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"Yet Another FUN Game For the PS2!"

Finally, 'da Slimm, has come back, to GameFAQS! You know 'da Slimm takes crap from no one, and 'da Slimm means no one! 'Da Slimm writes those reviews that tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothin' but the truth, regardless of what all the hip-hop hypers have to say! So it's time to layeth the Slimmeth downeth, and your Diggy-Dogg behinds... If Ya Seeeeeee, What 'Da Slimm...>_<...O_O...X_X...Is Diggin'!

Those wonderful people at Capcom have come up with yet another golden marketing opportunity. The same folks that brought Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Fighting Force, Breath of Fire, and Onimusha have come up with one of there most outrageouse new mascots yet...Dante. This wisecrackin', butt kickin', S-O-B is b-b-b-bad to the bone. speaking of bone, there's gonna be alot of that to slash and blast through to keep even the sickest mind at ease. (yes, even you Twisted Metal folks out there.)

Gameplay - Devil May Cry is probably best described as Resident Evil atmosphere with Syphon Filter gameplay. You see, the rooms and playstyle are just like RE, but the action is very similar to SF. The controls are easy to get used to and take very little effort to learn. Incorperating them into the frantic, heartpounding action is another thing altogether. With a little practice though, you'll be busting out John Woo-esque action scenes before you know it. The biggest hump to get over is the realization that this is not RE! The interface and style of puzzles may seem like a dumbed down version of RE, but the action takes it to a whole different level. Unlike RE characters, Dante is very agile. Being as such, Dante flips, springboards, rolls, slashes, and blasts his way through most of his obsticles and enemies. Chris from RE wishes that much manuverability were available. The backgrounds are done in fixed polygons, that allow a certain amount of scrolling and life to be brought to the table that pre-rendered backgrounds just can't afford. With practice, you'll learn to love the controls - 8/10

Story - You play as Dante, a half demon - half man, destroyer of demons. Your job is to prevent a banished demon lord from returning to power. Pretty straight forward and to the point. Not much to sink your teeth into, but enough to explain why your blasting monsters to kingdom come. The biggest problem with Dante's attitude is the fact that he's not scared of anything. He feels that the demons should be scared of him. This takes away from the fear factor that this game seems to be trying to implement. As I said before this is NOT RE. Think RE with the roles reversed, you become the hunter in this one. Nothing outlandished, but just interesting enough to make you push start - 7/10

Audio/Video - This is where the game shines. It gives you lots of eyecandy, with stunning music to creat the perfet atmosphere for this game. It says,''hey, I'm in a scary place lookin for scary I can blow them to bits!'' Dante's movements are, simply put, stylish. Everything about this guy is stylish and outlandished. He just emenates cool! The perfect hero to push into many other adventures. This coolness translates well into his actions. It's all about the animations. The music changes from orchestral to goth guitar in realtime when enemies are present. It really gets you into the heartpounding action of blasting and hacking the baddys to bits. Simply awesome - 9/10

Replayability - This is my favorite part of the review. It lets the reader know if the game is fun enough to warrent playing it again. DMC is such a game. I've beaten the first three levels and I'm going back to get a better score in those levels. If the game wasn't fun, I wouldn't bother. But this game makes me strive for perfection while entertaining me, not frustrating me. Games with that kind of impression are what the console gamer is in need of and seriously lacking. Fun games that encourage single, perfect, performance. The only drawback is that outside of a few enhancemants to Dante the next go around, the story does not change one bit. Fun but hey, once the adventure is done, it's done - 6/10

Buy/Rent - This game has must own written all over it. If you do rent it, you'll want to buy it. I'd rent a PS2 just to be able to play this game, it's that much fun. You'd want to own this one - Buy

In a day and age where technology has started to take more importance over fun, it's nice to see games that put the emphasis back on fun like the games of old. Finally, we all have reason to pick up our controllers again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/19/01, Updated 10/19/01

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