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Reviewed: 10/01/01 | Updated: 10/01/01

Not a good investment of money.....

This game, while overly-hyped, is a poor game, period.
Graphics are wonderful, action is exciting enough, but it utterly lacks a ''spirit,'' that extra ''juice'' that makes a game a great game. It has no plot, making you wonder why in the first place you are fighting these demons, and worst of all, its enemies are very annoying to fight, requiring you to move around them continuously to avoid their attacks, making you feel like a little squirrel.

Graphics: 8/10

Graphic-wise, this game is quite good. Not as good as Final Fantasy X, but the background is almost as good. Camera work is also very well done, as Dante jumps and high jumps on to ledges, walls, and ceilings like you can't imagine.

Visually, this game is a treat, and Capcom did a very good job. It is just as good as Onimusha, and considering that this is 3D environment compared to Onimusha's 2D pre-rendered backdrop, I give a thumbs up to this game in this regard.

Sound: 6/10

Pretty creep sound effect adds to the atmosphere, but I found the game to lack any distinguishing piece of music. In the age when most games come with their ''trademark'' score, this game fails to deliver.

Gameplay: 6/10

Ok, I have to admit, I am not an ''expert'' action gamer who can instantly learn and master complex action moves/combos. But this game's control is NOT EASY to master, and more importantly, it can be quite annoying. Plus, to truly be good in this game, you have to master the enemies' movements, i.e. know when they will jump back, attack, step sideways, etc.... part of gaming which I find very very boring. I for one, prefer much simpler, and more fun controls that are provided in other action games, that has complexity in other areas (like more weapons, upgrades, etc.)

This game, aside from trying to learn how to backflip, avoid the enemy, shoot like hell, then ''Stinger'' it, etc., has very little to offer.

Story: 2/10

Story? What Story? The single worst part of this game is how it is organized; by missions! They are 23 missions in this game, and some of them are VERY short (like 5 minutes).
In between each mission are some dull cutscenes, and some show Dante just entering the castle, and that's it. This game could have been much better, if it was designed without missions altogether; by having one coherent story line about Dante battling the ultimate demon.

Overall, I felt that this game was a waste of $50 dollars, and I recommend that unless you are a hard-core action gamer, you stay out of this game. Trust me, if you are looking for another Onimusha, or Resident Evil, this game WILL DISAPPOINT you.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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