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"This is the best 3D action game on any next generation system...PERIOD!!"

Action games just haven't been the same since the days of 2D gaming. It's as though the developers have forgotten how good it feels to be truly challenged in a game and not a game that can be beaten on your first try with little to no effort. It seems as though Capcom took everything that I have been missing from other action games and put them into one SPECTACULAR game called Devil May Cry. Everything about this game is perfect from the gameplay and challenge to the graphics and sound. The only thing that this lacks a bit in is the story, but I will explain it more in detail later in the review. Well, here we go:

Graphics 9/10-

WOW!!! These graphics are truly AWESOME. This is the first PS2 game that I have stopped to actually look around at the beautiful environments in the game. The game starts off in a castle, and as you progress you go to a colliseum, caves, a pirate ship and eventually even the underworld itself. Each one of these locations look wonderful and have little details that make them look just that much better. Also, the boss battles look great as well. With giant bosses and spectacular spell effects that look great with absolutely NO SLOWDOWN. Never once did this game EVER slow down and i've been playing for many hours a day since it came out on every difficulty. Some people have said they have seen ''jaggies'' in this game, but honestly I have looked pretty hard and have not been able to spot them myself. Even the monsters and weapons are incredibly detailed and have their own distinct look to them. Overall, I would have to say that this is the most impressive display of Playstation 2's graphics I have seen yet.

Sound 9/10-

The music in Devil May Cry is enough to get anyone's blood pumping. From the fast paced boss music to the eerie music of the underworld. Everytime a battle starts the music speeds up and gets me ready to kick some demon a**. Even the voice acting in this game is great. It is much better than Capcoms other games, but as good as it is it still could of been a bit better at parts which is the only reason it got a 9. Overall, the music is awesome and helps you get into the mood of the game much better.

Story N/A-

This is where Devil May Cry doesn't really deliver, but that's fine because for once a game company got it right. Story DOESN'T matter in a ACTION game(except MGS). A action game is all about gameplay and if a game doesn't have it well then that game is going right back to the crap pile where it belongs.

Gameplay 10/10-

This is what Devil May Cry is all about!! Everything about the gameplay in this game just reek of awesomeness.

First off there are the combos!!!! You can carry both a sword and gun-type weapon at once and both can be used in unison with each other to create some awesome combos. You can launch a monster in the air with you sword, pump his body with about 10 rounds from your pistols, jump in the air with you sword slashing him before he hits the ground, then pump him with another 10 or 15 rounds of bullets, and finally finishing it with a well place slash to the head sending the enemy crashing to the ground.(You won't be able to do things like this when you first pick up the game, but give it time and the game true awesomeness will creep out) You can also get different abilities for your weapons by killing enemies and using the red orbs that you get when you kill them to buy skills at shops. These skills are very useful, especially in the higher difficulty levels when you need them to survive.

You also have a devil meter which when fills up to a certain point you can transform into devil mode where your speed, attack, and defense increases and you are able to use different devil attack depending on which weapon you have equipped. Ifrit gloves will allow you to use attacks like Inferno while Alastor will allow you to fly in the air and fire down many damaging bolts of lightning down at your enemy. All the weapons in this game have their own disadvantages and advantages. For example, I love the Ifrit Gloves and Grenade Launcher because of it's pure power and speed which in my opinion cannot be matched, but my brother prefers the Alastor and shotgun because of it's devil attacks and long-range attacks. I bet that if you bought this game you would have a different set of favorites than either of us.

The enemies in this game are well-thought out and numerous. You will fight Marionettes, Lizardmen, Deaths, Griffons, giant spider, a giant blob that sends you into a alternate dimension where you must fight off your fears, and many more. Each enemy has a great deal of attacks(some that they only use at the higher difficulties) and different strengths and weaknesses. For example, the shadow cats are quick and agile so the shotgun seems like the best weapon for the job because of it's quick firing speed and power. Also, the bosses are EXTREMELY tough, but not tough enough to make you quit playing the game(except maybe on the highest of difficulties) they have their own patterns that you must use to defeat them so don't expect to slaughter them your first time through like most of the action games coming out nowadays.

Finally, this game is a great challenge!! You will find yourself dying a lot but you will probably keep coming back for more. But, your skills will also improve the more you play. The first time you a boss or enemy you might get wasted by them and have trouble beating him but with a bit of practice that enemy will become your biotch and you will be taking him out without any trouble at all. When this happens just go up to the next difficulty and the cycle will start all over again. Speaking of difficulties there are 4 of them(2 to start, 2 to unlock). Easy is simple and should not be played under any circumstance it just ruins the overall experience of Devil May Cry. Normal is difficult the first time you go through, but with a little practice you will be able to speed through this difficulty NO PROBLEM. Hard is just as it says, HARD. A lot of the weaker enemies have been replaced with extremely tough enemies and the enemies and bosses do A LOT more damage to you. The bosses also use more moves and are much more difficult to defeat. Dante Must Die mode is EXTREMELY tough. The enemies do an insane amount of damage and you will be attacked by an insane amount of tough enemies such as shadows and frosts. The later bosses will have you throwing your controller against the wall and crying like a little baby girl. But, the satisfaction for beating these gives you a sense that you actually accomplished something.

Replay Value 9/10-

There are so many things to do in this game you may never get tired of it. Your skills and items pass over to your next game when you beat it so you stand a chance in the higher difficulties. There are 23 missions and 12 secret missions to complete. You can find and collect blue orb fragments to increase your max life(4 fragments equals a whole) which are hidden all throughout the game. With so many things to do and such great gameplay you could find yourself playing this many, many months from now.

Overall 10/10-

This is by far the best 3D action game ever released. It's even better than some of the great 2D action games. This, IMO, is the best PS2 game to date and I think MGS2 may not be able to match this game in pure AWESOMENESS. I would say this is a definite buy unless you are afraid of a good challenge. Give it a try!!! You definitely WON'T regret it!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/21/01, Updated 10/21/01

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