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"A must have game for everyone."

Graphics: (10) The graphics in Devil May Cry are super. They never slow down. I have never seen a game on this system that could match what Devil May Cry has to offer. Everything is so fine and seamless and rarely do you see the polygon haywire of the Playstation days. The only way to truly appreciate these graphics is to see them for you since the snapshots always seem to show this game off with poor quality. The flashes from your handguns, Ebony and Ivory are realistic to the very last inch, the shotgun's flare, the explosion of the grenade gun.

Gameplay: (10) Fantastic! The Gameplay of Devil May cry is super. The controls are smooth and faster than even in my own thumble opinion, MGS2 Sons of Liberty. The ammo here is unlimited and there are no reloads necessaries. As with most action games, the buttons are easy to understand and grasp, even if you are not a regular action game player. The controls are fluid and not turn and point upwards like other Capcom releases. There are some great combo's in this game; such as Dante use sword attacks to swoop enemies into the air,then blast them with his pistols.
The game is based entirely on an island with a gothic castle, and all the action takes place there. The atmosphere throughout the game is dominated by suspense as you uncover more of the plot... There is nothing bad about the gameplay and that's where it counts.

Music: (10): The music is really cool. The music suits the game down to the very last inch. It creates a pervading sense of evil lurking around every corner (which there is!) but also adds to the suspense as Dante wonders through the castle... The music is so good that it gets your spirits up to trash those monsters whatever they are. The boss battle tunes are excellently done. The creeping room transitions of DinoCrisis and BioHazard have been replaced with a fast zoom as our hero enters each new locale.

Story (7): Well, I cannot tell you the story, you know why, then that would be a very big mistake. All I have to say here is that I think the story itself is relatively good, simplistic. The story isn't bad, It just doesn't really follow storyline telling schematics that most games do. It plays just like a action movie.

Replay value (10): This game deserves 10.The-replay value here exceeds any other game in gaming history. Beating the game in Normal mode unlocks hard mode. After beating the game in hard mode you can change character to play as legendary dark knight. And 23+ missions (12 secret ones) plus many mini-games, this games leaves you playing it over and over again with rust forming from excessive play. The replay value is unbelievable

Overall (10): This game is near flawless and will become a legend in the gaming world (yes, it even tops Final Fantasy X). You won’t be disappointed. This game is must try and a must have for everyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/26/01, Updated 09/26/01

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