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""Well, when nature calls, it's in the back.""

Okay, so I couldn't think of a good synopsis, but it's a pretty funny Dante quote. Well, personally, I've decided that Devil May Cry is the best game out for the PS2. It's graphics, setting, and most importantly, gameplay, all ''rock da house yo!!!''

Graphics 9

They aren't flawless, but are great none the less. The game has stunning textures, little jaggies, and deep colors. An amazing feature of the graphics is Phantom- the fire flowing in him is crisp and clear. There is also little blur during normal gameplay. All of the character models have detail (especially Mundas).

Sound 7

Well, it's kinda pointless reviewing this part, but I'll do it. The sound track is eerie at times, but nothing to make you piss your pants. When you engage in battle, the music picks up to some funky techno beat, so you can do the robot while pumping a Marionette full of lead with Ebony and Ivory!

Story 6

It's kinda like a porno movie, it's not exactly great, but you'll except it. The story starts before Mission 1, stops, then resumes at Mission 19 ;)

Gameplay 9

Ah, the mother of them all; what makes a game a game. The gameplay really improves over the crap fest known as Resident Evil (Do you hear me Capcom? This is how RE is to be played). When you want to go ''up'', guess what you press? Up! Wow! (he he he he)

Well, there are some neat combo's in this game; such as flinging an opponent up in the air, and pumping that bastard full of lead or doing a Matrix-esque ''jump and freeze'' maneuver and then shooting. You also gain weapons that give you devil magic. When you used, Dante turns into a Demon and kicks some major ass in the process. He can become a fire based demon by using the Ifrit gauntlets or a lighting demon the Alastor sword. Dante can also find various guns, ranging from a shotgun, grenade launcher, an underwater needle gun, and the infamous Nightmare B.

Overall 9

Devil May Cry is by far the best PS2 game out (yes, it even tops Final Fantasy X). With it's great gameplay, and HUGE amounts of action and fun, you won't be disappointed. Devil May Cry needs to bought by you, and fast. If you have an import PS2, buy it now! If you have a US PS2, pre-order it and buy Resident Evil Code: Veronica X! Go! Do it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/04/01, Updated 09/04/01

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