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"What we've been waiting for since 10.26.00"

When I woke up on 10.18.01, i had a good feeling. You know the feeling Im talkin about. The one where you wake up and know things are gonna go right for you today. I called Funcoland at around 9am but they werent open yet. 'Dammit' i said. Frustrated, i laid in my bed for another 45 minutes. I called again, and a 'manager' picked up. She said that the FedEx guy hasnt been there yet, so i hung up the phone and got dressed anyway. I was at the store when it opened at 10am, waiting for it to open. I walked in, and asked if they had got it in yet. To my luck, they had. I got home and headed for my room. From the opening sequence, to when the action started, had my jaw on the floor the whole time. I was drawn in the story, and was happy about everything i was seeing. Everyone who played the demo disc is in for a surprise. The controls were slightly altered (but easy to catch on to) and there are now more actions for Dante to perform. Its was worth the wait in my opinion.

Graphics - 10: Awesome. For people who only played the demo disc, the graphics are much cleaner and sharper. Not as many 'jaggies' either. The lighting effects are the nicest ive seen since GT3, and compare to those on ICO. The way Dante moves is very realistic, from running to sword swinging. Great detail put into the bosses, especially with the lighting effects from some of their special attacks. Parts of the levels get destroyed and stay destroyed. Gotta love that. Great blood effects I should add also. I especially noticed the blood stains on the walls when I shot an enemy and the bullet went right through the back. One word. Awesome.

Sound - 9:With the correct sound setup (preferably surround), you will hear noises that will make you say to yourself 'What the hell was that!?'. The gun effects are pretty realistic also. From the noises 9mm to shotguns, you can tell the difference... whereas most games have the same effects or very close to the same for difference weapons. Boss voices aren't the clearest sometime, but that's because the creepy symphony music is blasting in the background. It gives you the effect like you know you are in deep doo doo. The noise when the sword cuts through the air or even cuts through an enemy is like music to my ears. Capcom couldn't go wrong with this game, or the music.

Control - 9: A little different from the demo, but easy to get the hang of nonetheless. Less than 20 minutes into the game, I was already throwing enemies into the air and firing them up with the twin gats. Easy to jump into for the most part, and it wont have you confused like some other games. I'm very glad they didn't implement the Resident Evil type controls in this game, the game as a whole wouldn't have been anywhere as good. I mean, as fast paced as this is, how beneficial would it have been to ran into a wall? Not very....

Replayability - 9.5:With its different difficulty levels and hidden modes, you will be playing this game for some time..and ENJOYING IT. This game should be quite the challenge on hard mode, and its already a bit of one on Normal. Everyone has that stack of games they wont get rid of for new games, and im sure since people will be playing this for years to come, it will sit in that stack if not in your PS2.

Entertainment - 10: While the challenge will turn off some of the casual gamers, it should quench the thirst of the hack and slash, horror/survival genre and Ps2 Fanboys out there. But with the easy mode, casual gamers will feel right at home.

Overall - 10: A great game to add to your Ps2 collection, and great bragging rights to Ps2 Fanboys. This game deserves a chance from everyone, whether it be a rent or buy it. Trust me, its worth it..and you will be entertained for a little while.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/19/01, Updated 10/19/01

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