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"Ninja Gaiden meets Resident Evil"

Well I bought this game the other day on recommendation from a friend. Yes, it's very short, but I felt it was worth it, since the hero is a combination of all the action movie heroes made in the last 6 years in one. If having the chance to play the super-hero you always wanted to be, this is the game for you.

Every scene in this game has obviously been the result of hundreds of man hours of polygon structuring and texturing. Every little nook and corner has some little detail which looks amazing, even though you can't quite move the camera close enough to it. This game has so much detail on everything, it deserves the quote,

''The best graphics are those which you cannot see, because it adds to the environment, and when you do finally notice them, you appreciate them even more for always being there.''

SOUND 8/10
Sounds is very pretty and ambient in this game. The shotgun sounds kind of quiet, compared to what shotguns really sound like, but some of your other weapon sounds are more than worthy for the weapons themselves. Monster growls, laughing grim reapers and the like also sound really cool. But they don't quite but a shiver in me, which I'm sure is to the disappointment of Capcom for not being quite as scary as they are known to be.

Another 8/10 for gameplay, mostly because you need to have the camera fairly close to you in order to time all of your combos and moves right. Anyone can play through the game on its easiest difficulty, but very few will be able to challenge the hardest, since many a time, the camera moves too far away to actually see what your character is doing. Sure you can just fire your gun, because you know you'll be hitting the bad guys with it, but guns don't work well in the hardest modes, and you'd be depending more on close combat for kills.

A major problem is, once you complete the game (which can take ~10 hours first time through, on the easiest difficulty, and if you've never seen it played before) you've seen it all. Yep that's it, kaput, you've seen all there is to it. Of course you CAN play through it on a harder difficulty to open up even harder difficulties if that's your thing, but everything within the game is the same old thing. Or you could try to get an ''S'' rank for each part of the game, but the reward for that is not worth the effort, since it doesn't really unlock anything. Beating the game on the hardest difficulty is your best bet if you want to unlock something cool, but by the time you beaten it there, you won't want to play anymore, and the unlocked features remain unused.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/13/01, Updated 11/13/01

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