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"Who needs a great story and a zillion of cut-scenes when you got lots of action instead?"

As the game industry have gotten older and older, it gets closer and closer to the movie industry. A lot of popular series have become more like interactive movies instead of actual games. Just take a look at Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid 3 where there are a lot of cut-scenes, and then you can compare those to the original games in the series where there almost are none cut-scenes at all. While this may be a good way to give the games a better story and appeal to a bigger crowd, some of us actually bought a Playstation 2 for the ability to play games and not to watch movies, since we already have a lot of different ways to watch movies.Devil May Cry is one of those games where the evolution of video games haven't been any different since the 16-bit days, where the focus was on the gameplay and not the background story...

It's no wonder that it's Capcom who have created this game, since they are famous for their ways to make an excellent game and then give it three hundred different sequels with different quality, when I write this Devil May Cry is a series of three different games and a fourth one have been announced for the Playstation 3. I think it's important that I mention that this is the first and only game in the series that I've played so far, so I can't compare this game to the others in the series.

As I said before the story isn't the most important thing in this game, but the story that is there is actually somewhat interesting. The main character in this game is the demon hunter Dante, who has his own little buisness called Devil May Cry. One night a lady named Trish storms into his office and tries to kill him. She knows that he's the son of Sparda and ask him while she's about to kill him if his father didn't teach him how to use a sword. Dante laughs at that and shoots her with his two guns: Ebony & Ivory. After a short battle Trish explains that she only had to test Dante to see if he was strong enough and tells him that she has a job for him on Mallet Island (I think that was the island's name).

On Mallet Island there is a big castle, and as soon Dante enters that castle the enterance gets blocked and he have to find another way out, and this is when the actual game begins. The game is split in different stages, or actually it's different missions. In order to complete a mission, you have to the tasks that you get at the begining of the mission, it can be anything from getting to a certain place, to use an item somewhere, or defeat a special enemy. When you have completed a mission, you will be able to save your game and buy upgrades.

Just like in Resident Evil, another of Capcom's most well known series, there are also a few different riddles that you have to solve in order to get further in the game. However Devil May Cry is a a lot more of an action game than Resident Evil, so you don't have to try to use every item in every suspicious place. If you can use an item in a certain place, then the game will ask you if you want to use the item on that place if you have pressed the X button in that place. Most of those riddles are also very simple, and I guess most of you won't scratch your head that mcuh when you are playing it for the first time.

But the main reason why Devil May Cry gets such a high score as it gets is because of the ation in the game. In almost any room in the big castle, there are a lot of enemies that can be killed, and everyone of them will give you a nice feeling when they finally are dead. To kill an enemy you can either challenge them in close combat melee with Dante's sword, and then you will also get to know if your sword dance is awesome or totally lame. I think that this will later effect on which rank you will get on the mission. You can also choose to kill the enemies by shooting them with Dante's two guns. As you might have guessed, the guns have a lot bigger range than the sword, but as I said before I think that you will get a lower rank if you only use the long ranged weapons.

Since there are many different enemies on the screen at the same time, charging like a crazy drunk bull won't get you far, at least not on the harder difficulties. It's also very important that you try to evade the enemies attacks. The best way to evade their attacks is to not be there when they attack, like jumping away from the enemies to all of a sudden start to attack another one of the enemies. A good combo to distract your enemies is to jump and then use your long ranged weapons.

You might have noticed that I've many times said "weapons" instead of weapon. That's because if you even bother to search a little for the extra weapons then you will find them. My personal favourite weapon is the shotgun, which is very effective when the enemies are close but not close enough for the sword to work, but there are a weapon for every play-style so you have to find the weapon you prefer by yourself.

As I mentioned before it's possible to buy upgrades and supportive items between the different missions. Everytime you kill an enemy you get a number of orbs, and you can use this orbs to either buy supportive items or upgrades to your close combat weapons. The perhaps most interesting upgrade is one that allows Dante to do a double jump, but most of the upgrades are new moves that makes more damage than the regular moves.

The only real problem this game has is that some of the camera angles really horrible. Since the camera moves along with Dante, he will completely disappear sometimes. Another problem with the camera angles is when they change, Dante keeps moving the same direction as he did before so it might make some players confused on which direction button they should press in order to get to the correct direction, but I didn't have a huge problem with that. It is a problem however that prevent this game to get a 10..

After playing through another very popular game on Playstation 2 which was more of a movie than an actual game, Devil May Cry was exactly what I needed. I think that anyone who likes action games will enjoy this game. It's short and only takes about 6 hours to beat the first time on the easiest difficulty, bbut on the other hand this is a game that you can play over and over agian. Try to beat it on the most challenging difficulty and then tell me that you didn't found it a hard game. With Devil May Cry, Capcom created a new game icon, and a new interesting series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/11/07

Game Release: Devil May Cry (EU, 12/07/01)

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