of things are normal happenings---in other words, you're going to find yourself flying from wall to wall, killing demon forces with a vast arsenal of weaponry as you play this game. And you'll love it, you'll love Devil May Cry, one of the best survival - action - horror games from Capcom.


Even today, the graphics still look beautiful. Dante's model, and other characters for that matter, look great. Although there are not too many cut-scenes, and when there are cut-scenes they are short, the cut-scenes look great. Backgrounds are beautifully modeled, and diverse, as you can explore anywhere from a abandoned castle, to a dark church, to a flying gazebo, to a sunken ship, and straight down to Hell itself. Bosses look awesome, big, bad, and menacing, from a giant lava-filled spider to the devil himself. They are all huge and detailed, menacing, and every other thing that a giant demon that's about to kill you should be.

The game's special effects are dazzling, and there's never any slowdown whatsoever, no matter how many enemies and background objects are on the screen. Special effects range from the lightning bolts that come out of your hands when you are in Devil Trigger to the giant fire inferno you can create with deadly gauntlets. They are all dazzling, even nowadays.

The one thing with the graphics, however, is the camera angles. The camera is preset, meaning you can't move it. This can be annoying, especially in fights, because you can't see something that may be off the screen unless you move to a certain location. It's probably one of the most annoying things in gaming: getting pummelled by an enemy you can't see because the camera is pointing the other way. However, the camera shouldn't bother you too much during battles, most of the time it's in a good direction where you can see the enemies you're about to shoot up. The other thing the camera angle does is sometimes make it so that the jump, path, whatever that you are about to go through is at a bad angle. It's frustrating when you are trying to jump a gap and you fall right through the middle, because now you've gotta get back up to where you were again. : sigh : I guess what the producers were trying to do was make the game equal to a cinematic experience. It somewhat worked, but then again, it's a video game, not a movie. The camera angles by no means made the game bad, however.

The FMV's (full motion videos, in other words the extremely realistic parts) are incredible and are RPG quality. Sadly, FMV's are few and far between, so we don't see too much of these amazing graphics. But what we do see of them is amazing.


The soundtrack is just plain awesomeness. The music while you are traversing the level is generally ambient, low-key, and creepy. Whoever made the music certaintly stretched this last notion, many of the tracks are spooky and capture the feel and setting of the game perfectly. Then, we get to the battle music. Hardcore techno to hardcore rock, any thing to get your blood pumping. Every single battle track gets you pumped up as you whip out your shotgun to blast some demons.

The sounds of guns and other weaponry is very accurately built. Every thing from the rapid fire of the handguns to the exploding shrapnel of the grenade launcher is accurately given a sound to match. It's even a treat to hear blades zing through the air when a possessed puppet whips it at you.

The voice acting isn't top-notch, but it gets the job done. The distorted voices for the big bosses are very good, although giant spiders seem much less deadly when they talk about how disappointed they are that they had such a small catch. The thing about the voice acting, though, is subtitles are only displayed when the loud, distorted boss voices are talking. They're loud enough, I can hear them just fine, thanks. But Dante and other characters, on the other hand, are somewhat quiet and sometimes (because background music is still playing in scenes) I can't hear their voice at all. There isn't too many cutscenes, it wouldn't have been too difficult to add character voice acting.


The story certaintly isn't developed like an RPG, but what did you expect? This game isn't an RPG, it's an action game, and it has a good enough action game story for me. The basic premise is you are Dante, a demon hunter whose father was the legendary dark knight Sparda. Your father lived 2000 years ago and vanquished the devil and his forces from Hell. Now, a mysterious messenger tells you that you need to follow in your father's footsteps because the devil is back again. The story doesn't progress a whole lot during the main game. Sure, there are some twists and turns you will see in cutscenes, and some of them are very good for that matter, but to catch some of them you will have to be paying very close attention.

On a negative note, the story leaves alot of things unsolved. You may not think about them at first, but on another playthrough, you might think about it and realize it. However despite this, the story is still solid and is not a major letdown.


The game progresses in missions, somewhat like a squad shooter. Between missions you can save, and upgrade your weapons, buy items, etc. During the game, you can wield a variety of weapons, and at a time you can have one melee weapon and one gun weapon equipped. This leads to some interesting combos, from slashing the enemy up into the air and juggling him with handgun shots to unleashing a flying hail of shotgun bullets while flying in the air and then pounding the ground creating a giant inferno. The possibilities are almost endless. There are quite a few different types of enemies to harass you, some you will see on almost every level, and some you will only see on certain ones. These enemies all have different ways to be killed, different skills to master dodging, and different weak points. You are going to have fun fighting them.

In addition to the fighting, the acrobatics your character is capable of are pretty awesome. Doing a backflip of a stone column and firing a grenade launcher at the ground from fifty feet in the air is a unique experience, but it's a guaranteed likable one. Your character can also survive falls from unlimited heights, so jump as high as you want. ^_^

Some skills are only accesible by a certain "overdrive" we know as Devil Trigger. Once you activate this state, you turn into a demon for a certain period of time. Your attacks do more damage, you run much faster, and you can FLY! While in demon state, you get an arsenal of new moves also...and good ones.

The game also contains some puzzle elements, which I like in action games. They always make you think, and you feel very good when suddenly you know where the key goes to and you can kick some more demon ass. Some of the puzzles are well thought out, too. They range anywhere from figuring out where to go next, to trying to decipher what to do to complete a secret mission. All in all, the game has a decent amount of puzzle elements, but action is where the game shines.


The replay factor in this game is much better than most other action games. There are six different modes to complete the game on, from the very easy to the incredibly hard. One of these modes allows you to play as a secret character who wields different weapons, one allows you to have unlimited Devil Trigger, making for some fun difficulties. Also, when you replay the game you get the weapons and skills from the last time you completed it. There's nothing like destroying an early boss with an endgame weapon.

There are also secret missions scattered through out the missions. Some of these missions require you to think, some of them require you to beat a hard enemy. Some of them require you to beat an enemy a certain way. Either way, these missions are fun, although they are difficult to find.

FINAL SCORE-----9/10

This game is one of the best action games availible, and a great action-survival-horror from Capcom. Definately buy this game if you are into action, especially because now it is availible with it's two sequels (one's a prequel, but whatever) in a 5th anniversary collection deal, for a really good price. It'll have you coming back for more, and replaying it over and over again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/05/07

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