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"The Devils that Cry"


The game Devil May Cry was eagerly anticipated by all. In America, many gamers bought RE CVX just for a copy of the demo and in Hong Kong, it was first in the top ten wish list of many gamers. The final release came out on August the 23rd, 2001, and was a memorable day for action gamers everywhere. This review will take into account the following factors:

Replay Value


The gameplay of Devil May cry is excellent to say the least. The controls are smooth and faster than most action games such as Dynasty Warriors 2 and in my own humble opinion, MGS2 Sons of Liberty. This greatly enhances the speed of the game, and seems as though every action on the TV screen has an 'in yer face' feel to it when you create your own crazy combos. As with most action games, the buttons are easy to understand and grasp, even if you are not a regular action game player.

Moreover, the game uses a feature, whereby the main character, Dante, can learn more secret moves for specific weapons. This adds to an even higher gameplay value since you can have more moves to create combos with. On top of that, there is a counter on the top right hand corner that has letters on it showing you how well and how long your combos are. 1 hit combos are dull while the maximum number of combos you can do is stylish . A nice little feature.

The game is based entirely on an island with a gothic castle, and all the action takes place there. The atmosphere throughout the game is dominated by suspense as you uncover more of the plot...

Overall, the gameplay deserves an 8!


The graphics in Devil May Cry are excellent, though one could argue, not as detailed as Metal Gear Solid 2's demo (the rain effects etc.) but even so, the graphics are worthy of praise. The flashes from your hand guns, Ebony and Ivory are realistic to the very last inch, the shotgun's flare, the explosion of the grenade gun, and last but not least, the empty shells that cascade all over the floor when you finally put the bullet through the hellish fiends.

However having said that, there aren't many CGs in the game, but lots of cutscenes. This in my opinion is not a problem since good graphics does not necessarily make a good game. The end, however, you may be pleased to know is rendered in CG movies except for the characters.

Overall graphics 8.5


Now the music is really good. It suits the game down to the very last inch. It creates a pervading sense of evil lurking around every corner (which there is!) but also adds to the suspense as Dante wonders through the castle... During battles, the music has a 'battle song' featuring some guitar work and really gets your spirits up to trash those monsters whatever they are. There are also boss battle tunes as well and overall the music is excellent.

The music deserves a 9


Well, if I were to tell you the story, then that would be a very big mistake. All I have to say here is that I think the story itself is relatively good, simplistic, and is not ruined by having story contradictions (The RE series had problems with this with Wesker's Report)

Overall the story deserves a 7.

Replay Value

Now the replayability factor of this game exceeds any other ACTION game I have seen. Beating the game in Normal mode unlocks hard mode. After that beating hard mode then allows the player to unlock a secret mode whereby they can also change characters to play as 'The Legendary Dark Knight' instead of Dante! After this, there is another even harder mode, which when beaten will allow the player to unlock 'Super Dante' to be used in the game! This and the fact that the game has 12 secret missions that can only be accessed after an event necessary for unlocking these has happened fleshes out the game. The secret missions themselves, are mini games really, and most of them will require a player to try at least once or twice before succeeding. Thus besides the challenges that the harder modes players can unlock, they also have ingame challenges as well.

The entire game has 23 missions, and including the 12 secret missions, it makes a total of 35 missions to complete the game entirely.

The difficulty of the game on Normal, which is the default setting, is already quite a challenge, and will require some planning to defeat the special monsters and bosses!

The replayability of this game gets a 9


This game is a must buy for all action gamers. It is a great game and anybody that likes action games will love this as well. Because the Gamefaqs system doesn't allow me to put fractions in the score, I would have given this game a 9.5 out of 10 and I have normally never given marks to games above the 9 mark apart from FF7.

Action Gamers, this Game Is For You!!

Overall 9.5 out of 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/27/01, Updated 08/27/01

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