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"It's a one-night stand, but a pretty good one...."

Ah, yes. Devil May Cry, the love-child of the minds behind Resident Evil greatness and some truly wonderful fast-paced, fluid, and above all fun gameplay. But how does it stack up on more specific scrutiny?

Graphics 10/10
Wonderful...just wonderful. I mean, up till now it seems I've seen a lot of games that have ''floaty'' graphics where the characters just don't seem to move like real creatures. Granted this game has some ''jaggies'', but seriously, this is the single best-looking game I have ever seen on a console, bottom line. The art design gushes beauty and creativity, with awesome backdrops ranging from a castle to a ghost ship to the Underworld itself. This game looks good people.

Sound 8/10
I really enjoyed the music that went into this game. The riffs played during normal and sub-boss encounters are quite upbeat and suit the action well, and the general bg music is at least adequate. Some of the weapon sound-effects could have used work (I dunno that shotgun sounds kind of like a toy), but generally some ambient sound effects were more than able to set a spooky or adrenaline-pumping atmosphere when needed. Voice acting? er, uh, well.....yeah you know how these Capcom games go as far as dialogue. It might be a bit better than ''YOU, JILL, THE MASTER OF UNLOCKING THINGS'', but not much. Still, the other sounds redeem it enough to earn a respectable 8.

Gameplay 11/10
Seriously people, this is where the game shines. I mean, at first I just got frustrated and threw my controller down. But then again, same thing happened when I played THPS, so I figured, give it a chance. Well, once you buy a couple moves, get the first two weapons, and start learning the rules of combat, it feels less like CONTROLLING Dante and more like him being an extension of you. It really is a zen-like experience, it cant be better described in words but I definitly recommend this game as at least a rent based soley on this excellent gameplay. Sadly, this all brings me to my next point....

Story 1/10
I only gave it a point because I dont feel its right to give a zero when they at least made a story. Really, its that bad. RE had a bad, rehashed story, but this is almost like taking a Greek Myth and then actually getting more vague. One or two plot twists aren't enough to drag this trash out of the cellar. Brutal honesty, thats all.

Replay 3/10
Its really great the first several times. You'll probably want to beat all three difficulties (I DONT COUNT EASY AUTO), which can be a real challenge, especially on ultra hard mode. After that, you might try to get S ranks on all levels, but otherwise, you'll probably lose interest.

DMC is an excellent game and I truly hope to see a sequel. I just hope Capcom has a little more meat on the next drumstick they throw our way. Nice Job, Capcom (Snake eat your heart out)


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/05/01, Updated 11/05/01

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