"Devil May Cry and God May Smile"

This is one of the best games Capcom has to offer today and will reach the ranks of Resident Evil and Dino Crisis as All Time Favorites. The turn that this game takes away from the survival horror theme associated with Capcom is truly phenomenal. This game is for Veteran and Beginners alike who are not familiar with Capcom's games. Trust me, this is not a game you want to overlook and is a must buy for all gamers alike.

Graphics(10): This game is filled with the best graphics the PS2 has to offer today. I have never seen a game on this system that could match what Devil May Cry has to offer. Everything is so fine and Seamless and rarely do you see the polygon haywire of the Playstation days. The only way to truly appreciate these graphics is to see them for yourself since the snapshots always seem to show this game off with poor quality.

Story(7): No, No, No the story isn't bad, It just doesn't really follow storyline telling schematics that most games do. It starts you off with an interesting plot but as you progress through the game, nothing new is learned until close to the last missions. The story telling should have been gradual and not a ''point A-----nothing------B'' format.

Gameplay:(10) WooHOOOO!!! The controls are fluid and not turn and point upwards like other Capcom releases. This is how a video game is meant to be played.(Take that RE and ESPECIALLY ONIMUSHA). The Fighting is beefed up to the max and you can perform various attacks that are awesome such as thrusting your opponent in the air and juggling it with your pistol ammo or turning into a demon and cutting through enemies with your blades or electrocuting them into oblivion. There is nothing bad about the gameplay and that's where it counts.

Replay Value(10): A ten?! A ten?! you ask? Hell yeah I'm giving a ten. I'd play this game over and over again even if there were no secret modes to unlock that make this game even better. This Replay Value here exceeds any other game in gaming history, (aside from the Chrono trigger/chross) and I'll tell you why. When you beat the game in normal mode, you get a hard mode. When you beat the game in hard mode, You get a secret mode where you can play as this Legendary Dark Knight who kicks major butt!!!! With 23+ missions (12 secret ones) plus many mini-games, this games leaves you playing it over and over again with rust forming from excessive play. The replay value of this game is just too amazing for words to express.

Overall(10): This game is near flawless and will become a legend in the gaming world in live on as legacy the same way FFVII and RE2 has. Buy, Buy, and Buy this game or rent if you can't afford it. This game is must try and a must have for everyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/20/01, Updated 09/20/01

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