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"Solid fast paced action"

Devil May Cry is the latest in action survival horror games from the folks at Capcom. This time, with more emphasis on action.

To begin with graphics here are excellent. They never slow down. A smart use of textures allows, what are in fact fairly low poly backgrounds, to look extremely robust. The characters and enemies all look fantastic boasting tons of animations, a wide range of moves, weapons and effects. Every proverbial rabbit, from transparencies to dynamic lighting, has been pulled out of the hat.

This is all enhanced by the individual sounds and music, allocated to each character (both friend and enemy--though friends are in short supply here ^^). The creeping room transitions of DinoCrisis and BioHazard have been replaced with a fast zoom as our hero enters each new locale.

Battle sequences are fast, furious and follow a relatively smooth learning curve. Players won't shy away from fighting as they might in a BioHazard or DinoCrisis title, since the ammo here is unlimited and there are no reloads necessary. Additionally, like Onimusha, you collect the ''souls'' of the enemy dead and use them to buy new attack moves for yourself and your weapons, or you can opt to increase your inventory of supplies(healing potions, invulnerability, etc). Unlike Onimusha though, there is a lot more moves to gain from copious killing ^_^

Levels involve minimal backtracking, a good thing, but it is not entirely dispensed with. Pacing overall is good as each battle leads you deeper into the game.

The game itself, is broken out into missions, which you can only save in between. This can sometimes be bothersome as some missions are very short, whereas others can take up to 30+ minutes. You can also accumulate yellow totems, found in level or bought in the options shop, to earn continues for when you die, and die you will ^_^. A minor gripe here, when you do die you aren't given a return to main menu option...only continue, so if you want to carry on from the get go you have to reboot. To make matters more annoying, continuing leaves you depleted of any items used during the last battle where you died.

The story is...well better than most and while I didn't enjoy it as much as the DinoCrisis plotlines it was still cool, though hard to discuss without giving too much of the story away.

There are only 2 places where DMC stumbles slightly.

The first is the camera. The camera 99% of the time is perfect! However, get stuck in front of a large boss and the camera won't compensate. I found the boss battles only got frustrating at parts when the camera got ''lazy''. This didn't happen often but it still happened and it generally got me killed.

The next, and really last stumbling block for me, is the ''puzzles''. While they were not a lot of them, which was fine, I found many of them to be rather...obtuse. Especially for an action game. Suddenly slowing the action to halt while I had to figure out some inane jumping puzzle(my god when are developers going to abandon those things). Of course there is also the treasure hunt factor, where I missed an item that was placed well out of the way and I was left trying to figure out what had gone wrong(though that rarely happened).

This is really a minor gripe and a matter of preference.

I basically loved this game. I beat it and had fun. That's rare among the current crop of games being released at the moment, where we are awash in floods of marketing hyped clunkers with the mechanics of a junked Edsel. Capcom strikes again!

This isn't a system seller by any means but it's definitely worth a purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/30/01, Updated 08/30/01

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