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"Castlevania meets the Matrix"

A little Blade, a little Matrix, this game has it all

Devil May Cry is an interesting game. Mainly because it was originally destined to be the PS2 Resident Evil 4. We now know that gamers who play only a PS2 will never see another Resident Evil since Capcom signed a contract to give exclusive rights to the Game Cube. Although since the release of this game that doesn’t really matter. Devil May Cry takes everything that was long and boring about Resident Evil and does away with it. In place of that Capcom has created the ultimate action hero Dante. A half man half demon warrior that can jump, flip, and defeanently shoot hid way into the underworld. If you enjoy bloodshed, violence, and a smooth sense of style then read on.


Here if one of Devil May Cry’s strongest points. It has real time lighting effects unlike any seen in a game before, matched with an amazing electrical and fire effect, topped off with some awesome character models. Movements are done with style and a bit of a John Woo flair. The menus are even awesome showing a 3D rendered gun, the one you are choosing to equip, and as soon as you hit X the gun fires. The game is full of subtle details that really add to the realistic graphical style of the game. There are times in Devil May Cry that you feel like you are playing a work of digital art. Enemies are designed with a demonic god like flair and the underworld is amazing.


Devil May Cry may have some of the coolest sounds ever heard in a video game. The hard rock techno soundtrack is matched with a soothing orchestrated sound that is so cool I actually would sit in rooms where it was playing just to hear it. Match that with the shooting of pistols and the screaming of demons and you have some sounds.

Game play:

Here is the strongest point for Devil May Cry. If you think of great games and movies this piece of entertainment combines them into one thing. It is literally like Sword of the Bezerk combined with Resident Evil and mixed with Castlevania, Blade and the Matrix. This game simply is about action. You shoot, swing, and explode your way through the game, while solving some basic puzzles. All this fun does not last for long though. On easy mode Devil May Cry takes about nine hours to beat. Playing the game over again is fun but gets repetitive soon.

Altogether this is one game that no one should over look. While it is short, the experience is so good it is easily worth the fifty bucks to purchase the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/25/01, Updated 10/25/01

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