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"When they said Blockbuster, they ment you should rent it first."

Alright, let me start by saying that this game IS for everyone, but it'll be up to you whether to rent it or buy it. Personally, I might rent it again to unleash some devilish wrath, but after the first run through, I generally don't play again, unless it is a game with no real end (Simulations, Sports). But enough of the pleasantries, on to the beef of the review.

Can you say ''Shadowing'' kiddies? You'd better. Everything is made so you feel like you're in a real castle. Enemies look great, and so does Dante.

SUMMARY: It's the PS2. It's Capcom. Nuff said.

PLOT 4/10
This is serviceable, but by no means anything great. Encounters with anyone but massive birds and spiders are few and far between. But who really cares, most of the game is centered on beating the stuffing out of monsters. Speaking of which...

SUMMARY: It's a lot like a beat-em-up, what kinda plot do you need?

Ok, this is why they call it a game instead of a movie. If you don't like banishing hell's minions back to their home (and who doesn't?) then this game is NOT for you. But, neither is a PS2 then... The game is broken into 23 missions, some are long, some moderate, and some REALLY short. There are a variety of skills to aquire with each melee weapon and then there are 4 different guns (excluding the needlegun, which is only used underwater, and you're not underwater much). Other than the battles, it's your basic ''Find the blank to put in/on/near the blank so you can go to the next area.'' Also, the Devil Trigger is just plain fun. Being turned into a demon has never been so much fun, but I've never turned into a demon before ;)

SUMMARY: Hallelujah! The Devil WILL cry when you bust out all of your weapons and mad skillz on him.

Oh, the sound effects are great, the music is too. My only beef with the music is there isn't enough variety, and you'll get sick of the same battle song for every normal encounter, because you have those a bunch. Other then that, the sound is great.

SUMMARY: Great sound effects and music, but it gets repetitive

I like a game that takes longer than 5-6 hours to beat. But that's just me. But then, it is one 5-6 hour ride.

As long as you know that you're in for a short ride (and you don't care) buy it, otherwise, just rent it, beat it once or twice, then drop the sucker back off and save your money for something longer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/21/01, Updated 10/21/01

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