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Capcom made another great game for PS2, Devil May Cry. It came out in the stores last 10/18/01. Here are my reviews for Devil May Cry…..


The gameplay is sweet!!! To be able to survive from your enemies, you need to find the powerful weapons, unlock Dante's demon skills and to be able to know your enemies weak points. This game is about strategy; you need to know your enemy's moves and their weak points in order to finish them off quickly.


The graphics are great!!! The game looks like a action/adventure/survival/horror movie in real life except the one who is controlling the hero and trying to save the world is you. Your weapons look very real. When bullets hit their target, blood comes out in the target's body. You could see the lightning bolts in your sword and you could also see the flash in the shotgun when it is fired.


The sound is fantastic!!! The music lets you have some fun killing those annoying puppets. You could also hear the sound of your sword slashing and the sound of your guns blazing. You could also hear the cries of the monsters when they are defeated.


I'll let you score the story (Hey, if I tell you the story, it will ruin the suspense). The story so far is that Dante, half-man/half demon, was hired by Trish to defeat an evil monster that was defeated by Sparda, Dante's father, 2000 years ago.....

Replay Value--(10)

I never actually finished the game but I know that you can unlock hard mode when you finished normal mode (On my first try of the game, I accidentally unlocked easy mode, but I won't tell you how to unlock it). After you beat the game in hard mode, you unlocked Dante Must Die mode, which is insanely hard. Devil May Cry has 23 missions (plus 12 secret missions) and mini-games. You won't get bored with this game...


The controls are super!!! When you know all of Dante's skills, you won't have any problem dealing with the monsters. The only problem is that you cannot change the button's configuration. You will also notice that the actual game has a different button configuration than in the demo.

Fun Factor--(10)

This game is the best!!! You want some challenge? Play the game and you will found out that killing puppets, battling a spider that have the size of an elephant, ghost wearing black cloaks with huge scissors and a fight with a black knight called Nelo Angelo is intense!!!


This game is awesome!!! Capcom made another best game for the PS2. This game is an intense action/adventure game. Devil May Cry must be add to your PS/PS2 collection!!!

Buy or Rent

BUY, BUY, BUY!!! If you don't get this game, the devil will not cry, you will cry…

A great game made by Capcom. If you want an intense action game, you definitely want to get Devil May Cry.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/19/01, Updated 02/03/03

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