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"With a dry genre, Devil may Cry breathes a dark, evil breath into it, and creates itself anew. Basically, thats good."

Action has become dull in the years of games. Many games have brightened up the genre,
but many keep bringing it down to an all-time low. What also seems to help its fall are games
that are taken from movies. No offense, but many of them are not up to caliber. But Capcom may
have resurrected the genre with its newest offering for the fans, Devil May Cry. A new, mission
based action game that holds dear to its mature rating and fantasy setting.

<<< One Devil of a Game >>>

DMC starts off on an interesting tone, straight action from the start. The main character
, whom you'll come to meet, is a man named Dante (possibly from Dante's Inferno?). Dante is
The son of Sparda, a legendary demon dark-knight who broke free from the underworld and ruled
Humanity with a kind hand for years after destroying the leader of the underworld. Sparda fell in
love with a human woman, and had 2 children: Dante and Virgil. Virgil, as the story goes, is
in an unknown location, while Dante is now an ''Exorcist/Demon Hunter''. He meets a girl named
Trish, who seems to resemble his mother's picture. She invites him to eradicate demons on an
Island that seems to be the gate of hell, Mallet Island. Needless to say, it is a gate to hell,
and Dante is going to be toll-collector.

<<< Cry me a River >>>

The game starts with a very strong resemblance of what seems to be an Onimusha of the
Future. The game requires collection of Orbs (which incredibly remember larger versions of the
Demon souls you collected in Onimusha) to advance through certain doors, gain health, and buy
New techniques and skills, and some items. So you pretty much have an enhanced version of the
Onimusha upgrade system. But, you'll notice a change. This game strays of Onimusha's control
system, which was pretty much importing the Resident Evil scheme. Now, you move the Analog
Stick in a direction, you run in that direction. But, onto the attack. You now have two choices
For your battles. You have your fire-arms, which include unlimited ammo and 100% accuracy, and
your medieval weapons, which include your swords and gauntlets. However, even with the boon of
unlimited ammo, your guns are not going to be the staple of your arsenal, for many won't contend
with enemies.
As soon as you run into your first enemies, you'll noticed your fighting a very different
battle scheme. Like Onimusha, you have a ''Hold down a button to focus on an enemy'' scheme, but
now you can leap or roll in different directions, fire your guns while walking, and start slashing.
Different guns also give different re-coil, which is going to affect your reaction time. The weapons
also react different by the timing and amount of times you press the attack button, which means
that if your getting too hyper on your controller, you may pull off 3 hits instead of 10.
Different enemies also require different techniques to fight. For example, Alastor, the sword of
thunder, may not be incredibly powerful against an enemy of lightning. Also, when just plain walking
around, you can charge your gun(s) with magical energy. This energy makes your gun(s) stronger for
1-3 shots.
But wait, that's not all that comes from the action. You're the son of a demon! You have half
of a demon in you! You, when your ''Devil Gauge'' is increased, you can change into your devil state.
The Devil State gives you powers you wouldn't normally have, special abilities, and magic. Some
Difficulties also have the ability to regain health in the state. Besides, all your guns will be
charged with magical energy. You may be asking, ok, but what makes this ''Devil Gauge''? Well, the
more you damage your enemy and the more your hurt by your enemy, the more it is raised.
Now, back to items and buying them. You can find items on a rare basis, or you can buy
them. The items give you different abilities, ranging from more devil gauge to being invincible
for a period of time. So, of course, you should pick your items wisely. Like I stated before, you
can also buy different abilities that are used in your normal form or devil state. These moves
come for a lot of red orbs, but are usually well-worth the amount.
That's pretty much the basics of the game, but before I'm done, let me state about the
Difficulties you will unlock on normal. If you do unlock easy, don't go to it. Easy has automatic
Fights, which means your letting the computer fight and that you will never learn. After beating
the game on normal, you'll unlock Hard, which many people do not understand, considering they
think the game is hard enough as it is. After beating hard, you'll unlock a new character and
Dante Must Die! mode, which is harder. After beating that, you'll get one more new character.

Now for the scores...

Graphics - 8/10

The Playstation 2 gives off some beautiful Hi-Res graphics without slowdown in this game. The
effects that they add are beautiful, seamless lightning and beasts with beautifully rendered
waterfalls to bat. One of my favorite effects is a gunshot lighting up a dark room, very well done
Capcom! The In-Game movies suffer no problems, but, of course, it can't be perfect without a 10.
This may sound very picky, but I noticed Dante's Hair was kind of Lo-Res and seemed pretty choppy.
Also, the game switches randomly, sometimes, to FMV mode where it shows a video that completely
knocks your concentration for a second until the game is done loading. However, my major beef is
that sometimes enemies are located off-screen (Resident Evil?) and they might be poised to attack
you, but you won't know that, considering that their attack will probably hit you before you
see them and know their weak-point.

Sound - 8/10

Sure, there are some annoying effects in the game and definitely some annoying battle music. But,
on the other hand, they do a very good job of setting the mood for this haunted castle with a
suspenseful, abandoned type sound. The effects are very fresh also in the game, from guns being
fired to lightning and fire striking. The voice-overs are well done, however, Dante doesn't
exactly have the best lines all the time, which makes it lose a point, considering he is the hero
of our story.

Controls - 9

The game has a very fresh scheme of dodging, slashing, and firing weapons that makes it very easy
to understand, yet difficult to master the situations. My problem is sometimes the facing of
enemies is difficult because the enemies will be residing off-screen, making you not only un-sure
of what your up against, but difficult to use what combos you want to use.

Creativity - 7

Borrowing concepts and thoughts from both Onimusha and Resident Evil is definitely not a new-
concept, but, however, the demon abilities and other smart items Capcom placed within the game
makes the game a fresh experience in the realm of action. Action might even get a new name with
this name. The fact that you can use a gun and sword/gauntlet adds another layer of coolness and
depth into the game seamlessly, and the enemies are actually likeable, as you'll find out.

Depth - 3

You might say there is only difficulties to be unlocked and 2 hidden characters, and you'd be
right. However, many people have found themselves to unlock everything and keep playing the game
and get every spell, every item, everything for every character, and KEEP PLAYING this game!
So it really does depend on your taste in the game if you'll keep replaying.

Problems - 2
Except for the problems with off-screen enemies, there are very few problems I am able to address
in this game. The only problem is...let me give you a scenario. I find a Holy Water outside in
a corner, so I get it. I figure I might need 2 Holy Waters for the next boss, so I want to buy
another. Sometimes, the game feels that you don't need another, and won't let you buy another.

Fun - 10

Like I've tried to say through this entire review, this game takes the steel of the action genre
and re-defines it to the point of excellence. Every concept in the game takes it to the point
of absolute excellence, and forges it past what normal action games are fashioned.

Worth the Cash - Yes.

Overall (Not an Average) - 9

I wish there was a little more depth, but this game is definitely a buy for any gamer. This game has become a powerful titanium staple in my action collection, and I eagerly await another. For some reason, I can also feel like this game is going to be one of those cult games if it does take off well by Capcom. Don't be left behind.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/09/02, Updated 06/09/02

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